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Out Of The Past


{This is just something else that happened, I jot them down when they do. Nothing really sexy here.

One of these days I will gather the stories all up and put them in order, that might help things make sense.}


First, let me say I have the best old lady on planet Earth! Sure, I am prejudiced about that, I admit it.

It is also true.

In some stories I have posted here, I have jotted down my life, some of it the way it was before, some of it the way it is.

In my two decades before of marriage to Dotty, I will say I was completely happy. We were normal, sex was Saturday and Sunday was church, we went to parties, car shows, knew people and visited.

In my now five years of marriage to Debra, good lord! Her favorite pastime is seeing if she can get me up and going, and she has changed the way I think about life and having fun.

The first time she answered our door and in came July, a lady she knew who was going to give me a massage and treat my slow stream problem (you guys over 50 all know what I mean there) was the beginnings.

I was not sure of what Debra's reaction would be to what happened that evening in our spare bedroom, then she went in and got her own massage while I sat in the living room with my mind in a whirl.

I even took the time to read up on Prostate massage, some say it is dangerous, ineffective, some say the opposite.

I think the difference is in finding someone who knows what they are doing. July, you see, is also a Registered Nurse. She combines the massage with creating muscular contractions, which of course means a hand finish if I want to be crude about it.

Completely legal since she is a Registered Nurse.

Guess what? Medicare covers it! Tee hee.

Stuff like that turned out to be perfectly normal around our house, Debra has zero jealousy and a lot of the situations she instigates.

The stories I write are about slices of life, sure there are some sexy situations but I really don't have to make a hell of a lot up any more.

My Debra is 58 years old and if she said she was 39 you would not blink an eye.

My opinion anyway because I have seen her in situations you won't get to.

Me? I am Dan, almost 70 and Debs will say I don't look it either, although 39 is something I won't get away with.

59 maybe?

I did try dying my hair once, but it just looked silly so now I leave it silver, white with a few dark streaks.

The bare spot in front just makes me look like I am going really really fast on the highway.

Hell, one heart attack, one stroke, an internal bleed that sort of came close to putting me down, and a stent in one artery?

And I say I look and act younger? I should be gimping around, living in an easy chair. Five years ago I was headed that way, but not now.

Debs won't let me get old.

Come follow me around and match my workouts at the gym or maybe I could film one of our bedroom sessions and post that?

Hmmm. Not a bad idea, that. But no way in hell would Debs let me do that.

I don't think so, anyway.



This short story is about a party we went to at the hospital, the first part was a lecture to all of the staff on the Affordable Care Act.

I did try to follow all of that but the truth is, it sounds confusing as hell to me. Maybe it will work, who knows?

The lecture was two hours and when they got done I still didn't get it.

But I got Medicare and AARP, so I guess it doesn't affect me. Plus a Registered Nurse for a wife, if all else fails I can just let her fix me.

Anyway, after the lecture was a get together in the meeting room. Some music on tape, they had a bar set up. I was sipping on the one drink I allow myself per day, although more than half the time I don't even drink that much.

Debra was over talking to some people I don't know, and a few I do.

Jennifer was there, so were July and Nikola. Olivia from the clinic Debs works at, a few guys from the lab, all normal stuff. Maybe 25 people all told.

In walked this man I didn't know. He was about 2 inches taller than me, he looked to be in his early 40's.

You know how some people stand out in a room, even doing nothing?

This guy did, big with broad shoulders, a never ending grin, hair that I doubt gets out of place in the shower.

I am 186 to 188 in the mornings now, this fellow would go at least 230.

I glanced over at Debra, she saw the guy and her eyes widened slightly, then she looked over at me.

She made a beeline in my direction, half way to me the guy stepped up to her and took her elbow.

She said something, he answered back, then he reached out and put his arms around her like he was going to try and kiss her.

I thought maybe he was a friend, an old classmate maybe? In medical school they often have all ages, and Debra has taken some medical classes lately to keep up with the new medicines and things like that.

I saw Debra resist slightly, the man looked like he increased his grip on her arm.

I was coming out of my chair when Debra managed to jerk her arm free, then she came over to the table and sat down.

"I need to give you a heads up, honey." She was clearly flustered, mildly upset. That is an extremely rare thing for her.

"OK. So what was all of that?" I asked.

"Remember I told you I have only had one lover since my husband and I broke up?"

"Yes, is that him?" I looked over at where the guy was standing with a drink in his hand, watching us intently.

"Yes. That is Mackenzie Freeman, he and I worked together some six or seven years ago. He was our resident back then when I worked in the hospital."

"Oh, OK. Well, what did he just say to you?"

"Look, don't get upset, I can handle him. He sounds like he is a little bit drunk. We don't need a scene."

"Debra? What did he say to you?" I asked, using a tone I seldom do with her.

"He said he was glad to see me again, and that he would love to have another roll in the hay with me."

"He said that to you, just like that?"

"Yes, just like that, Mac is that way, on the blunt side, but like I said, he has just been drinking."

"Well, it doesn't matter. We didn't even know each other back then. But he had better keep a civil tongue in his head!"

OK. So a man sees another man who just happens to have carnal knowledge of his wife? Just try and ignore that.

Which means he has seen her, touched her, had his hands and mouth on her?

I am no different in that respect, and my instincts to protect my own popped right up to the surface. All of my nerve endings were paying attention.

The man put his hands on my Debs which if she didn't like it was a very dangerous thing to do.

I saw the Mac guy begin to flirt with some of the other women, that much was clear from all the way across the room.

He also kept glancing over our way which was beginning to get on my nerves.

He went over to July and said something to her, I grinned inwardly when I saw he got shut down almost instantly.

Then he wandered off and I lost track of him. Someone put on a tune Debra and I like so we got up to dance, we don't do that often but I like to feel her in my arms.

Like most married couples, our movements are instinctive and right together. She was telling me something, I don't even remember what when I saw her eyes narrow and felt a tap on my shoulder.

"Mind if I cut in, bud?" Mac asked, reaching for Debra's hand which was on my shoulder like he owned it or something.

"Yes, I do mind....bud. I am dancing with my wife." I told him, pushing his hand away.

"Hey, don't get your panties in a bunch, dude, Debra and I are old friends." He leered at her.

He actually called me "dude."

"Mac, leave us alone please. I don't want to dance with you." Debs told him.

Just then the song ended, we broke apart and Debra took my right hand in a firm grip.

He stood there like he wanted to say or do something for a few seconds.

"Maybe later." He muttered, then he scowled at me and went back to the bar.

"What is that guy even doing here?" I asked her when we got back to the table.

"I don't know. He transferred to Portland, I haven't seen him for at least six or seven years."


July came over and sat down at our table, it was nice to see her. Since she took over as hospital administrator up north she no longer comes by our house.

July had on a pretty dress, it shows just the tops of her breasts. That was the first time I had ever seen her in anything but her nurse's smock.

Her hair was undone instead of up in a bun, she really looked nice.

"How is Nikola doing for you guys?" July asked Debs with a grin.

There are not many secrets between the three of us, July came by at least twice a month for a several years. She has what might be best described as very intimate knowledge of both of us, to put it politely.

Just so no one will get the wrong idea, it is a one way thing. July never takes anything off.

Like I mentioned, it also really helps. I can pee about four feet after a session, for a week or so, then it goes back to dribbling.

"Good. We like her, but we do miss seeing you." Debs told her.

They talked about July's new job and how that was going, we were all laughing at something she said when I looked up and here came that Mac guy again.

"Wanna dance?" He asked Debs. He sounded even drunker than before.

"No thanks." She told him.

"Man, I don't get it. When did you get all uppity?" He sounded mad now.

"Look, I don't want to dance with you. We are talking and enjoying ourselves." Debra told him.

"You sure didn't act that way when I had you on your hands and knees on the carpet at my house!"

He said loudly enough that a few heads turned.

"Hey, guy. You better go somewhere and sober up." I told him.

"Yea? What are YOU going to do about it, you old fart?" He said, turning my way.

I stood up. I AM an old fart but I don't like being called one.

This guy was just about to find himself in pain, If he even moved to do anything I was going to put his testicles up to his belly button.

Or try to, anyway.

Debra slid right between us, she reached out and gave Mackenzie a push. July came up from the other chair and got in there too.

He didn't know what to do, the two women kept bumping him enough to make him step back to keep his balance.

"Debs, I don't need...." I managed.

"Shut up, Danny." She said, not even turning her head.

Now I really did not know what to do. A bunch of people were looking our way now, here I was with two females defending me when I am perfectly capable of defending myself.

"What? You are too good for me now? After I FUCKED you SENSELESS?" He was very loud now.

That put me into a rage, I wanted to get at him but I couldn't, not with Debs and July both in the way. I started to move out around July who was on my left in front of me, figuring if the jerk swung at me my right hook is my best shot.

Of course the last time I swung it at someone was when I was in the Navy back in 1967.

"You midget prick asshole! You only have 4 inches and it's no bigger than THIS!" Debra stuck out her little finger. July reached out and gave him another bump, causing his to step back again.

"That's bad enough, you don't have a CLUE! You were the worst lay I ever had in my whole LIFE!!" Debra yelled at him at the top of her lungs.

Mackenzie looked flustered now.

"What WAS that? Fifteen god damn SECONDS? I would have had more fun fapping myself!"

Now the entire room was dead silent, everyone was looking our way.

With my Debra yelling at the top of her lungs, she said "fapping" which I never heard her ever say before.

I think I pinked up a little bit.

By now the two women had Mac a good ten feet away from me and still backing up. His face turned red at what she said to him, she was well past caring if anyone knew.

Mad as hell and I never saw that side of her before.

Mackenzie folded like a rag doll, the two women stopped pushing.

I sat down as I saw him slink towards the door, quite a few of the poeple snickered.

Debs and July came back to our table and sat back down.

"Honey, I can take care of myself." I protested to her.

"No need, all handled. Nobody hurt this way." She told me, in her usual perfectly calm manner.

"I wasn't going to get hurt."

"I wasn't thinking about you, I was saving HIM, honey. You could have hurt him, then there might be trouble." Debra patted my arm.

July reached out and patted my arm also, she was doing her best to not grin and failing.


OK, so that was no big deal, some guy who had a one night stand way back with the woman I love?

Who cares? I know I didn't, not really.

OK. I am fibbing, it pissed me off, especially the part where the asshole yelled it out in front of everyone.

"That kind of bruised my ego, honey. I mean, two women protecting me?"

"I'm sorry, honey. But it is better than letting you hurt him, isn't it?" She smiled and patted my forearm. July patted the other one again also.

"Hey, July? How about we make it up to Danny?" Debs grinned at her.

She grinned right back.

"Are you thinking what I am thinking?" July asked Debs.

I was looking back and forth.

"Yep. Let's go!" Debra got up and tugged me to my feet.

Everyone was looking at us as we went out the door. July had one hand and Debra had the other, and neither one of them gave a shit about what anyone thought.


Have you ever had two women busy restoring your male ego while you lay there on a massage table?

Well, I have, another brand new experience.

I can't say as I minded one bit. They both just used their hands, and they took turns which is kind of neat. Debs even slipped her mouth over me at one point, I looked down to make sure it was her.

July didn't, she never does.

Yea, a brand new experience, when they got me going it was all four hands down there.

For a bit there I forgot all about the Mackenzie jerk.

But deep down inside, I would have liked to pop that guy one, that is a fact. Those two gals handled him like he was a baby, even though he was nearly as big as both of them out together.

But I didn't do anything. Plus I slept like a baby that night.

I did hear that he now has a private practice down the coast, Debra told me that he actually is a pretty good Doctor.

And no sign of him around here since the party, probably a good thing.

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