tagRomanceOutback Nights Ch. 04

Outback Nights Ch. 04


He had slept for what seemed like forever, not so much as even tossing or turning in the middle of the afternoon. His beloved had vanished not long after the exquisite torture she had placed upon him so that he could rest up for whatever would come next. And he was indeed very exhausted; there was no doubt about that fact. So exhausted in fact that he did not even sense her return into their chamber of passion and desire.

She smiled as she gazed upon his sleeping body, left cleaned and clothed after her stint as his dominatrix and mistress. His muscles were now relaxed, giving his usually ripped form a softer look and feel. He had the look of one in peaceful sleep upon his face, with just the hint of a smile upon his lips. She could not help herself as she crawled up onto the bed and lay next to him and ran her fingertips softly along his lips. He did not stir, however his smile did widen some more.

She leaned down just enough for her lips to meet his. She pressed them against his and softly kissed his lips and whispered against his mouth how much she loved him.

“I love you as well,” he replied in a sleep-riddled voice, which drew a slight startle from her, but then followed it up with a wide grin. Her heart pounded like an earthquake had taken hold of it, for they were the words she had loved to hear from him.

As she closed her eyes she slightly parted her lips while still keeping them pressed against his. She allowed her tongue to enter his mouth and explore the warmth within. His tongue reached hers and slowly, passionately they kissed for what seemed like an eternity, breathing heavily and holding one another. To her it felt so right to be in his arms. She felt safe, so complete and secure, that she was not about to let go of him.

As she passionately kissed his lips she began to run her hand down his body first, tracing every inch and detail lightly. Starting at his chin she slowly began working her way down his neck and then onto his chest where she began to circle his small, yet erect, nipples. She then stopped kissing him so that she could go down and let her tongue flick over and around his nipples. One at a time she would lick them, kiss them and even nibble on them just hard enough to get a reaction from her love.

After what seemed like forever she left his nipples and returned to his mouth to once again place her lips against his. They kissed long and passionately and sometimes even forgot to breathe from how intense they had become. Her hands took on a life of their own as they held him in one arm and the other hand moved down his body. Her fingertips traced his torso yet again as though they had remembered every detail of his muscled form. She knew where to touch him exactly that would get a reaction that she was pleased with. His breathing grew more and more intense against her face as her hand stopped just above his pants.

She could tell that she had aroused him because the waistline to his pants was noticeably lower due to the enormous bulge that was growing within. She slowly slid her hand over it, feeling his penis press against the fabric separating them. She could feel the throbbing veins that lined his member, and knew that he was indeed aroused to the point of exploding, but she was not about to let that happen just yet. She wanted him to enjoy this for a very long time.

She slowly undid his pants with one hand as she continued to kiss him. She had placed them on him so she knew about his lack of underwear, which was her intention all along. She didn’t go directly to his penis, which had stood straight up after being freed. Instead she slid her hand down past it so that she could rake the insides of his thighs. She would tickle them and rub them, all the while her forearm was pressed up against the side of his throbbing cock, making it even more heated.

She pulled her hand up close to his cock as she stopped kissing him. She looked into his eyes as she asked, “baby let me taste you, let me wrap my lips around your hard, luscious cock.”

He released a soft moan and began to raise himself as though he was trying to thrust his response. With heavy breath he replied, ‘oh baby I want you to taste me,’ and he lowered his hips and lay firmly on his back. His love slowly and teasingly pulled his pants down, looking into his eyes as she did so. Her eyes screamed out her great hunger for him, a longing to taste and explore every inch of him with her skillful tongue.

She kissed his lips one more time, long and deep, before moving down his body and taking his throbbing cock into her mouth. She ran her tongue over the tip of his penis, tasting the small drops of pre-cum that had begun to form.

“Mmm, you taste so good,” she says to him right before parting her lips and taking his full length into her wet mouth. The tight, warm wetness aroused him and caused him to start moaning louder. He began to thrust into her mouth, deeper and deeper, trying to give her all of his cock that she craved so much.

She sucked upon his member for what seemed like forever, sometimes taking it all down her throat and sometimes running her tongue around every inch of his hardness. She placed both of her hands under his butt in an effort to pull even more of him into her ravenous mouth. She wanted to swallow him whole if she could, but was only given so much. And all the time that she is doing this she can feel herself getting wetter and wetter, her juices slowly trickling down her inner thighs. So she turned herself around, hoping that he would only think she was attacking him from a different angle.

Her reactions were immediate, ranging form near choking on the cock in her mouth to a wide smile on her face as she felt something entering into her dripping wet pussy. It was his finger and he had read her mind all along as he slid one into her. His hands were strong and somewhat large enough to fill her hole and it felt so good to her to have him fingering her like this. His cock received even more preferential treatment as she began to moan loudly against it, the vibrations going through his cock and into his ball sack.

She took his cock from her mouth as she began to suddenly orgasm and had to scream in ecstasy. In doing so she also lowered herself even more onto his finger, sending more and more of her sweet pussy juices down his hand and forearm. As she came down from her eruption she returned to his penis and began to suck upon it ferociously, for she wanted so bad to taste his hot cum and feel it shooting down her throat and into her belly.

He stopped fingering her for a moment so that he could take his cum-soaked hand and place it in his mouth. He lay there, breathing heavily from her actions and licked his hand clean. “God you taste so fucking sweet,” he said to her before sliding two fingers into her sopping wet pussy. He began to pound her pussy harder and faster as he himself was about to erupt into her sucking mouth. He couldn’t hold much longer and she could tell.

His cock bulged and throbbed in her mouth as she sucked upon it, and then she was rewarded. His veins felt as though they were going to explode right as the tip of his cock shot a hot load of his seed into her mouth and down her swallowing throat. His loads were big and tasty to her, and swallowing every drop was a delight to savor. Also the feeling of him nearly shoving his whole hand into her made her cum on her own. The pounding of her heart and the sound of her swallowing covered up the sounds of his grunting and loud moaning, but she knew that he enjoyed her actions.

As he lay there shaking from his orgasm, she pulled herself off of his hand and took it into her cum-filled mouth and sucked her juices from his fingers. “Mmm, I do taste good, don’t I,” she asked playfully. As she sucked on his hand she got up on her knees and straddled his prone form, placing her legs around him and gently lowering herself to where her dripping pussy was barely even touching the tip of his still hard cock. The tip touched her pussy lips very gently, which only drove her even more wild. He juices began to flow once again, and even dripped some onto his throbbing member.

“Baby, I can’t wait any longer,” she said to him with passionate need in her voice. “I need to make love to you.”

He grabbed her by the waist, his strong arms lowering her down ever so slowly onto his rigid cock. He could feel her trying to force her weight into it and make herself go all the way down, but his strong arms prevented her from doing so. Instead all she could feel go into her at first was the tip of his member. He held her there for a while, making her ache for him to be inside of her. Her juices began to flow more freely now and he could feel them trickle down his cock and onto his sack. Then she caught him by surprise by lifting herself up really quickly and then going all the way down, burying his cock in her dripping vagina.

“Oh my God,“ she exclaimed. “This feels so fucking great, baby.“ She began to slide herself up and down on his cock, slowly and rhythmically riding him. She leaned down to kiss him deeply, letting herself moan in his mouth as their lips pressed against one another.

“You’re making me so wet,“ she whispers against his mouth. “You turn me on so much.”

Her lover then pulled her as close to himself as he could, burying his face into her neck as he began to quickly thrust in and out of her. She could feel his nut sack slapping against her ass as he pounded he with all he had inside, filling her sopping pussy with each powerful thrust. Anyone listening through the door would have heard the sounds of muffled moaning, grunting and the audible sound of a rock-hard cock quickly jackhammering into a wet pussy.

The woman then forced herself up as she wanted to feel even more of him inside of her. As she did so he took one of her big, beautiful breasts into his mouth and began to nibble on it.

“Oh yes,“ she cried out to him. “Bite it baby, bite it really fucking hard.“ He did as she requested and was rewarded by not only her squeals of desire but also by a flood of her juices over his pounding cock.

She began to ride him faster, little by little, sliding her wetness up and down his pulsing cock. She thought to herself how good it felt to have her perfect lover inside of her, and how she was on the verge of a massive orgasm. She had developed a measure of control over her releases, as she wanted him to cum inside of her first. Her breathing began to get heavier and heavier as she held herself still, allowing him to ram his cock deep up inside her. With each thrust of his cock, her breasts would bounce up and down, which seemed to spur him on to pound deeper and deeper as the minutes seemed to stretch into hard pounding hours.

“Cum for me baby,” she said through heavy breaths and squeals of ecstasy. “Let me feel you shoot all of your cum deep inside me! Let me feel you let yourself go in my tight, wet pussy!”

Her plea drove him further on, making him growl with ecstasy and fiery lust in his eyes. He looked deep into her beautiful blue eyes as his face contorted with passion and his hips thrust harder and deeper into her, almost as if he were trying to enter her fully and become one with her. She could feel his cock beginning to pulse and throb as his need to erupt began to build even more. Her pussy erupted as she could feel him getting thicker and thicker in her gushing pussy. She wanted him to cum inside of her so much that she sat back on him so that she could reach down and grab a hold of his nut sack and gave it a gentle squeeze, trying to coax his cum out of him.

His thrust became more intense and a little shaky, which she had come to know as the first signs of an intense, immediate orgasm. His moans filled her ears with ecstasy and his breathing became music to her ears.

“Oh God baby,” he began through clenched teeth. “I’m gonna cum!”

“Do it my love,” she said to him as she sank her nails into his sweat-covered chest. “Let yourself erupt inside of me!”

And he did just that. As she too began to go through her own shuddering orgasm, she felt him thrust and convulse inside of her. His cock erupted, sending what felt like gallons upon gallons of cum deep into her womb, filling her pussy to the point of bursting. As she screamed her excitement, he could feel their combined fluids gushing out of her and down his shaft.

“Oh fuck, baby,” she said as she continued to ride him, milking his cock of every last drop of his precious seed. The sense of amazement continued to fill her being as she began to feel an even more intense orgasm of her own building deep down inside.

“I’m gonna...ohhhhh God... oh yessssss, it’s my turn to explode,” she groaned out as she lifted her gushing wet pussy off of his rigid cock. She moved up his body, dripping their juices along his torso as she did so, until she finally straddled his face. She lowered herself right onto his mouth, letting their mixture drip down into his throat. She wrenched her head back as she felt his expert tongue begin to lash out at her vagina, fucking her and licking her all at once.

He had tasted such an exquisite mixture before, and each time he did so it seemed to taste even better than the one before. And this one was no exception. Her sopping wet pussy held so much of his cum that he was getting his fill from her this day. His tongue would slide in and out of her vagina, almost as though he were scooping his seed from her.

She began to shake as she pushed herself down further onto his face, wanting his tongue deeper inside of her than he had ever achieved before. And then it happened, as she exploded in his mouth, sending a torrent of her own cum down into his eager, swallowing throat. She screamed out into the world as her orgasm rocked her entire body from her curled-up toes to her eyes, which had rolled back into her head.

Panting and trying to regain her strength and breath, she moved down his body to where she lay on top of him. She began to kiss his cum-covered lips, tasting their mix on his mouth. “Oh what a taste,” she said. “I’ve never tasted anything more wonderful than this.”

As the sky darkened outside in the Outback, they lay there in each other’s arms, holding their love together as their bodies slowly recovered from what had just happened. It would be a few hours before some friends of theirs were to show up, but for now they wanted to savor this moment, basking in the fact that their love was perfect and that nothing on this world would break it.

She looked deep into his brown eyes and at the same time they knew what the other was going to say, and in unison they spoke their mind.

“I love you.”

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