Out of Town


Chicago was blustery. Ice puddles dotted the sidwalks. There was a chance of black ice on the roads, but we had come up for the weekend, anyway. This was something we did only on occasion. The anonymity of being in a big city several hours away from home gave us the illusion of safety. Drew and I would pretend to be lovers, freely enjoying occasional bouts of public displays of affection. I wore a wedding band, and he would hold my hand throughout the city. As we walked into a loud restaurant at the edge of downtown, I felt my brother's hand gently stroke its way under my shirt, up my back. I had such giddy excitement that I could only close my eyes and smile. He turned my cheek toward him, and engaged me in a very wet, hot kiss, as we waited for the hostess to find us a table.

"Um, 'scuse me, your table is ready," a shy flower of a girl interrupted. Her apparent discomfort aroused Drew. I smiled merrily. The girl was too cute and innocent for Drew's taste. She looked like a happy puppy. I could tell he was thinking about ways he could shock her. He was more interested in shocking her than fucking her. I let a soft laugh escape me.

"Of course it is," he answered, simply. He decided to be polite. He was in a romantic and empathetic mood.

We went to our table in a corner. We sat on one side of the booth like newlyweds. The stroll we had taken to FAO Schwartz and down to the river was cold and hard in the early February evening. We had stopped along the way to kiss and grope freely in front of dozens of people. This discomfitted people in some cases, but if people had recognized any of very few similarities we shared, they would have truly been shocked. We found that most people didn't notice anything strange. Drew was only happy when he could shock people, and sometimes I thought he came close to calling me "Little Sister" in public. So far, nothing ever went wrong in our travels.

We ordered our sodas and looked at the menu. I was incredibly hungry. We had waken up with sex on our minds, and the long walk we took seemed to be even more strenuous because of the unfulfilled lust. To make it worse, Drew seemed sweeter and more loving than ever before. Maybe I was just noticing it all over again after these months of living together that had passed. We acted married, and our dating of other people seemed like thin facades to us. It was an effort to sleep in separate rooms every other weekend. I often planned to be at work most of those weekends, starting before Julia dropped Brenden off and ending only after she came back for Brenden. I had no ill-will toward her, but I was tired of the lies. Drew had been the first to suggest road trips on the weekends he didn't have to either travel or be with Brenden. He told me, "We can just go somewhere no one knows us and not have to lie about anything." That suggestion had been played out four times. This day in Chicago had been another great moment. It would keep me in anticipation for another road trip, once we returned home again.

"What are you ordering?" Drew asked. He wanted to hear me talk. I smiled at him. It was one of the little things that kept me drawn to him and left every other male looking like a pale, two-dimensional ghost in comparison. He just wanted to hear my voice, and I spoke just for him.

"I want steak. I want a medium rare New York Strip. I want the sauteed carrots and homestyle French fries. I've been thinking about something like that all day. It sounds like something you'd get from home, if-"

"If Mom could cook!"

We both let out an evil laugh. She wasn't a very good cook. We had eaten out most of our lives. Drew was a fabulous cook, and it was only his cooking that saved my waistline. I felt Drew's hand return to the inside of my thigh, after he was done with the menu.

"What are you going to eat?" I, too, wanted to listen to him talk. I loved his voice. I loved the timbre and the masculine energy that filled me when he spoke.

"Shrimp sounds very good. A salad and rolls sound good, too. I had a big steak dinner last night, before we left."

"What was Rebecca like?" I darted my eyes away from him. He had been on a date. It was one of the smoke screen dates. He'd been out with one girl five times before he decided to break it off. Now, he'd met a woman at work that was interested in him. I bottled up the sinking sensation I felt in my chest.

"She was just as I expected. Hollow. They're always bubbly and warm and gentle on the first date. I just seem to pick the innocent and light girls every time. She'll figure out we're not really good for each other in a couple weeks. I'll just be another guy in the office to her, in no time. It would have been the same if I really tried to make a relationship with her. Having you around keeps my eyes clear, though."

"What do you mean by that?" The nagging jealousy wouldn't leave me.

"I mean, I see that most people are concerned with looks, alone, in this world. It takes more than pleasant conversation and perfect make-up to make a good relationship. You've been so much more real to me than any of these women I ever dated. Hell, even Julia seemed to be just as fake as the rest. You've got me wrapped up in you. I can't seem to escape. Everytime I get a glimpse of what I'm missing, I know I'm not missing much."

I wasn't expecting him to say something like that. I had felt that way about him. I assumed he felt that way about me. He never tried to look for a place of his own, and the dates always ended before the women could ever really start wanting more from him.

I finally nodded and let a few of my thoughts seep from me to him. I let him know I felt the same way. I deliberately concentrated on sending the thought: "Men I date are two-dimensional, but you aren't."

"Two-dimensional. That's a great word for the women I date, too," he replied, aloud.

His hand fumbled with my pants, and after a moment, he had his fingers between the zipper sides he slid down. His fingers encountered pubic hair. He smiled and raised one eyebrow briefly. I had cut the hair very short, and waxed the sides to keep it under control. His finger next touched wetness he must not have expected. We scooted ourselves under the table a little, when the waiter came back to take our orders. Drew's fingers didn't budge from the slit he'd found. I casually ordered my meal, and Drew quietly laughed. He made his order, and the waiter rushed off, no doubt to talk about the two of us. I leaned back into the cushioned booth. The sights and loud sounds of the restaurant melted away. I was in pain. Two weeks had passed slowly without a single touch. The anticipation had built to an extreme throughout the day. My body was involuntarily starting to climax as he touched me. His fingers left me, though. I closed the zipper as soon as he was removed from me. I let out a soft cry because of that aroused state in which he'd left me.

"You can't cum, yet. You'll get it later, don't worry. Not here, not without me," he whispered.

I nodded. I was willing to accept that. I really didn't want my first orgasm of the night to be in the restaurant.

We broke off the looks and touches for the remainder of the meal. I was sure the waiter was happy about that. Drew must have been in an absolutely romantic mood, because he paid the bill without suggesting I contribute money to it. We nearly ran out of the restaurant, and down the road to the garage. Drew chased me for a bit, grabbed me, and once again kissed me before we were off the street. His tongue was soft, loving, and he tasted like cinnamon. I loved his taste. I loved his scent. I loved the way he whispered in my ear.

"My sister, my sister, my sister. We were born together for a reason."

"Oh hush, Drew. I'm sure the entire world would beg to differ on that opinion. If there's a god up there somewhere, he certainly wouldn't stick lovers in the same family in this day and age."

"I'm not talking about god. I'm just talking about you and me. Maybe it is just some genetic thing that makes us so perfectly matched, in the end. No one comes close to how I feel with you. No one. And I think being brother and sister was the only way to make sure we two ended up together."

I loved listening to him, I really did, but this thought had crossed his mind once or twice in the past. I had always been able to keep him from lingering on destiny and that sort of nonsense. Neither of us even believed in the usual god that most people were taught to believe in. In all our years of incestuous obsession, I had been on the pill, and the absurdity of the rule of society irritated me to think about. I never intended to have his baby. I was well versed in the reasons behind inbreeding being a bad thing. I had done a lot of study about it in college. I knew that most people thought love and sex always led to children. That was fine for everyone else. I only had one objective in my love of Drew, and children was not it. My objective was to fulfill that empty place in my heart and head that only he seemed made to fill. As I looked at his extremely beautiful face, I wanted to tape his mouth shut. I didn't want to think about destiny and any cruel joke being played on us by making us siblings.

He probably followed my line of thought. He might not have heard every word, but the impression must have been branded on his mind. He frowned at me and led me to the car.

We got back to our hotel. Every moment closer to the room was becoming too painful to bear. My pussy positively throbbed, as he closed the door to our second floor room. He turned his perfect, dark blue eyes back to me. In the flash of a second I was blind to the rest of the world, and immediately under his power. He knew it, and his expression intensified. I watched him as he moved around things in the room. He pushed an overstuffed chair near the window. He turned on the overhead light. He went to the window and opened the curtains. I shuddered.

He came over to me, and he led me to the chair. I stood still as he stripped me in front of the big rectangle of glass. There were people out there. I knew they were there. I could feel them look up in embarassment for me. I was stung by a shock of exposure I wasn't used to. He turned me to face the glass. We looked at our reflections on the dark glass. There were lights off in the distance, but nothing lit the parking lot in back of the hotel. We couldn't see anyone, but they certainly could see us. Me, especially. My heart leaped into my throat as he put a blindfold over my eyes.

I could hear his thoughts. He was telling me that he wanted me to forget about the window. He wanted me to feel totally exposed and imagine there was a crowd just standing below the window to watch us. My knees were weakened. He stood behind me, and I knew I was still naked in the window. His knees came up between my thighs. He spread me open wide to the world. I imagined plenty of eyes all peering up at me. I imagined them enthralled by the display. I imagined some were hurrying past in disgust. I felt these imaginary eyes on me. Heat filled my chest, my neck, and my face. My brother's fingers came around me to lift my breasts, as if weighing them in his hands. He lightly pinched at the nipples. I sucked in my breath. I could tell he was only using his forefinger and thumb to keep as much of my breasts exposed as possible.

His fingers trailed slowly down to my pussy. He opened my labia, and I felt cool air circulate around my clit. He sank two fingers lower and exposed my inner lips and the hole to the world. He turned me around, and bent me forward, to the chair. My arms were to remain straight, and he turned my ass to the window. He crawled down under my belly, and his tongue caressed my pussy softly. His hands reached around and pulled my cheeks apart. He wanted to expose my anus to the world, too. Then he plunged a finger into my pussy several times. I felt the intermingled pain and pleasure in my belly, my entire sex, and in my weakening knees. The finger moved from my pussy to my asshole. He held the flesh open, and pushed his finger into me deeply. One of his hands left my ass, and moved up to my breasts. He caressed the soft flesh that hung down like pendulums, as his mouth worked expertly on my pussy. I could no longer hold myself back. A small orgasm broke over my flesh. I thought I would fall to the floor as the spasms took hold of me. Drew grabbed me as I swooned, though. The position had not allowed me a full release. I wanted even more after the first orgasm ended quickly.

My brother's naked body soon directed me to lean back over the chair. He spread my legs, and stood there, swirling his cock around my pussy and my anus, until it found its way inside my pussy. My body felt him nearing the edge of a quick orgasm of his own. He lost control and warmth spilled into me. He fell over on me. We laid in an upside down spoon position for a moment or two.

He whispered, "I'm not ashamed of you. I want you to be sure about that. I just showed to the world how I feel about you, in a very tangible way. What I feel goes much further than that, but this is a message anyone who was passing by would understand."

He took off the blindfold. He stood up and shut the curtains. He was soon ready for another round. I thought I would die without it. He sat me in the chair. He pulled my hips to the very edge. He stood before me, and smiled the evilly delicious smile. He pushed my legs apart, and his cock filled me quickly. I strained my muscles, and tightened my pussy around him. He groaned loudly.

"Oh god, that's delicious. Whatever it is you're doing, it feels just like that first time." His eyes wouldn't leave mine.

I curled my back and pressed myself up to force him into me deeper and harder. He hit the right spot, over and over. My mind and my body were completely attuned to his. The waves of our climax broke and we both let out something very like a scream and yet more like a whine. I thought my body would float on the waves of the orgasm all night long. Finally, it subsided, though. His thrusts relaxed and finally he pulled out of me. We headed for the bed, and curled up together, entwinded like thorny vines. His hands continued to caress me and I stroked his thigh behind me.

"I love you, Alexandra. You're my only love, my sister. You are the only one who makes me feel like this. You are mine. Promise me, now, no one else will ever have you."

"There is no one else I want. No one."

I hushed him after this, by turning toward him and kissing him. We slept for an hour or two, then woke and ordered chocolate mousse to be sent up. I didn't want to get in the car and go home. I wanted this feeling of honeymooning to last forever. I didn't want to go back to pretending he was just my poor, big brother who couldn't get his life together after his divorce. I didn't want to keep up the lies. I had to keep them up, though. I never wanted to lose him, and if the only way I could have him was in secrecy, I was willing to douse my hunger for more over and over to keep him just as he was.

We did get into the car again, though. We went back home, and no one was the wiser for all of our exhibitionism and public affection. We had our separate lives, but we also remained closer than brother and sister were supposed to in our world. I hated the rest of the world for its ignorance. I ignored the world as much as possible. I waited in silent misery for the moments when his words would be for me, and his body would respond to me. Anytime it faded, there would be more powerful desire to follow on the heels of the lull. The cycle never ended. It was more intense, and the secret remained in tact because of the intensity.

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