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Out of This World


"Your work is excellent, and you are certainly a team player." Mr. Framington paused. "This is the second quarter that you've been in the top 100 in both sales and commissions. Is everything going OK?" He rose from the chair behind his desk and walked around the front of it. "You know, Barbie, dear, if your skirts were a little shorter, I bet you'd do even better."

"Are you serious? You think I do well just because I'm decent looking?"

"Did I say that?" He laughed at her defensiveness. "You are a fine looking woman, but that's just a lure. You still have to deliver."

"Listen, Sam, you're sticking your foot in your mouth, so why don't we call it a day. I'll see you tomorrow night at the Christmas party."

"Fine. But, if your sales don't hold up, well ..."

"I'll be fine ..., but thanks!" Barbara left the office if her sales manager. She had been with the firm only 9 months, but already had earned her way to the top 100 nationwide. "I think I'm pretty damn good!" She thought out loud.

"Good at what?" Brent overheard her and couldn't miss the opportunity to comment. "Good at what I do!" she tried to answer, but her defenses were already flashing red.

"I bet you are, darlin?" Brent responded with a laugh.

"OK ... well, I'm done, so ... see you Monday!" She shoved the stacks of legal documents from her desk into her briefcase, rinsed her coffee cup, and locked her office on her way out of the building.

She kicked her shoes off, poured herself a glass of wine and flopped in her favorite chair beside the fireplace. The wine cut through the bad taste of a days dealings with male idiots. "Why must everything be about sex for them?" She asked aloud to the empty room. She sipped her wine and concentrated on relaxing the muscles of her shoulders. Her eyes closed. Another sip. Deep breaths ... forget it all ... breathe ... let it go ...

* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

She felt a hard floor beneath her in the darkness ... stone ... cold. She put her hand out into the darkness and it touched thick metal bars. She was in some sort of cage.

"Where am I? Hello??? Anyone there?" No answer. She tried to stand, but hit her head on the top of this cage-like box. Calling louder, "Hellooooo ...?" No answer.

It was only then that Barbara realized she was nude and her body was dirty. There were some cuts on her feet as though she had walked barefoot a good distance.

"What the heck ...? What's going on?" Silence.

She felt around the small enclosed space for a way of escape, but found none. Bars on all four sides, and stone base with some kind of metal top prevented her from standing or moving beyond it's walls. She waited in silence for some time, until the urge to relieve herself increased.

"Helloooo," she called out. "I need to use the bathroom! Hello? Please? I need to pee!" Nothing. Another hour passed and she managed to control her urge, but it became more and more urgent.

At last, she saw a crack of light in the distance. A flash, and then it disappeared. There was a sound of footsteps. One? Two? She couldn't tell. The footsteps seems to echo from every direction. She saw nothing for some time. Voices. She saw nothing though her eyes strained in the darkness, but now she could hear voices. More than one voice. "Hellooooooooo?" She cried out in desperation. No reply. She called again, " I hear you. I know you are there. I need to use the bathroom, please."

Suddenly, from behind her, a gruff voice spoke to her. "Fruist aka la! Jai!"

"I don't understand. I need to pee, please." She was at this totally unaware, or at least unconcerned with her nudity. There were now 6 very hairy males present. They were clad in leather trousers and skins across their chests. One of the men had something like a bridle in his hands. To her horror, she was removed from her cage and the leather bridle was placed on her. It was, not the sort of bridle one might put on a horse or ox. It had obviously been adapted to meet their needs. It consisted on a collar that strapped around Barbara's neck securely. There was a leather strap that passed through her mouth. There was another strap that passed from the collar downward between her breasts and legs and then joined to the collar in the rear. The men also bound her elbows together behind her back. Together, they led her down a long dark corridor, up a spiral staircase several flights and down another long passageway. All this time, no other living souls were seen or heard.

Barbara couldn't help but notice how large these men were. She had to jog to keep up with them. They had to be 8 or 9 feet tall and weighed perhaps 300 pounds easy, but they were not fat. She was certain they were human, though she had never seen any humans this large. Their hair was long, but seemed well kept. They all had beards. It occurred to her that she was not cold. She thought she ought to be. It was only at this very moment, that she realized she was nude and surrounded by strange men. Her face flushed with heat.

They turned into another corridor, but she could see the dimmest glimmer of light ahead on the right. Her heart raced. As they arrived at the opening, a great roar went up as Barbara saw a massive crowd of similar creatures gathered around a bonfire. They were all dressed similarly, clothed in skins and leather. She saw no other females. Barbara was tethered to a post like one might use to tether a horse. Her captors joined the throng and music began. Strange and beautiful instruments sang their stringed song. The hundreds of men tapped their feet, clapped their hands and seemed to enjoy the music that lasted a good hour. From someplace in the darkness a line of females appeared bearing bowls and platters of food. To Barbara's surprise, each woman was nude, though adorned with jewelry like she had never seen. Each female wore a choker-type necklace of beads, stones, or shells. Amazing large gems hung from each nipple pierced with a steel rod. It seemed some of the women also wore thin gold chains that lay on their beautifully rounded hips just below their navels. Each woman also had anklets of bells that made beautiful tinkling sounds with each step. Barbara watched in awe as these women formed a large circle around the men. They placed their bowl or platter on their head, and grasped their hands behind their backs. A cheer arose from the men.

In an orderly fashion, the men approached and took food from the women of their choice as they wished. Barbara noticed that the women looked surprisingly happy. They smiled and winked at the men. The women were silent, but they nearly all smiled and a few were seen laughing. Barbara was stunned. She also noticed that the women were all different sizes and shapes, some larger, some smaller, all were hairless but for their heads, but they were all lovely.

The men ate their fill and the music resumed. The women disappeared for a few minutes and then re-entered and resumed their position in a circle around the men. It was then that the women began to dance seductively for the men. They swung and caressed their bodies erotically, more graphically, yet more elegantly than any stripper Barbara could remember. There was much laughter and song as the women danced, but the men held their seats.

At some point, the men grew silent and the 6 men who had led Barbara to this spot, arose and rejoined her. One stepped forward and addressed the crowd in a language she couldn't understand. After his initial address, two of the 6 men released her from the post and bridle, and displayed her as the apparent leader continued to speak. He occasionally turned and pointed to her, but his voice was pleasant, so she was not terribly concerned. The thought did cross her mind how comfortable she was in spite of her nudity.

The men began to disburse, or at least most of them. A few, perhaps 25 or 30, gathered around Barbara and the 6 men with her. Her legs were parted, and one by one, those who remained came up for a closer inspection of their quarry. This was Barbara's first experience of feeling self-conscious, but there was nothing she could do about her feelings. One of those powerful males held each shoulder, the others of the original 6 seemed to be a kind of guard keeping the men from getting too close to her.

When they had each had a chance for a closer look, the leader again spoke. Barbara watched and listened with a strange sense of adventure and comfort, and just a touch of nerves twitching in her belly, so it is no surprise that when she felt the sharp slice of a whip across her back, that she screamed in terror. The men nodded and talked among themselves. Another crack of the whip and another scream. Tears flowed freely down her cheeks as she struggled to pull away from those who held her. A few of the men turned away and disappeared. Those remaining made a sort of line and approached her. The first one opened her mouth and looked at her teeth. He looked into her eyes, pinched her nipples, and roughly pulled the hair that covered her gender. He moved on.

One by one, the remaining 18 men came close to Barbara and examined her intimately while she shivered and trembled as much in embarrassment as any chill. The speaker addressed the men as they examined her, seeming to point out her qualities.

Finally, after what felt to Barbara like an eternity, one of the gruff giants approached her, swept her hair into his hand and lifted her up to his face. He had selected her. The others cheered and threw their spears into the ground in what looked like some ceremony of virility. Almost immediately, the two large men who had held her most of the evening, tightened their grip on her and a third approached in front with some sort of long, needle as the other held her hair snugly. Quickly and skillfully, the needle was thrust through Barbara's left nipple and a lovely gem was affixed. Moments later, the right nipple was similarly pierced and adorned. Barbara was too stunned to respond. It had all happened so fast. She couldn't process what was happening. The gruff giant then led her away from the crowd by her hair. She whimpered quietly as she tripped along behind him.

Her giant led her through a maze of corridors, down some stairs, to a quiet stream where a small boat awaited. He gently placed her in the bow of the boat and paddled it to their destination down stream. He tied the craft to the post, and lifted his new acquisition to her feet. He grunted a few "words" she did not understand and directed her to a dome shaped structure with a door and smoke streaming from a chimney. Inside, he pointed to a mat and she sat. He disappeared outside for a few minutes. When he returned, Barbara was surprised to see another nude female with him. He pointed to Barbara, and then walked away. The female patted Barbara's knees, indicating for her to part them. She then stroked her own smooth pubis, and Barbara understood she was about to be shaved. But it was not a razor the woman had, but rather some strange and horrible smelling ooze. The woman spread the strange ointment over Barbara's bottom, dressed her sore and swollen nipples with hot compresses, washed Barbara's body well, and applied a fragrant oil over Barbara's shoulders, buttocks, and thighs. She spoke to Barbara in her soft, but strangely guttural tongue, but Barbara stared blankly. The woman finished by firmly scraping the ooze from between Barbara's legs, leaving her as smooth as all the other women in the camp. She was posed on her knees, her arms still tightly bound at the elbow behind her back.

The groomer left, and her gruff giant returned and approached. He spoke a few unintelligible words, removed his skins and leathers, and pushed his giant penis into her mouth. Barbara, still shocked and flustered, reverted to natural survival instincts and tended his cock with the gentle devotion of one seeking to preserve her life. She couldn't think about what was happening. It simply did not compute. Her mind could not process the strange and foreign events she was seeing. She was in automatic pilot. The penis she sucked was perhaps 10-11 inches long and pushed deep into her throat. Her attention grew as he grew thicker and he pumped her face more energetically.

A deep, throaty groan seemed to rise from his feet, and a stream of hot, salty fluid shot down her throat. One additional thrust, and he silently withdrew, walked to a fur-lined couch and there, slept. Barbara curled up and kept warm as best she could on her mat.

* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

She awoke snuggled in her soft chair, her wine glass about to spill. As she stood to make her supper, she was stunned by the sting of her nipples. Beautiful gems hung from steel rods that pierced each one perfectly. Instinctively, her hand reached for the soft fur between her thighs, but she found none. She was smooth as in her dream. "It was a dream ...?" she wondered aloud. She looked around her cozy home and saw that the fire glowed warmly and her Christmas tree was now up and secure, ready for decorations. She was certain, when she left this morning, it was still wrapped and leaned against her garage.

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