tagFetishOut with Aunt Jo Ch. 01

Out with Aunt Jo Ch. 01



I stiffened immediately.

The credits were just rolling on the zombie flick we'd been watching. I patted her calf to get her feet off my lap, and told her I had to pee. She slid her bare foot up to my crotch and pressed in, replying in her seductive and stern voice. She knows how to get my attention. She wiggled her toes under my balls, then rocked her foot back and ground her heel into the right side of my bladder. I grunted a little.

"Get up." She ordered. "Help me up, Jimmy."

Jimmy was good. She called me Jimmy when she feeling nurturing.

"Of course, Aunt Jo."

I lifted her feet and slid out from under them. I lowered them to the floor then helped her put her arm over my shoulders as she sat up then helped her to her feet. She kissed me teasingly and raised her knee to rub into my groin. She reached round and grabbed my ass.

"Good boy, Jimmy." She pulled the bandannas from my back pocket and gently pushed me back a few steps. I waited as she folded one into a blindfold and tied it over my eyes. A moment later she coaxed my mouth open and gagged me with the other. It felt like it had a pretty good knot in it, it forced my jaw open a bit.

"Sorry there's no panties to stuff in your mouth, Jimmy. " She whispered in my ear. "I haven't been wearing any. I'm sure you noticed. I know you were peeking, you dirty boy. She pulled my T-shirt up over my head and tied it off with my arms raised up over my head, unbuttoned my jeans and yanked them down to my ankles. She grabbed my balls through my shorts and gave them a squeeze.

"Wait here, precious." She said, giving my balls a healthy tug. She left the room. It was stuffy and hot breathing in the shirt. It had been warm in the room all afternoon. We'd been drinking beer and iced tea to beat the heat, but I was still a bit sweaty from the sitting. The breeze from the open window on my back and legs raised goose bumps.

That feeling passed after a bit, and I returned my focus to my bladder. I had to piss. It wasn't urgent yet, but it would be. We'd drank a lot, Jo had got up to refill our glasses a couple times, and told me to sit and relax when she did so. Subtle, but it kept me in my seat and out of the bathroom. She'd been planning

She came back into the room. I could hear her stop and set something down. A moment later, she's untying the knot in my shirt and pulling it off the rest of the way. The air felt good, and I noticed my hair had got a bit sweaty.

"Take off your clothes, Jimmy." She ordered. "Aunt Jo has found something else for you to wear."

I nodded and grunted an affirmative. I kicked off one shoe, and peeled out of the sock as I pulled my foot out of my pants leg. Then the other foot. I stood back up.

"And the shorts. Don't be shy, Jimmy. If you're gonna peek at me, I'm gonna look right back at you."

I think I blushed as I dropped my shorts and kicked them off. My face felt hot again, and my neck. I felt her finger tips trace down my chest and stomach.

"Oh, you have a nice thick cock, Jimmy." She said, chuckling low. "I bet you're real proud of that. It's so pretty. I just have to kiss it."

She lowered herself, and I felt her breath on me, then her lips on the ridge on the underside. They were soft and wet and slid over the top, taking the tip into her mouth. She moaned and everything vibrated and the tip of her tongue teased at the piss slit. My hands reached for her, fingers twining in her hair. She pulled away, grabbing my wrists, and guiding my hands to her shoulders.

"Oh, Jimmy." Sh giggled. "Don't be grabby. Just be a good boy, and do what Aunt Jo tells you. Lift your foot."

I balanced on one foot, leaning on her shoulders for balance. She slipped my foot through something, had me switch feet, and the slid it up my legs to my waist. It was clingy, elastic, and kind of draped over my thighs in front but didn't run through my legs or have any back to it.

"I'll do that up in a minute. Let me get your shoes on, while I'm down here. Gimmie your left."

I lifted my left foot again and she worked my foot into something unfamiliar. Some kind of sandal, with straps tightening over my foot, around my ankle, and mid calf, and again under the knee. Again she had me switch feet, to do the other one. The sandals had a heel, not an insignificant one, and I had to bend over a bit more to keep my hands on her shoulders. She got the other shoe on me quickly set my foot down in a pretty wide stance. She shifted back and stood up

"Oh, you're so big, Jimmy." She said, chuckling. "Just look at you, doll. Now put your hands on your knees. Hold that while I finish dressing you."

I had to bend my knees a little to stand still, and stick my ass out. I could feel her walk around behind me, gliding her fingers over my thigh around to my ass, giving it a squeeze. Her finger tips toyed with my pucker, circling and pushing and rubbing. Then she pulled away and I heard her sniff.

"Oh, you smell so good. I just love the smell of your ass. It's intoxicating."

I felt her hands up around my neck, and she fastened a collar. Thick and padded, leather by the smell of it. She buckled it tight, letting more drape down my back as she did so. Whatever that was, was lighter, and she reached through my arms to fasten it up front, around my rib cage and to connect it to the collar in front as well. She ground her pelvis against my ass while she did so. When she had it in place, her hands slid under the fabric to my nipples and she pinched them, panting a little in my ear

"Oh, you are being so good, honey. Now be still while I finish the bottoms."

Her hands slid down my sides and she reached under and took hold of my cock and balls. I was still semi stiff, and hardened again at her touch. She had to wrestle a bit to manipulate them through a loop of some kind, that she then tightened. The tails of that she pulled through my legs, and fastened to the belt in the back on either hip. More fabric draped over my ass. It felt as light as what was draping my mostly erect cock.

"Oh, Jimmy." She teased, as she slid down to her knees. "Be a good boy now and don't move. You're so cute, I just gotta eat you up."

She knelt behind me. I felt her lifting the material out of the way. I felt her breath, moist and warm, then her face pressed up against me. Her hot slick tongue darted around, licking. I felt the tip press up against my hole. I moaned, and relaxed as well as I could, let her tongue take me, penetrate me.

"Oh, honey." She moaned, pushing away. "I could just do that, and rub myself off of days. But not tonight, Jimmy. Now stand up straight, and turn around. Good, give me your hands."

I held my arms out. She strapped cuffs on me that must have matched the sandals. Straps went around the wrist, and the forearm, and up under the elbow. She put my hands back on my knees, and locked something in place.

"OK, Jimmy. Time to go."

She hooked something to my collar and gave it a tug. I took a faltering step, then another. She tugged a bit to the left and I turned that way. She led and I followed. I was disoriented, and awkward in the heeled shoes and restraints. I didn't know we were at the front door until she opened it. I squealed a little and pulled back.

"James." She scolded. " Do not get obstinate. I will not tolerate that."

I nodded and walked, letting her guide me over the threshold, and down the steps. It wasn't good when she called me James. Jim was fine, Jim was normal. Jimmy was good, playful and fun. James was strict and a bit cold. James was not fun. But it was better than when she used my middle name.

She led me to the car and opened the door. She ducked in front of me and rustled around for a minute. Then she straightened up, came around behind me and nudged me into the lee of the car door. I heard a click.

"One second, Jimmy." She murmured. "We're kinda blocked off here. I got one last thing."

Cold slick fingers rubbed up on my asshole, and then slid inside. She squirmed then around some and then finger banged me for a minute. She pulled them out and quickly relpalced it with something bigger, and firmer. She pushed it up a little.

"OK, Jimmy. Be a good boy. Come back on it."

I whimpered a little, but I pushed back against her, squatting down a little more until I couldn't take it and backed off. Then tried again. And again.

"That's right Jimmy. Fuck yourself right here in the driveway. Push down and take it."

I rocked some more. It was splitting me open and the tip pressed up into my bladder at one point. Or my prostate. I couldn't tell. The sensation was similar to both almost pissing and almost cumming. I grunted and moaned.

"Take it Jimmy, take it for your Aunt Jo. We're not going anywhere until you get this whole plug in your delicious little ass. Now open up that hungry fuck hole and swallow this thing."

I pushed back again and felt myself open. The plug slid in me, and my asshole closed around it. Jo worked it around a bit while the walls of my anal canal formed themselves to accommodate the intruder.

"Good, now turn and sit." She guided me into the car. The moment I sat, the plug jammed up in me and hit that spot again. I squirmed, and got it to shift just in time. Pissing myself in Aunt Jo's car is a sure way to get her to pull out the middle name, and the punishments that come along with it. She'd set that situation up before. So had I. When she was Jo Beth, she was particularly inclined to wet herself in front of Mr. Jim.

She opened the drivers door and climbed in. She leaned over me, first arranging the fabric over my cock, and giving it some assertive handling in the process, then buckling me into the seat belt.

"We're going to go for a bit of a ride, Jimmy." Aunt Jo said. "We have a couple stops to make. I hope you're up for it."

I nodded and grunted an affirmative. I love a woman with a plan.

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