tagGay MaleOut Of The Shadows Ch. 01

Out Of The Shadows Ch. 01


This is a long romantic story, there will be sex but not for a while. There's also a bit more plot than my other gay stories, and I hope it works. My apologies in advance to anyone who knows (uk) police station procedure – it's likely to become apparent to you that I don't!

Just to warn you now, there will be weekly chapters of this, not daily, because I'm still working on it. I will also be posting the start of another story mid-week and hope to keep both of them updated regularly.

I welcome votes and comments, and thanks for reading.

* * * * * *



I felt drawn to the bar again, even though every time I was afraid, unsure of whether I wanted someone to talk to me or would rather hide in a corner and just take in the scene. So far I'd never ventured further than the chairs not far inside where I could look around but wouldn't be seen by too many others. The small town I grew up in and lived until a year ago had never prepared me for being able to come to a bar full of gay men, unashamed and well out of the closet that I was still trembling in the doorway of. I was like a moth to the flame, wanting to be a part of this world that I knew was mine, but kept from fully embracing it because I was terrified of getting burned.

Once through the door I headed for the bar, and fortified with a drink I could slowly sip while I berated myself internally for not being confident enough to head out and dance, or maybe even talk to someone who also hid in the shadows like I did, I headed for those shadows again.

The bar wasn't too busy yet, and I always left before it got full and everyone was drunk. There were already a few guys dancing and couples kissing in corners but nothing outrageous. I had a feeling that things got more intense later and I wasn't yet brave enough to find out. It wasn't the kind of place that had a back room or live sex shows or anything like that, but still it was enough right now for a terrified gay virgin. I didn't think it was the kind of place where I would find someone who I wanted to take that virginity from me either.

I sat quietly, relieved at least that I was now able to enter this place without the knot of tension building in my stomach so hard that I even thought I was going to throw up the first time. One day soon I might even say hello to someone. It was unlike me as well. At work I was confident and came across to colleagues and clients as knowledgeable and self-assured. Not cocky or unpleasant, and I had a lot of friendly relationships at work, but they didn't know the real me. Not that I was entirely sure that I did either, when I knew that my personal life was such a mess. Still, I was only 25. Give it another couple of years and I might just start a conversation with someone I knew to be gay.

The one thing I could do here was check out handsome men. A lot were not my type, I guess I had a good idea of what I found attractive, but still the tight clothes displayed some very fit bodies of the kind I itched to get my hands on. It was enough to get me hot and horny but not enough to bring me out of the corner to touch or talk to them. I liked men who were muscular but not ridiculously built, the body builder or brick wall type did nothing for me. Tall so that I wouldn't be looking down on anyone, because I was six foot and the small guys didn't appeal. Other than that it was a nice tight ass and the eyes that would do it. Not that I saw anyone's eyes in this place, or only occasional glimpses, but you could tell a lot from how much of someone's emotions showed in their eyes.

I used that a lot at work, deciding whether I trusted or believed anyone. And since I worked in law I met a lot of people I wouldn't trust as far as I could throw them. Not usually colleagues, lawyers were a lot nicer in general than the public perception of them, but some of the clients, particularly the criminal ones. Tonight was my last night of freedom before I was back on the police station rotation. I dreaded the weekends the most because that was when the bulk of the drunks were hauled in. The only saving grace was most of them couldn't be interviewed until they were sober, so by the time they were asking for a solicitor it was the morning and I wasn't too often dragged in during the early hours.

It was still a bit jading though, finding out what perfectly normal people got up to once they had a few drinks in them. I hated the drunk driving cases the most, as I'd yet to meet one who admitted he'd (and it usually was a he) had more than a pint or maybe two, despite the breath test showing that couldn't be the case. Often there had been some 'emergency' which meant they had to drive when they hadn't intended to, and of course they were never a danger to anyone. I wished I could take their licenses away myself, but if they didn't or couldn't take the fine and points it was me who ended up preparing a case in their defence, and listening while the barrister spouted the rubbish in Court in the hope they wouldn't get banned.

I took my mind back off the demoralising time I was in for by checking back to the men bumping and grinding on the dance floor. A few of them were worth more than a second glance, but no-one in particular drew my attention. I even recognised a few of the guys by now, regulars who actually went into the club proper and enjoyed themselves to the full.

After an hour or so I was contemplating leaving. I would probably have a busy weekend and it wouldn't hurt to get an early night. It wasn't like I was going to do much else here other than look, and I could do that again next week. Meanwhile I would have a bit more for my fantasy life to recall when I took myself in hand. I stood from the seat and started to move but stopped in my tracks when a few men came through the door. I didn't want to draw any attention to myself so I stayed put for a moment, only briefly glancing at them.

I made to move again when they passed by, but another man came through the door and I pressed myself back against the wall. This time I couldn't stop looking, and I prayed he wouldn't notice. I couldn't see his eyes at all and I wouldn't look right at them just in case he caught my gaze, but his hair was brown and long. He must have been a couple of inches taller than me, fairly broad chested with a flat stomach, just the type of build that really did it for me. His skin was totally covered by his jeans and a long sleeved top, but they might as well have been painted on given the way they clung to his body.

I drew in a sharp breath and slid back along the wall a little so he wouldn't notice me. Watching him move was a delight, and one that had little Alex standing almost to attention. I watched the play of his clothes over his toned body and had to stop myself from moaning. Jesus, he was sex on legs, or at least as far as my body was concerned. I could almost feel my body shaking with the desire to touch him. I hadn't realised I had stopped breathing until he passed me by and I let out a ragged breath. He hadn't seen me, and I wasn't sure whether to be glad about that or not. I'd have been a complete wreck if he spoke to me.

The back view of him as he headed to the bar was even more tantalising than the front. His hair swayed between his shoulder blades and drew my attention down to his tapered waist and firm backside. That would be a joy to behold with him naked, and the idea of getting my hands on it, even though it would never happen, lead to a full erection. Thank god my clothes were a lot looser than his, but I'd have missed a treat if he wasn't in that outfit.

My eyes stayed on him as he sat at the end of the bar, the irony of this gorgeous creature also hiding himself in the shadows not lost on me. He ordered a drink and I sat back down, not really knowing what I was thinking but sure that I wanted to take in as much of him as I could. Instant attraction wasn't something I had ever experienced before and it was worth checking him out for as long as possible. My wank fantasy was definitely going to be this guy for some time to come.

I watched for about another hour. I didn't see him speak to anyone other than the barman to order his drinks, and he stayed in semi-darkness at the other side of the club. As much as I tried not to stare at him, my eyes kept going back to where he was. Eventually I felt I had been there long enough and I dreaded the idea that he might notice me. However, if he came in here then with any luck I would see him again. I slipped out the door into the night and headed home, the vision of that man in his tight clothes preying on my mind even after I had got home and made my erection disappear in the best way possible, with him starring in my imagination – without the clothes.

* * * * * *

The next day I found he was still on my mind. I didn't quite understand how one man I had never spoken to had this effect, but in some ways I was glad. Perhaps this would encourage me to talk to someone next time I was in that club. Of course, I wanted to talk to him, and a lot more. My rational mind kept pointing out that I might never see him again, or he could open his mouth and ruin it all by being stupid or a sleaze, but at least in my imagination he would always be perfect.

Visions of him were still fresh in my mind the following morning when my mobile went off insistently. I was already awake, lying in bed and stroking my cock while I thought about what I wanted him to do to me, but the moment was ruined by the ringing. It was further ruined when this turned out to be my first call into the police station. I could hardly wait, but at least the prospect of listening to some drunk moan on about how it hadn't been him that 'done it' put paid to my erection.

I was at the station about 20 minutes later, ready to get the details from the desk sergeant. We knew each other to chat a little while my new client was retrieved from the cells. As we waited I asked for the details.

"So, driving or fighting whilst totally incapable?" I asked, fully expecting it to be one of the two.

"Armed robbery," he replied.

I stared at him in surprise. That was out of the ordinary for an early morning call on the weekend, or indeed any time. In fact I'd never had a case that serious to date, and I felt myself swallow hard. Then the officer put the tin lid on it.

"Plus, he's one of the Merrett gang, or at least seems to be involved with them. The Inspector is practically creaming himself over the opportunity to get one of their guys behind bars."

Oh shit. I knew of the gang and they were notorious locally, although it was rare for any of them to end up in Court, and certainly not be convicted. If anyone did go down they were smallfry that the police always believed had taken the time for the main gang members. One thing suddenly occurred to me.

"Don't they have their own lawyers?" I asked, sure that I had heard that a local solicitor handled their arrests. Within the profession he was somewhat distrusted, but so far as anyone could tell he was able to get his clients off on the merits of the case. Probably because someone else normally confessed.

"Usually, but this one asked for the duty, and there's been no other enquiries about him."

"Guess that means I'm in for an interesting morning."

The sergeant just nodded, and we both watched as the door from the cell block was unlocked and a police officer led my client out and towards the interview rooms. For the second time this weekend I found myself admiring a very fit body, and this time I was even more sure it was a bad idea. He had shoulder length mid-blond hair and another set of tight clothes that made me want to drool. The only thing that stopped me doing so was the hard look on his face as he glanced at me, and the reality of the situation. At least I was going to be in work mode, and he did not look friendly.

With some trepidation I followed the tight body down the hall, almost unaware of the officer with him as I tried hard to remember what I needed to do and not get distracted by the guys ass. How did I end up in this situation? It was totally unfair that a suspect was doing this to me.

When we got to the interview room he was handcuffed to the table for which I was grateful, especially when the officer left to get those who would be doing the interview and I had a moment alone. He looked me up and down as though trying to judge me worthy. I had a suspicion I wasn't going to be, even before he opened his mouth and his tone was harsh.

"You're very young."

"I'm qualified."

"Doesn't matter anyway. You're just here so they behave themselves. I don't need any help, so you can keep your mouth shut."

Nice. At least his attitude cleared most of the remaining lust from me. Not all, but it was amazing what a personality could do to destroy any pleasant feelings. I wouldn't even be able to look at him since I'd be sat beside him, so that should sort the last of it out. He still looked great, so long as you didn't focus on his face, because that frown wasn't doing him any favours. What was I thinking anyway, what chance was there of a gay gang member?

My musings were interrupted by the Inspector and one of his subordinates coming into the room and I took my seat, waiting to hear what would be revealed, and wondering if I really would be able to keep my mouth shut. I waited while the Inspector started the tape and did the relevant introduction for the record, and repeated the rights the suspect had. It became very apparent he didn't like my client even from the way he said his name. 'Robert Webster'.

"So, Mr Webster. Where were you Friday evening, between 7 and 10?"

"Getting ready to go out, and then out," came a surly reply.

This was already getting to the Inspector. "You'll have to be specific about your location."

"Home, then later I wasn't home."

Dear lord, he was not helping himself at all. I saw the Inspector grimace and a small smirk on Robert's face. He wanted to wind the police up. Just fantastic.

"Were you at the jewellery store on the corner of Westgate Street?"


"We have evidence that places you at that location. Specifically during an armed robbery when money and jewellery were taken at gunpoint from the shopkeeper and his wife."


The Inspector did not look happy.

"Where's the gun?"

"What gun?"

"Where are the jewels and cash?"

"No idea. Why don't you ask the guy that took them?"

"Who were your accomplices?"

"Big word. I wasn't with anyone, and I wasn't at that shop. Stop wasting my time and yours."

"Look, Mr Webster," the name was practically ground out between the guys teeth, "We have evidence and witnesses to show you were there. Why don't you make this easier on everyone and tell us what we need to know. It will help when you get sentenced."

My client just sat back in his chair, looking surprisingly relaxed. I wondered what evidence there was and was seriously considering asking about it when he spoke.

"Get me Chief Inspector David Smith. I'm not talking to you."

"The Chief Inspector is a very important man, he doesn't have time to come down here for every interview."

"Most people won't ask for him. Get him down here. You're getting nothing from me. Tell him I've been arrested, and I guarantee he will talk to me. Until then I have nothing more to say."

There was an uneasy silence for a moment, and then the Inspector stopped the tape. I had a strong suspicion that what he wanted to say was seriously censored since I was in the room.

"I'll be back in a few minutes, once I've made the phonecall. I will be back."

"I doubt it," came the reply.

I actually looked at him in disbelief, but his glare back at me made me move my eyes across to the constable who had been left in the room. When his gaze met mine we had a moment of mutual understanding, although it seemed he was more amused than I was at the Inspector getting bested. Probably not a nice man to work for.

I was amazed when it was less than five minutes and a much older man entered the room, his insignia showing this was a Chief Inspector. He ordered the constable out of the room, and although he sat down he didn't turn on the tape. He glanced at me, then back to the man at my side.

"Do you want your Solicitor here for this?"

"It'll look odd if I send him out now. Besides, it might do him good to realise not all his clients are guilty. He's still young enough not to be totally jaded about that."


If I wasn't already confused about a senior officer turning up in the room the way they talked about me as if I wasn't even there was even more bizarre, and then my ridiculous client did the very last thing I was expecting. He looked at me and smiled. That smile made it to his eyes and suddenly my lust roared back into life. I was so distracted by it I almost didn't hear what he told me.

"I meant what I said earlier though, I really don't need you to bat for me. Just remember anything you hear can't leave this room."

I nodded dumbly, and waited to see what would unfold. The older man just sat there with his arms crossed for a moment, shaking his head.

"So, Rob, what have you got yourself into?"

"No idea boss. I got dragged out of bed this morning by that Inspector that's just itching to get the prestige of the gang going down, and he told me I was under arrest on suspicion of armed robbery. Says there are witnesses and evidence."

"They've got CCTV photos from inside the shop, before the cameras were disabled."

"They can't put me there."

"They put someone matching your description there, obviously in a mask, and unfortunately he's wearing your jacket."

"Shit! That went missing on Thursday, I just thought someone had nicked it off my bike."

"They obviously did. I have to ask though, where were you that night?"

"I went to a club for an hour or so."

The Chief Inspector lifted an eyebrow.

"The usual?"

"Yes boss. Don't give me shit for this. I've been undercover so damn long now I've almost forgotten who I really am. I need a reminder once in a while."

"Did you speak to anyone who might give you an alibi?"

"I've got more sense than to go on the pull. Plus I was in disguise. I hardly need one of the gang seeing me."

"That may not make any difference now. We have to consider the possibility that they are deliberately setting you up, either because they think it's your turn to prove your loyalty by taking the fall for something, or because they suspect or know you're police."

I heard a deep sigh from beside me, and I couldn't help checking him out again. I'd watched the two of them through their conversation, and it was obvious even before they confirmed it that Rob was working undercover, but I was glad to hear it, especially after I was treated to that dazzling smile. That was still doing things to me, and knowing what work he was doing just made things worse. Having to act the whole time and be one of that gang must be awful. No wonder he needed to get out sometimes. I had a sudden thought about the setting up part of it.

"Sorry to interrupt, but I know the gang use one Solicitor, and I was surprised he wasn't here when the custody officer told me what this was about. Even if they wanted you to go down for this, wouldn't they have sent him? The sergeant said no-one had asked about your arrest."

"That had crossed my mind too. But I needed someone who wasn't connected to that firm, otherwise I'd have had to refuse representation and that would have looked odd as well."

The warm flush I felt at being useful and knowing what he was thinking was quickly controlled when I remembered where I was and that I was supposed to be working. The Chief Inspector sat thinking about things.

"We need to proceed on the assumption that they are only trying to get you locked up, but you need to be very careful. Since your jacket was stolen, that means there's only circumstantial evidence and not enough to hold you. If they really are setting you up then they will probably come up with something else. Meanwhile it would be best to get you out of here without them knowing about it."

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