This is my first attempt at written work so please be kind.

His written instructions are very clear:

4pm - give warm water enema, 2 litres. Hold for 20 minutes. No. 2 plug.

4.30pm - give ice cold enema (use 2 litre jug already filled in the fridge). Hold for 20 minutes. No. 3 plug.

After emptying lube up arse and be in position by 5pm. No. 4 plug.

I knew what "position" to be in. The special machine he built, padded for my knees, leaving my arse up in the air and my face down towards the ground where a pillow is placed. There is a bar for my hands where he will decide if I am to be cuffed or not.

It was already 3.50pm and I need to get a move on. I'm already naked as he doesn't allow for clothes in the house. I pull out the enema bag and filled it with warm water. I push in the hose and felt the all too familiar flow into me. Plugged it off nicely with the no. 2 plug (10cms long, 4cms wide) set the timer for 20 minutes, I go about finishing the last of the chores I had for the day.

"Dink" goes the timer and I move to the bathroom and release the flow into the toilet. Obviously he wanting a second washing, something was in store for tonight. The very thought of it brings a smile to my face and a tingling to my pussy which I don't dare touch. I learned the hard way that the house was totally wired and that he knew everything that I was doing at any time of the day.

I go to the fridge and removed the jug of water. I see that he's turned down the fridge and in fact small amounts of ice had formed in the jug. I refilled the enema bag and start the flow but with the ice, it gets stuck. No other choice but to squeeze the bag. The ice flows through with a woosh, forcing ice cold water into me, take me so much by surprise I almost drop the bag and fall over. With all the water in I place the No. 3 plug (13cms long, 7cms wide). My arse felt like it is burning but I hurry around making sure all my chores were done.

There use to be several slaves which kept his two storey, 4 bedroom, large play basement house clean but over the years they have moved on, usually sold at slave auctions and I'm the only one that remains. Keeping the place clean to his liking takes on average 8 hours a day and still sometimes it still doesn't meet his approval.

"Dink" the 20 minutes are up. I double checked the kitchen, my last cleaning job of the day. Again I remove the plug and expel the water. Glad to have that out. I quickly lube up my arse and the no. 4 butt plug (17cms long, 9cms wide) and slowly push it in. This certainly isn't the first time it has been in my arse but it doesn't make it any easier to get in.

I hear his car drive into the driveway and with no time left, drive the rest of the plug home, causing me to cry out in pain. I quickly run to the machine, get myself in and stay very still, pretending I've been there a while. I hear the door open, his footsteps in the hall, him put his keys down and move into the kitchen. I do not dare move. I hear him then descend the stairs to the basement. I remain in this position for what seems to be like ten minutes and I hear him return and enter the room, hear him unzip his pants and them fall to the floor. I can feel him close and then "plop", he pulls the plug out in one go and quickly replaces it with his soft penis. I let out a small cry and he smacks me hard on the arse several times in quick succession for my lack of control. He then starts to piss filling my arse.

It stings from having the ice and large plug but I bite my lip from making any noise. 30 seconds in and he is still peeing, obviously been saving it up for the day. Finally the flow stops but he remains and I feel him swelling in my arse. He starts to fuck me hard, hitting my back with the flogger which he obviously picked up from the basement. It stings a little but not enough to cause any major pain. He reaches down and slips his fingers into my pussy, first one, then two and then three, and in unison with his cock, starts to fuck both holes. I can feel an orgasm building but know I cannot cum unless he orders me to. To distract myself I push my fingernail into the palm of my hand causing pain and focus on that. I have cum many times over the years without permission and have been punished for it every time.

The last time I'd cum without permission, which was about six months ago, he had taken me to the worst part of town to where the homeless reside. I was ordered to find the dirtiest, smelliest man I could and tell him I'd been a bad girl and I was to lick his arse and suck his cock. I walked around the streets being leered at by everyone. He had dressed me in tight black latex with holes for my arse and pussy. I found someone who I thought was appropriate. From a distance he looked very dirty and scruffy but up close he wasn't all that bad and with my master nowhere in sight, I approached the man. He took no convincing, dropped his pants and bent over. I started licking his arse. I gagged several times and almost threw up. He stunk badly, obviously not had a wash in some time and the hairs around his arse had a few signs of excrement. I did it quickly and when he turned around his cock was hard. He grabbed me by the hair and forced his cock right to the back of my throat, causing me to gag but he didn't stop, just kept pounding away. Thankfully he came in under a minute. He let go of me and I fell backward, cough and spraying cum everywhere. I then scurried back to the safety of my master's vehicle.

I approached the door but before I could get it open, he came out of the shadows, pulled me back by the hair and flung me to the ground.

"You retarded bitch. Haven't you learnt anything yet. I told you to pick the dirtiest and smelliest man but you didn't, did you!"

This was certainly not a question he required an answer.

"You've only made it worse for yourself," and with that, he grabbed me up by the arm and pushed me around the corner where there were at least 15 men, all with long dirty beards, dirty faces, some with teeth missing.

"You will now have to do the same to all of these men and if any of them think you're worth it, they can fuck you anyway they want."

Two men lunged forward and ripped the latex suit off me, one pushed me backwards so I was lying on the ground, took off his pants and sat right there on my face, pushing his smelly disgusting arse into my face. I started to lick, again almost vomiting as he smothered my face, making sure I breathed him in, he pulls away and I get take a large breathe in trying to get the smell away from me. He quickly pulls me up onto my feet, bends me over and shoves his cock into my mouth. He wasn't as big as the last guy but his force was just as strong as he pounded away at my face. I felt a stream of something hit my legs, back and arse and realised that a number of them were peeing on me. The smell hit me and I started to vomit. The man in my mouth left, pulled me upright by my hair and put his hand over my mouth.

He started to laugh, "better swallow that chuck love or drown in it."

I had no other choice but to swallow what was in my mouth. He let go and I again coughed and spluttered, vomit spraying my face and hair. He turned me around, put me over the body of an old burnt out car and in one swift move, pushed his cock into my arse. I let out a cry and heard the laughter of men.

He quickly came and pulled out. There were then hands all over me pulling me in every direction. Another man shoved his smelly arse in my face, another cock entered my arse, my breasts and nipples were pulled and pinched. This went on for ages and finally it was all over. Every part of me was sore and covered in cum, piss and shit.

My master covered me in plastic lifted me up and carried me back to the vehicle.

"Can't have you dirtying up the inside," he said as he dropped me into the boot and closed the lid.

We made it home but unfortunately my punishment wasn't over. He locked me in the small cage in the basement for three days, unwashed. After the three days, he took me to the backyard, tied between two trees and hosed me off with a high pressure hose. When I finally got a chance to look in the mirror I didn't recognise myself. I was covered in bruises, head to toe, from the men and from the hose.

Everything was painful for over a month so I wasn't going to let myself cum again without permission.

He finally comes in my arse and pulls out and I can feel something being put in its place and realise that it is the inflatable butt plug. After it is totally inflated, I see his hand in front of my face, looking for my hand and I give it to him. He pulls me up to my feet.

"You've done well my little slut, I think it is time I took you out. I have tickets to the basketball tonight. Go to your room and you'll find your clothes but hurry, we are leaving in five minutes."

I scurry to my room and find a denim skirt, very short, a white tight shirt and a pair of 5" black high heel shoes. I quickly get dressed, conscious of the end of the inflatable part of the butt plug hanging between my legs. I return to the lounge room where he is waiting for me. He unbuttons my shirt, reaches for my nipples and starts to rub and pinch them, making them nice and erect. Once happy he pulls out the gold nipple clips with the gold chain and attaches them. I make no sound, my experienced nipples use to it, and he rebuttons my shirt. It is very easy for anyone looking hard enough to see exactly what is going on under my shirt. He then places a tightly fitting collar around my neck.

We leave the house and get into the car.

"Open your legs and play with your pussy but don't you dare cum," he says in a stern but playful voice.

The trip isn't a very long one so there is no chance of that happening. He finds a parking spot not too far from the stadium but before getting out of the car, reaches of the inflation unit again and gives it another pump and then pushes the end into my pussy.

With a grin he says, "Mmm nice and wet in there. Better be careful not to let the end slip out or it will remain out for the rest of the evening."

We get out of the car and I walk very slowly, trying to keep my legs together as much as a can, squeezing my pussy hard to keep it in, but also causing me to squeeze the already well inflated plug in my arse causing some pain.

We get to the stadium and take our seats with only a few minutes to spare. The announcer asks us to rise for the national anthem and just before the music starts the plug in my arse starts to vibrate. People look around wondering where the noise is coming from and I can feel my face start to flush.

The anthem finishes and so does the vibration in my arse as we sit back down.

The game starts and he leans over, with a wicked grin I've seen many times, "Let's have a bit of a game too. Every time the opposition hits the lead, I'll turn the vibrator on and when we hit the lead, I'll turn it off."

Our team scores first which is a blessing but it doesn't last long. The game is a sew sawing event with the lead changing several times in the first half. Thankfully the crowd is noisy and no one is aware of what is going on.

Half time and thankfully we are in the lead and the vibrator is off.

"May I please be excused Sir and use the toilet?" I ask in a quiet, timid voice.

"Sure, but don't remove anything or touch anything."

I thank him nicely and get up from my seat, being very careful not to let to the pump for the anal plug fall from my pussy.

I quickly relieve myself and as I return to my seat, I see him talking to a man behind us.

"I've just been telling this nice man what a good cock sucker you are and he's very interested in finding out for himself. Now take him out to the car park and suck him off and don't forget to swallow."

He takes me by the hand and leads me to the car park and when he gets there, he pushes me to my knees. He unzips his pants and produces a thick long cock. I take him into my mouth and start to suck.

"That guy tells me that you have an inflatable butt plug in your arse, let me look!"

I stand up, turn around and lift my skirt.

"Open your legs, I want to see it more," and as I do, the inflatable part slips from my pussy. "Wow, that's hot," and with that he reaches for it and pumps it up a few times, causing me to wince in pain.

He laughs, drops the inflatable part. "Come on then, I don't want to miss any of the game."

I get back on my knees and quickly suck him off. He zips up and leaves me there. I put the inflatable part back into my pussy and return to the game. As I walk in I see them talking again and my master doesn't look pleased.

I sit down, he puts his hand in my hair, twists and pulls me to him.

"Did I tell you to let him see the plug or for him to touch it?"

Immediately I know I've done the wrong thing.

"I'm sorry Sir, I didn't think."

"No, of course you didn't, whore, I always knew you weren't a thinker. You'll need to be punished. Open your legs!"

I open my legs and he pulls out the inflatable part and lets it drop. I go to close my legs again and I'm hit with a very hard smack.

"Did I tell you to do that?"

I immediately open them again.

"Now every time we score I want you to jump up, with your legs apart and clap for 5 seconds and then sit down."

Our team immediately scores and I get up clap and sit down again.

"Fucking bitch," he yells in my ear. "I said jump up, legs apart."

We score again in a minute and I do it. I hear the guy I sucked off talking to his friends. Each time it happens more and more people become aware of what is going on and before long, lots of people are looking at me. Finally the quarter ends and there is a break.

"Better slut now remain in your seat for the rest of the quarter and don't move a muscle."

I sit very still, arms on the arm rests, legs apart and just as I start to get comfortable, the vibration starts again. I jerk in surprise.

"One," he says in my ear.

The next time it happens I don't move but before the end of the game he has counted to nine.

He pulls me up onto my feet and has me standing there, legs apart whilst everyone walks out. Many stare at what is dangling between my legs and I blush with embarrassment.

After everyone has left he leads me outside, stopping at the concession stand for water. We get outside, he turns to me and pours the cold water all over my chest, now making my chained nipples very noticeable. He then pulls a lead out of his pocket and attaches it to my collar. He reaches around and pumps up the plug until there is total resistance, I cry out in pain, causing many people to look in our direction.

"Please, Sir, I can't take anymore."

"Well you will be. You moved nine times, so therefore you need to find 9 cocks to fuck that pathetic pussy of yours. If they can't get in or say it wasn't good, it doesn't count. And remember it won't be easy with that plug so inflated in your arse."

With that he leads me into the centre of town.

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