tagFetishOut with Aunt Jo Ch. 02

Out with Aunt Jo Ch. 02


The ride was short, which was good. I was belted in, but I couldn't brace myself, and I didn't see the turns coming. so I rocked about a bit. It kept me pretty attentive to the fat plug stuffed in my ass. And every time it moved against my bladder, I got even more attentive. I was kegeling down a lot, and that just sucked the plug deeper into my ass, and made my cock throb and bounce.

"Now, when we get there, Jimmy," Aunt Jo said, "I'm going to have to ask you to wait in the car for a minute. Can you do that for me?"

I nodded in her directions.

"That's good. It's warm out today, so I will leave the window open for you. And maybe the radio on."

She fiddled around with the radio, and the music came on low. Zeppelin, "When the Levee Breaks". I settled back in my seat as best I could and tried to relax. She drove for a few more minutes, slowed and then stopped.

"Ok, we're here," she said. I heard the windows go down and a warm breeze came through the car. I smelled cut grass. The Cult's "Rain" came on. The plug was jamming into my prostate, and my cock had worked its way out from under the fabric. It was twitching in the air.

"Look at you, Jimmy. Bad boy."

Jo took my cock in hand and caressed it. I sifted in my seat again, trying to ease the plug off a little, and thrust into her hand a little. She laughed, and pulled her hand away. Then she slapped it on the top, once, sharp.

"Behave," she said, covering me back up. Then her hands were at my face, easing the gag out of my mouth and under my chin.

"Shhh," she said, "don't talk. Just sit here quiet and wait. Oh, and drink this, I don't want you to get thirsty."

I heard her open a can, then it was at my lips. One hand was in my hair, tipping my head back a little, and she lifted the can. Diet coke. I swallowed and swallowed. Maybe half the can, before she let me stop.

"OK, good. Wait here, I'll be back for you."

She got out of the car and shut the door. I listened to her walk away. I heard her steps on sidewalk maybe, then nothing. The Cult ended and The Doors "Riders on the Storm" began. Rain sounds. Jo was feeling a bit cruel, it seemed. I squirmed and held my knees together as best as I could. I belched out Diet Coke, and waited.

The song ended and then it was just the noise of a waterfall. I got a cramp and my ass tensed, sucking the plug in hard. I moaned.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck." I whimpered through clenched teeth.

"I told you to be quiet," Jo said in my ear. "I told you I'd be back. Are you having trouble?"

I nodded

"Oh, you can tell your Aunt Jo," she said, suppressing a low chuckle. "I just want to take care of you. Make sure you get what you need, Jimmy. What's your trouble?"

"I have to pee, Aunt Jo. I gotta go, real bad."

"Have to piss, huh?" she said. "We we should let you take care of that. Come on."

She opened the door and leaned in. She put one hand in my lap and leaned on me to undo my seat belt. I moaned at the pressure and she laughed.

"Don't piss yourself in my car, Jimmy." she said, stern. "If you can't be a man and control yourself, then you're just an animal, and I will treat you like one. Now get up, I got something that will help."

I turned and put my feet out. I leaned and she grabbed my collar and pulled me up. Her hands were on my cock and she was looping something round my balls and then my cock and tying tight.

"There. That'll help you out until we get you somewhere you can take care of that. Follow me."

I felt a tug on the rope, pulling on my cock and I followed. We walked over some grass. We went to the right, then turned left a couple times, entered a shady area and stopped. Jo began untying my cock. The stimulation was intense, I whimper/moaned a bit.

"Oh yeah, Jimmy. This is supposed to feel good. " she said. "Doesn't this look like it feels good, Betty Anne?"

"Yes, Miss Jo." a soft voice muttered. I didn't recognize the voice, or the name. That wasn't surprising, Jo plays these name games a lot. Helps her organize her thoughts. Highlight particular facets of her relationships. But whoever they were, they were watching me in this outfit, having my cock stroked by their 'Miss Jo'. I never called her that.

"Enough of that, Jimmy." she said, pulling her fist away. "Don't want to get ahead of ourselves. Now turn around."

I turned until she stopped me.

"He looks good from the back, too." Jo said "Don't you think?"

"Yes, Miss Jo."

"Being bound up like this makes him kind push his ass out at you." she continued. "Makes me want to push my face up in there. But not just now. Now look closely Betty Anne."

Jo rolled up the fabric draping over my ass, and tucked it up at the waist. She grabbed the plug and began moving it, twisting, tugging it and rocking it back and forth. She reached in and grabbed my balls with her other hand, squeezing and pulling in tandem

"C'mon, Jimmy." she murmured in my ear. "Let it go for your Aunt Jo. Show Betty Anne just how easy you are.."

Jo began really tugging it out, working in and out. I relaxed and pushed a bit, and the fat end popped out, and back in and out and in. Jo ground it deep into me, then pulled it all the way out. I whimpered. Jo Kept tugging on my balls

"How is that, Betty Anne? Did you like it?"

"Yes, Miss Jo."

"You ever had anything as big as that in your ass, Betty Anne?" Jo turned me back around, guiding me by her grip on my package.

"Yes, Miss Jo. Bigger"

"Bigger even. Why Is that?"

"Because I am a whore, Miss Jo."

"Yes, you are." she said, as she tucked up the fabric draping my cock. "You're a great filthy whore."

With a flourish, Jo tore off my blindfold. Everything was very bright and my eyes had to adjust. I figure was kneeling before me, back arched. Arms stretched, tied to a crossbar. Full long dirty blonde hair framing the upturned face of Jo's friend Liz.

I knew they screwed around, I came home early from work once and walked in on some scene, Jo tied, bent over the couch, Liz in something shiny and revealing. She screeched and ducked into the hallway while Jo ordered me out of the house for another two hours. I came back to Jo still tied, and a note from Liz taped to her ass. They seemingly have a multifaceted relationship as well.

And here she was tied naked in front of me. Her face was inches from my cock. Her eyes darted up and down, Looking me in the face, looking at my cock. A familiar mix of emotions showed in her wide eyes, slightly parted lips, a somewhat animate tongue. She was breathing heavy, and It made her smallish tits move a lot. Made me notice the clothespins pinching each nipple. Jo was feeling a bit cruel, apparently.

"Tell us, Betty Anne, " Jo said, "What have you had in your ass bigger than this plug?

Jo let go of my cock, and walked around behind Liz, I mean Betty Anne. Jo dropped to her knees and started working the plug into Betty Anne's ass.

"Oh, I think I've had a couple cocks bigger than that, Miss Jo. " she said, panting. "And your hand, and that speculum you used on me. A few other toys."

The plug went in surprisingly easily, Betty Anne giving one sharp inhale. Jo wrenched it around, a bit of a cruel twist coming to her lips as she did so. Betty Anne winced and hitched her breath. The clothespins bounced.

"You know why I brought Jimmy over to see you like this, Betty Anne?"

Jo got up and walked around behind me. She pressed against my back, embracing me. Her hands went to my chest, fingers seeking out my nipples.

"No, Miss Jo."

"I wanted him to know just how much of a whore you are, Betty Anne. I wanted him to know just how to treat you."

Betty Jo hung her head a little, whimpering. She knew what that meant as well as I did. This was not the last time I was going to see her like this. Jo dropped her right hand, and gently slid her thumb up into my ass. She found my prostate and started working it. My cock stiffened and quickly began oozing.

Jo grabbed Betty Anne by the hair and pulled her toward me, rubbing her face over my cock. Soon enough her mouth found me and Jo's thumb started rubbing harder.Betty Anne moaned and I felt that in my cock as I drained onto her tongue.

"You like that?" Jo asked. " You like swallowing what comes out of his cock?"

Betty Anne nodded, bobbing her head on my cock, sucking hard and swallowing. Jo pulled her head back by the hair, let go and slapped her.

"Whore. I know you like it." Jo snarled a bit, caught up in the moment. She pulled her thumb from my ass and walked behind Betty Anne, dropped to her knees and pressed against her back. Jo grabbed Betty Anne by the hair again and forced her head back. Betty Anne cried out.

"I brought Jimmy here because he needs something." Jo said, "Be a good girl and ask him what he needs."

"What do you need, Mr. Jimmy, sir?" Betty Anne asked, looking right into my eyes. "What can I do for you?"

I knew how to answer, I knew what was expected of me. I took a moment to remember the language choices Jo used

"I have to piss, Betty Anne. Do you have somewhere I can take care of that?"

Betty Anne stared at me, maybe a little through me. Her breathing got more shallow and her body tensed and relaxed. I could hear little vocalizations of her breath, panting out in tiny ha's. Jo shook her by the hair.

"Where can Jimmy piss, whore?"

"He can piss on me, Miss Jo." Betty Anne said. "Oh God, if that's what you want, he can piss on me."

"Don't tell me." Jo said. "Tell him. No, ask him."

Betty Anne whined and squirmed as much as she could. She dropped her eyes casting her gaze down, eyes darting again and again to my cock. My urgency was unbearable, forefront in my mind once again. Betty Anne's squirming was contagious, and I began twisting in sympathy. She could tell how desperate I was, I could see it in her face. She looked up at me, wide pupils in hooded eyes, lips parted and quivering.

"Would you like to piss on me, Mr Jimmy?" she asked, "You can use me, however you like."

My cock was throbbing and twitching, stiffened from the pressure on my bladder and raw lust. I felt a spasm in my bladder and had to suck in breath. Betty Anne gasped in anticipation.

"Ask nicer, Whore." Jo growled, shaking Betty Anne by the hair. "You have to beg for it."

"Oh please. " Betty Anne begged, "Please give it to me. I'm so dirty, I need you to shower me. I need to feel your hot wet soaking my hair and dripping down my tits. I need to taste you, drink you in. I need you to mark me like a dog. Piss on me like you own me. Please."

I glanced at Jo, and she gave me the nod.

"Do it, Jimmy."

I relaxed and let go. With my hands still locked to my knees, I had no aim. My first squirt missed Betty Anne completely, spattering down on Jo's neck and back. Betty Anne whimpered, and Jo hissed. A second spurt rained down into Betty Anne's hair, then my stream steadied and I began spraying her chest..

Jo let go of Betty Anne's hair, and reached around to her breasts. The clothes pins were pulled off and Betty Anne screamed a little as Jo rubbed my piss into her tits. I tilted my hips up a little and raised the stream to her face.

Betty Anne opened her mouth wide and moved to catch my stream. I filled her mouth quickly and it ran down her chin. She swallowed ,ducking her head and taking my flow in her hair briefly, before coming back to drink more.

She swallowed, again, and again, then let her mouth hang open and let the rest of my flow run down her neck. Jo kept her hands moving, rubbing my piss all over Betty Anne's body, rubbing it into her neck, and armpits, and belly, and down into her pubic mound. Jo left her hand there, rubbing, getting her off.

My flow slowed and Betty Anne leaned forward, taking me in her mouth. She drank and sucked until I was too hard to piss any more. She moaned and sucked greedily, bobbing her head, staring up at me with wide gracious eyes. It didn't take me long to come, or apparently her right after. As I erupted into her mouth, I felt her stiffen and buck. Jo grabbed her head and pulled her face away so my next spurt splashed her cheek and forehead, and the next across her dripping breasts.

Jo got up and stepped between us, leaning her back against me. Grabbing Betty Anne's piss soaked hair, she pulled Betty Anne's face under her skirt. She held onto my arm with her free hand, and squeezed through her build up and orgasm.

Afterward, Jo pushed Betty Anne away with her foot. Betty Anne fell back on her bare ass, then laid back, arms splayed to the crossbar, knees up and spread. I could see the tail of the plug nestled just under her glistening slit. I could see a few golden drops on her small tuft of hair, and her lips were pink and puffy.

Jo stood and turned, suddenly kissing me, hard. Reclaiming me, reclaiming us. Her hands were running through my hair, stroking my back, teasing my nipples. Then she pulled away, and the blindfold was back over my eyes. And the gag was back in my mouth.

"Wait here, Jimmy." she whispered in my ear. "I gotta piss now, then we'll go."

I heard her step off, and a rustle of something. A faint whispered plea and then the hiss and splash. That was soon eclipsed by Betty Anne's gasping and choking.

"Good whore, Betty Anne." Jo murmured as she finished. "We'll see you later."

Then she was at my side again, adjusting the fabric at my waist, covering me up again. Then she took me by the wrist and let me away.

"Thank you Miss Jo." Betty Anne called after us. "Thank you Mr Jimmy."

"You're welcome, Betty Anne." Jo replied. I grunted.

Jo took me back to the car, and helped me back into the passenger seat. She belted me in, then climbed behind the wheel and we took off.

"You doin ok, Jimmy." she asked.

I grunted an affirmative.

"Good." she laughed. "Don't want you falling out, yet. We've got stuff to do"

She turned on the radio. T. Rex. 'Get it on'

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