tagRomanceOut of the Shadows Ch. 01

Out of the Shadows Ch. 01


Hello Readers. This story is the continuation of the Shadows of Resentment series. You may want to read that series before reading this story however, this story can stand on its own.

This is the beginning of Darius Granger's story. Darius is a unique character in this series. He has gone through so many facets and hopefully you, the reader will understand him a little better after reading more about him. Maybe even like the guy a little.

Now his story will be divided into chapters, not sure how many, but this is only the first one. I am placing this under the "Romance Category" because it is a romantic tale, but the first chapter has no sex or anything sexual in it. However, it will come, so please keep reading. It is strictly written to give you, the reader, an idea of who the major players are.

So please read the story and I hope you enjoy it. Please vote and remember, all comments and feedback is welcomed. I really appreciate it when you share your thoughts with me. Now on to the tale:


Darius Granger was a lucky man. He had wonderful parents, supportive siblings, and the best friend a guy could ever want; plus two beautiful daughters.

Many people marveled at how he managed to walk through his problems so easily. However, they only saw the surface, not the deep, dark, dank secrets underneath.

A little over two years ago Darius fucked up and almost killed his best friend. It didn't matter that they weren't speaking at the time. In a fit of rage, he put a man in a wheelchair almost costing him his life.

Darius did everything he could to try and make amends for his actions. After the initial attack, he was in jail for several months. He even confessed to the crime, declared a guilty verdict when he went to court.

The judge who presided was upset that the person who really caused the horrible events that night got a light sentence and felt that wasn't fair, so he was lenient when he sentenced Darius.

People saw him walking around and thought he got off scot free, but when you screwed up the way he'd done, you always paid a price.

Darius was in love with one woman, Deidre. She was the mother of his children and the love of his life. Getting her to trust him was hard, but he persisted and she gave him a chance to prove himself.

Deidre was four months pregnant and living with her mother when he learned she was pregnant. Although he was terrified at first, he was determined to stand by her and raise their children. He'd had a chance to talk with her and try and work out their relationship, but Deidre still didn't trust him. She was not sure if she wanted to date a man with such a volatile temper.

Her mother, Jasmine, supported her daughter completely. She wanted her to be safe, but she also wanted Deidre to understand how important Darius was to their unborn children.

Darius and Deidre were in a relationship for a couple of years, with Deidre constantly refusing his proposals for marriage. Darius was not giving up. He planned to marry her and make their family complete.

After the twins were born, Darius was very protective of Deidre and his daughters to the point that Deidre felt smothered. Darius and Deidre seemed to have a stable relationship on the surface, but underneath he knew she didn't really love him, not only because she constantly refusing his proposals for marriage but, she didn't really want to spend time with his as the years progressed.

His conviction would end in a couple of years and he wanted to move in with her to help support their daughters. Deidre wouldn't agree. At first, he thought it was because of her need to be independent, but he eventually realized that she honestly didn't want him around. He could visit as often as he wanted; however, he just could not move in with her.

Over time, their sex life dwindled, they were too far apart, too tired, too busy being parents, or just plain not interested. Darius knew they were in trouble when Deidre started ignoring him.

Deidre was a full time nurse at a local clinic and she loved her job. Darius, who had lost his scholarships because of the trouble he gotten into, he secured a position as a mechanic in his father's garage. He worked for his father consistently for three years, diligently and faithfully since the restriction he was on required that he stay near his parent's home.

They both worked days and Darius' mother, Marge, would often watch the twins when they worked. If they worked weekends, Deirdre's mom, Jasmine, would watch them. The girls loved being spoiled by all of their grandparents.

Marge noticed the strain in Darius and Deidre's relationship and often tried to help. But they were adults and she knew they'd have to work things out on their own.

"Son, is everything alright between you and Deidre?" Marge asked one morning when Deidre dropped the girls off.

"Mom, we're fine. Just busy, you know how it is." Darius said trying to alleviate Marge's concern.

But truthfully, he was worried. Overtime, Deidre seemed to lose interest in him. She didn't seem to want to really be around him and only spent time with him at functions involving the family.

Although their schedule worked out so that they could spend time with each other, they often spent their time apart.

The breakup was finalized when Darius realized Deidre was spending all of her time with an old friend of his, Jason Adams. He confronted her about the time she spent with the other man and she denied being involved with him.

"Dee, let's do something with the girls this weekend." Darius suggested one Thursday night.

Deidre wanted to relax, and not deal with his possessiveness for once. She knew Darius was a great guy, and she liked him. When she was younger she found herself loving him. But now she'd met someone new, an old friend who reminded her that it was alright to laugh.

She never thought she'd see a day where her heart didn't belong to this amazing man that was standing before her. They'd been through so much and came out better for it.

But now she had feelings for someone else and she knew when she told Darius, it would rip his world apart. She had already had words with her best friend, Sierra, Darius sister about this. She was having lunch with Jason when Sierra walked up.

Sierra asked about the situation and Deidre tried to downplay it.

"Deidre, hey girl I'm treating you to lunch." Sierra greeted her best friend. She's just gotten some exciting news.

Deidre seemed distracted, "Oh, Sierra. Hey girl. I already have..."

"Hey Deidre, want to go to Jo Jo's Café today. You owe me." Jason said out as he entered.

Deidre froze and Sierra knew.

"Oh, I see you've got plans for lunch. I'm out." Sierra said as she stood to leave.

"Sierra, girl look at you, you don't get to bail. I've got two fine women going to lunch with me." Jason chuckled, "This adds points to my player card. You coming or what?" he queried.

"Um, no. You two already had plans, and I don't want to interfere." Sierra replied as she turned to leave.

"Girl, I thought you said you were buying lunch. Come on, we can catch up." Deidre added, wanting a chance to at least explain to her best friend.

So the three of them had lunch and Sierra didn't share her exciting news. She'd found out something worse. Her brother's world was about to be ripped apart.

As lunch ended, Sierra pulled Deidre over. "I know it's not really my business, but he is my brother. I don't want him hurt."

"Sierra, I don't want to hurt him, but..." Deidre stopped. "I'll call you and we can talk when my shift ends alright."

"OK." Sierra agreed then she left hoping that when Deidre does tell Darius, he's strong enough to handle it. But right now she had to find her husband Cameron, and give him a big hug.

Darius confronted his former friend, Jason at Deidre's apartment one day. His mother was watching the twins and he felt they needed to talk. He knew Deidre didn't have to work, so he left decided to drop by the apartment and see if she would talk to him. He was surprised to find that Dee was not home alone.

"What the hell! Jason, what the hell is going on between you and Dee? She's taken and you have no business here." Darius said furiously shaking barely restraining his anger.

Jason stood lifting his hands in a posture to show surrender, "Look, man. I don't see any rings on her finger. She is free to spend time with who she chooses. You need to chill."

Deidre had enough and she was ticked off. "Jason, please sit back down. Darius I want you to leave. Jason is my guest and I invited him over. You have no say in who I invite into my home as well as no right to barge in and demand anything."

"What! Me leave? Hell no, I'm not going anywhere. Tell him to leave." Darius stated angrily.

His declaration made Deidre so angry that she shook furiously as she struggled to keep her temper in check. She was grateful that at this moment Camirra and Camorra were both at her Mom's house and didn't have to witness the confrontation between their parents.

"No, you go. I don't want you here." Deidre declared angrily poking Darius in the chest with her finger. "I've had enough Darius. You don't own me. I can't breathe without you being right there. Yes, we have children together, but like I told you before that doesn't give you the right to run my life."

Realizing that Deidre was really upset, Darius tried to diffuse the situation. "Dee, baby, wait-, "Darius pleaded, but Dee cut him off.

"You act as if rules don't apply to you. You don't have the right to demand anything of me, order anyone I invite over to leave my home." She yelled furiously. "I'm tired Darius. I'm tired of dealing with your shit, putting up with your attitude and just you in general. I don't love you anymore, and I want you to go and leave me alone."

"Dee, I've done everything I can to prove to you how I feel. Damn it girl, I love you and I love our kids. You can't expect me to just go. You're mine, they are mine. I will not give you up." Darius declared emphatically.

Darius stood with his hands clinched into fist glaring at Jason. Deidre knew, his temper was about to explode and she was sick of it.

"Look at you; already you are ready to hit someone. You still haven't learned, have you? After what you did, you still haven't... Darius, I'm finished. I can't be with you anymore." Deidre informed him as she crossed her arms across her chest and stared him down.

Darius heart seemed to stop. He could not breathe. Did she just say she couldn't be with him?

"Excuse me, what?" Darius asked for clarification.

"Please leave, Darius. You can see the girls at your parents, but I don't want you to come back here. You are not welcomed. We can raise our children, but that is the only relationship we will have. Now get out." Deidre said quietly.

Darius became still and stiffened. His eyes narrowed. He looked like a caged animal that was ready to pounce. He glared a Deidre, as she spoke. Jason remembered seeing this look in his eye when they were younger just before he would snap.

Darius fist clinched; his limbs shook. He felt as if his head was in a vice and about to explode. Then he saw Jason move in front of Deidre. As if he thought he'd hurt her. That's when he realized he needed air.

Jason moved to stand next to her because he simply didn't trust Darius. He witnessed the attack on Cameron and never forgot how brutal it was. He didn't think Darius would ever strike her, but the guy was notorious for striking out without thinking. If he advanced on Deidre, he would stop him.

At this point Derrick and Dawn had arrived to help get a handle on the situation. Derrick always came to help his brother when he was on the edge.

Deidre had called Derrick earlier when Darius first arrived at her home and asked him to come over because she had a guest and feared that Darius might lose control of his temper. Derrick and Dawn rushed to the apartment.

Derrick walked into the apartment and approached Darius slowly. "Darius, come on man. Let's go." Placing his hand on his shoulder, Derrick tried to divert Darius' attention. Darius knocked his hand off. He was focused on Jason, the man that had taken everything from him.

Darius was angry and refused to leave.

"I'm not going, anywhere!" he yelled.

"This is my family. No one can make me leave!" Darius screamed as he threw a chair against the wall.

Jason stepped up, but Derrick got in between the two men,

"This is what you do every time you can't have your way Darius. You lose your temper. I'm not dealing with it anymore." Deidre screamed out with her face blotchy and red from her tears. "Please just go. You don't need to get in more trouble, just go."

Somehow, Derrick managed to get Darius out of the apartment. Darius, stood in the parking lot barely holding himself together,as Dawn was standing with him holding on to his arm rubbing it trying to help him calm down.

A neighbor who heard the raised voices, knowing Darius' history, took the initiative and called the police. Just as the police had arrived, Darius had calmed down enough so that their help was not needed, but the officers refused to leave. They were well aware of Darius' temper.

Derrick and Dawn talked to the officers and assured them that everything was fine and no one was in danger. However, the police officers refused to leave until everyone seemed calm. Eventually, Derrick and Dawn, along with Deidre and Jason convinced them that they were safe and the officers left.

Darius looked at Deidre and he looked at Jason when he realized this didn't just start. Addressing Deidre, he asked, "How long? How long have you been creeping behind my back? Huh? Deidre, just tell me the truth. When did I lose you?"

"Darius, I really don't want to discu-"Deidre tried to explain.

"Damn it! How long, Dee? Tell me!" Darius demanded forcefully.

"A year, I've been seeing him a little under a year." Deidre answered softly.

"Look, man. We didn't want this to happen. It just-" Jason tried to explain.

"Shut up, Jason. Shut the fuck up." Darius yelled. Grabbing his head with both hands, Darius bent low at the waist. He knew, deep down he knew there was someone taking his place.

He moved away from them, not trusting himself to refrain from striking Jason.

Jason stepped back. He knew Darius was close to breaking. Darius walked away from him and sat in his brother's car. He needed to breathe, to think, to get a handle on this news. He knew this was his punishment for hurting his friend. He wished he'd simply gone to prison, that would have been a lot less painful, but this was the pain he had to bear.

Derrick saw and felt his brother's devastation and knew he could not fix this. Darius sat in his brother's car rocking back and forth thinking,I've lost her. Now my girls might end up calling another man "daddy". I can't have that. They are my girls, my babies. How can I live without my girls? Darius fumed inside his head. Inside his brother's car, he released a scream that was so feral and full of pain that Derrick's heart crumbled. Derrick broke and had to comfort his brother somehow. With one look at Deidre and Jason, he wished, well it didn't matter. Darius needed him.

Climbing into the back of his car, Derrick sat with his twin. Darius was not talking, just looking lost.

Dawn, who was six months pregnant at the time, joined her husband as he held on to his brother. She didn't fear him or his volatile temper, unlike the rest of his family. She seemed to know how to help him get back in control.

Dawn took a deep breath and looked into Darius eyes and saw he was tethering on the edge. He was about to go off. She had to talk him down. "Darius, I know this is hard. You can't go off. Every time you lose it, someone gets hurt. Your losing it almost killed Cameron. Do you really want to go through something like that again?" Dawn asked.

"Dawn, you don't understand. Dee and the girls are everything to me. How can he just...." Darius brokenly said to his sister-in-law.

"Do you think forcing her to stay with you will help? Come on Darius. For once, stand down." Dawn implored of him.

Darius had calmed down enough that he listened to Dawn. Dawn always helped him, and she was right.

Darius stood and walked back to where Jason was holding Deidre. It hurt him to see her in his arms, but he had to do this.

"Deidre, I understand that you don't want to be with me anymore, but I will be a part of my daughter's lives. They are my babies and I won't abandon them. If you want to be with Jason, then fine. I just wish..." Taking a deep breath, he continued as his voice cracked. "You deserve to be happy. I will learn to deal with that. I won't bother either of you again." And then he walked away defeated.

Dawn's heart broke for him, because she knew how he felt. After their initial meeting, she made it her business to get to know her brother-in-law. She knew that underneath his tough exterior, was a man that was bleeding to death slowly inside. He hid it behind his angry outburst and yelling, but he was afraid of losing everything. This was what had just happened.

Having witnessed how he held on to Deidre like she was his lifeline, she believed that when he walked away from the apartment that night, he would eventually shut out the rest of his family. She stood to follow him when Derrick told her to stop. He told her that Darius needed sometime alone, but the truth was he didn't want Dawn around him, in case he went off again and he wasn't there.

Darius walked away, got in his car, and drove. Where, he didn't know or care. He was alone, always alone. The only ones who stood by him truly were his parents. His brother, Derrick and sister, Sierra, loved him, but he knew they feared him and didn't completely trust him.

You see, the man he hurt was the love of Sierra's life. Sierra was torn. If she had to choose, Darius knew she would never choose him. Eventually he pulled into the parking lot of a local's gentleman's club.

While sitting in his car contemplating, his phone rang. Derrick called his Dad when Darius drove off. Marvin was worried about his son, but didn't know how to help him. So he did the only thing he could think of at the moment, he called.

After everyone left, Deidre broke down. She knew she hurt him. She tried to stay with him. At first, she thought his possessiveness was cute. At one point it made her feel safe. Then it just became suffocating. H was constantly calling her. He needed to know if she and the girls were safe. He wanted to know where she was every minute of every day.

Then several months ago, Jason walked in. He was hired as a respiratory therapist at the clinic where she worked. They started hanging out, at work. Then it was drinks after work, and before she knew it, she'd fallen in love with him.

He was kind, caring, and considerate. He treated her with adoration and respect. He didn't hover and he made her laugh. She didn't mean to fall in love with someone else, it just happened. Darius was not a bad guy, but she couldn't stay with a man she didn't love. She deserved better and so did her children.

Jason held her as she cried for the pain she inflicted on his former friend. His heart broke for Darius, because he knew how deeply he loved this woman, his woman, now. Jason vowed to do everything he could to make Deidre and the twins happy. Hopefully, one day, he could mend the fences he'd just destroyed with Darius.

While sitting in his car contemplating, thinking, his phone rang. Darius ignored it the first time. He knew it was Derrick and he could not talk to him right then. A few minutes later, it rang again. Recognizing his Dad's ringtone, Darius answered. "Hello."

Marvin could hear the pain he tried to hide in his voice. "Hello, Darius. Son, are you alright? I just talked to Derrick. Are you OK, Darius? Son, why don't you come on home?" Marvin queried. His heart was crushed for his son. He knew this was killing him because even though he was brash, loud, Marvin knew it was a smoke screen, a facade. He could hear the tears in his voice as he talked to him realizing he'd internalized his pain and it would eat him up inside.

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