tagNonConsent/ReluctanceOutdoors Training Ch. 01

Outdoors Training Ch. 01


He was a really nice guy, platonic friend, all round good neighbour, always helping people out, if I had any idea what he was really like I wouldn't have accepted his invitation.

I had been having a stressful time so a good friend of mine had offered to take me on a camping trip, help take my mind off my everyday stresses. I knew that he could teach me a lot of plant lore which was something I had always found interesting so I accepted. He already had all the equipment that we would need so all I had to do was turn up.

It was a gloriously sunny day, almost seemed a crime to be sat inside a car. We sped along the motorways and back roads, deep into the welsh mountains. I had no idea where we were going I watched the road signs, but they meant nothing to me, all in welsh, I trusted him completely.

When we stopped to pitch the tent I was probably more a hindrance than a help, but I tried to do my bit. We had a drink and something light to eat, then we set off walking, it was nice and gentle, not much more than a stroll. Talking about various plants and their uses as food, medicines or the dangerous ones I needed to avoid. By the time we got back to the tent, the light was fading and we had been walking for at least 4 hours in a big circle.

He cooked us a hot meal, I'm not sure what it was but it tasted like the most wonderful banquet. Then we opened a bottle of wine and sat talking quietly almost reverently watching the sunset, with it amazing array of colours slowly creeping across the sky. Then it seemed quite sudden as the light faded and the darkness of the night descended.

After the long walk, a hot meal and one glass of wine I was quickly falling asleep. I crawled into my sleeping bag and fell asleep. I wasn't asleep long but I sort of half woke when Joe crawled into his sleeping bag, but I was soon fast asleep again only waking the next morning to the smell of bacon cooking.

Even though I had been woken by the delightful smell of bacon that was my only respite for the day, he had me walking hard, with frequent but short breaks. When we got back to the tent that evening I was ready to drop straight into my sleeping bag, but he decided it was my turn to cook. I made a coffee first to try and perk myself up and then made us a simple evening campfire meal. Then after I had cleared the meal away he sat me down with some wine.

I was quickly in my sleeping bag again but the night was colder than the one before and I was starting to feel a little cold, Joe suggested we huddle together for warmth. He grinned and said he had done it with plenty of other women and that I was perfectly safe with him. To which I replied with a wink that I wasn't bothered about the cuddling to keep warm, I was more bothered about him waking with a hard on in the morning. So I shuffled backwards and as he put his big strong arms around me I felt safe and warm and fell quickly asleep.

It was very warm the next morning and I suppose I was more comfortable than I should have been lying in his arms as I dozed in and out of sleep. When I started to feel something pressing against my back, I just responded naturally pressing back against it.

His hands started to gently knead my breasts, then one hand pushed my pants down and I felt his hard cock pressing against my already damp pussy. Suddenly he thrust inside me; my body arched trying to get him deeper, our bodies rocked gently, moulded together.

He pulled out laying me on my back, leaning gently over me; he took my face in his hands kissing me deeply. His tongue gently probing into my mouth, he manoeuvred himself between my legs; plunging hard into me, as I try to meet each thrust.

Then he grabbed my hands pinning me down and with each thrust getting harder, almost driving me into the ground. His head lowers to my neck and he bites, not hard enough to break the skin, but enough to make me scream. As he works down to my breasts biting and continuing to pound me into the floor I realise that there is no one to hear the screams. I begin to struggle in earnest at which point he just smiles and slips a rope from under his pillow and loops it around my wrists.

That's the point at which I realise what a huge mistake I've made, he must have had it all planned. I was so gullible to think he just genuinely wanted to help me.

Before I have fully realised what is happening my hands are restrained above me and both legs are anchored, wide apart. He leaves me sprawled there, completely open and on view for him.

I hear him go to the car, he comes back to the tent with what seems to be another holdall, but I don't have a clear view. He comes in a flips me over onto my front then something presses against my ass, his cock forces its way inside me as he uses my body like a fucktoy, just banging away till his body tenses and he unloads his cum inside me.

Using his fingers start to deftly massage my clit and my body opens to him as he starts to push a large butt plug inside me. Just as I think I'm about to faint, it pops in and settles, making me feel full. Then he pushes two fingers inside my pussy, growling 'oh yeah nice n fucking tight'. Plunging his fingers in and out, taking me to the edge of an orgasm and then stopping, with a wicked smile on his face. He stands up and goes back outside again.

I can smell cooking, he is obviously making breakfast, and I wonder if I will have any. Laying there I can only speculate what will happen next, he obviously intends to use me further, but for how long.

After what seems like an eternity he returns to the tent, pausing at the entrance to admire my prone body, completely at his mercy. Then letting my hands loose from above me but keeping the rope round them, he sits me up and puts a bowl on my lap and lets me eat, keeping a close watch over me. Then he unties my legs whilst giving me a drink of water, and leads me naked outside. I start to shake in fear, as he leads me away from the tent in a direction we haven't been in before, painfully aware that I am completely naked with a butt plug up my ass.

After just a short while, which seems like a million lifetimes to me we turn another corner and are right next to a shallow stream. He unties my hands and orders me to bathe in the stream, just as I turn to the stream he comes behind me and grabs my breasts kneading them hard pressing against me. Then pushes me forwards and watches as I try to clean myself in the freezing cold water.

When I return to him, he starts to rub his hands over me warming me. Then he makes me kneel in front of him and bring out his semi erect cock thrusting it into my face. 'Suck it and do a good job of it'.

I nod.

My tongue flicks gently over the head, finding the tender spot and flicking it harder. Taking it out of my mouth I kiss all the way down the shaft, flicking my tongue and gently sucking, then kissing all the way back up again. Running my tongue round the head, flicking gently across it, then steadying myself. I plunge my mouth onto his cock trying to take it all to the base, I hear him gasp and smile to myself. Taking my mouth back off him I carry on teasing him with my tongue, then once again plunging my mouth down onto his cock.

He grabs the back of my head and starts to fuck my face, quickly, nearly choking me. Then he slows down and pulls out, pushing me onto my back, nudging against my pussy, pressing in, with the butt plug in there it feels like he's going to split me. He gently presses in then suddenly pulls out again, grinning down at me laid on my back with my legs wide open waiting for him, my pussy soaking with juices, my nipples hard.

'Beg me' he says, and I just look at him and shake my head, 'you will' he says smiling 'your mine, you just don't know it yet'. Then he plunges into my pussy, the intensity stuns me, I've never felt so full before as he pounds into me again and again, the waves of a huge orgasm wrack my body and I gush all over his balls. Then he stops stunned, then he laughs 'mmmmmm a gusher, very nice, I am gonna have sooo much fun with you'.

He continues to pound into me, it feels like he's trying to crack my bones he's ramming that hard against me. I can't help but respond to the harsh treatment, my body tensing for another orgasm. He bends his head to my breast and bites hard on my nipple.

I come round in the tent, I must have passed out. I have no idea how long I have been out for but he is wasting no time, playing with my breasts again. One hand wandering down between my legs, he pulls out the butt plug. Then starts to play with my clit, the pressure building as he inserts a finger inside me, I cum hard, gushing juices again and again.

My body shaking from the effort gets no respite as he lowers himself onto me, pounding away till his body shakes and he unloads into me. Still not satisfied he reaches for a large dildo and teases me then easing it inside starts to fuck me hard and fast, my body tensing in an almost continuous orgasm. Fastening some straps round my legs that hold the dildo in place, he flips me onto my front and slips his hard cock up my ass again; all I can do is try to relax as he pounds away. Again my body betrays me as my hips push back to meet each thrust, he laughs 'you are a dirty bitch', then pulls out leaving me with my ass in the air, gasping, wanting more.

He unties all my restraints and lays me inside my sleeping bag, 'get some sleep, you've got a long day tomorrow, today was only the start.'

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