tagNonHumanOut of the Fog

Out of the Fog


I inherited the farm from my grandparents. I spent lots of time there as a kid. My dad's parents, mistaking my joy at visiting them with desire for farm life, bequeathed the entire thing to me. Not that I wasn't grateful, but Gramps had lived there alone for twenty years after Grandma died, heartsick and alone, he'd left a lot of it go to pot. Along with the farm, came his annuities and stock portfolio, Gramps had kept his head during the depression and knew just what stocks to invest in when the carnage was over. I was between jobs, Gramps' nest egg meant that I could take as long as five or six years to look for other work. I figured that I could refurbish the farm, make it a growing concern. Maybe turn it into a bed and breakfast for city folk who wanted a taste of rural living.

The down side was the lack of unattached females in the small town closest to the farm. I'm hardly a Casanova, but I know that I have things to offer the right woman. I'm on a bunch of dating sites but lately I've never gotten past the first date. For whatever reason, women lately seemed uninterested in me. I'm not THAT boring! In any event I had plenty of time, so I set about repairing what I could on my own. I've always been good with my hands. In the barn, in the room Gramps used for his workshop are a set of shelves I cut and built myself when I was like eleven or twelve. I was proud that Gramps had used them up to his final weeks. A memory like that just can't be bought. Maybe I DID love the farm as much as my grandparents believed. Anyway, it was because of the farm that the greatest adventure of my life occurred.

It was a bad day weather wise, And oddly cool day for late June. Around ten A.M., a thick fog rolled in. At the time I was in the back acre mending a fence so I could buy some cows. The meadow has a clear view of the spring fed pond on the property which had always guaranteed my grandfather that he'd have enough water for all of his crop needs. I heard a a sudden buzzing noise, like an aircraft of some sort in trouble, but not a big aircraft. I thought it odd that someone would be flying a drone in this kind of weather but drones were usually silent. A radio controlled miniature airplane? There was a sudden splash and the sound of steam rising from the water. I hustled as fast as I could to the edge of the pond. About a third of the way across the water, obscured by both steam and the unseasonable fog, something was floating, half submerged. I shucked my trousers and plunged in. I thought perhaps I would find a meteor or some neglectful toy plane pilot's mistake. This was unlike anything I would have ever guessed. It looked a bit like a toy X-Wing fighter from Star Wars but much larger. I noted gouges on the fuselage and then I gazed at the cockpit. Inside was a miniature human! At least it looked human, anyway.

Now I SHOULD have called the police or NASA or whatever, but I didn't. This craft, or whatever it was, seemed substantial but within my lifting capacity. I nearly strained my back getting it out of the pond on onto the shore. It sank a bit in the softer earth there. I noted that the chest of the little occupant moved, indicating that the creature was still alive and also was quite obviously female! I hustled back into my pants. Intrigued and amazed, I soon noted a small red switch on the port side outside the cockpit When I depressed it, using rather strong force, I heard a soft metallic pop and the cockpit dome opened like a clamshell. Now I had my first real look at the miniature alien. She wore a helmet with dark goggles . Some sort of breathing mask hung loose on one side. Her uniform or whatever was red and soaking wet. She had a really neat chin, Gingerly, I unsnapped the chin strap of the helmet and lifted it off her head. A lovely cascade of ebony black hair spilled out. She was unconscious, she was also very beautiful. For all intents and purpose she was human, two arms, two legs, deep olive skin, perk little nose, soft and delicate lashes on closed lids. I was smitten immediately. Pond water was running out of her boots and all parts of her attire. I didn't know what to do. What I DID know was that this precious little person needed to be protected at all costs.

Even though I had no neighbors who were truly nearby, I gingerly carried the beautiful alien creature, and hurried to the barn to retrieve a tarp. The best I could with one hand, I concealed the alien spaceship from view. This whole time the lovely tiny woman did not stir, her breathing remained steady. Never before had I seen such a beautiful face. Whoever she was an wherever she was, for now at least she was mine. Gingerly, I toted her towards my house. I was about to set her down on my bed but her sopping wet clothes gave me pause. I debated with myself about the next step. I argued from the point of medical necessity and comfort. In the end, it came down to simple curiosity.

I set her down on a bureau and unlaced and prized off her tiny black boots. For the first time, I was able to gauge her height. She was no more than two feet tall and weighed no more than fifteen or so pounds. I did not want to carry her to the bathroom and check on my scale, so the weight was no more than a guess. She reminded me of some of the lighter sacks of flower I had handled in my summer job, eons ago, as a baker. I realized Beneath these some sort of nylon like stockings disappeared into the legs of her flight suit Her breathing continued steady and level. She felt like some large exotic animal in my hands. I had difficulty, at first, locating the fastener to her flight suit. At last, I found a tiny circle hidden under a flap of clothing at her neck. I inserted the tip of a pencil to maintain a grip on the tiny ring. The fabric or what ever it was, began to part! I went very slowly, I spied collar bones and the divot at the base of her throat. The fastener was something like a zipper but totally silent. Her gorgeous little chest, which was actually comparatively large considering her stature, encased in a clingy black nylon sort of thing, came into view. I could tell that she was suffering from cold because I could spy the tiny little nibs of her nipples pushing against the clingy blackness. The suit opened to her crotch and I realized that she was clad in a sort of body stocking, resembling a one piece bathing suit. As gently as possible, I tugged the flight suit off first her right leg and then her left. Her legs bore thigh high stockings supported by garters built into the body stocking Man did she look good in black! The body stocking and legwear was just as wet as the flight suit had been, it clung very enticingly to her lithe firm.

I found the minute hooks for the garters and teased off the long stockings. The tiny woman had amazingly shapely and long legs with adorable tiny feet with high arches. I counted twice, there were six toes on each foot. I noted that I had forgotten to remove her leather-like gloves. She had the same number of digits on each hand. For some reason I thought of that old jingle "Little Twelve Toes" from "School House Rock." I had watched the DVD of that series endlessly as a kid. To this day, I can't count by fives without syncopation.

All that remained was her body hugging last article. Perhaps a stronger man would have stopped at this point, but I am not made of sterner stuff. The little bathing suit seemed to be held in place by nothing more complicated than elastic and gravity I slid her left arm out of the arm hole and her left breast came into view. It was a lovely hillock of femininity with dark heart-shaped areola and darker nipple. I was reminded of my Chinese girlfriend of several years past. The aliens, nipples were the same shade and color as hers. The right breast matched the left, she was amazingly symmetrical. Her delicate rib cage narrowed at the waist, on her left side, between breast and succulent navel, was an iridescent tattoo. It was clearly some sort of creature. It vaguely reminded me of a prawn. Her tiny little ass was mouth watering and then I slid the tiny garment down her legs. Her alien pussy was bald with a tiny gold bead in what I assumed was her labia catching the light as I set her down to admire her beauty.

Knowing it was instinctively wrong, but not able to help myself I took a whole lot of pictures of her with my digital camera as I toweled her dry. Noting that she seemed to be shivering, I slid her between the sheets of my bed and threw a down comforter over her. I gazed at her tiny wardrobe. It had a faint yet arousing aroma. I knew that she would want her clothes when she woke up. I doubted the wisdom of placing alien clothing in my dryer so I quickly made my way to the laundry room and hung them on the line my grandmother had used for hand washables. As quickly as possible, I returned to my bedroom so that I could gaze at my beautiful gift from the stars.

I thought of many things as I watched the comforter gently, almost imperceptibly, rise and fall. What would I say to her when she woke up? IF she woke up! Would we be able to communicate at all? How would she feel awaking naked in an alien world, with a lecherous giant looming over her? I lifted an eyelid and shined a beam from my flashlight into it. The green iris dilated, from what I recalled of my Boy Scout first aid and TV medical dhows, that was supposed to be a good sign, indicating that she was not in a coma. That meant concussion and waking on her own terms, IF, that was, human standards applied to her. I tried reading and then tried watching a movie on my laptop while I awaited her return to consciousness. Far more than I should have, I peaked under the coverlet at her spectacular miniature lithesome body. I had often dreamed of a woman just like this, only larger of course. To kill time and to make a better impression, I cleaned the room and polished the furniture. She need not find out how much of a slob I could be.

Most of the day passed with me in anxious attendance. The sunlight through the Venetian blinds was slanting into orange of sunset when I heard a soft gasp. I stared intently as my little patient coughed once or twice and then slowly opened her catlike green eyes. She seemed to drink in the room first, absorbing the fact that she was under a ceiling and that everything was outsized. One hand lifted the coverlet and she noted her nudity. This caused her to frown and sigh softly. Only then did she seem to notice me. Our eyes met and I am positive we shared the same emotions and questions. I opened my mouth but no words came. For one of the few times in my life I was rendered speechless.

She shifted position on the bed, sitting upright. The cover fell away from her body, causing her breasts to wiggle enticingly. She seemed to be beckoning me close to her. I bent my head near hers. Her little six-fingered hand stroked the stubble of my jaw then migrated to my temple. Suddenly, I was hearing her inside my head! Telepathy, just like Mr. Spock!

She did not think in words, I got impressions of complete questions. I suppose it should not have come to much surprise to comprehend, "I am Saki. Who are you? Where am I?"

I began to speak but she shook her head. I tried thinking at her, "I am Vance, this is my home, you are in my bed."

"My garments?"

"Your spaceship or whatever crashed into a pond on my property, you were soaking wet so I ..."

Through her thoughts, she instructed me to reply slower. I repeated what I said, leaving a Paul Harvey-like gap between my words and thoughts.

"I do not condemn you, Vance. I am an advance scout for a race which, by our design, is unknown to yours. A series of unprecedented mechanical failures struck my vessel. Besides yourself, how many humans know of my presence?"

Saki revealed her first real smile when I replied that I had told no one about her. I noted that instead of tiny teeth, she seemed to have two solid arcs of ivory or something that came together and functioned like teeth. It made for a bit of a disconcerting, but somehow attractive smile. If I wasn't in love before ...

"You have done the right thing, Vance. I need to examine the state of my vessel and see to my rescue, your kindness will NOT go unnoticed, human."

After a short pause while she removed her hand from my temple and stretched it a bit, she touched my brow and asked, "Are my garments dry?"

"By now they have to be. I will fetch them."

I hurried to the laundry room, practically flying up and down the steps to retrieve her tiny uniform. Everything was dry with just a bit of dampness left in the flight suit and boots. In an empty shoe box that grandma had kept handy for unknown reasons, I carefully folded her clothes so that I would not drop something in my haste and look like an idiot in front of Saki.I even gathered up the tiny helmet.

When I returned to my bedroom, Saki was sitting naked and unabashed, with her legs dangling over the edge of my bed. There was a lot of space between the soles of her feet and the floor. I could not help gawking at Saki. She clearly noticed. Sheepishly, I set the box down on the bed next to her. Before I could straighten up, Saki's hand was on my temple once more.

"You find me attractive, human?"

I nodded yes. She seemed lost in thought for a moment and then replied,

"I suppose that should not surprise me. When your race was but in its infancy, my people visited this planet regularly. No doubt, that is where your myths of pixies, brownies, leprechauns, and sprites, arise. Our encounters with your race in those days were mutually beneficial to us both. In the future, perhaps when your race has shed its current violent and xenophobic nature, we can become friends once more."

Saki paused for a moment while we both drank in the import of those words. She spoke again,

"What makes me compelling to you, human?"

I'm afraid, at that moment, I was far from the best representative of humanity. My mind filled with all sorts of pornographic images and memories of girlfriends past and porn stars and mainstream actresses I had desired in so many ways. Saki frowned for a moment while she read my thoughts.

"Oh I see," she replied just a coldly and directly a human woman would when coming across your hidden porn stash in the attic. Her tiny hand seemed to grow cold and it fell away from my skin

Saki must have seen contrition in my eyes for she brightened a bit and reached out to me once more.

"Naturally, I am flattered, Vance, but you must realize that such a pairing could never be because of our differences in stature."

"I know, Saki. I also know that I am a normal man with needs and desires and that you are an exceptionally beautiful woman."

"I am NOT a woman, Vance. However, the ancient texts state that some of our kind and your kind formed deep emotional and physical bonds. There is a great sadness in the ancient documents about our need to abandon your race entirely."

"How did our two races form these bonds?" I asked.

"That is unclear, the elders, for some reason, seemed hesitant to divulge more than generalities."

There was a long pause while Saki studied me intently. I had a hard time believing the next words emanating from her mind.

"You are not uncomely, Vance. Perhaps, if my stay here is prolonged, the two of us might explore this question in some detail. It has been a very long time indeed since our two races have interacted."

I know I smiled widely at that. Saki seemed cold for a moment and she stated firmly,

:"I said, PERHAPS, Vance."

I bowed my head contritely as Saki returned to standing on the bed and examined the contents of the shoe box.

Her hand reached out for a moment and she stated, "Thank you for being so gentle with my garments, Vance."

Saki's hand dropped away and all was silent as I observed her getting dressed. She picked up the black bathing suit and wiggled into it enticingly. I was more than a little sad in watching her succulent looking tiny pussy vanish behind fabric after she stepped into the underwear. She rolled it up and over her flat taut tummy and then inserted her arms. For a moment she looked like my own miniature beauty contestant. She sat and tugged the stockings up each leg. I marveled at the vision of the tiny gap of olive skin between the thigh tops of the stockings and the body stocking when she was finished.

Her eyes met mine. She seemed puzzled. Our flesh met again.

"You find this simple utilitarian garment alluring?"

"EVERYTHING about you is alluring, Saki."

Saki smiled and then examined the rest of her contents of the shoe box.

"The rest is too wet to don for now," she said after a moment and touching me once more. So long as our skin was in contact we could communicate fine. Absent skin to skin contact, Saki's voice sounded like the twittering of a bird. That my natural voice was loud and discordant to her was obvious when she covered her ears and cowered when I spoke. She seemed to like my voice in a soft whisper, however, so I tried very hard to keep my voice low.

"Take me to my vessel," she ordered. She stood at the edge of the bed and first looked down and then at me. I did not have to read her thoughts to know what she expected. As gingerly as possible, I grasped Saki and gently lowered her feet to the floor. Alert and dry, she felt even more intoxicating and my arms and her scent, which seemed to issue from her pores constantly was the most hardon producing concoction I had ever inhaled. I sincerely hoped that my precious little guest would not notice the bulge in my jeans.

Saki offered her hand and I took it, stooping low to walk beside her and taking tiny steps when we reached the stairs Saki froze and stared up at me.

"It seems that the only way this will work, Vance, is if you carry me. Please be gentle."

She extended both arms towards me. I gazed down in wonder. Her beautiful trusting face above the delicate decolletage of her body stocking had me for a moment wondering if I had passed into paradise without the interim step of dying. I nodded and smiled as sweetly as I could as I gathered Saki up in my arms and held her close to my chest. It was past dark now outside so I grabbed a portable lantern from the porch. The chillier air of evening caused Saki's nipples to pucker. I could feel them through my thin shirt. My pants became tighter and my walk took on a little hitch. I don't think Saki noticed, at least I HOPE not.

The unseasonable fog had lifted, revealing a beautiful nighttime tapestry of stars. I gestured upwards and asked Saki where she was from.

"I cannot tell you that, Vance, though our home star is known to your scientists. None of them can penetrate the shield we have placed about our world, however. I will say that the night sky is just as beautiful in my world as on this one."

We made our way to the edge of the pond and I pulled back the tarp. Saki's face bore a large frown at the revelation.

"Is there a way we can get more light?" she inquired.

"I could probably muscle your spaceship into the barn where I have my workshop, but I'd have to use both hands and arms. But, with the large owls and the coyotes that sometimes rove over my property, I would hate to put you down for fear that something would happen to you."

Saki seemed to ponder that for a moment and then squirmed out of the crook of my right arm and slid her lovely little legs over my shoulders straddling my neck!

"Can you carry me this way and also transport my vehicle?" her mind asked innocently.

I was now so hard I could have set Olympic vaulting records sans pole! Nevertheless, I nodded my assent, handed the lantern to her. Saki had to manage the lantern with both hands. I then tried my best to ignore my raging hard on, bent from my knees and got the best grasp I could on the alien spaceship. It was VERY heavy but I was not going to admit that to Saki. I sucked it in and strode, slowly but manfully towards the barn. My show of bravado did not last as long as I hoped. By the time I got to the barn, I was breathing heavily and sweat was pouring from my body. Taking a moment of blessed relief to set down the Saki's ship while I opened the sliding door of the barn. I heard Saki's twitter and her mind stated.

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