tagSci-Fi & FantasyOutgrowing the Arcology Ch. 03

Outgrowing the Arcology Ch. 03


Part 3: Casablanca

The next morning Mike headed back over to Michelle's apartment. They were going to join up with the others, and then go to see Professor Tamura; there had been a bit of a question about whether they should see her first or go straight to a hospital. In the end, the thought of trying to explain what happened to a nurse at the ER had convinced them the professor was a better choice. They had already sent her a message that they were coming.

Mike arrived at Michelle's door feeling thoroughly worn out, and he had to suppress a yawn as he waited for her to open the door. Not surprisingly he hadn't slept much, his experience with Kimiko and the subsequent conversation with Michelle dominating his thoughts as he tossed and turned. Even though he knew it was useless to worry about what's done, he kept going over it in his head trying to think what he could've done different, and what he could do to make it up to Michelle. He'd considered buying her some small present—flowers, maybe—this morning, but he knew Michelle well enough to know that that wouldn't impress her. In fact, it could backfire as she might think he was trying to buy his way out of his guilt.

Michelle opened the door, looking pretty tired herself, and let him in. He wasn't surprised to see Kimiko already there, and fortunately it didn't look like the two girls had been fighting.

Mike did a double-take when he saw Kimiko. Nearly resting on her lap were two enormous, watermelon sized breasts, even larger than they had been yesterday. Stretched across them was what had once been her baggiest t-shirt, now tight as a second skin. Mike wondered how her nipples weren't visible, as she couldn't possibly have found a bra that could fit her. Maybe she had taped them down?

The rest of her was not quite as great, however. Her hair and make-up were messy, and her eyes were bloodshot and red; obviously she'd been crying. Mike felt a pang of guilt; even though technically Kimiko had initiated their encounter yesterday, he still felt responsible.

"Hi," he said lamely as she noticed him. "Look, I'm sorry..."

"No, I'm sorry. It was my fault," Kimiko cut him off, sniffling. "Me and my stupid breast obsession getting the better of me."

"We were both at fault," Mike said, trying to comfort her. "And the only person we need to apologise to is Michelle."

Michelle looked from him to Kimiko, her face rife with melancholy. "I just want things back the way they were," she sighed. "Back before we took those stupid formulas. Back before everything got screwed up."

"Michelle, really, I'm sorry. I already said yesterday I don't want to use the formula as an excuse. We shouldn't have done it, plain and simple, and all I want to do now is make it up to you, if I can."

A thin smile formed around Michelle's lips. "You're sweet, Mike, really. I know you didn't want to cheat on me, and I do appreciate that you didn't try to keep it a secret. It helps a lot that you were honest, at least. But like I said, I can't just forget this."

"So what do you propose?" Mike asked. "I'll do anything, just name it."

"I don't know," Michelle said. "I already discussed it with Kimiko, and I just want things to be normal, but I don't know if we can do it. Under other circumstances I'd give you a time-out to give me a few days to think, but that's not an option now. We need to stick together while this weird stuff is happening. And also,"—she blushed slightly—"the horniness may be less than it was yesterday, but it'll be back, I'm sure of it. We're going to need each other for that, or it'll just get worse."

Mike knew what she was talking about, and felt his cock twitch. Dammit, he was supposed to be apologising to her, not thinking about sex! Still, he couldn't help but feel relieved she wasn't going to cut him off under the current circumstances.

"I don't have the answers either," Mike said. "I've never been in this situation, nor did I ever think I would be. I'm just going to do my best, and hope I can regain your trust. I thought about this a lot last night, and I do love you, Michelle. I don't want to lose you."

Michelle looked at him, as if trying to decide what to do, but no decision seemed forthcoming. They just stared at each other for a few moments.

"Can I ask you a favour?" Kimiko asked, breaking the silence. "Could we not say anything to Maaya and Rose? I don't want things to get awkward."

Mike was a bit relieved she said that; he didn't really want to share what had happened with the others either. "Sure, if Michelle's okay with it."

"I guess we can do that," she conceded, then turned to Kimiko. "But if we want to pretend nothing happened, we're going to have to clean you up a bit. Come on."


Taking the transport tube was interesting, to say the least. Mike was used to the girls getting glances, especially Michelle and Rose, but the way everyone's head turned when they walked by now was almost comical. Everybody wanted to get a look at the large-breasted foreign girl and the utterly gigantic tits of her Japanese friend. Mike was getting some stares too, mainly envious ones from other guys. Fortunately his own small amount of growth was not visible while he had his pants on.

It wasn't strange the girls were the centre of attention, as their breasts weren't the only attractions. Michelle was still her normal, shapely self otherwise. Her light skin, great figure and long, voluminous chestnut hair made her a head-turner under ordinary circumstances, and with the addition of an even more amazing rack it was a close call which of the two girls was getting more looks, despite Kimiko's clear advantage in breast size.

Not that the formerly flat chested Asian could complain; her lithe, athletic yet still curvy body and strong legs had gotten her plenty of attention before, even if she might not have noticed it due to the more overt stares directed towards Rose and Michelle.

Unfortunately, not all of the attention was positive. A lot of people, particularly elders, were giving them disapproving looks, and Mike heard a fair amount of muttering behind his back. Mike felt like slugging some of the people with more obviously negative reactions; it's not as if any of this was their fault. Besides, both girls looked great even if it wasn't the norm. Fortunately the positive attention seemed to outweigh the negative.

Michelle had done an admirable job cleaning Kimiko up; her eyes were still a bit red, but other than that it was hard to tell anything was wrong. The usually energetic Japanese girl's mood had also improved a bit now that she had seen with her own eyes that Mike and Michelle weren't fighting, and unless Mike was mistaken she seemed to be enjoying the attention her new boobs were getting. She was also being preoccupied simply trying to manoeuvre without running into people or things—although most of the men she accidentally brushed against weren't complaining. As a result, Kimiko had to forgo her usual jumping and bouncing around.

Despite her cleaned-up appearance, it was however inevitable that her clothes were still ill-fitting, as Michelle didn't have anything that could fit Kimiko either in her present state. At least the stretched shirt was not as obvious now that she had her jacket on over it, even though closing the jacket was completely out of the question.

Mike, Michelle and Kimiko had exchanged messages with Maaya and Rose, and they had agreed to meet at Ochanomizu station as usual on the way to see the professor. Mike hoped that they wouldn't think it strange that Kimiko was with them, as she usually got on at that station as well; hopefully they'd be too distracted by Kimiko's enormous breasts to question anything else.

He wondered how Maaya and Rose had been affected by the formulas. They'd hinted at something big in the messages, but they didn't give any concrete information. He wondered if perhaps he would be getting his wish of seeing Rose with breasts bigger than Professor Tamura's after all. Or Maaya with a similar sized chest, perhaps? They'd look even huger on her tiny body.

Of course, he no longer needed to wonder what breasts bigger than Tamura's looked like, as Kimiko had easily surpassed her already. He doubted that either Rose or Maaya could beat Kimiko in the amount of relative change they'd undergone, though of course he couldn't be sure; judging by Michelle, Kimiko and himself, the formula didn't cause the same amount of change in everyone.

However, nothing could've prepared the three of them for what truly awaited at Ochanomizu station. The capsule's doors slid open, and Mike's mouth fell open.

"Oh my god..." Michelle said, and Kimiko gasped audibly. They weren't the only ones to notice either; a deep silence fell over the capsule as all the passengers were stunned by the spectacle.

It began with the feet, two of which belonged to Maaya and a larger, darker set that was Rose's. Both of them were wearing open sandals which were obviously too small for them. Regular shoes had been out of the question, as they could never have squeezed into any closed footwear they owned.

Those feet were connected to two very, very long pairs of legs. Mike had heard the expression "legs that go on forever", but these very nearly did for real. Maaya's legs were still shorter than Rose, but both were clearly a lot longer than they were supposed to be, and extremely shapely. Mike had always thought Maaya had nice legs in spite of her size, and now it was much more obvious.

Somewhere above the half-way point of the door, those legs joined together in two pairs of hips. Both girls were wearing shorts that were obviously too small, leaving most of those delicious legs bare. Mike thought he recognised the clothes Maaya was wearing as belonging to Rose, which was understandable since they had a better chance of fitting than any of Maaya's own outfits, though it was obviously still a lost cause.

Rose's belly was completely bare, showing off her awesome hourglass figure. The Brazilian hadn't even tried to cover it up, as she was wearing a tank top that was barely capable of containing her breasts. Maaya was dressed in a regular t-shirt—also belonging to Rose—which was still tight across her chest and didn't hang down further than her navel.

And that's where it ended. The rest of these two amazing beauties was obscured by the door frame, leaving the onlookers to guess at exactly how large those breasts were or what faces belonged to the two giant girls.

The mystery was solved when the two amazons crouched through the door, and the sight of them rising up to full height inside the capsule—hindered by handholds and advertisements—was incredible. The two of them towered over everyone else, and Rose nearly touched the ceiling with her head. There were no other passengers behind them at that door, as apparently people had been giving them a wide berth.

"Hi down there," said an elated Maaya, who was obviously enjoying the reactions she was getting. Rose was also smirking slightly as some people in the capsule were trying to get the hell away, and most others were staring unabashedly.

Mike swallowed hard, recalling fantasies he'd had about giantesses. Sure, Rose and Maaya were still relatively small compared to most of those fantasies, but this was already beyond belief. Their too small clothes definitely weren't helping either, as they invoked images of the girls growing out of them.

Rose's low-cut tank-top in particular was having a hard time keeping her enormous breasts at bay, displaying an unprecedented amount of cleavage both at the top and bottom. Both girls' breasts had obviously grown out of proportion with their bodies, though it seemed that Kimiko had both of them beaten on that point.

"Jesus wept! What happened?" Mike finally managed to utter.

"That's a good question," Rose said. "We're kind of hoping Tamura can tell us."

"Something wonderful, that's what," said Maaya, giving Rose a wink to indicate the double meaning, which was lost on the others. "I've always wanted to be tall, and now I'm bigger than anyone else!"

"Except for Rose," Kimiko said, laughing. The sheer absurdity of the scene had evidently allowed her to forget her misery, and she seemed amused by her friends' predicament.

"Except for Rose," Maaya conceded. "But I can live with that." She gave Rose's hand a quick squeeze, and Mike got the distinct feeling he was missing something.

"It looks like we're not the only ones with big changes," Rose said, looking at Kimiko. "I think you may need to move to district I or J, or somewhere near that."

"I doubt the arcology has enough districts, to be honest," Maaya joked.

"But, are you okay?" Michelle asked, sounding concerned. "How about side-effects? Headaches? Dizziness?"

"Don't be a spoilsport," Maaya said, pouting a little. "There's nothing wrong with us, we're just very big!" She pushed her hands against the capsule's ceiling for emphasis.

"How about vertigo?" Kimiko sniggered.

Maaya laughed. "Might be a danger if we get any bigger, yeah."

Mike had to swallow at the mental image that conjured up. In his mind, Maaya was as long as the capsule, lying down across its full length—seats and other obstacles conveniently gone—with him sitting on her chest, one humongous breast on either side.

"Guess how big we are," Maaya said.

"I don't know," Kimiko replied. "Over two fifty, I'd say."

"Close enough," Maaya said happily. "I read my bio-chip this morning, and it said I was two metres fifty-eight! And Rose is two eighty-seven."

"Dear lord," Kimiko said. "That's amazing! I guess I have to get used to being the smallest."

"You're still the biggest in one respect," Rose said.

"I want to know why we didn't get any taller," Michelle said ponderously. "You obviously experienced the above-normal breast growth that we did. And all of us grew different amounts, irrespective of the original size or target size. There must be some genetic difference that accounts for it, but if the reaction is not uniform it might be more difficult to find the cause and develop a cure."

Mike looked at Michelle and wondered why she was the only one that was taking this so seriously. They all recognised that it wasn't normal and that there might be severe health consequences in the long run, but besides Michelle they were all able to appreciate the short-term wish-fulfilment aspect of what was happening to some degree—Maaya most of all, it seemed. Mike wondered how much of Michelle's mood was due to what happened between him and Kimiko rather than the changes.

"Come on, chin up," he said, squeezing her arm softly. "We'll get through this; you know better than most what miracles modern genetics can accomplish. I'm sure a genius like Tamura or Bassir can fix this."

"I suppose... I'm just overwhelmed by all this. It's the uncertainty that's getting to me." She looked him in the eye. "Sure, we feel fine now, but what if we develop tumours, or grow into misshapen freaks? We just don't know what's going to happen."

Mike took her hands to try to reassure her. "Look, Michelle... wait, aren't you supposed to be shorter than me?"


Mike looked at Michelle's feet. No heels, and she wasn't standing on tip-toes or anything. Yet she was definitely a centimetre or two taller than Mike, while normally she should be about five centimetres shorter. Since Mike was one ninety-five, she had to be close to two metres now.

"You have grown," he exclaimed. "You're taller than me!"

"What the hell is happening to us, Mike?" Michelle said, her voice shaking.

Mike embraced her. "Tamura will know, I'm sure. Just hang in there, it'll be alright."

Kimiko pulled a face. "So I'm the only one who didn't get taller? I guess it all went to my breasts, then." She absent-mindedly fondled her large assets.

"And I guess Mike is the only one who didn't change at all," Rose said.

"Actually, I did," he said, speaking very, very quietly. "My penis is slightly larger."

"What the hell?" Rose exclaimed, looking disgusted. "How is that even possible? You're not mixing formulas."

"Damned if I know," Mike said. "Hopefully Professor Tamura will have an answer."


Unfortunately, it turned out that Tamura was as surprised as they were. The shock on her face was evident as the five of them had come into her office and explained what happened. Angrily, Tamura told them about the results of yesterday's medical check-up, and Dr Bassir's insistence to keep them in the dark.

Although a quick examination at the health centre revealed that there were no immediately obvious health issues with Mike or the girls, ultimately Tamura couldn't provide an answer to the most important question: what to do about it. She simply didn't understand what was happening to them, and the university's medical facilities weren't equipped to deal with something so completely anomalous—not to mention the difficulty Rose and Maaya had fitting in the medical scanners.

After Tamura made a quick call to Dr Bassir—she didn't care that she would be waking him up due to the time difference—it was decided they should go to Madihi Labs in Casablanca, where they had specialized equipment that could help determine the cause of their problems, and hopefully also the cure. Tamura made a few more calls to arrange everything, and they agreed to meet again later that day for the flight.

So it was that Rose found herself waiting together with Maaya outside Haneda Airport later that same day, bags hastily packed, to catch a supersonic to Casablanca. Tokyo's old international airport had grown considerably and was further into the bay than its origins in the twentieth century, and thanks to the advent of fully automated aircraft and air traffic control it was able to handle far more traffic than before. As a result, it had once again overtaken the much more distant Narita Airport as the primary international gateway to the Tokyo Arcology.

Rose and Maaya had gotten there first, and they were waiting at the airport's transport tube station, just outside the terminal building. Rose was slowly getting used to her higher vantage point; it was strange how you never notice everything getting smaller when you grow normally during childhood, but now it was very obvious. Then again, Rose supposed that no one grew half a metre in a single day during childhood. Maaya was having more difficulty adjusting, constantly hitting her head against doorframes and low ceilings. This wasn't surprising, since Maaya had increased in height by more than a metre, and unlike Rose had never needed to crouch for anything before.

Rose noticed that Maaya was also finding it hard to adapt to the stares she was getting. Rose was used to it; she'd always been tall and curvy, and enjoyed showing it off. But while the formerly diminutive girl may have gotten some glances for her cute face, now she was getting at least as much attention as Rose. Maaya seemed to alternate between being proud of her new size and incredibly embarrassed by the whole situation.

Rose couldn't deny the changes in the Japanese-Chinese girl made her look stunning. She still had a hard time believing what had happened the night before, and not just the growth. What had started merely as horny playfulness had ended up one of the most incredible nights in recent memory. For someone with only limited experience with girls Maaya had turned out to be quite skilled, and the heightened sensations of their growing bodies also contributed to the intense pleasure.

Maaya was also showing an amazing amount of devotion, holding hands and kissing Rose whenever the opportunity arose and she thought no one was looking. While Rose hadn't really been looking for a new relationship, she found herself being drawn in by Maaya's genuine affections.

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