tagExhibitionist & VoyeurOutdoor Love and Lust

Outdoor Love and Lust


I just couldn't wait to see you. It was such a long time seven days. I love gazing into your eyes. The feel of your lips on mine, so soft.

Finally! There you were in front of me, a vision of beauty on the corner of the street.

I pulled up and you climbed into my van, reached over and gave me a soft, quick kiss. I always felt disappointed by that first kiss. I wanted to devour you at the first sight of you. I didn't blame you. The place was busy with traffic and people could see. So I smiled and started to drive. Besides I knew that later in the day you would make it up to me with those delicious and soft lips.

We drove for some time thinking of a place to stop and have the picnic you had brought with you. It was a warm and sunny early summer's day. The fields and trees were lush green and it was lovely to walk hand in hand down the county lane. We had parked the van up close to a canal side pub so that we could finish the day with a cool drink.

At last we found a suitable looking field far enough from the lane and farm houses. The wheat was tall enough to hide the far side at ground level so we clambered over the gate and made our way to a suitably distant area. The field was flanked by a small stand of trees with a stream gurgling though them. Perfect. I placed the picnic blanket on the ground and we fell down and into each others arms.

Oh it was so good to hold you again. Pressing your body close against me and feeling your warmth. Your lips felt so soft and succulent. Electricity coursed through me as I felt your tongue trace around my mouth and probe deeper. I had been walking around with a stirring in my pants but right now I was completely erect. My cock strained at my pants eager to be enfolded in your hand.

After a few minutes of this intense interaction we broke off and tried to catch our breath. We opened the bottle of white wine and drunk deeply from the two glasses you had brought. Then we attacked the sandwiches and cake. It seemed like we were rushing to move onto other things but after a while we slowed and took in the lovely summers day. You lie back against my chest and snuggle into me as we talk for ages about what had happened over the past week. I stroke you softly and I feel blessed. It's a wonderful feeling. Something I never thought Id feel again in my sad, slow, boring life. To wake up every morning with you in my head gave me meaning to live. To have you lying against me was bliss.

Slowly and with no sign or ceremony we gradually became more entwined and our kisses became more passionate, more heated. Our hands roamed and sought out warm and secret places with more speed and vigour. It didn't take long to get to that point of no return. Your long flowing skirt was high upon your lovely white thigh and your legs parted involuntarily, you pushed your hips forward, willing my fingers to probe your sweet pussy.

I drew my long finger down your panties and felt the wetness of your lips. Gentle at first but soon hard, I rubbed at your pussy lips and felt them open until I could bear it no more and pulled the panties to one side and felt two fingers slip easily into your hot, soaking wet cunt. Oh heaven. I loved how wet you became and how quickly. It made me feel like a man should feel.....powerful and sexy. I felt wanted as you gasped and ground your hips against my probing fingers.

Our kisses were deep and electrifying as your tongue explored my mouth and face. I broke off and moved along your neck, letting my lips and tongue soak your soft skin. My hand broke away from between your legs and pulled your blouse and bra down with one violent tug exposing your long nipple perfectly erect on the pale mound of your breast. I fell upon it, the smell of your pussy lingering from my hand. This made me all the more hungry to taste you. I kissed, licked and sucked your nipple, pulling at it with my gritted teeth until you yelped in pain. I shot a glance up at your wondrous face and grinned at the sweet smile that betrayed any feeling of true hurt.

You lay back then and as I moved down your body you spread your legs wide. Having already pulled your panties off, I was met with the pure sight of your fine, well trimmed pussy. Oh the delights it held for me. I lost not time and dropped my head until my face was soon covered in your flowing juices.

Its times like these when all my senses are on fire that I feel blessed to be alive. My fingers plunged into your willing pussy as my tongue flicked and dragged along your clit. Wonderful. I drank you like a warm cup of wine. You writhed beneath me and held the back of my head in case I lost my senses and tried to escape. No chance.

Eventually you could take no more and pulled me up by my hair and drank from my soaking mouth. Your hands were all over my body as you decided what to do next. Instantly you found my groin and felt the strain against my jeans as if it urged you to let it free. You practically tore at the cloth as you loosened my belt and unbuttoned me.

That feeling of cool fingers when they wrap around my hot manhood for the first time is electric. It's like heaven. You gently stroked my length, moving over the head and down into the depths of my pants to encircle my full balls and then with a tug you pulled the jeans down to release me from the tight prison. You fell then onto my cock and lapped and suckled it like some exquisite lollypop. Moaning involuntarily you feasted on me until you could take no more and the urge to feel me inside you was too much to bear. You pushed me back on the picnic blanket and straddled me. I felt your hot, wet lips cover the head of my straining cock and then I was completely engulfed by you. You waited for a few seconds savouring the feeling and then you started to move. Slow at first but soon you were riding me like some stallion through the field. Grinding one minute and then almost letting my length slip out of you as you took the full length time after time. Your tits bounced as you rode me and I reached out and groped them. Kneaded them. You fell forward and let me ram them into my mouth. I couldn't help but bite you.

After what seemed an age, you rolled onto your back and pulled me on top of you. It may be the lowly, unfashionable missionary position but it was fantastic to look down at your beauty as I pounded into you. Your eyes flicked between intense lust when they pierced my face with their stare to when they rolled almost drunkenly from pleasure.

All this time we were oblivious to the rest of the world. That picnic blanket may well have been a cell that we were cocooned in such was the blind lust that consumed us.

I rose up from your luxuriating body and watched you as you couldn't help but stroke yourself. I knelt there watching you, holding onto my rock hard cock, slowly wanking myself. This mutual masturbation was a real turn on for both of us. Again it was that feeling of being wanted, needed. Your legs were either side of my knees and you sat up and took my wet cock into your mouth again. You cupped my balls with one hand as the other vigorously pulled on my cock, your tongue flicking around the eye and around the rim of my head. You looked up into my eyes and then you pulled away and turned your back on me.

Wow, what a sight. You looked around and told me to get a move on. I didn't need telling twice but it was a strain to stop staring at your beautiful bare behind. Your legs were together as you knelt in front of me giving your arse an extra height so that my tall frame was in the right position. I stroked both cheeks and let my fingers run up and down your pussy lips, feeling their wetness. I then replaced my fingers with the head of my cock and pushed, again that sweet feeling of warmth and being as one. Slowly I built up my rhythm, taking time to feel every ripple and contour of your pussy with my cock. But I couldn't stay slow for long and soon I was pounding you hard. I knew you loved this and the brutality had me as deep as possible inside you. I reached around and held onto your swinging breasts. Pinching at your hard nipples and tugging on the lovely mounds. I knelt back up and gripped both cheeks as I relentlessly continued to ride you. We were both groaning as I reached for your hair and pulled it back. I felt your back arch and that gave me an extra half inch of thrust. Oh this was my favourite position. If it wasn't for the fact that I couldn't see your beautiful face then I could have rode you for hours.

The moment was broken by the sound of a car on the nearby lane. Although we were certain we couldn't be seen the risk was too great to be knelt up as we were and we fell panting and sweating onto the blanket. We talked as we stroked each other for a few minutes catching our breath until our passions rose again and I had to feel myself inside you. I climbed on top of you and this time we held each other until you came. At first a tightening of your whole body and then a convulsive shudder that left me hanging onto you for fear that I may slip out at the wrong time. You held me strongly then for some time, feeling my warmth and my hardness inside you. I then rolled to the side of you and lay, staring at you.

It was only then that we realised the time. It was so late. We decided to get the picnic things together and make our way back to the van. I never bothered about cumming. My pleasure was seeing you cum and just being with you and all the things we did. In fact I sometimes held back in order to let the intense feelings of pleasure last.

You were standing then and reached down to get your panties from the floor. I was still lay on the blanket, jeans off and was slowly stroking myself as I watched you. I reached up and stroked your leg. Gently I pulled you to me and asked you to stand over my face. You stepped until each foot was either side of my head and spread your legs slightly. What a sight. I slowly moved my hand up your leg and touched your hovering pussy. It was still wet from our love making and it wasn't long until you was swaying and moaning softly.

"Sit on my face" I whispered up to you and without any hesitation you lowered yourself until your pussy was just above my mouth. I lifted my head and ran my tongue along the full length of your dripping cunt. You dropped again then until your body was resting on my face and then you started to grind. One of my hands was kneading your arse and the other was wanking my hard cock furiously. What a great feeling. I was almost helpless as you smothered me. What a way to die. You rose up quickly and turned round so that you was facing towards my feet. Again you lowered yourself onto my face and started the grinding but this time you fell onto my cock. You sucked deep and pulled hard on me. We both could feel each other ready to cum. I felt the semen rising from my balls ready to gush into your eager mouth. You must have been able to sense this from me as your movement increased. I thought this would finally kill me off as my nose buried deep in the folds of your pussy and my tongue licked your hard clit but somehow I managed to catch my breath enough. Finally cum burst out of the tip of my cock and flooded your open mouth. This sent you over the edge and you held onto me as you rode my skirt covered face.

We relaxed slowly and then you pulled away but before you stood you turned and nestled into my body. Your mouth sought mine and our tongues battled to taste each others juices. Heaven. Eventually we pulled ourselves reluctantly from each other and clambered to our shaky feet.

We got our things together and made our way hand in hand along this secret field on this perfect summer's afternoon.

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