tagSci-Fi & FantasyOutgrowing the Arcology Ch. 02

Outgrowing the Arcology Ch. 02


Part 2: Combined effect

Two weeks had passed since Mike, Michelle, Rose, Kimiko and Maaya had first started taking the rejuvenation formula. This, Mike knew, meant it was two weeks and two days since he and Michelle first had sex. The memory was burned in his mind -- not least of which because he had also confessed he loved her on that day -- but what he would never have guessed at the time is that with that one small trickle he ended up opening the floodgates.

Simply put, after Michelle had made him wait for nearly three months since they started dating, it now seemed there was no end to her desires. He didn't know if she was normally this randy, or if it was the increased libido that the experimental rejuvenation formula was supposed to cause, or the extra hormones from the breast augmentation formula that she was also taking -- or maybe a combination of all three -- but Mike could barely keep up with her. Not that he was complaining, mind you.

It was early morning after another sex-filled night, and Mike and Michelle were getting ready to go to university. Mike sat on the edge of Michelle's bed while she was in the bathroom, and he carefully examined his cock and balls. He didn't know if it was his imagination, but his penis seemed just a bit larger than before. He thought that perhaps their frequent sexual encounters were the reason that his equipment felt a bit sore and swollen; he couldn't recall that it had ever gotten this much exercise before.

But who had ever heard of someone's dick growing bigger just from having sex? Maybe it was an unintended side-effect of the formula. He made a mental note to ask the doctors this afternoon during the weekly check-up which they were required to undergo as test subjects for Professor Tamura and Madihi Labs.

But if the rejuvenation formula was the cause, it was definitely not something that was supposed to happen. No changes in appearance, that is what Tamura had guaranteed, except for maybe becoming a bit fitter. The formula wouldn't even really rejuvenate them; all it could do in its current experimental state was give them increased strength and stamina, improved senses, a more efficient metabolism, and a few other minor effects. It was very impressive of course, but actually being able to attain eternal youth was still a good way off, according to some of the scientists they had talked to.

So far, none of those effects were really apparent yet. Mike definitely hoped the increased stamina would kick in soon at least; he needed all the help he could get to cope with Michelle's never-ending sex drive.

As he got up and pulled on his briefs, Michelle walked through the bathroom door into the bedroom of her small apartment in the Tokyo Arcology. She had just taken a shower and was brushing her still slightly damp long dark-brown hair. She had a fluffy white towel wrapped around her gorgeous body, which was just short enough to make Mike compulsively glance at its bottom edge in the hopes of getting a glimpse of the promised land that lay beneath; he had to admit that Michelle wasn't the only one with an unusually high sexual appetite as of late.

"Morning, sweetie," she said. "Did you sleep well?"

"Are you kidding?" he laughed. "I've been completely knocked out every night for the past two weeks, thanks to you."

She kissed him on the cheek playfully. "I'll take that as a compliment."

"As it was intended." He put a hand on the side of her face and kissed her tenderly. Then, his fingers traced down her neck, past her collarbone, and continued down to the valley between her breasts.

"I checked my biometric chip data again just now," she said, noticing his interest. "I'm officially a C cup!"

Mike studied the outline of her breasts through the towel. They were marvellously full, and the amount of cleavage displayed above the towel was definitely larger than before. Yet they still felt completely natural, as soft and firm as before, and judging from her reactions during their frequent love-making sessions, hadn't reduced in sensitivity either; rather the opposite. It was already an impressive result, and they weren't done yet, though Michelle still refused to tell him what final size she had selected, preferring to keep him guessing.

Mike thought to himself that he should probably send a thank-you note to Kimiko's aunt. As Kimiko had explained it to him, her rich aunt -- who had some kind of business relation to a company that produced the augmentation formula -- knew of Kimiko's self-image issues and had offered to supply her with the expensive formula not just for herself, but for her friends as well. As a result, all the "Girls of District D" -- the nickname that Kimiko had given to their little group -- were now slowly increasing their bust, much to Mike's delight.

Mike thought that it must be nice to be rich enough that you can decide to do something like that on a whim, like giving expensive gifts to your niece. As it was, he desperately needed the money they were getting for testing the rejuvenation formula to keep up with his rent and other regular costs; neither living in the Tokyo Arcology nor attending the Tokyo Arcology International University was exactly cheap.

As a result of Kimiko's aunt's generosity, Mike was now living out one of his greatest fantasies and fetishes, and he had found that even with the marvel of undressing software being able to nearly perfectly simulate breast expansion, it was not even remotely close to a substitute for the real thing.

He looked lovingly at his girlfriend's improved bust. She had already had a great figure, and the little bit of extra weight on top certainly didn't do any harm. He softly rubbed her breasts through the towel, his fingers tweaking her sensitive nipples through the fabric. By now he had more than enough experience to not have to see them to find them.

Michelle moaned softly in response. "Don't. We don't have time, and they've been feeling a bit weird all morning."

Mike stopped immediately, and frowned. "Weird? How exactly?"

Despite Professor Tamura's assurances that taking rejuvenation formula and augmentation formula at the same time was perfectly safe, it was still a bit of an unknown given the experimental nature of the former. Mike knew enough about how genetic restructuring worked to know that they probably wouldn't interfere, but still, you never knew.

"Just... tingly, I guess," Michelle answered. "Like when your leg has fallen asleep, but a bit subtler and a lot more pleasurable."

"Do you want to call a doctor?" he asked, sounding concerned.

She shrugged, and gently massaged the top of her breasts. "Nah, I can survive until the check-up this afternoon. Besides, it's probably just because you've been abusing them so much," she said, winking.

"I didn't hear you complain last night," he said wryly. "But you're right, we shouldn't assume that... Jesus wept!" he exclaimed as he noticed an unexpected movement beneath the towel.

Michelle withdrew her hands, and looked down at her chest, where Mike was staring. It was only slight, but to Mike's expert eye it was unmistakable. He had played out similar virtual scenarios using his retinal implements often enough to recognize the real thing: her breasts were growing slowly, just barely fast enough to be noticeable.

"Mike, what's..." she began, but her words were interrupted by a moan, and she suddenly felt unsteady. She quickly put a hand against the wall to prevent herself from collapsing.

Whether it was her sudden movement or the growth itself, Mike couldn't tell, but the knot in the towel came loose, and it fluttered down to the floor, revealing her magnificent body in all its naked glory. There didn't seem to be anything strange about her breasts, except for the almost imperceptible growth. Her pretty pink nipples were puffed up, and very hard.

Mike just stared slack-jawed at her rising chest, barely able to believe what he was seeing. His briefs became uncomfortably constrictive as his dick became erect as a result of the incredibly erotic sight.

Michelle got goose-bumps over her whole body, and with a final loud moan, collapsed to her knees. Then, it was over; the whole thing had lasted maybe twenty seconds, but it felt like a lifetime to the two of them.

After recovering her senses, Michelle got up from the floor, and sat on the bed. She carefully probed her breasts with her hands, but couldn't find anything wrong. They felt and appeared perfectly fine, except at least a cup size larger than they were a minute before. They hung proud and firm from her chest, noticeably heavier.

"Are you alright? Is that normal?" Mike asked with a note of panic in his voice. Now that the excitement of seeing real breasts grow had passed, concern for his girlfriend had taken its place.

"Yes, and, I don't know," she replied breathlessly. "There doesn't seem to be anything wrong, and the tingly feeling is gone."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes. And, Mike," she turned to look at him, blushing. "It felt good, really good. I nearly came." Then her face got even redder. "Imagine that had happened in the transport tube! I would never live it down."

"Well, I have to admit, it looked incredibly hot," Mike replied with a lecherous grin. "But you're definitely telling the doctors about this at the check-up today. And we're both skipping the formulas this morning."


By the time that Mike was on his way to class, concern had been replaced with excitement again. Other than the strange episode, Michelle did seem to be perfectly fine, and Mike just couldn't get the sight of her expanding breasts out of his mind. He cursed himself for not having recorded the expansion with his implants; such an event was likely to be once in a lifetime.

He had already done some comparisons with the help of his undressing software. Michelle was now pretty much the same size that Rose had been originally, although the tall Brazilian had grown at least as much as Michelle in the past two weeks. Mike once again wondered how big Rose intended to go, and couldn't keep himself from imagining her with breasts as big as Sayoko Tamura's.

Since the only class that the five friends actually all shared together was Professor Tamura's class on genetic restructuring, which was on Tuesdays, Mike didn't meet with Michelle again until lunch. He had agreed to meet up with her and their friends in the cafeteria of the biology department.

Since Mike was a bit early, he decided to check the news, which he hadn't done yet that day. He called up ECNN's feed on his retinal implants, and his view of the real world was overlaid with the image of their busty Irish anchor.

"This is ECNN on-demand, I'm Mary O'Shea, and welcome to the news," she began as always. Mike smiled as he saw that she had left a couple of buttons undone at the top of her blouse; he loved it when she did that.

"Our top story today is the unexpected announcement from China that they intend to genetically alter all new-born girls to be infertile. These girls would need to gain state approval to undo the defect with genetic restructuring in later life, making sure that the country's strict birth policies can no longer be circumvented. In response, the Eurasian Union has threatened to apply sanctions against China and even said they would revoke the country's membership if necessary, as these measures would be against the international restrictions on genetic engineering."

The image changed to show Aaron Ekelund, the current head of the Eurasian Parliament.

"It is simply not acceptable for China, or any member state, to break international law," he said. "We understand that the population problem in China is even bigger than in many other places, but taking away personal freedom simply isn't the answer. This measure would go against human rights guaranteed by EAU laws, which China agreed to adhere to when they joined fifty years ago."

Mike interrupted the program as he saw Michelle and Rose approach the table, and waved at them. "Hey there," he called. "How was class this morning?"

"Pretty interesting," Michelle said. Rose simply shrugged and sat down.

"And how about... you know? No further troubles?" he asked in a hushed voice.

Rose looked up from her lunch, surprised. "Why, did something happen?"

"No, it's nothing," Michelle said hurriedly. "And I've been fine, Mike. Thanks for asking though."

Rose raised an eyebrow, but didn't press the matter as Michelle obviously didn't want to talk about it.

"Konnichi-wa, Double-Ds!" Kimiko shouted across the cafeteria, causing Mike to groan. She jumped her way in between the tables to join them, followed in a much calmer fashion by Maaya.

Kimiko gave Mike a quick look-over. "That's the same shirt again, Mike! Don't tell me you stayed with Michelle again last night? The two of you should just move in with each other already!"

Mike laughed. "Don't exaggerate, Kimiko. I'm not there that often."

"I don't know," Michelle joked. "It would save money... and we could get a bigger bed."

"Hah!" Kimiko yelled excitedly, pointing at Michelle. "So you two are sleeping together! I knew it, I knew it!"

Mike tried to hide his face behind his hands. "And now so does the rest of the university. Thanks a lot, Kimiko."

As Kimiko and Maaya sat down, Rose frowned at the shorter girl. "Maaya, are you wearing heels or platforms or something?" she asked.

Maaya looked confused. "No... why would I wear heels to university? You know I don't like walking on those things. Why do you ask?"

"Probably nothing," Rose said. "Just my imagination."

"Anyway, that's not what's important right now," Kimiko said before Maaya could find out what Rose meant, removing something from her bag and putting it on the table. "Do you know what this is?"

"It's a bra," Rose said, pointing out the obvious.

"It's one of my padded bras! I don't need it anymore; I'm now a full, natural A cup! I'm thinking of burning it ritually to celebrate."

She thrust her chest out proudly. Much to Kimiko's disappointment, she had been the slowest to start developing since they had begun taking the augmentation formula. She wanted to be bigger so badly, but even Maaya was growing faster; the half-Japanese, half-Chinese girl had already nearly reached Michelle's original size, which Mike had to admit looked spectacular on her small frame.

"And how about you guys?" Kimiko asked. "Any progress, Maaya?"

The diminutive girl pulled her shirt tight across her chest, showing the outline of her now respectable breasts. "I had to buy new bras yesterday, none of my old ones fit right anymore," she said softly. "But I've still got a little way to go... I don't want to spend too much on intermediate sizes."

"Wow, you're really coming along aren't you?" Michelle said. "It looks great, right Mike?"

Mike could only nod silently. Still some way to go, she said? For a tiny girl like her, she was going to end up proportionally huge.

"How about you, Rose?" Kimiko continued. "Well, I don't really need to ask, do I?"

She was right; Rose's breasts were nearly the size of grapefruits now and there was no way she could hide them under that tight sleeveless top. Nor was she trying, really; with the shirt's low cut, an impressive amount of cleavage was on display. "Coming along nicely," she said. "It shouldn't be too long before I reach my target."

Mike couldn't help but feel a twinge of disappointment; with Rose's tall and voluptuous figure, she was the only one in their group who could've gone for really huge and pulled it off without looking out of proportion. But it seemed she wouldn't even reach Professor Tamura's size if, as she said, she was nearly done.

"The only thing that's driving me nuts is this damn horniness," Rose sighed. "I don't know which of the formulas is responsible, but it's really distracting."

"How to you think I feel," Mike joked, "surrounded by four growing girls like you? It's every hot-blooded male's fantasy."

"Hello? Lesbian, remember?" Rose pointed out. "And at least you have an outlet for your frustrations" -- she gestured towards Michelle -- "whereas I'm consigned to manual labour."

Yeah, and talk like this really makes things easier, Mike thought sarcastically, though he didn't say it. It was simultaneously great and hugely frustrating that the girls would include him whenever they discussed topics of sexuality. But Rose did have a point; if she was as much of a tit-girl as Mike suspected, the growth of the other girls would excite her just as much as it did Mike.

"Okay, and rounding out the pack, pun intended, Michelle?" Kimiko asked. "Any changes?"

Michelle looked away, embarrassed. "Not much to report," she said. "Same as before." She had deliberately worn a baggy shirt that morning so the results of what had happened weren't obvious.

"That's no fun!" Kimiko said. "We want to see!" And before Michelle could stop her, Kimiko lurched across the table and made a grab for Michelle's tits.

As her hands made contact, Kimiko's eyes grew wide. "What the hell? These are huge! You didn't have those yesterday."

With the secret revealed, Michelle had no choice but to relay the story of what happened that morning, although Mike noticed that she left out some details like the near-orgasm.

"And afterwards they felt completely normal, except bigger," she finished. "I don't know what to make of it."

"That's so unfair," Kimiko said, slamming her hand on the table. "Why couldn't that have happened to me? It sounds so cool!"

"I don't know, Michelle," Rose said, sounding concerned. "It sounds serious. You definitely need to tell the doctors."

"Of course I will," Michelle said. "And speaking of which, I think we'd better go if we want to be on time."


The health centre was part of the Tokyo Arcology International University Hospital, and most students would be mainly familiar with it from the mandatory yearly health checks that the university imposed on all students and faculty members.

The health centre could also be used for cheap consultation if a student had any medical problems, but that didn't happen very often. In an age where everyone was genetically engineered to have a strong immune system and no birth defects, good health was the norm. The most likely reason for visiting the health centre was as a result of injury or other external afflictions, not disease. It was a testament to the health obsession of the Japanese that the TAIU still enforced yearly full medical checks; most people just monitored their biometric chip regularly and only sought medical help if it indicated anything wrong.

Unfortunately, these breakthroughs in medical science had been a large contributing factor to the planet's overpopulation. It's great that everyone gets to live a long and healthy life, but if you don't decrease the birth rate accordingly, the result is inevitably a massive population explosion. And ironically, instead of decreasing birth rates, the opposite had actually happened initially; thanks to the near total elimination of sexually transmitted diseases nobody worried about safe sex anymore, and while birth control pills had a virtually one hundred percent success rate you did need to remember to take them.

It was no surprise then that many countries, including Japan, had adopted laws to make birth control medication a mandatory part of both male and female diets starting from puberty unless they had explicitly decided to have a child. Some nations had even instituted policies that strongly discouraged anyone under a certain age -- usually between thirty and forty -- from having children. Additionally, starting from an early age children all around the world were indoctrinated by parents, teachers and PSAs to avoid pregnancy.

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