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Hey guys, Mr_Trickster here. I just wanted to post a little note here saying that WAHTST Part 3 is still in the making and that it'll come out hopefully before the end of 2018. I just recently came to the realization that the three stores plus the one I'm working on are probably 95% gay and 5% straight. So I think it's time to change it up a bit. This story is going to be m/f.

As I mentioned in my bio, I'm bisexual but I feel that I shouldn't just do hot gay scenes all the time because I need to have some balance. So without further ado I hope you enjoy this story.

Also maybe if this gets good reviews I might give it later parts that could turn into a series.

Sneak Peak: "There's just something so wonderful about being fully naked in the middle of a peaceful environment, care to join me?"

This is agony...

You know that feeling when it's 20 minutes before class ends on the last day of school before spring break and you just want to die because it feels like hours? Well that's the situation I'm in right now.

Hey there, I'm Anthony and I'm currently trying to endure the last minutes of before break starts. I'm so excited about it cause all my friends and I are going to Miami Beach for break on Sunday. What makes it better is the fact that we didn't get one snow day during the winter so our break is a whole week longer. I'm excited for the vacation because of the five S's.

Sand, Sun, surf, stoned and sluts.

Yeah you know how them beach babes are always ready to party, smoke a bunch of shit and have nonstop sex during break. I recently turned 18 and all my friends who are going are 18, with the exception of this guy James who's been held back a bit. He's 20 but his birthday is on Tuesday so we'll celebrate by getting a bunch of hot babes wasted and go to our hotel suite.

I say suite because our one friend George is rich and booked us the best suite in a fancy hotel. We're going to try and get an orgy going while there. Plus who wouldn't want to fuck me all night. I'm 6ft tall with a weight of 187 lbs and I'm packing 9 inches long and soft. I'm always down for a good fuck.

I'm still waiting to get out of environmental science. My class is dull and boring... except for the teacher. Our teacher is a recent college grad who's 26, standing at a nice 5ft 11 and is 213lbs, plus with a nice round ass and a big pair of DD tits. Miss Sarah Greeneburgh. God I've had so many fantasies and wet dreams about her. I would love to be in a relationship with her.

I once did a school funded charity event that she happened to be at. Within hours I got to find out how relatable we are. We're both Sagittarius, we both love the NY Rangers and professional wrestling. We both play similar games in our free time on the same consoles (Xbox for life) and watch the same tv, movies, YouTube videos and have similar taste in music and so much more. I actually like her as a teacher and a person to talk to outside of school.

I actually do have her number and she has mine because we often partook in outside school activities plus gamed together from time to time as well as other stuff. I think her and I could make it work. But alas she is a teacher and I am a student but maybe I'll make a move after graduation.

How has it only 5 minutes?!? God now I'm in agony from wanting to get out and the heat. It's like 85 degrees outside. Maybe after this I'll go to the river after class.

Outside by the schools parking lot there's a path that goes into the forest that opens up to this wonderful open area with wonderful plant and water life. There's a giant river that my class and I have done experiments in and every time I'm there it's breathtakingly wonderful. My friends and I have gone swimming there and it's so calm and safe. No leeches, no bears, nothing dangerous.

Something that's kinda weird is the fact that miss Greeneburgh mentioned it's private property owned by the school and it can only be used by the school. I once talked to another teacher about it and she said as far as she knew it's open to the public.

10 minutes left. Goddamnit.

"Okay class now listen, if you're super quiet I'll let you go 10 minutes early but have to sneak out quietly. If you get caught don't rat me out or you'll be sorry. Have a great two week break!" Said Miss Greeneburgh.

Everyone left in a hurry while I respected her request and went quietly but I was stopped by Greeneburgh. "Hold on a second Anthony you almost forgot something." She reached into her desk and pulled out a 5 pound bag of weed. "Here you go free of charge, enjoy it while you're off. Where will you and your friends be during break?"

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention this. Just like me my teacher smokes weed and she also grows it and sells it to my friends and I as well as other clients we helped her with. "Wow thanks Mis... I mean Sarah. We're going to Miami Beach to celebrate James' birthday."

"Damn Anthony I'll be in Miami Beach as well, are you following me or something lmao. Well don't forget if you ever need anything or some more herbs then just shoot me a text."

"Thanks Sarah, have a great time and if I don't see you in Miami then have a great break and I'll see you when I return home. Goodbye!"

"See you later Anthony."

I walked from the classroom and to the forest entrance. I texted my friends I'll talk to them later and I told my mom I'm hanging out with a friend. I then walked to the aforementioned area and just stopped to take it all in. It's so wonderful and peaceful and the water was cold to the touch. Perfect.

I realized I didn't think this plan fully through because I had no swimming trunks. So because I was just hot all over and no one is going to come out here I would just go skinny dipping. I put my backpack on the ground and shed my shirt, pants, shoes, socks and underwear and put them on steady, even ground.

I jumped into the water and started having naked pool fun. It felt odd swimming out in the open while nude but I didn't care because I was having fun. I was just happy to be there and was happy to have some alone time to question things on my mind.

One thing I can never figure out is why Sarah said this place is off limits if it's really not. I think I'm about to have that question answered. "What the hell are you doing!"

I shot up to see Sarah standing there in a beautiful two piece bathing suit. Here nipples were just barely covered up as well as her Cunt. She also had sunglasses and a beach hat on. "I was just taking a dip. I didn't think anyone would be here so I'm swimming naked."

"Anthony, I told you, this place is off limits, remember?" Sarah said while scolding me.

"That's bs. I've spoken to many teachers and they all said this place is open to the public. So why don't you cut the crap and tell me what's going on." I demanded.

"Fine. As you already know this place is just so wonderful and peaceful that I like spending my alone time here. I said that to protect this place because I didn't want people trashing it. Plus this is where I grow the weed so I didn't want anyone finding the stash."

I hopped out of the water while talking. "That's completely understandable and reasonable. But you can trust me. You know I wouldn't harm this wonderful environment. I could never forgive myself. Plus I wouldn't want to hurt your special place." I said with a smile.

"Ok, yes you're right, I should've trusted you. But I still wanna know why you're naked in my special place?" Sarah questioned.

"Well I was really hot and wanted to swim but I had no trunks and I figured no one would be here so I decided to swim naked. And you know what? There's just something so wonderful about being fully naked in the middle of a peaceful environment, care to join me?" I asked reaching out my hand.

Sarah looked surprised by the question but took a minute to ponder an answer. "Sure, I always swim naked here anyways." With that she pulled off her suit and gave me a view I always dreamed of seeing. Her nipples were so big and her pussy was well shaven. I actually started getting hard so I needed to get in quick. She pulled out two joints and gave me one. "Cheers."

"Cheers, to us and our special place." I said. And with that we grabbed each other's hands and went into the water while smoking the blunts. We just floated while smoking silently. I finished mine first and decided to make things interesting. I took my arm and made a big splash at her which caused her to drop her joint in the water.

She looked at me and said "You're fucking done now you bastard." And with that she ran and speared me. In an instant we wrestling in the water. This went on for five minutes before I tried winning by holding her underwater but she grabbed me by the balls and squeezed hard.

I shot up while screeching: "Okay ow fine you win why did you that?!?"

She smiled at me and said "Sometimes you gotta do whatever it takes to win. Are you really hard from that!?!"

I looked down at my limp dick and aching balls. "Actually it's not hard, that's just my natural size. 9 maybe 9 1/2 inch long."

Sarah walked up to me. "BS, let me take a closer look." She grabbed it and got on her knees. She looked all around it examining it and feeling it all over. It then grew to a full foot long hard dick. She let go of it and stood up. "Well that's an impressive Cock you have there Anthony. Sorry for giving you wood."

"No it's fine don't worry about it. I'll take care of it later." I responded. "Hey I got a ball in my bag, wanna play catch?"

Sarah agreed and then her and I played catch and did other fun water activities while talking about school, today, break, what we plan to do in Miami and other things. I told her about the hotel and that we're flying in a private plane on our way there, I think she was jealous (honestly who wouldn't be). After a while we decided to continue chatting on a nice big blanket Sarah brought. We decided to light up some more blunts. Then things started getting interesting.

"So Anthony, considering how it is over in Miami I assume you're looking to see how many girls you can plow during the break right? Cause I'm looking to do the same thing with men"

"Yeah I guess but I'm also there to chill with my friends and enjoy vacation. Plus I'm hoping to maybe when I meet the girls that I can be something else with a certain one." I said looking away.

Sarah turned onto her side towards me. "You mean get a girlfriend?" I nodded. "Why can't you get one here?"

"Truthfully it's because the girls here suck. The hot girls are brainless sluts and the not so attractive girls hate life or think I'm just trying to prank them so it's impossible here in this stupid county."

Sarah sat up. "Well Anthony you didn't ask everyone. What about me?

I sat up shocked looking at her. "I mean in all honesty I would love to because you and I are so relatable in so many ways and we would be perfect together but it's wrong. The school would suspend me and have you fired and your teaching license would be revoked."

She grabbed my dick and started playing with it lightly. "Yeah but we would be super careful about it plus after your graduation in a few months we would be able to become a couple without repercussions."

I got harder and smiled. "I love that idea, I think we should do that."

"I love it too." My dick was throbbing at its full mass now.

We stared at each other for another minute.

"You know Anthony out of all of your friends, I liked you the most."

"And you're my favorite teacher ever."

"Lets start break off right now."

We jammed our lips onto each other's as we started making out passionately and fighting for dominance in each other's mouth. I won and explored the inside of her mouth. We stopped so that she could get on top of me and moaned my name while I sucked on her nipples, they're sweeter than I could have ever dreamed.

She sank down to my cock and started liking it like a lollipop. She then shoved my dick down her throat and started deep throating me. "I'm surprised you can almost fit my whole dick down your throat. You must have had a lot of practice."

She came up for air and told me while panting: "I've had... plenty of experience... in my life... especially college. I actually haven't sucked one this big before nor have I fucked one. But that's all going to change soon." Sarah went back to sucking me at a nice pace. This continued for 5 minutes until I needed to cum.

"Oh Sarah I'm sorry but I need to jizz so badly so you're going to have to pull off." What she did next was surprising. She wrapped her arms around my waist and kept bobbing as I jizzed a humongous load down her throat. She drank it down like a marathon runner downing a bottle of water after a one mile sprint.

Sarah laid down on her back and spoke: "If you think I'm going to do all that work and get a drop of that cum juice then you're wrong."

I kneeled on my knees and asked: "WOW you must really love cum, is it really that good?" She spread her legs open revealing her dripping Pussy.

"Why don't you see for yourself?" Sarah said seductively. You didn't have to ask me twice as I dove in and started sucking on her wet cunt. Damn even though it was pre cum it tasted really good. If I could I would grab a mug and dispense her Cunt juice into it and drink it, maybe even sweeten it with some of her tit milk.

I plunged my tongue as deep as I could into her pussy and fingered it. "Oh fucking Christ Anthony no one as eaten me out this well before. I... I'm cumming!" She said as she fucking exploded on my face but I didn't care because I was lapping my tongue at her delicious cum. I sat back satisfied.

I told her: "Well you were right, that was fucking delicious. I would love to give my dick a taste but sadly I don't have any rubbers."

She grinned at me. "Well I'm actually on this specialty type of pill that prevents pregnancy. I'll tell you about it when we're done. Now get the fuck over here and fuck me or else I'll just finger fuck myself." I basically threw myself at her and quickly inserted my dick into her Cunt. It was the best feeling ever. For an entire year I just wanted to fuck her mouth and make her mine but now she is begging me to fuck her. It was a dream come true. For 10 minutes all you could hear was the forest life, the calm flow of water and my balls slapping against her ass. "Oh my god Anthony, I need to tell you you're the best student I have ever had. Ever since I met and got to know you I knew you were already special to me from the very beginning. I don't care if it's illegal for a teacher to love a student and I don't care if my license gets revoked. As long as I have you I don't need anything ever again."

She loves me? I wanted to cry but I needed to be a strong person. "Oh my god Sarah I'm the happiest man in the world right now after hearing you say that. I have felt the same way ever since I met you. My biggest dream in the world has come true because I'm fucking the woman I love. I love you Sarah!"

"I love you too Anthony! I'm going to fucking cum!"

"Me too!"

The damn broke and I shot jizz straight into her for 30 seconds while she did the same towards me. I finished my load and collapsed straight onto her. While my dick was still lodged in her pussy I wrapped her into a bear hug and passionately made out with her for five minutes.

"I love you so much Sarah. Will you be my girlfriend?"

"Only if you will be my amazing boyfriend Anthony. I love you so much too." We kissed for another minute until we decided to get up to get changed.

We decided we would see each other tomorrow at her place. There she would tell me about the pill and what we wanted to do about Miami. We also agreed this place will forever be our secret spot where we can always share each other's love. Plus we will meet here after school everyday until graduation. We kissed each other goodbye and went to our prospective homes. While at home I received a text message from my new girlfriend.

"Any chance you can get me a pair of private plane tickets?"

I smiled at the text as I thought about what the future has in store for me.

And there you have it. I hope you enjoyed the story. Again it is right now just a story only and not a series but if people want a sequel then please comment down below. Have a good day.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous04/19/19

Sequel possibility?

You said to comment if people want a sequel so...ye. Although I am saying this, I realize it has been a few months since this was posted so I don’t know if there has been a sequel or not. I will be checkingmore...

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by Mr_Trickster6409/22/18

Mr. 46 and dumbass.

To the hater that called me a dumbass because a college grad student has to be 46, if you use your puny brain to search online, then you will see there have been many people under the age of 30, 25 andmore...

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by Anonymous09/21/18

recent grad and 26???

you might try to be more real. why NOT be a recent grad and 47 dumb ass...

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