tagLoving WivesOut of Thin Air Ch. 04

Out of Thin Air Ch. 04

byJust Plain Bob©

I was busy pounding away on my computer keyboard when the doorbell rang. I got up to answer it and found Debbie standing there.

"I know you weren't expecting me, but Harry got a call and had to leave. Can I come in?"

I told her that of course she could and I stepped aside and then closed the door behind her. "What's going on?" I asked.

"You know the barn that Harry helped his dad put a new roof on? Well, Harry's dad went back up on it to put up a weather vane or lightening rod or something and he fell off. He broke a leg and Harry has to go down there for a few days to take care of the animals until his mom can hire someone. I thought I'd take advantage of the situation and come over here and tell you the last story of my cheating on Harry."

And then she chuckled and said, "Well almost the last, there's still you. Got time to listen to me talk?"

I had her sit on the couch and went out into the kitchen, poured two glasses of wine and then went back into the living room. She took a sip of the wine and then said:

"I really was a whore for the last one."

"How so?"

"I let myself be gangbanged by five guys."

"Tell me about it."


"After my time with Ralph, Todd and Dave I promised myself that I was going to be good from then on. Do you have any idea of how hard it is to be good? Especially when you are constantly reminded of how good it was being bad? That's the position that I found myself in. Every day Ralph and Todd would come in for breakfast and every time I saw them my pussy would get wet as I remembered what we had done.

It was a week before Ralph asked me when we could get together again and that was my opportunity to tell him sorry, that I'd loved it, but it was a one time thing that I'd never do again. But I didn't say that. I just said that I didn't know. From then on once or twice a week Ralph would ask me if I was ready yet and I would always answer no and then say something like, "I can't this week because" and then I'd give some lame excuse instead of just saying that I was never going to do it again.

The more he asked the more I remembered how much I had loved it and a couple of times the memory turned me on so much that I had to go to the bathroom and get myself off. That went on for almost two months, months during which all I thought about was how good it felt to have three men using me, bringing me to orgasm after orgasm after orgasm.

And then one day Ralph was in the restaurant by himself and as I was refilling his coffee cup he said:

"You ready yet sweetie? You want to, it is written all over your face every time I come in here."

He was right, I did want to and I was more than ready, but I was all set to give some excuse when he said:

"Dave and Todd won't be there, but I can have a few others there to show you a good time."

I don't know why I said it, to this day I really don't know, but I said:

"How many is a few?"

Ralph smiled at me and said, "A few is as many as you want it to be. Do you have a favorite number?"

I did. My lucky number has always been five and without even realizing what I was doing I said, "Five. My favorite number is five."

"Consider it done sweetie. Tony's at three, right?"

I nodded a yes and went back to work. Ten minutes later I was calling myself all kinds of stupid. I couldn't believe that I had agreed to do it. Well I wasn't! No way was I going to do it. No way I was going to stop at Tony's after work, but for he rest of the morning all I thought about was the number five. By noon I was so hot that I had to go into the bathroom and finger myself off. Five cocks. Five hard cocks, one for each hole and two left over - one for each hand. Just the thought had me climbing walls and Harry was gone to his folk's place for three or four days.


At quitting time I got in my car and pointed it in the other direction from Tony's. I actually got almost five miles before I hung a U-turn. Ralph was sitting in a booth waiting for me when I walked into the bar.

"You want a drink or three first, or do you want to get right to it?"

I hesitated for a second or two - my last chance to run - and then I said, "Let's get to it before I chicken out."

"Atta girl" he said as he slid out of the booth and led me out to his car. We got in and he unzipped his jeans and took out his cock and looked over at me. I knew what he wanted and I moved over and lowered my head and started to suck him off as he started the car and pulled out of Tony's parking lot.

You have no idea how erotic it can be giving a man a blow job in broad daylight as he drives down Main Street. No one from the sidewalk could see me lying there with my head in Ralph's lap, but twice a pick up truck that was high enough for the driver to see down into the car drove next to us and watched for several blocks. One even honked his horn and gave Ralph a 'thumbs up'. I kept my face buried in Ralph's lap so the two drivers never saw my face, but knowing that they had seen me doing what I was doing was a massive turn on for me.

We pulled into the parking lot of Ralph's apartment and he parked and sat there until I got him off. I swallowed every drop I could coax out of him and after I had licked his cock clean and tucked him back in his pants I sat up and Ralph said:

"Okay sweetie, let's get this party started."

We got out of the car and walked to his apartment and he opened the door to let me in. I saw four guys standing there waiting and I didn't know any of them. I almost turned and ran - almost. As the apartment door closed behind me Ralph put a hand on my shoulder and pushed downward and I knew what he wanted me to do. I sank to my knees as Ralph said:

"Okay sweetie, I've bragged on what a great little cock sucker you are so how about showing these boys that I wasn't lying to them."

A man moved in front of me and my eyes were level with the bulge in his trousers. I reached up and undid his belt buckle and then pulled his zipper down and then I pulled his pants and under shorts down to his ankles. His cock leapt out at me and I took it in my hands and just held it for a moment and felt his heat. I looked around the room and shivered in anticipation of all those cocks filling me.

The cock in my hands had a drop of pre-cum in its pee hole and I leaned forward and licked it up and then I took him in my mouth. I felt his hands on my head pulling me forward onto his meat and it slid over my tongue until it touched the back of my throat and then he started fucking my face. I had one hand on his balls massaging them and after a couple of minutes I felt them tighten and his cock started throbbing and his cum shot out, hit the back of my throat and slid down into my belly.

God, I couldn't believe the slut I had become. On my knees in front of a man I had never seen before and taking his juice down my throat. I pulled back and his cock fell from my mouth and another man stepped up to take his place. I could see the pre-cum leaking from the head of his cock and I licked it up and then it was one cock after another until I had sucked all of them off.

They lifted me from the floor, stripped me and put me on the bed. Hands were on my breasts squeezing them and tweaking the nipples, fingers were in my pussy and a finger was teasing my ass. My legs were pulled apart and a cock drove into me. Another one pushed at my lips and I opened my mouth. Hands grabbed my head and held it while the man fucked my face. The cock in my pussy was driving hard and I came so hard I saw stars. The cock in my pussy splashed my insides and then pulled out and another cock drove in to me. The cock in my mouth spurted and was pulled out only to be replaced with another. I was having orgasm after orgasm as my tits were sucked and my mouth and pussy fucked.

Suddenly all the cocks were pulled away from me and I cried out, "No, no, not yet" and some one laughed and hands pulled me up. I was lifted and then lowered down on a hard cock and I moaned out, "Oh yes, oh yes, oh god yes" as it sliced up into me and then my moans were choked off by a cock being shoved into my mouth.

I felt fingers probing my ass and then a hot, stabbing pain as a cock pushed into my butt. The pain slowly disappeared and was replaced by pleasure. The cock in my pussy and the cock in my ass settled into a rhythm and another orgasm swept over me and I lost it. I totally lost it. For the next three hours it was like one continuous orgasm and I was just a mindless fuck toy as cock after cock emptied in my pussy, my ass and my mouth.

And then it was over. They were getting dressed and I was lying on the bed a fucked out mess. I was covered in cum from the top of my head to the soles of my feet. My pussy and ass were stretched; my jaw was sore and cum was running out of me like water from a tap.

And I had loved every fucking second of it.

Ralph had to carry me out to his car because I had trouble walking. It was a damned good thing that Harry was going to be gone for several days because it would be at least two or three before I could let him near either of my holes. When I got home I soaked in the tub for two hours before I went to bed and slept like a baby.


"Did you ever see Ralph again?"

"Other than in the restaurant? No. I've wanted too, God knows I've wanted to, but I haven't."

"Why not?"

"Because, believe it or not, I love Harry and I could see that if I kept up with what I was doing it would catch up with me sooner or later. And I could see where I was heading. I had loved it when Tom and Ben used me in the car on the way home from the Christmas party. I went crazy with Ralph, Todd and Dave and the gangbang with the five guys was intense and even as Ralph was driving me back to my car I was wondering what six, seven or even ten men would be like.

After soaking in the tub that night I had gotten into bed and had laid there staring up at the ceiling and thinking about what I had done, what I wanted to do and what could happen if I did it. It was clear to me that if I planned on staying with Harry I had to stop. I had to go cold turkey and I didn't do bad at it."

"What does that mean?"

"It has been almost three years now since the gangbang and I've been a good girl. Well at least I was a good girl until you came along."

"Why did you fall off the wagon with me?"

"Short answer to a long story? I found out something about myself with my infidelities. I'm a slut and one man isn't enough for me. I've fought it for three years now, but the bottom line is that even though I love Harry to death, by himself he isn't enough for me."

"So why me?"

"Opportunity sweetie. I've been thinking of getting Harry some help for a while now. I needed someone I considered safe, someone I could trust to keep quiet about what we were doing and when I found out about your little hobby I picked you."

"So you are expecting that we will have a continuing relationship?"

"That's what I want sweetie, but of course it will be up to you. Think about it, but while you do A leads to B right? Let's get to the bedroom sweetie."

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