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Outback Fantasy


Hello everyone, this is my first story, please be gentle. This is the first part of a four part series, some of this is true, some of it fantasy, I'll let you decide which is which. Names have been changed to protect the not so innocent.

A big thanks to GentWithHandcuffs for the editing, much appreciated.

Chapter 1

Dusk was fast approaching, and we needed somewhere to camp. We had been travelling in the outback for over a week, and had not seen any other vehicles. My wife and I had left civilisation over a month ago, and were travelling around the most remote areas of Australia. Our truck was well equipped for remote travel – we could travel for 2000km or for a month or so without having to return to a town for supplies. Inside the truck was fitted out like a luxury yacht, full size bed, toilet and shower, stove, fridge's seats and an on-board computer. Unlike other RVs, we had built it on an ex-military 4 wheel drive chassis that was capable of driving over tracks that normal four wheel drives would struggle with. This was our home, the whole world our back yard. It was the lack of people that we really enjoyed as well as the freedom of the wide open spaces.

We had been travelling all day, and the temperature was over 35 degrees that afternoon, we were heading directly towards the clouds gathering on the horizon just as the sun was setting. We can smell rain in the distance, a thunderstorm is coming, and the sky looked out of this world, the red glow contrasting the dark clouds. It was wonderful; we should get some fantastic sunset photographs shot as the sun was going down. We started looking for a place to camp for the night. We could see on our GPS that we were coming up to a river next to a rocky outcrop. It would make a great backdrop for the sunset photos we were hoping to get.

We came around the bend and there was the river, stuck in the middle of it was a Land Cruiser. It was obvious it had been there for more than just a few days, a tent and other camping equipment was spread up on higher ground and the owner of the bogged vehicle was sitting on a chair under a tree on the far side of the river. The big smile on his face showed that he was really pleased to see us. We drove through with ease and pulled up next to him.

"Need some help mate?" I asked the obvious question, looking down from our truck at the sun tanned figure below.

"Thank god you came along, I got lost, then got bogged in the river and I've been here over a week, and was starting to run out of beer" he said.

"You are lucky" I laughed, this road doesn't get much traffic, we have not seen anyone for over a week" I said. "It's another week's drive out west as well, and over a 500km to the nearest town, you might have been stuck here for weeks."

I jumped down from the truck and start pulling out the winch rope. My wife in the meantime has also climbed down from the truck. Despite being 45 years old, she has the body of a 20 year old, wear tiny ragged cut off shorts. Each wash tears them a little bit more, I have to admit "helping" the process now and again, especially on the ones she is wearing now and now there are almost more holes than material. My wife is a bit of an exhibitionist, not shy of wearing very little or nothing at all. She is wearing a white cotton top singlet as well; she looks stunning in the afternoon light. We do a lot of walking and hiking in our travels and have a regular exercise routine that keep us both fit and lean. She doesn't wear a bra or underwear when we are travelling, especially when we are in remote area and it's hot. The thin top is fairly see through, and I can see the outline of her dark nipples. The shorts are barely covering her taut backside, the holes showing her tanned skin beneath, and she has the top button on the shorts undone, as it is more comfortable when travelling and has not bothered to do it up. The cold air from the a/c in the truck has her nipples erect, and clearly visible through the white fabric

"My name is Iain, and this is my wife Trish"

"Hi, I'm Richard, he says, as he walks into the river with the rope. Richard was a fairly fit, about 6ft tall and wearing just a pair of board shorts – he was well tanned, blonde hair, every bit the West Coast Surfer.

"What are you doing out here alone?" says Trish, walking around the truck.

"It's a long story, but my girlfriend and I left Perth a month ago, but all we did was argue, travelling was not her thing, after a big fight we broke up and I put her on a plane at Alice Springs two weeks ago, I was just trying to get away from it all." Richard looked up seeing my wife for the first time, he eyes running up and down her body, his mouth open.

"It's really bogged," he continued " I've tried digging it out, but the water just pushes the sand back into the hole faster than I can dig it out. It also looks like I've got some water in the fuel tank, the motor would turn over, but it's not starting, and now the battery is flat." I can tell he is not concentrating on the job at hand, and can see the bulge in his pants starting to form as he continued to sneak glances at Trish

"No problem," I reply, "Once we drag it out and then we can drain the fuel tank and see what happens, make sure you hook that strap to onto something solid, because whatever you attach it to is coming out; hopefully with the rest of the car attached."

He laughs, and returns to the task at hand. I get ready to winch, looking at my wife standing next to the river, her nipples are even more erect, and clearly visible through the thin material. She walks into the water, which is about waist deep on her. "It's hot today" she says, splashes a bit of water over herself then turns and walks out, the water pouring off her making the shirt transparent and the tiny ragged denim shorts seem even smaller.

Richard is staring at my wife's backside and when she looks over her shoulder at him, he turns back to attaching the hook a bit quickly, hits his head on the bulbar of his car.

She laughs "I'm going to get some photos whilst you boys play" she says, and heads off up the river, camera in hand.

It takes about 15 minutes to get the Land Cruiser out of the river and up onto the high ground a bit further up the road. We move Richard's tent and other gear and then start to set up camp. The sun goes below the horizon and just as we finish stowing all the gear, the heavens open, and we are both soaked to the bone. Trish comes running down the road, she is soaked as well, the top basically transparent, the camera is under her top to protect it from the rain. Richard's eyes open wide as now he has full view of my wife's gorgeous breasts, then she jumps into the back of the truck, and we follow her laughing.

Our truck is set up for two; we have a double bed in the back, and two seats and a table in the front. There is just enough space in the back with three of us, and we are all soaked. Trish stands next to the bed at the back of the truck, and Richard heads for the front of the truck, we are all too wet to sit down. Trish grabs one of our travelling towels; she turns her back to us and strips off her soaked shirt and shorts.

"Don't look," she tells Richard, and takes off her saturated shorts as well, drying herself quickly and then jumping on the bedcovering, covering herself with the towel.

The towels are not the normal bath type, but much smaller microfiber travelling towels, great for drying, but hardly big enough to cover much, even on my wife's small frame.

"Oh, these are a bit small", she says, and jumps on the bed laying the towel over her; it barely covers her breasts and comes right up to the top of her legs. I strip of my shirt and shorts, and grab another towel, handing our spare one which is about half the size to Richard.

Richard has turned his back to us, but I realized that from his position, he could see everything clearly in the rear view mirror anyway, and his eyes are locked on my wife as she adjusts her towel. "Don't look," he says to Trish with a smile, as he turns around and strips of his saturated shorts. I noticed that Trish decided not listen to that warning, and gets a good look at our new guest as he dries himself off and sits down at the table, the tiny towel sitting on his lap. I dry myself off and jump up on the bed with Trish.

The rain increases in intensity, we all look out the windows as the water sheets over the truck, the thunder crashes and lighting lights up the bush for miles around. It is too noisy to talk, so we look out the windows, entranced by the light show nature has put on for us. After 15 minutes of torrential rain, it eases off to a steady rate and as the storm front moves on.

She smiles at me, " Well, that was exciting;" she says. "Looks like we might be here for a while."

We start to talk about outback travel, the remoteness of this place. The rain will have rendered the roads impassable, even for our truck, so we discuss how will have to stay here for a few days until they dry out. Trish has to constantly reposition the towel each time she moves, I offer to get her a shirt but she declines with a smile.

The conversation turns to photography. "How did the photos today go?" I ask.

"I think I got some great photos of the storm approaching as the sun goes down." She says.

"Can I look?" says Richard,

"Sure," she says, sitting up and handing over the camera to Richard, her towel slipping more than just a bit and Richard gets quick flash of the shaven pussy. I'm not sure if she did this on purpose, or whether it was a genuine mistake, she smiles at me as she covers up again. "Just plug the camera into the video screen over there, and we can all see." she says,

Richard plugs the camera into the cable on the side of our 30" monitor that folds out of the side of the truck opposite his each. Richard has to stretch to reach the monitor, and his towel slips off to the side, showing his manhood. Richard quickly recovers the towel.

Trish pretends she has not noticed, and continues "It will come up with single or slide show; just press slide show and it'll make things easy."

Richard plugs the camera in, puts it up on the shelf next to the computer and sits back. The photos start to come up, and they are great. "You got some good shots there Trish," says Richard.

I agree, turning to her; "looks like you got some winners, I can't wait to put them up on the website. I'm sure they will sell."

She smiles, and lies down, turning over on her side, facing Richard, the towel slipping again, and I notice it is takes her a lot longer to adjust it this time. Richards's eyes widen, as he gets a full view of my wife's gorgeous pussy and pierced clit hood. I smile at her daring, and she blows me a kiss, I can see the wetness around her pussy lips, and I can see how turned on she is getting.

"Wow, these are really good as well," says Richard, and we turn and look at the screen - there are photos we did by the campfire last night; Trish is naked, and washing herself in the soft glow of the campfire.

"Oops" she says, "I forgot those were on the card." I can see what is going through her mind, as we both know how the photos get more and more daring as they go on, but she is trapped, if she moves to switch the camera off, Richard will get a real life close up view of what is on the screen, the photos don't leave much to the imagination. I realise that soon the ones of her pleasuring herself will be coming up. I wait to see what she will do; she looks deep into my eyes and smiles.

"Better stop them; the photos get more and more daring" says Trish with a smile. Richard reluctantly leans over to switch off the camera, and his towel falls to the ground, revealing his rapidly hardening cock.

"Oops" he says, and ducks under the table to retrieve his towel, his eyes glued to the monitor as it gets to the more raunchy photos; a zoomed in shot of Trish's shaved pussy and pierced clit with her fingers sliding right inside her wet pussy. "Wow," he says as the retrieves his towel as another image of her wet pussy, her finger fondling her clit ring fill the screen.

His eyes glued to the screen, the images continue to the final one with her sliding the glass dildo into her pussy fills the screen. And the slide show stops. "Those are great", is that what you two do for a living?" he asks. Trish is blushing, but I can tell she is really excited at what has just happened.

The tiny towel is barely covering his rapidly hardening hard cock, "Sorry," he says looking down, "Natural reaction; it's been a long time in the bush"

We laugh but I can see the wild look in Trish's eyes, she looks at me and smiles. "Oh, well, now you've seen everything already, no point is bothering with this;" says Trish, as she removes her towel and sits up on the bed, "you've already seen mine - only fair that I see yours as well." With that she whips off my towel revealing my rapidly growing cock. "Your turn Richard."

Richard laughs, and throws her the towel. "There you go, nothing to hide now." he says. Richard's cock is about 7" long, and throbbing. He has no tan lines and has completely shaven his pubic hair. The sight of my wife sitting cross legged on the bed, her pussy glistening in the light stirs my cock and it raises to attention as well.

I smile, I can tell that she wants more than just to show herself off to our guest and my cock throbs with excitement. Trish turns over, and moves to my side of the bed on all fours with her ass and pussy facing Richard. She leans over me and lowers her head onto my throbbing member, I lean back and can't help moaning as her mouth envelops the head of my engorged cock. She lowers her head, sucking one of my shaved balls into her mouth, and I lean back further. Richard's eyes are wide, and he strokes his hard cock, looking longingly at her glistening pussy.

Trish stops her sucking and turning, says to Richard. "Well, how much of an invitation do you want Richard?" she says. He looks at me and I nod my head.

He moves over to the edge of the bed, kneeling on the floor his head between my wife's legs and gently runs his tongue over my wife's glistening pussy from end to end. Trish moans with pleasure. I lean right back, raising my leg high and with that invitation, she flicks her tongue over my anus, and then starts her tongue alternating between gentle licking and then flicking hard at it. Richard looks up and sees her tongue licking my ass, returns to his pleasuring of my wife slit, his tongue flicking her ass as well, she writhes in pleasure, and she starts to tongue fuck my ass as well. Richard does likewise on her and she pushes back into his face, as his tongue penetrates her tight little hole.

We continue for what seems to be an eternity, then Richard sits back, and slips first one thumb, then another into her dripping pussy, stretching it wide between and then leans back forward and continues to tongue fuck her asshole, and the licking the rapidly flowing juices from my wife's dripping pussy.

"God you taste good" he compliments.

Trish leans back into his face, pushing his thumbs further up her pussy, he slips in another finger, stretching her out even more, he then shifts a bit more forward to slide his tongue deeper into her ass. Trish moans as this stranger gives her pleasure where no one other than I has ever done. He leans back and with his other hand starts to rub her clit, alternating between her clit ring and her inner wetness. Then he gently starts probing her tight ass with his fingers, gently stretching it wider and wider.

Trish continues her actions on my cock and ass, her body writhing in pleasure, knowing of what this stranger is doing to her starts to drive me wild, I can feel my orgasm building, and reluctantly pull myself away from her before I cum.

"Stop sexy, you don't want me to come just yet – we are only getting started." I say as I lean over her, kissing her on the lips, our tongues intertwine, tasting my own pre-cum on her lips. She writhes in pleasure as he continues his pleasuring of my gorgeous and thoroughly lust filled wanton wife's pussy and ass.

"Swap ends" I say, and Richard jumps up on the bed, eager to receive the pleasure what he has just been giving. Trish moves sideways on the bed, still on all fours. He moves up to the other end of the bed. She looks at me, the lust in her eyes like I have never seen before, then turns back to the throbbing member in front of her. Slowly she takes it gently in her hand, and then ever so gently, she timidly sticks out her tongue, tasting for the first time, a cock other than mine. The pre-cum glistens on his cock. Her tongue flicks over him; I can see the string of pre-cum between her lips and his cock. He lays against the back of the bed. I watch as she slowly runs her tongue over his cock. Opening her mouth, she guides his cock in, gently sucking, tasting this stranger's juices, her mouth enveloping his shaft, sucking him tenderly. Her whole body is quivering with excitement, and she sucks and licks the stranger in our truck. The storm outside continues with the occasional flash of lightning, the steady drum of the rain on the roof of the truck, interrupted by the sound of distant thunder. I am mesmerised by the sight of my wife, sucking another cock for the first time in her life.

I realise that I have been neglecting my duties, and move behind her. Her pussy and ass are slick with a combination of his and her own wetness. I slide a finger deep into her tight ass, and she bucks in pleasure, sending Richard's cock deep into her mouth. I stretch her opening and insert another and another finger as he starts to fuck her mouth. I gently slip in a fourth finger, stretching her ass wide open, getting it ready to receive my cock as she pleasures our guest, alternating between sucking his balls and taking him deep into her mouth. Leaning back, I look down at her ass as it gapes open, slick with her wetness.

I slide my hard cock into her ass all the way to the hilt in one smooth stroke, she gasps and writhes in pleasure. I slowly begin to fuck her ass. I can feel her orgasm building; she grips my cock hard tightly within her ass. I thrust forward and with my finger, I flick her clit ring hard into her sensitive spot that I have done many times before and she instantly orgasms, gripping me tightly in her ass. Her body squirms in pleasure her moans muffled by the member in her mouth. I can feel the muscles in her ass contracting around me as I remain deep inside her, I flick her clit again, and she screams as the pleasure intensifies.

"Fuck my ass, fuck it hard" she cries, and I comply, pulling back and slipping deep into her clenching ass, whilst she takes Richard deeper into her mouth than she have ever done with me, her whole body quivering. As the waves of pleasure retreat, I pull my cock out and she let's go of his member and rolls over onto her back, to slowly regain her breath.

"That was incredible," she gasps, "Now, I want both of you inside me, please can I have both of you inside me, please?" She begs, "Fill my pussy and ass with those hard cocks, fuck me please, fuck me both of you."

I lay down on my back on the bed; Trish mounts my cock, guiding it into her now dripping pussy, moaning she impales herself, taking my full length. She lays down flat on top of me, Richard does not need any further invitation and moves around, leaning over both of us, and positions himself in between our legs. His head dives down, and I can feel his tongue competing with my cock at the entrance to her pussy.

"I just have to taste both of you" he says, as he licks both my wife and me. She moans as his tongue licks up the juices greedily

"Fuck my ass now, fuck me please." she pleads.

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