tagBDSMOutback Nights Ch. 03

Outback Nights Ch. 03


He lay there in their bed, dreaming of the events of the night before where his beloved had fulfilled her fantasy with her best friend. He had watched the whole time that they made love to one another and he felt a sense of pride in that he did not interfere with her moment. Sure he stroked his cock the entire time, but he did so not to make himself cum, just to derive some minor pleasure from the situation.

His long brown hair spread out behind him on the pillow and his muscular form was curled up under the satin sheets. The massive window was always open this time of the year, and the Outback winds swept across him, cooling his body and giving him a slight case of goose flesh. But he slept and slept, waiting for the morning when he knew his love would be back in their bed and holding him as the sun arose over the horizon.

The sun made its way over the mountains the next morning and his love still was not in the bed at his side. He slowly stirred as the rays of the morning sun hit his face and he began to move in order to see if there was any sign that she had indeed come back. But something was wrong.

His hands had been cuffed to the wrought iron bedposts, as had his ankles. He was laid out on their bed, spread eagle and naked to the world. He grabbed at the chains binding him to the posts and tugged for his freedom, but to no avail and he eventually gave up. Then he realized that this was going to be something different between them, and his smile stretched from ear to ear and a wicked look crossed his face. And to top things off, his penis was as hard as a rock.

“I see you are awake now, you bad little boy,” came the voice of his Angel from a corner of the room just out of his view. “I know that you watched us last night, and that you stroked your cock at the sight of us making love. I take it you were turned on by the whole affair then?”

“Yes my Mistress,” he said, knowing instinctively what to do and what to say. This sign of obedience brought a smile to her face.

She looked over his muscled frame and finally focused on his throbbing, erect penis. “I see that you are still aroused,” she said with evil intent in her voice.

He could simply smile and act as though he was trying to escape.

“Well you will know pain as well as pleasure here this morning, slave,” she said as she walked around so that he could clearly see her in the morning sun. She was wearing a studded black vinyl bustier with her massive breasts hanging free, with the nipples covered in black X’s made from electrical tape. Her hands were gloved in leather from fingertip to elbow, and in her hands she tapped a shiny black riding crop over and over. Her pussy was exposed and it was apparent that she was enjoying her deviant actions because one could clearly see her juices dripping little by little. And her juices were flowing down onto a pair of thigh high boots that came to the floor with 6-inch high heels.

She leaned over onto the bed with one knee and reached out with her crop and lightly rubbed his cock, which drew moans from his mouth and twitches from his member. She then tapped it and his sack harder and harder until he began to wince in pain, but his erection would not go down. It instead seemed to grow even bigger which is what she was hoping for all along.

She smiled as she looked down at him and she raked the crop against his flesh from groin to neck. She would spend a few brief seconds tracing around his nipples before going on. She then got further up onto the bed and straddled his prone form, letting him feel the wetness of her pussy against his abdomen as she rubbed against him. She reached behind her with her crop and gave his sack another tap, only harder this time.

Her lover groaned in lust-filled pain as she did it again several times. She moved her thighs back just enough to where she could feel the tip of his cock press against her backside, teasing him like this in the process. She smiled as she looked down at his face, contorted with both pain and passion. He could feel the heat emanating from her pussy, which only made his cock even harder.

As he lay there, pinned under her and unable to move to either side, he began to breathe heavily as she began to use her crop on his hardened nipples. She would smack one and then the other, giving each one a harder time than the last. Then she took her nails, which he had just now noticed to be painted in solid black, and slowly began to rake his chest from the base of his neck all the way down his abdomen. She moved down so that she could rake him even further, and even managed to allow him to penetrate her for a brief moment. His cock slid into her dripping pussy, only to pop right back out as she moved down.

As she came to a stopping point her mouth was right above his luscious cock. She breathed upon it from base to tip, only to torture him ever so devilishly. His cock pulsed and twitched, which she had to put a stop to immediately. She took it in her hand and squeezed it with all of her might, turning it a light shade of purple in the process.

“You will not let this piece of meat move unless I tell you too,” she growled at him.

“Yes my Mistress,” came his pained reply. Satisfied, she released his cock and let it flop against his belly, for it had gone half limp in the process of her actions. Smiling she stood up on her knees and then climbed off of the bed.

He looked at her as she moved around the bed, half-smiling at him as she went over to the shelves where a vast number of half-melted candles rested. She looked around, trying to find one that had a good amount of life left to it. When she found it she took it and lit it with the lighter that was always present by the shelf. The flame took hold and stayed as she moved back to the bed.

She did not climb back on, but instead held out her hand carrying the candle until it was right above his chest. With a look in her eyes that both shocked him and aroused him, she tilted her hand and let a series of drops land upon his nipples. The pain was exquisite as it first burned, and then dried into a hard layer of wax coating his nipples. His winces of mixed pain and pleasure spurred her on even more as she covered the other one. When she had covered both, she moved her arm, leaving a trail of wax droplets from his chest, down his abdomen and then stopped next to his now fully erect member.

She was not about to injure her lover, but she was going to make him know the feel of intense heat. She tilted the candle again, letting more wax drop close to his cock and sack, but not close enough to be harmful to him.

He squirmed but did not scream in pain. Instead he groaned in passion and lust which was her cue to stop. When he began to enjoy something too much she would then end it, therefore denying him the full feel of pleasure he was deriving from it.

He moaned as the wax began to cool on his skin, tightening as it hardened. She lightly blew out the candle and placed it back in its original spot and returned to him with a smile across her face. She reached down with her fingernails and slowly removed the sheets of wax from his body. Peeling them off was an experience for him as it pulled on the hair of his chest. The pain was lovely, but when she started to pull the wax from the area close to his genitals, he became even more aroused from the pain.

He did not know what to take from all of this except that he was beginning to enjoy the sensations he was experiencing. This was new to him and he loved every second of it.

When he was cleaned of the wax, his beloved took a piece of dark cloth from the nightstand and leaned over in an effort to blindfold him. Now he was going to be unable to see what she was going to do to him, or even what she had planned to do. He was excited and even felt safe because he knew that, no matter what, her love for him would not allow her to take things to a point of no return and harm him.

He now found himself with only the sound of her moving around to fill his hearing. Yes it did mix in with the sound of his beating heart, but trying to determine what it was that she had in store for him would be impossible.

He knew not to speak unless told to do so. therefore he simply kept quiet the whole time, and even stayed that way when he could feel the bed moving in indication that she had once again climbed up onto it with him. He still could only imagine what was in store for him, which only made him even more excited. It was the not knowing for the situation that made his cock harden even more.

He could feel her moving down the bed close to his knees. which made him think that she was going to perhaps give him oral pleasure, or even impale herself on his cock. He wanted to make love to her so much and here she was, positioned in the right area for just that. But that was not meant to be.

It was a little bit on the cold side when he felt something moving into his butt cheeks. It was slick, whatever it was, for it moved easily between them and he could only relax himself as it continued to lubricate his crack some more. He could now feel what it was, and he knew it was one of her fingers trying to find his asshole.

He took a deep, sudden breath as she found her mark and slid her lubricated finger into his tight hole. His cock twitched but she did not say anything this time. She was too busy sliding her middle finger in and out of his hole that she was not about to stop to punish him for disobeying her. Each thrust made his breath go shorter and shorter and his cock grow harder and harder.

After a good number of minutes, the woman removed her hand from his bottom, which drew a slight groan of protest from her love. He had enjoyed what she had just done to him, which was what she had hoped would happen all along. She knew he was ready for what was next and she did not disappoint his aching needs. He could not see what it was that she was doing, but he soon felt it.

It was small and round at the beginning, and he relaxed as the object grew longer and thicker. It slid past his butt cheeks, into his crack and then it found pay dirt when it began to slide into his asshole. It stretched him in a way that her finger would never have hoped for, and as it continued it’s journey he knew now what it was. She had slid a dildo into his ass, and continued to slide it in until she could go no further.

It was shaped like a human cock, and the fake sack that it carried only added to the illusion. She shoved it all the way in up to the sack and held it there for a god minute, letting her lover’s hole become accustomed to such an entrance. His cock stood straight up and began to pulse right before her lust-filled eyes, and his breathing became shorter and erratic. He was indeed enjoying his first anal penetration by something larger than a finger, and now he was going to experience more.

She pulled on it very slowly, looking up at his chest as it rose and fell quickly from the way her man was breathing. As she looked back down and saw his ring expand to indicate that the tip was about to come out, she began to slide it back up into him. He had begun to groan louder now, enjoying every slow, agonizing minute of what it was that she had introduced him to. And then his groans turned into lust filled cries as she began to slide it in and out of his stretched hole faster and faster.

His cock swayed back and forth before her face as she pumped his ass with the fleshy impostor, and even though she had previously refuse him any sort of pleasure from her mouth, she could not help herself anymore. It was too luscious to let go to waste, and the drops of pre-cum that had started to dribble out were crying out for her to taste them.

Engulfing his cock in her mouth only made him harder and his sounds of pleasure grew louder. She continue to pump his ass with the dildo while she sucked slowly on his member, not so much to drain it, but to feel it in her mouth as it pulsed and throbbed more and more.

She knew he was close to the brink as it began to twitch in her mouth. Her hands were moving the dildo in and out of his hole faster and faster, and she knew then that it was only a matter of time before her love would erupt. So instead of letting him do so in her mouth, she instead let go of it and sat back just enough to where his cock would spew on it’s own and miss her completely.

And it did just that. He cried out as his cock spewed a fountain of cum high into the air. She had never seen a man cum so much, and now she wished that she had let him do that in her mouth instead of letting it spew forth and land where it may. Some splashed down on his abdomen and thighs, while some landed on the sheets around him. Some even landed back down on his cock and down his shaft and sack to land on the dildo, which she continued to pump furiously into him.

He came over and over, cum going everywhere that she wondered where exactly he had been storing it all in. She slowed her pumping actions and eventually removed it from him, slowly and gently so that he could get used to the feel of its removal. When it finally came free she laid it next to the edge of the bed and she leaned over him and began to lick him clean. Every drop of cum that she could she licked from his body until it was all gone.

He lay there, blindfolded and breathing deeply, shaking from his orgasm as though someone had just electrified him. He had never known such release, and he was ecstatic that it was his Angel who had brought it about. He thrilled at her tongue as it cleaned him, and then at how she wrapped her arms around his body to help calm him down.

She kissed him on his lips and he tasted himself on them. She did not release his hands or ankles as she finished kissing him, but instead he could feel her climb off the bed and hear her as she moved around the bed.

“I love you, my perfect man,” she said to him. “You will remain here like this, and when you finally fall asleep, I will free you. But until then, you will remain my slave and my prisoner.”

He could sense the smile on her face as the words came from her mouth, and he indeed needed to sleep and it wasn’t long before he succumbed to it. He did not hear her leave or even feel her free him from his bonds, but he slept peacefully with visions of his Outback Angel in his dreams and a smile across his face.

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