tagGroup SexOut With The Old, In...

Out With The Old, In...


Out With The Old, In With The New

"Cass?" he timidly inquired over the phone.

"What's wrong?"

"Now don't be mad Cass but I've been called away on business."

"This business can't wait until tomorrow?"

"No it can't hon. I know we had planned to spend New Year's Eve together but you know you'll be there in my heart," he continued with his charade.

"I know business is business but they're taking your lips from mine on New Year's Eve," she returned unsympathetically.

"My hands are tied Baby."

"I know," her doorbell rang." Listen somebody's at my door. I'll miss you."

"Me too. I love you," he returned as he hung up the phone before her love was returned.

She opened the door." Does he know?"

"No and he'd better not find out either," she pulled his lips to hers; hungrily devouring him.

"He won't," his dazzling green eyes shone.

"Does she know?" Meg grabbed him and pulled him toward her body.

"No and she won't find out if you don't tell her either."

"Good boy," she devoured him.

Later in the evening......

"The music's great here," Cassie asessed.

"I thought you'd like it here," Kevin responded to her as they returned to their table.

"You really have to know somebody around here to get a table dont'cha?" she inquired.

"This is an exclusive. Speaking of which, do you miss him?"

"Who?" she smiled.

"Remember you turn into a pumpkin at midnight."

"Yea but at least there's somebody to kiss at midnight."

"I can't argue with that."

"Listen, I'm gonna go "powder my nose" as they say," she lightly pecked him on the cheek and bounced off.

"I forgot how well you could dance," Meg set at the edge of the seat of their booth.

"Not as well as you could though."

"You always know the sweetest things to say. How did you get in here anyway?

Who do you know?"

"I'm a member."

"I see. Well listen Mr. Big Shot, I'll be back in a few okay?" she lightly tripped her finger off the tip of his nose and kissed his cheek as she made her way through the crowd.

She was sifting through her purse when she looked up to find a familiar face." Cas?"


"Oh My G*d! How are you?"

"I should ask the same thing of you. What are you doing here?"

"Well my date for New Year's fizzled out on me."

"You too?"

"Hey. Didn't you just start seeing Howie?"

"You been seeing Kevin for awhile now haven't you?"

"Now wouldn't it just be a hoot if we were here with each other's dates?"

"And I think we are."

"Do you wanna fuck with 'em? I mean after all, they played us and we live in the same household."

"What'd you have in mind?"

"Say we go back to our separate tables and then you mention an old friend invited you to sit with her and her date and we can screw with them from there."

"You are bad but I like it. Did we have the same new year's plan of out with the old and in with the new?"

"Think so. No wonder they try to separate us at every corner. I think we should call a cab if this doesn't work and spend the evening together. At least we'll have each other if nothing else. Who knows, maybe we can treat the boys to a little show. I'm sure they'd love it."

"Ya think? Here goes," she closed her purse and returned to her table." Hey Kev."


"I met an old friend in the ladies room and she invited us to sit with her and her date. You wouldn't mind would you?"

"If it makes you happy, no I don't mind."


"They should be on their way over. She said he wouldn't need much convincing," Meg told Howie as they awaited their arrival.

"This is somebody you went to school with?" he inquired.

"You could say that."

Howie's eyes widened in horror at the sight of Cassie as did Kevin's at the sight of Meg." Cassie!"she bounced from her spot in the booth and wrapped her arms around her.

"It is so good to see you. Introduce me to your friend. He's very handsome," Cassie replied cooly

"Howie Dorough, this is Cassie Petersen and while we're at it, why don't you introduce me to your pick for the evening."

"How terribly rude of me. Kevin Richardson this is my friend Meg Riley."

Akwardly, he shook her hand," Nice to meet you."

"Hey Kev," Howie acknowledged.

"You two know each other?" Meg responded in utter disbelief.

"Yes we do."

"Oh yeah. That BSB thing. I remember now."

Kevin offered Cassie a seat first then followed her in. The silence between the four was almost too thick to cut with a knife until Cassie cut in." So what's it like being a musician?"

"You're kidding right?" Howie responded.

"Nice manners. I ask a question and I get shot down. Kevin, I think we should go."


"She's here with my boyfriend."

"Your boyfriend?! That's funny. He didn't say he was seeing anyone," Meg shot back.

"I didn't think he needed it imprinted on his forehead for everyone in the world to know whom he was dating. Kevin, please," she insisted.

"That's real cool Cassie. You call me your boyfriend and you're out with another man on the night we said we'd spend together."

"And you said you would be away on business so I guess that makes us even now doesn't it? Excuse me," she nudged Kevin and he obliged under the circumstances.

"How are you getting home?"

"Little yellow thing called a cab but you wouldn't know anything about those now would you?" she turned on her heels and made the call to the cab company.

"Don't think you're getting off so easy Mr. Richardson," Meg's voice drew him back.

"What did I do? You're the one that said your boss was sending you out of town."

"Well you got me there now didn't ya? Still, you were with another woman. Explain that," she stood cross armed waiting for a response but none came." Didn't think so. I'll see if I can't catch that cab with my friend. Later," she grabbed her purse and left the table.

When she found Cassie outside, Cassie inquired," Did we get 'em?"

"They'll be after us shortly."

"We've just been had," Howie replied sharply across the table to Kevin.

"And very well too I might add. What were you thinking? You knew I was bringing her here tonight."

"I thought I told you I was having one last fling and I was bringing my date here."

"Either way,we could still have some fun with this."

"I'll drive," Howie pulled the keys out to his corvette as they reached Cassie's place in an alarmingly short period of time.

Kevin pounded on the door.

"Ready?" as each of them pulled their blouses off only to reveal the lingerie they'd been saving for later in the evening. This time the doorbell rang.

"Coming," she replied as she peeked through her peephole. She swung the door open to find two very stunned gentlemen." Cassie?" Howie's eyes widened as did Kevin's." You both act like you've never seen me this way before," she responded innocently." I heard another voice in here too. Where's Meg?"

"In the bedroom. You're welcome to join us if you like," she turned her back and made her way back to the bedroom.

"Maybe this is going the way we want it to after all," they turned in synchronized motion to each other. She returned to her bedroom.

"Did they bite?" Meg silently inquired.

"After you," Kevin let Howie in before himself and they locked the door behind themselves. His agreement with Kevin was temporarily a disguise. What were they doing? This can't be happening as they came upon the girls in her room.

This is gonna be great Kevin's mind wandered as they found the two girls tangled in each other. Cassie stripped the sheer lavendar lace cups from Meg's body. Meg's fingers wove into Cassie's soft auburn curls as her tongue delicately traced around the rosy nub forming upon her voluptuous curve of soft flesh. Her teeth gently grazed upon it as she attended to the other striving for attention; greedily devouring it as the boys stood unattended toward momentarily. Cassie's lips feathered lightly against Meg's softly tanned flesh as she reached the rim of her skirt. She traced against the edge before sliding it down the remaining length of her body. She returned to discover the neatly trimmed mound displayed before her and aching for attention.

They were eating it up. Kevin discarded his leather lace up shirt, slacks and joined their nearly nude forms on the bed. Howie hesitated but was fascinated as Kevin freed Cassie of her black lace bustier and black leather mini skirt. Kevin's touch temporarily drew Cassie away from her task as the insertion of his fingers slowly drove inside her. Howie's hesitation was brief as he joined them attending to Meg's attentive rosebuds. Cassie continued to dip her tongue into Meg's inner dimensions as Kevin continued pumping his fingers inside Cassie. "Please," Meg's plea was disrupted by the flavor of Howie's tongue sliding between her lips. Her moans continued to become muffled. Kevin spread Cassie's legs further apart sliding under her. He held the softness of her firmly toned curvature as his tongue glided along her slit; her body slowly yielding to his touch. His tongue probed through the ripe pink flesh growing moist as she moaned against her creative designs upon Meg's thighs. She once again delved into Meg's inner regions grasping the comforter for stability as Kevin's tongue darted swiftly in and out of her. Meg engaged Howie's swollen member; once again muffling her moans as Cassie met her release. Cassie moved down over Kevin's finely tuned body as she teased the glistening head of his soldier standing attentively waiting to be surrounded by her lips as it soon was. She bobbed rhythmically upon him intermittently swirling her tongue around the tip. She caressed his abandonded flesh underneath as she continue to move upon him. Meg's rediscovery of Howie's body slowly came to an end as he let go; his warm fluid streaming down the back of her throat. Cassie removed her mouth from Kevin before he could find his release replacing herself upon his solid object. She slowly slid up and down letting the sensation of his body envelope her completely. As she slowly rode him, Meg latched onto her unimprisoned bosom as Kevin latched onto Meg's freely floating over him.

Cassie continued to grind into him as Howie took Meg from behind. Cassie moved to meet Meg's lips as Kevin latched onto the ample formation presenting itself to him. The taste of Howie still lingered upon Meg's lips as Kevin's thrusts violently jerked her attention toward him once again. Howie's force upon Meg was that of a man posessed as he watched Cassie mold to Kevin's every move and grasping at the broadness of his chest every time Kevin would bring her to that pivotal point not quite letting her attain it. He wanted to be the one sending her violently out of control at the stroke of midnight. Cassie's softness grazed against the strength of his masculinity as her stormy blue eyes met his. He knew as her lips lightly brushed his before removing herself from him. As Howie continued driving into Meg, Kevin massaged one of her already taut nipples freely floating against the air. Cassie surveyed the flowing form of Meg's body meeting Howie's eyes as he controlled Meg with the reign of her straight golden blonde strands. Howie's driving motion seemed to lessen in intensity as he met Cassie's lips for the first time that evening. Releasing Meg to Kevin and throwing Cassie onto her back, he came over her and whispered," Is this what you wanted?"

She nodded as he thrust deep inside of her; invading every part of her as Kevin could never have done in the year they were together. Kevin positioned himself between Meg's thighs." You've been planning this all night long haven't you?" as his body came over with his first thrust.

She gasped and replied," You'd be disappointed in me if I said no wouldn't you?"

"Very," he smiled as he shoved himself into her deepest regions exposing her weakness. Surrendering to his incessant rhythm, Meg soon found herself in the throes of her wildest desires alongside Kevin as he fell onto her into a massive pile of untamed flesh.

Cassie clung to Howie's every move as she begged him to explore further with the invitation of her creamy white thighs wrapped tightly around him. He softly whispered," It's your turn," as he drew her body over him still wrapped around each other. He moved to a seated position under her as she held onto him tightly as ever." Is this all I had to do to turn you into an animal?" she continued riding the instrument that she recently learned produced so much pleasure for her." Does it matter?" he thrust up under leaving her breathless. So in tune with each other they didn't even notice the other two leaving the room. As the new year approached, their unrelentless pursuit of pleasure continued well into the new year as Kevin and Meg sat in the front room nuzzling to the sounds of Dick Clark's New Year's Eve show as Cassie's vocals rang throughout the house.

"Happy New Year!" Kevin toasted Meg with a tip of his champagne glass.

"You think they even noticed we were gone?"

"Does it really matter? Everybody learned something new tonight now didn't they?"

"Amen to that," Meg tipped her glass slightly to sip it.

Cassie came out bundled in her pink terry cloth robe as she noticed the two on the couch.

"Having a good time?" Kevin craned his neck in inquiry.

"As a matter of fact yes," she grabbed two champagne flutes from the cabinet and found the champagne sitting on the table in front of the two. She grabbed the bottle and leaned over whispering into Kevin's ear," You've still got it. Thank you," returning to her prone position.

"What'd you do with him?"

"He's resting peacefully right now. Is it 2001 yet?"

"About half and hour ago," Meg smiled.

She shrugged giddily and replied before leaving the two alone again, "Happy new year."

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