tagIncest/TabooOut of This World! Ch. 01

Out of This World! Ch. 01


The following story depicts plenty of male and female bisexuality, plus several fetishes such as anal, spitting, cum swapping and smoking. If you are offended by the notion of sexual acts between two men please don't read this story.

This chapter has been revised and expanded. More chapters will follow soon.

All characters and their actions in this story are fictitious and created solely for enjoyment of responsible, adult readers.


The boy grunted and grimaced as I slowly shoved my big cock all the way up his tight asshole. He looked at me expectantly, holding his breath, waiting for me to start fucking him. I let out a deep, low grunt as I pressed the throbbing head of my dick harder against my young lover's prostate, then gasped with delight when I felt the young man's asshole squeeze and milk my thick shaft.

"Oh, yes!" he whined. "That feels awesome!"

"Hold on," I hissed and grabbed a wedge pillow, propping it under his muscular butt cheeks.

He wiggled his sexy ass up and down a bit until he found the perfect position for both of us.This way I had total control over him and could plow his young ass with slightly downward thrusts.

"Oh man!" he grunted when I started to gyrate my hips gently from left to right. "I'm sooo stuffed!"

Grabbing his ankles, I spread his young, muscular legs even wider apart. He looked at me with his dazzling, brown eyes and smiled, nodding reassuringly at me.

"It's ok," he panted. "You can fuck me now. I can take it!"

"I'm sure you can kid," I said, pounding my throbbing dick back and forth inside his magnificently tight canal. "It's not the first time I'm fucking you like this. I know you like it rough."

"Yes sir!" He enthused. "Fuck me nice and hard. I love it hard!"

"Hard enough for you?" I panted, slamming my dick back and forth as hard as I could.

"Myeah," he growled through gritted teeth. "Fu...u...uck!"

Reclining on his elbows, he gazed into my eyes, biting his lower lip. I began fucking him slowly and rhythmically. I thrust my thick, hard dick forward, first all the way in, and then almost all the way out. I leaned in and licked the sweat off his handsome, flushed face before dragging my tongue across his soft lips. He opened his mouth, letting my tongue slide in. I let him suck my tongue for a while, then broke our hot kiss and resumed to lick the salty beads of sweat off his chin, cheeks and forehead.

"Birds flying high, you know how I feel," my darling wife's beautiful voice came from the bathroom.

"Sun ... in ... the ... sky," I started singing, still fucking the boy firmly. "You ... know ... how ... I ... feel."

"Oh god," the boy chuckled. "Is it always like an episode of Glee here at your house?"

"What do you mean?" I asked as I picked up the pace of my thrusts.

"You...were doing this...last night...too," the boy panted. "You...were singing...duets while we were...fucking!"

"You don't like our voices?" I asked with a smirk.

"No, you guys are actually quite good!"

"Damn right we are," I replied smiling.

"It's a new dawn, it's a new day, it's a new life," my wife continued singing.

The bathroom door soon opened and my beautiful wife stepped into the bedroom, wearing a large towel around her sexy body and a smaller towel wrapped around her head in the shape of a turban. I looked at her and smiled without stopping my thrusts for a second.

"Oh Jesus, Jon!" my wife said with a wicked grin. "You must really love fucking this kid. How many times did he fuck you last night Rocco?"

"Five ... six, a dozen times? I've lost count," the handsome young man chuckled. "I'm hoping we can do it at least a few more times today!"

"Uh, oh! Not today sweetie," my wife said shaking her head. "We don't have time to play with you today. As a matter of fact you've got to leave right after this round is over. We have to pick up our daughter at the airport!"

"When can I come back?" Rocco asked pouting his lips.

"We'll let you know sweetie," my wife replied throwing her body towel to the floor, revealing her tall, curvy figure, toned body, exceptional breasts, tan skin and thick, dark blond pubic hair. Her mouthwatering nipples began to swell into hardness as she walked seductively towards our huge bed, where I was fucking our sexy young friend.

Picture an even more beautiful Christie Brinkley with fuller lips. Her youthful, unblemished skin, high cheekbones, shiny blue eyes and exquisite golden hair gives her the appearance of angel. Her always cheerful, positive and extremely horny attitude melts the heart any man or woman who was lucky enough to get to know her. That's my lovely wife, the love of my life, my sunrise and sunset.

"Hold this cowboy's dick straight up for me babe," my wife mewled as she straddled the boy's pole with her thighs as she held on to my shoulders tightly for support.

I stopped fucking the boy for the moment and held the base of his throbbing dick tightly in my fist, while my wife slowly impaled her hot pussy upon his shaft. She pressed her warm breasts into my chest, hugging me tightly. A lovely smile formed on her radiant face when she finally had secured the boy's dick inside her clenching asshole.

"Good to go," my wife purred against my face. "Start banging his fuck hole again."

"Oh god!" Rocco grunted loudly as I slammed my hole banger deep inside his asshole.

Using the strong muscles of her thighs, she lifted and lowered her crotch, sliding her cunt up and down the young man's cock. Her flawless, 32D tits swayed gently.

"Yeehaw!" my wife cheered, grinding her pussy lips against the boy's curly, black pubic hair. "Does this feel good baby boy?"

"Oh yes Lola," Rocco grunted in ecstasy. "Your husband's big cock in my asshole and your hot pussy...riding me! Ohhh ... you two are the best!"

Lola pounded up and down, making wet sounds when her cunt slapped onto the base of Rocco's cock. Not missing a single beat, we fucked the boy rhythmically and in perfect harmony, just like a perfect a duet.

"Yeah, fuck, mmm, shit, oh, god," Lola groaned, grunted, mewled and moaned melodiously as she rode Rocco's young, hard rod. "This...is...so...much...fun...yeahmmm!"

This was not an easy position to master, but we had done this countless times before. We loved looking into each other's eyes and kiss while we fucked a guy in this position.

"You need to shave your mustache!" my wife husked in a low, lusty voice before kissing me hotly on my mouth.

"But I like it honey," I objected. "It makes me look distinguished."

"Your handsome face and your beautiful salt and pepper hair make you look plenty distinguished," she said, running her lovely fingers through my hair. "The mustache makes you look like a ... distinguished truck driver!"

"Oh thanks a lot!" I chuckled.

"It scrapes my fucking face when I kiss you!"

"Your bush tickles my fucking nose when I eat your pussy!"

"Then I should stop kissing you and you should stop eating my cunt!"

"Done deal," I laughed. "From now on, no kissing and no pussy eating for us!"

"Ah fuck ... you win!" Lola pouted cutely. "The mustache stays, so does the fur. I can't shave off my bush ... it gets way too itchy."

"Your landscape looks amazing," Rocco commented, panting underneath our bodies. "So does the mustache!"

"Hurray for facial and pubic hair!" my wife cheered as she bounced up and down.

We had picked up Rocco at the beach a few days before, and since then, both of us had been fucking him like crazy. He was only eighteen, but we really did not care how old he was. He was a very handsome, athletic, charming and most importantly, extremely virile, bisexual young man who loved fucking pussy and having a big dick up his ass; that was all we needed to know about him.

My lovely wife's real name is Karina. Karina was an extremely beautiful, young singer when I first met her back in Sweden. She was only eighteen and inexperienced, but I realized that she had the looks, the talent and the drive to become a hot superstar from the very moment she walked into my talent agency with her mother.

Under my direction and management, Karina became Lola; a hot, slutty, singer that all teenage girls envied and all men wanted to sleep with. When I found out that she was a sexual deviant and an insatiable sex addict just like me, I fell head to toe in love with her. Luckily the feeling was mutual and we became the best of lovers and friends. With the help of some like-minded friends, we began to play, explore and experience our naughtiest fantasies and wildest dreams. Threesomes, orgies, gang bangs, boys, girls; we did it all.

Lola's thirst for sex was, and still is, unquenchable; she is a true nymphomaniac. Sometimes, even I, can find it hard to keep up with her. I am fifteen years older than her, but she keeps me young, sharp and in fantastic shape. We have sex every single day, most days more than three times. Sometimes, we even do it during her special time of the month. She is a superstar, and by far the most popular woman during our special gatherings among our friends. Gang fucking her is the highlight of our parties. She has the lust and the energy to fuck and climax dozens of times with dozens of people during each session. I have no idea where she gets her energy from, but her cheerful attitude and her energy is contagious. Anyone who has her her even once, becomes addicted and won't be able to get enough of her.

When she was twenty, unbeknownst to the media and her fans, Lola gave birth to our beautiful daughter, Kia. After four best selling albums, one worldwide, and three European tours, Lola was done. She was tired of the media spotlight and wanted to spend more time at home with our little girl.

"I'm done with this shit," she said to me one day. "From now on I just want to be a housewife."

We had made more than enough money to live a lavish life, ten lifetimes over. We moved to south of Spain and settled in an upscale neighborhood of a beautiful town. We also bought a villa in France and a house in California. The California house proved to be an unnecessary luxury, so we sold it a couple of years later. All of our good friends and sex buddies lived in Spain, and our daughter Kia loved it there.

When Kia grew older, Lola talked to her about our lifestyle. We were relieved to find out that she already knew we were swingers and she was absolutely fine with it. From early on we knew that Kia was very smart. She graduated high school at fifteen and decided to study at Uppsala University at the age of sixteen.

My heart filled with dread the day she left for Sweden. Lola seemed much more relaxed.

"Don't worry," Lola said. "She's smart like her mother. She'll be fine!"

"Yeah sure," I replied worriedly. "Look what happened to you! You moved to Stockholm when you were a teen and met me., an old pervert who took advantage of you and knocked you up before you turned nineteen!"

"Oh? Is that what happened?" my wife chuckled. "I remember marrying a wonderful man who has been my best friend and taken very good care of me. I met the love of my life and he has never let me down since!"

"You're right. She'll be absolutely fine," I said sarcastically. "There are hundreds of guys like me out there ... thousands ... millions even!

Always the optimist, Lola slapped my butt playfully and that marked the end of that discussion. Less than a week after Kia left, Lola started to build a sex room in our home and we began hosting our dream parties. Lola was happy. Our friends were happy. I was happy too, but I missed my sweet Kia.

Lola was the kind of woman who became more and more beautiful as she aged. Now, in her early forties she looked lovelier and was in a better shape than ever as she bounced up and down Rocco's stiff pole. She was in a very good mood because our daughter was finally coming home.

I had not seen my daughter in over a year. She was now twenty and was a spitting image of her mother.

I pulled the towel off Lola's head and tussled her damp, golden hair. Panting heavily, she rode Rocco's cock faster and harder. Placing her hands behind my neck, she pulled my face into hers and kissed me passionately.

"Fuck him harder babe," Lola moaned into my mouth. "Do you like his asshole?"

"Yeah!" I grunted.

"Is it nice and tight?"

"Mmm, fuck yeah."

"Then, fuck him harder!" my wife cried. "Empty your hot balls inside his pooper!"

"I will honey."

"Bang that fuck hole with your hot dick, babe!"

"I am!"


"Is this hard enough for you?" I panted as I slammed my cock brutally into Rocco's ass.

"Milk my hubby's dick Rocco," Lola demanded. "Juice his ass fucking dick with your hot ass!"

"Mmm, o...k!" the boy grunted and actually managed to tighten his sphincter despite my ferocious, merciless and fast thrusts.

"I love watching you bang ass!" Lola cried. "It's so fucking hot!"

"And I love watching you ride cock!"

"I love you so fuckin' much," she grunted mewled. "God fuckin' damnit, I'm getting close!"

Lola usually uses filthy language during sex because she knows how much it turns me on. This shouldn't come as a surprise; I'm a man of many -probably too many- fetishes.

"I'm gonna come all over his mother fucking dick," Lola whimpered. "I want you to come with me babe. Let's do it together."

Lola thrashed her head, whipping her hair from side to side as she roared and rode Rocco's dick like a rodeo cowgirl. Her heavy tits swayed back and forth, and bounced up and down. Rocco's head banged against the headboard with each forward thrust of my hips. We all panted, moaned, grunted and growled.

Cock. Ass. Tits. Fuck.

Bang! Slap! Smack! Slam!

Shit, I'm ready to fucking come like a motherfucker.

"I'm ready," I cried, looking into Lola's sizzling eyes. "Tell me when!"

"Hold on babe," she cried. "Hold ... on ... one ... two ... now ... mfm'comiiiiiiing!"

I started to squirt load after load of hot, thick fuck juice deep into Rocco's tight hole. With a half muted screech, Lola collapsed and fell against me. I knew that Rocco was about to come when his asshole started to tighten and squeeze my shaft.

"He's gonna pop!" I warned my wife.

"Tell him not to come inside me," Lola whimpered weakly into my ear.

"Don't come inside her Rocco!" I relayed my wife's request.

"Mmm ... ok!" Rocco moaned.

When my wife started to roll off the boy, I took hold of his shaft. Lola lay on her stomach with her face beside his hip. Facing his cock, she wrapped her well-manicured fingers around his throbbing prick, stroking it fast and hard, then stopped, kissed his piss hole, spat on it, blew on it. Rocco was moaning, writhing, biting his lips. Lola smiled, spat on his cock and continued jacking him off. Quickly, I pulled out of the boy's clinging hole and lay on my stomach on the opposite side of my wife.

"You have a really nice cock Rocco," Lola husked with her mouth almost touching his flushed dick. "Do you know what we're going to do to your pretty cock-a-doodle-doo?"

"Ooooh," the boy sobbed. "Fuckinshityeah!"

"We're going to play with it until it squirts sweet Rocco juice!"

Blue, hot and high on raw lust; Lola's eyes were driving me fucking crazy. She knew that I was watching her every sexy, little move. Looking hotly into my eyes, she opened her sexy mouth and stretched out her gorgeous tongue. A few drops of precum oozed out of Rocco's fluttering piss hole and splashed against Lola's lips when she began slamming her tongue with the boy's throbbing cock head.

"Finger fuck his poopster, Jon," Lola said. "Let's make him come nice and hard."

I quickly shoved three fingers up inside Rocco's abused asshole, pounding back and forth as hard as I could. Sliding her hand all the way down the base of Rocco's cock, Lola wiggled it from side to side. She then started to slap my cheeks and mouth with the boy's beautiful dick.

"Bouncy, bouncy cockatoo!" Lola said with a soft giggle. "I think he's ready to pop. Are you gonna squirt soon, Rocco?"

"Mmmyeah," the hot young man whined.

"Hmm, do you want to come in my mouth," Lola said licking Rocco's shaft, "or do you...hmm...come inside Jon's mouth? Who's the lucky winner of Rocco's sweet juice?"

Rocco grabbed Lola's wrist, humping his crotch up and down, beating his cock into my wife's fist vigorously, twisting and churning his muscular hips, humping his ass up and down. Knowing that he was about to come very soon, I shoved my fingers as far as I could up his asshole. Finally with his ass lifted off the bed, he stopped moving. His thigh muscles flexed, his anus clenched my fingers tightly and he grunted loudly, announcing the frantic arrival of a powerful orgasm.

"Put it in your mouth!" Lola commanded me hotly, her lips almost touching my cheek. "I don't want his goo in my hair."

Right before the first squirt of white cum flew out of his pee hole, I wrapped my mouth around the boy's spasming cock head.

"Coming!" Rocco grunted.

"Don't swallow it all," Lola hissed. "Save some for your wifey."

With my mouth tightly closed around Rocco's squirting prick, I swallowed the first couple of shots of hot cum.

One. Two. Three. Four.

So fucking thick and creamy, Wow!

When the boy finally stopped squirting, I let his cock pop out of my mouth. Lola attacked my mouth with her lips and tongue before even a drop of Rocco's cream had a chance to escape my mouth. We kissed, then swapped and swallowed cum for a few minutes until there was nothing left of Rocco's cream in or around our mouths.

"I love you honey," Lola whispered softly into my ear, her breath hot against my skin.

"I love you too," I whispered back to her.

"Chop-chop baby," my wife chuckled, spanking the black-haired boy's muscular butt cheeks. "Time to go!"

"Uh, ok! Where are my clothes?" the boy asked in a daze.

"You left them by the pool two days ago," Lola replied giggling.

"Have I been here two days?" Rocco asked.

"Three I think!" my wife replied. "Maybe four?"

"Where's my phone?"

"In your pants' pockets?"

"Oh shit!" Rocco exclaimed and hurried out of the bedroom. "Call me?"

"We will honey," my wife said, laughing melodiously. She then turned to me and said, "Breakfast. Shower. Airport. Move your sexy ass!"

After a nice, hot shower, I looked proudly at my reflection in our bedroom's full length mirror. Like my wife, I had a perfect tan. My muscles were hard and well defined. I was in extremely good shape for a fifty-five-year old man and felt wonderfully spry thanks to my sexy, younger wife and our carefree lifestyle.

Distinguished truck driver my ass, I said to my reflection and smiled. Deep down, I really didn't care about the mustache, but I loved teasing Lola.

Lola was slowly puffing on a cigarette as she waited for me outside next to our convertible Beamer. She was wearing a short and very sexy, white sundress. I could easily see her white bra and panties through her dress.

"Is that what you're wearing to the airport?" I asked with genuine concern.

"What's wrong with this?" she said, grinning mischievously.

"I just don't want to get arrested and leave Kia hanging ... that's all!"

"They're going to arrest you for...what, exactly?"

"For punching out whoever tries to detain or arrest you!"

"Oh yeah?" Lola chuckled. "I assume they will arrest me for trying to blow up the airport with my boobs?"

"No!" I replied. "They'll arrest you for being married to an old perv!"

"Come on honey," Lola softly protested. "You know they won't hold me for long. They'll let me off with a warning after they fuck the shit out of me!"

"That's nice, babe," I replied defeated. "Maybe I am really getting too old for you!"

"Not if I can help it," Lola chuckled as she entered the car.

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