tagLesbian SexOutback Nights Ch. 02

Outback Nights Ch. 02


They had been friends for a good many years and sleeping over at either’s house was a common thing. Her friend was a woman of beauty with long, curly brunette hair and piercing brown eyes that were accompanied by a body that drove many men mad with desire. Her breasts heaved with each breath, and one could always see her nipples because they were in a state of erectness almost all of the time. Her hips were wide and full, curving out her form into something of desires creation.

The woman, with visions of the previous night still pouting through her head, filled her beautiful friend in on all of the details. She described every moment, every lick, and every orgasm they shared. She described him in full detail, from the length of his brown hair to the shape of his penis. Her friend was visibly aroused and rubbed her legs together trying to contain herself.

It wasn’t long before her friend, having guessed of the woman’s bi-sexual orientation for years, shocked the woman with something that she had been waiting what seemed like a lifetime to ask her.

“Are you really bi-sexual?”

Sure enough a look of shock crossed the woman’s face as she replied, “yes, why do you ask?”

“You don’t know how long I have waited to have you in my bed,” she said with the confidence of the self-assured.

“I had no idea that you were bisexual yourself,” she smiled.

Her friend’s face turned a bright shade of red as she answered. “I’m not but I have wondered what it would be like ever since I met you.”

“Why didn’t you ever say anything?”

Her face grew even redder as she continued, “I don't know...but every time I look at you my pussy gets so wet.”

It was at this time that the shadows in the far corner began to move. Instinctively the woman knew what it was but did not direct her attention to it. Her nipples were erect already from her lovely friend’s admission and adrenaline rushed through her veins sending waves of desire throughout her body. Her pussy began to get wet from anticipation of what might happen next and her smile brightened because she knew that it was her one true love that would be watching them. Her lover had come to see her fulfill a passion she had longed to make a reality, and he knew that this was to be her moment so he simply stayed in his shadow-filled corner and looked on.

As he looked on, her friend began to slowly undress her, taking her time and placing kisses upon her flesh as it was slowly exposed. The woman’s body shivered at the kisses and her touch because this was something she had always wanted, but never had been able to go through with. Before her lover had come into her life it had been almost two long, agonizing years since she had felt the warm touch of another, and here she was, in bed with a woman not but a day after her and her beloved had been together.

As they lay there next to one another, they took in each other’s naked bodies with their hungry eyes. It felt so right to her to be doing this for the first time ever, and she was so comfortable as well. Her friend began caressing her body, which sent waves of electricity all throughout her body. When she regained control of herself she reached out and began caressing her friend as well, feeling the warmth from her skin radiating into her and flowing to every nerve ending in her body.

Her friend then took the caressing to a new level when she leaned over and took one of her nipples into her mouth. Her hard nipple ached from the feel of her tongue against it and her lips around it. She took a deep breath so that her breast would press more against her friend’s mouth, trying to fit all of it in at once. But her breath was then robbed from her when she felt a hand begin to rub on her dripping wet pussy. Her legs fell apart allowing for better access to her, and access is what was taken as she felt her friend slide two fingers deep into her.

As her friend began to slowly slide her fingers in and out of her wet pussy, she breathed out as best she could, “Can I please touch yours?”

Letting the nipple free, she looked up into the passion-filled eyes of the woman and smiled as she said yes.

As her friend fingered her she moved enough to allow access for the woman’s eager hand. She had never touched the vagina of another woman, but she knew how she liked to be pleased and she applied that to her new obsession. She rubbed her friend’s clit, making it harder and harder with each circular motion, and it only made her pussy that much wetter in the process. She would then quickly slide a finger in, pull it out and intentionally rub it against the clit again. Both of the women were so into what they were doing that each one was trembling in unison as the first waves of their powerful orgasms hit. The woman’s pussy erupted, sending cunt juices gushing out around her friend’s fingers. And her friend’s pussy became so wet that she was able to slide 4 fingers into her, almost fisting her in the process.

From the shadows her lover watched this scene, which had been something he himself had long wanted to view in person. It was as if the stars above had aligned just for them two, and every fantasy they could imagine would come true.

After their respective orgasms had subsided, the woman lay there trembling all over as her friend moved down her body. She kissed her stomach and hips before moving to her inner thighs, where she traced the tip of her tongue up until she reached her pussy. She crawled over her trembling legs and positioned herself between them and slowly parted them to gain better access. In doing so she watched the woman’s pussy lips spread slightly, exposing her clit which looked as though it was begging to be touched.

Instead her friend licked it ever so gently and passionately, and this sent waves of white-hot electricity throughout the woman's sweat covered body. She lay there savoring every moment, and was even more turned on by the sounds of her friend’s lust-filled moaning as her tongue played with her clit and slid into her pussy. It was as though this woman’s tongue was made for this moment, and she was the beneficiary of this talented mouth this night.

Her lover looked on at this site of two women pleasuring one another, and as he did he slowly began to stroke on his throbbing cock. He did it so slowly as to maintain an erection, but never fast enough for him to cum. He wanted her to have all the delight of this moment and did not want to soil his own memory of the event by reaching orgasm. This was his love’s fantasy come true and that was how it was going to stay. He would be the watcher as she would be the receiver of pleasure this night.

After what seemed like an eternity and one of the most intense orgasms she had ever experienced this side of her lover, her friend finally eased up and made her way to the woman’s lips. They kissed passionately and she could taste her juices on the lips of her talented friend.

“Your pussy tastes so delicious,” her friend admitted with a smile.

Hearing this shocked and aroused the woman even more than she ever thought was possible. She smiled as she laid her friend on her back and began to kiss her body, working her way to her friend’s rock-solid nipples. She began to bite it in a teasing way, and then sucking on it to ease the pain. She moved to the other and sucked on it, nibbled and bit at it, and then once again back to the other.

She then kissed her stomach, running the tip of her tongue down and around the belly button and then to her friend‘s obviously dripping wet vagina. To know and see that she had made another woman so wet and aroused turned her on greatly. She found her clit without any trouble as it had swollen and looked as if it too was begging to be touched. She took it in her mouth and began sucking softly on it, flicking her tongue at the sensitive button. She could hear loud moans from her friend’s mouth and delighted in the fact that she began to thrust her crotch at the woman’s mouth allowing for her to tongue fuck her.

As she did so, she reached up and took each nipple between her fingers and began to rub them as she slid her tongue in and out of this dripping wet pussy in her mouth. She was feasting on the wetness of her friend’s vagina, and she could tell from the way it had begun to twitch that she was about to reach climax. But she was not going to allow for this moment to end and slowly climbed up on her friend and kissed her long and hard as their pussies touched and rubbed against one another.

Her friend took hold of her and pulled her up so that her pussy was directly over her eager mouth. She began to probe her pussy once again with her skilled tongue, going deeper in this position than earlier before when the woman was on her back. The woman grabbed her own breasts and squeezed her nipples as she ground her crotch against her best friend’s face. Her head slowly went back and she looked into the shadows, smiled and moaned out in passionate delight, “oh god yes.” She could not see him, but she knew that he was there, and if she had been able to see him she would have seen a bright, wide smile on his face.

Her thighs trembled and her breath was getting shorter by the minute and she couldn’t stand it anymore. She tried to raise herself up from the tongue that was so deep inside of her, but she felt determined hands grab her by the hips and pulled her back down. She was overcome with a sense of intense delight at the thought that this woman, her best friend for many years, had been wanting to eat her out for so long that she was not going to let this chance end anytime soon. And as much as she wanted it to go on, she quickly lifted herself off of her mouth before she had a chance to stop her and before her orgasm had a chance to erupt.

“Would you eat my pussy as I eat yours,” her friend breathed out with need and passion in her voice.

“Yes,” she could barely hiss out because off the intense state of arousal that she was in. She moved around on her friend’s soft body, kissing as she went until her face was in her friend’s crotch. She could see her friend’s wetness dripping from her pussy and it made her hungrier for her. She slowly slid her tongue into her pussy, and she could feel her friend’s tongue enter her own, as well as what felt like a finger. She decided to repay the act by sliding two of her own.

Her friend’s pussy tasted so sweet like this, and it turned her on to feel her grind her hips into her eager and hungry mouth. Her tongue would lick up and down and her fingers would slide slowly in and out of that dripping wet pussy. She would pay extra special attention to her friend’s clit by sucking on it and licking it and rubbing on it with her fingers. These simple, yet calculated, acts of passion caused her friend to orgasm immediately, and made the woman dive her tongue back inside to taste her sweet juices. They remained like this for an eternity before the woman turned around and lay next to her sweat covered friend.

“Will you touch yourself and let me watch?” the woman asked of her obviously bisexual friend.

Without hesitation she began to rub her pussy, moaning very loudly as she did so. Her fingers played with her own clit, and slid into her dripping hole like they had done so many times while she was alone herself. As her friend did this, the woman did it to herself, slipping 2 fingers into her dripping wet vagina. With their free hands they reached over and pulled closer to each other.

Deciding to join her friend’s hand she began to play with her friend’s clit as the hand inside her pussy began to take on a life of it’s own, ramming in deeper and faster as the seconds rolled by. The woman took her friend's nipple into her mouth again and bit down playfully as her fingers were rubbing her friend’s clit. She was so hot and turned on by this that her pussy began to flow freely without anyone touching it.

The woman could do nothing but look on as her friend went into a mad frenzy, her hand thrusting hard and fast into her own dripping cunt and guttural moans escaping from her mouth. Her hips were thrusting up and down, trying to take not only her own hand but that of the woman’s as well. She then yelled at her, ‘oh yes, suck it hard!' The woman then took it into her mouth fully and bit hard into it hard. With this her friend screamed as she erupted, her pussy gushing forth with orgasmic juices that splashed out all over their hands.

As she lay there with her best friend, covered in their sweat and their arms wrapped around each other, they laughed as though they were little girls once again. They talked and kissed until sleep was too powerful and they fell asleep in each other’s arms. Her lover smiled brightly from his vantagepoint in the shadows, knowing that this was a dream that had finally come true for his beloved, and who was he to stand in the way of that.

He slowly walked out into the Outback and went home with a smile on his face.

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