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Out Of Town On Business


It's a rainy night very much like tonight. It gets dark so early these days now. The clocks having been moved back, night comes so much earlier. So dark. So rainy. A slight fall chill in the air.

The phone rings suddenly rings, it's the buzzer downstairs. The voice on the other end coming through the tinny box says; "Delivery!" You're perplexed since you weren't expecting anything. Instead of buzzing them up you decide to go downstairs. Upon your arrival in the lobby you find no one there, just a bouquet of flowers & a big box! You're very perplexed! No name. No nothing. No label. No shipping receipt. Nothing saying where it came from. Just flowers & big box!

You return upstairs with your mysterious package. You walk into your condo placing the box on the dining room table, anxiously opening it. Who is it from? Who brought it? Your mind races. You say to yourself; "Marc is away on business? It couldn't have been him!" "Flowers? Perhaps it is from Marc?"

You quickly open up the box. Inside is a blindfold, long restraints with padded cuffs attached at each end. You pull the items out of the box looking for a note of some kind!

"Who is this from? Who sent this? It couldn't be Marc! It's WAY too early for such things! Besides, he's away for the next week! He just left yesterday & I talked to him at the hotel he's staying at just last night!"

You grab the items and walk down the hall towards your bedroom; your mind wondering who it is that sent you these things!

As you enter your bedroom, all of a sudden, from behind you, an arm reaches around your waist and another covering your mouth. You let out a muffled scream that barely escapes from the man's gloved hand. He firmly pulls you towards him whispering in your ear; "Don't scream! Don't try to get away! No one will hear you! Nothing will happen to you if you just do exactly what I say!"

Your mind races! Your heart pounds rapidly! "Who is this!" you say to yourself. "This can't be Marc! He's away! It doesn't sound like Marc! He wouldn't do this to me! He never, ever would do such a thing!" Your mind & heart runs wilder & wilder as you now begin to think to yourself what is happening here! This couldn't be happening!

"Shish Sabrina! Don't struggle! Just do as I say and everything will be okay! I'm a friend of Marc's! He sent me to keep you company while he was away! Everything will be okay as long as you do what I say!"

The man grabs your hands and pulls them behind your back as he pushes you up against the wall, pinning you to it with all his weight. You feel him kneel down to pick up the items you dropped on the floor when you were suddenly surprised. He slides the blindfold over your eyes, securing it taught around your head. Total darkness. All light disappears. He takes. One of the restraints and fastens it around each of your wrists and then binding your wrists together behind your back.

The man reaches under your sweatshirt and firmly grabs your breast with one hand, roughly tweaking your nipple between his thumb & forefinger. His other hand slides into your track pants traveling down to your pelvis & pubic area. His fingers begin to explore. You begin to struggle and writhe. "Who is this man? Who the fuck is this? Marc wouldn't do this to me! This can't be happening!"

"No excited yet Sabrina? You're not getting wet yet! Marc said this might happen! Luckily he told me what drives you crazy! Guess I'll just have to do what he told me you like!"

All of a sudden, the man drops to his knees, pulling your bottoms down to your ankles & proceeds to remove them. He nudges your feet spreading your legs shoulder width apart. You're not sure what's happening but you're obeying his instruction & not struggling. You're letting the unknown man do what he wants. To do what he's been instructed to do.

Almost shockingly your feel the man's hands grab your behind as he pulls your cheeks apart & roughly darts his tongue into your little puckered bum hole! "Oh My God!" you sigh out loud! Is it shock? Is it appall? Is it excitement? The man's tongue aggressively works its way into your little ass while one hand moves up your inner thigh & his fingers begin to explore your little pussy!

"That's a girl!" you hear the man say. "That's a girl Sabrina! Now you're getting a little excited! Marc said you liked having your little ass played with! Now I can feel you getting wet! That's a girl!"

You can't believe it. You're shocked. You're embarrassed. Is this really happening? You can't be getting excited but you are. You can't believe that you like the feeling of this man's tongue - This man's fingers - on your body - inside you - This can't really be happening!

You begin to get more & more aroused. The man's tongue darting deeper & deeper into your little bum. His fingers exploring your G-spot & rubbing your clitoris. You can't help yourself as you let out a groan. You don't want to be enjoying this but you can't help yourself! Your body begins to twist & writhe as the man's tongue & fingers begin to work faster and more aggressively!

You feel your orgasm building. "I can't! I can't do this! You're gonna make me cum! No! No! No! I can't do this! Please stop! You're gonna make me cum! I can't! You can't! Please don't make me cum!"

The man gets to his feet. He pushes himself against your body. You can feel his hardness against you. You feel his erection pressing into you. His left hand reaches under your sweatshirt grabbing your breast firmly as his fingers thrust in & out of your tight, little, wet pussy & ass! He whispers in your ear; "Cum for me Sabrina! Marc wants you to cum! He wants you to cum Sabrina! Cum for Marc Sabrina!"

You can't stand it anymore! You orgasm madly. Your body bucks, convulses, twists, turns, writhes and spasms wildly! You're gushing as wetness drips down your legs covering the floor & drenching your feet!

"That's a girl! Well done Sabrina! That's a good girl! Marc would be proud! Well done Sabrina! That's a girl!"

You can't believe what just happened! You're still in shock & amazement & slightly ashamed as the man begins to unfasten your wrists from behind your back. Still blindfolded, he guides you to your bed. He gently lays you down in the middle as you feel him tie your arms to the corners.

Your pussy still aches from what just happened as you feel the man straddle your chest. His knees astride your body, you feel his fingers begin to run along your lips. Gently tracing them. Slightly pulling at them. Pulling them apart ever so gently. "Open your mouth Sabrina! Open your mouth for me Sabrina!

You now recognize the voice. At least you think you do. "Marc? Marc? Is that you Marc?" Your voice trembling, hoping, wishing. You begin to feel at ease as you hope this has been Marc all the time.

"Open your mouth Sabrina!" You obey the man's command as you feel more and more assured that it is indeed Marc. Your tongue blindly reaches out for the man's cock that is just inches away from your mouth. You can sense it. You want it now. Whether it is Marc's or not you want it. You want it in your mouth. You want to taste it. You want to tease it. You want to engulf it. You want every inch of it in your mouth. All of a sudden you want it deep down your throat.

The man complies. He thrusts his hard cock into your awaiting mouth as he firmly grabs your head from behind. The man is relentless. So hard. So erect. You can taste pre-cum escaping from the tip. "Is This Marc?" you find yourself thinking! "I dunno? This doesn't feel like Marc? This doesn't taste like Marc? Is it? Is this Marc?"

You don't have much time to think about it all as the man thrusts aggressively, almost violently into your mouth! Pumping! Thrusting! Faster & faster! He suddenly pulls his length from your saliva soaked mouth & cheeks as your hear him grunt & groan and explode all over you! He orgasms over your face, lips, neck & chest! Coating you with gobs of hot, sticky liquid! So hot! So sticky! So salty! So gooey!

The man collapses & falls to the side of the bed. You feel him quickly gather himself & stand up from the bed. You hear footsteps walk out of your bedroom and down the hall. His footsteps quicken and fade away as you hear the door slam & close in the distance.

You're still tied to the bed. Unable to escape. Still blindfolded. All of a sudden you hear soft footsteps from the corner approach. You sense someone near you. You feel the person unfasten the restraints from the corner of the bed. With your hands free, you lift up your blindfold to see me standing there!

"How'd you like that Sabrina? Did you enjoy yourself? It certainly appeared that you liked that Sabrina?"

Your mind begins to race again "Was it? Was that Marc all the time? Was it him? Or was he just watching? What just happened there?"

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