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"Last call, last call," Adam, the bartender at a local bar and grill called out.

The staff was worn out from the busy night as patrons were slowly stumbling out the door, holding on to the frame as if the edge of the world was just outside the door. Outings, the bar, was a town icon, having been there since the first building was setup many decades ago. It was known by the locals, and even visitors as one of "the" places to go. Once inside you would know its age. The old wood of the bar in the center of the room had darkened from years of use, and arm marks were like notches all around it in front of where bar stools stood. It was a dark place, smelled of booze and fried foods. The food was good, the beer was cold, and the staff was energetic, maybe not tonight.

As the last of the regulars wandered out into the dark, Adam walked from behind the bar straight to the front door and locked it. The place was empty now. The owner, Tim, had left for the evening, and it was up to Adam and Jenn to clean up and shut down for the night. The rest of the kitchen staff left too. Adam had worked at the bar since the day he turned 18, just four years ago. Adam loved it there. He was treated like family by Tim, and the rest of the staff. Being a young guy, athletic, and handsome, he had his way with getting tips from the ladies without making the bar go broke. He knew how to work the system and walk away with his bundle of cash at the end of day. Tips were good, the patrons were cool, and the bar was a pretty awesome place to work for a young guy. You would think that being you, good looking and working at a bar a guy would get all the action he needed. No. All the ladies that came in were either married, too old for Adam, or left with someone they met at the bar. Adam noticed that it was rare for a young attractive woman to leave alone, unless she was with a pack of other girls. They got those from time to time. They also had the cougar clubs that came in. They were on the hunt. They were never able to get Adam because he was always shy, and had to work late into the evening. No luck there.

Tonight was the usual night. Adam was doing his usual routine of wiping down the bar, restocking the clean glasses and pitchers, and prepping for the next day. Jenn was a waitress for the grill side of the establishment. She was a cute little thing. Petite. Jenn was doing her cleanup of sweeping the dining area. Damn she was hot (at least to Adam), and she managed to keep Adam busy all day, other than making drinks, he could never keep his eyes off of her. Sometimes a patron had to get his attention. He would end up daydreaming about her from behind the bar, as he would watch her work.

The two of them flirted on and off during their shifts, as happens in most places. It never crossed the line though. Tim had made his warning about sexual harassment in the workplace. Yeah, yeah, yeah... we all hear that when we get hired on to a new job. Adam thought the flirting was all in good fun, and it was. He never took it seriously. Little did he know that Jenn did. Just regular work fun and flirting to him.

Jenn was amazing to Adam. She had a perfect body, hour-glass shaped, a nice handful breasts, and an ass that looked great in jeans. Jeans were her favorite thing to wear, and Adam had no problem with that. Neither did the patrons. But most of all he enjoyed her face. She stood about 5'11", had pitch black hair that had a curly wavy look to it. She had dark rim glasses, white skin, almost pin-up girl white, and used the most red lipstick you can find to contrast it. The tattoos on her left arm were playful and bright with color. They made Adam wonder where else she was tattooed. She was what some guys call "nerdy and dirty."

Adam did not know Jenn outside of work. He knew where she lived because he had to give her a ride home a few times when it was raining out. She usually walked, but Adam always loved when it was a rainy day. He knew that she was single, but that was about all. Adam did not like to pry into Jenn's personal life too much. Jenn came to work in the bar about a year ago. She was friendly.

Adam was filling out his order sheet, and keeping an eye on Jenn as she swept the floor. Jenn reached down to pick up a dollar that has been on the floor. This was it. Bending over at the waste, she gave Adam a show of her perfect ass, without even knowing it. Oh what a view, and how he wanted to reach out and grab it. Being the small town boy that he was, he did never would have done such a thing without an invite.

Without thinking, Adam let out a "Wow".

Jenn stood up, just now realizing the show that she had given him. She flung her head to the right and let her hair flow around, kind of like how the models do in shoots. She pouted her lips and gave him a stern look, like; what are you looking at asshole, kind of look. Then she smiled and winked. Adam could not believe himself. He just smiled and put the clipboard down. "Sorry," he said.

To his surprise Jenn replied with "It's ok, I know it looks good, too bad it's not in use."

"Well, damn it can be girl", he replied. This amazed Jenn, she never saw this side of him, and Adam never saw this side of himself wither. He was usually quiet and polite like a choirboy.

"Well?" she asked.

"Well what Jenn?"

"It's not just going grab itself, it could, but I prefer someone else doing it." She said with a wink.

This was all Adam needed. He walked from behind the bar, to the only lit side of the building, which was still dark in its own way. Jenn did not turn around; she only kept her head turned to him as he walked up behind her.

"Be careful now," she said, "it's fragile." As Adam approached her, he held out his right hand, but not too far. Then they touched. With his fingers pointed down, he grabbed her right ass cheek with his pinky near the centerline. He gave it a gentle squeeze. Adam leaned in and took a long smell of her hair. It smelled fruity. Jenn just closed her eyes and took it in.

"Damn that's nice" he commented.

"I was wondering how long it would take for you to do that," Jenn replied.

With that, Adam placed his left hand on her left shoulder and kissed her right ear. Jenn shuttered. His right hand was still on her ass, as he started to move it up and down, brushing, feeling, and squeezing. Adam let his left hand fall a little; he was now kissing her neck. Jenn closed her eyes again and tilted her head for him to have better access. He breathing was getting heavy now. Adam kept that one hand on her ass and kept feeling away. His left hand was now gently squeezing her breast. Adam could not believe what he was doing. This is not something that he ever thought he would be doing with Jenn, and at work on top of it. He kept kissing her neck, and then she turned her face to him more and locked lips. The first kiss was simple and gentle. Like lovers do on their first date. Then it turned wild. Both of their tongues met and were fighting like wrestlers on a stage.

Adam finally moved his right hand from her ass, to her hip, then slowly to the front of her jeans. He could feel the front of his pants starting to get tight on him as his dick was starting to get hard. He pressed it into the backside of Jenn. She could feel it too. "hmmmmmm," she said.

He felt his way around the front of her until he found it. The very center sweet spot. He left his palm just about her crotch and allowed his middle finger to start rubbing between her legs, while his other hand kept massaging her tits. Jenn cocked her head to the side again, and Adam was kissing the side of her neck again.

"No hickies." She said. But Adam did not reply. Hell, at this point he did not care. After a few minutes of this, neither did she.

Now he went for the gold. Adam raised him right hand up to her belt line. Her shirt was still tucked in from the work day. He wiggled his right hand into the front of her jeans, under her panties and found her pussy. He again let his middle finger explore. He could feel the warmth, the wetness of her with his finger. He reached a little further until he found what he was looking for. Adam let his middle finger slip inside her pussy now. And was massaging it. He could feel that she was clean shaved, and he loved it.

"Wow." was all he was able to get out in the middle of kissing her neck, while still feeling her up with both hands. Jenn was in a trance. Adam was having the time of his life, but it was going to get better. Much better.

Jenn slowly started to turn to face him. Adam stopped what he was doing to watch as his prize was now facing him. He looked into her eyes, at her lips, and at her wonderful hair. Without a word, Jenn sat on the bench at the booth that she was working to clean up before being pleasantly disturbed. She took one last look at his face, and kept gazing at him while she started to unbuckle his belt, unbuttoned his jeans and pulled the zipper down. She could not decide if she wanted to go slow or if she was hungry for what was inside and just rip the damn zipper open. This was it. A blowjob by one of the hottest girls he knows, and one that he would never forget. Jenn reached it and took hold of his penis. The pulled it out and stopped her breath when she looked at it. This thing was a monster, had to be about 8 inches, and not even hard yet. But, like a champ, Jenn popped the head into her mouth. Adam just stood there, arms hanging down to his sides.

Now Jenn started to go to town on that thing. She started to suck it in, almost like a vacuum, as so it seemed to Adam. Now half hard, she took it out of her mouth.

"Shit, the door!" she said in shock.

"It's ok, I already locked it" he replied. Without another thought, Jenn went back to work. She sucked that thing like it was going out of style. She would work her tongue around the head, then wrap her lips around it and fuck it fast.

Now he was full at attention. Adam felt nothing like it before, and for good cause, this was his first experience. Jenn was more than beautiful; she was a pro at dick sucking. But Adam had nothing to compare it to. Now her pace slowed. She would pull it almost all the way out, just leaving the head in, and the slowly eased it back in. Adam, not really watching, could still see the motion of her head going to and fro. He was in another place. Adam then put his right hand on her head, the moved it to the back of her head, wrapping his fingers in her soft hair and holding it tight. Adam started to push. He pushed her head until her face was almost touching his body, and he could feel his dick at the back of her throat. He could feel it almost being forced downward. Jenn did not gag. How the hell that was possible, Adam had no clue. At the moment it was him and Jenn, the only two that existed on the earth. His member felt amazing in her mouth. So amazing that Adam did not even notice that Jenn had undone her jeans, and he could see her black panties. They were awesome little things. Thong style, and almost a see-through lace in the front.

Jenn, almost like a porn star, took his dick out of her mouth. She raised it up and started to lick the underside of his shaft. Then she worked her way to his balls. She took one of them in her mouth. Jenn kept on stroking his dick, keeping it nice and hard. When she was done with ball number one, she moved on to ball number too. What a feeling for Adam. He never thought that a woman would do such a thing, but here it was. Ball sucking. Jenn for the gold medal. She took his entire ball sack into his mouth. Jenn looked up at Adam through her glasses. She was gently massaging his nuts in her mouth, looking up at him, and jerking his cock. All at the same time. What a fucking sensation that was. Adam thought he was going to nut right there, just like that. He was getting a full service. But Jenn was up for more fun than dick and ball sucking for it to end like that. She took his dick back her mouth for a few more minutes. She loved the taste of a man. Felling a hard warm shaft of skin in her mouth. Pushing the head toward the back of her throat.

Jenn stopped slowly and stood up to kick off her jeans. She could care less where they landed. This was the first time that Adam got a glimpse of her like this. He was still in awe at what was happening. In one motion, she took off her shirt and bra at the same time. How in the fucking hell did she do that, he wondered. But he did not care. All he knew was that he was about to get laid, and he would have one hell of a story to tell his friends.

Adam took a quick glimpse around the bar. He wanted to be 100% sure that no one was in there. He also made sure that all of the wooden blinds were down and closed. Good to go. He only read about this kind of stuff in his dad's magazines that he was able to sneak. Now it was happening to him, just like some sort of fantasy. As if someone wrote it, and was now directing it. They were alone, and they were going to fuck.

Adam just looked at this amazing creature in front of him. How perfect. Her panties were skin tight, but not too much...just right. He could see the gap between her legs, and the perfect looking little pussy mound that was hidden behind the cloak of her black panties. Jenn looked at him with a cute but playful look, then she hooked her thumbs into the band of the panties, and slipped them to the ground. Jenn stood back up, and looked at Adam. She gave him one of those "fuck me" looks, and then she then sat on the table at the booth and laid back. She was ready for the fun.

Adam knelt down. He knew what she wanted. His mouth went to work on her. He started off my playing with her pussy with his fingers. Then he slipped one in. He started to work her with it, sliding deeply into her very wet pussy. Oh my god was she wet. He didn't know it but sucking dick always got her pussy juices flowing. Now his middle finger joined the other one. He was working his fingers in and out. He could hear Jenn moaning from the top of the table. He knew that she was enjoying her fingering, and he was happy to oblige her. Adam then started to work his tongue over her clit and slit while working his fingers into her. Oh, how he wanted to be inside of her. Fucking her right then and there. Jenn wanted it too, but she was having a good time. Just as he did during her suck job that she gave him. Adam was giving her one hell of a work up.

Adam continued to work his fingers in her. He continued to lick away. His tongue flicked at her clit, feeling her pussy getting wetter around his fingers. He did not know if but Jenn was close to cumming. Suddenly he did know it. Jenn was starting to breathe harder. Then she started to squeak like a little mouse. Next thing he knew she was starting to yell. He knew what she would cuss from time to time, but he never heard her like this. Every other word she was saying was fuck, and in the middle was "yes." Adam could see that she started to tenser her body, and she was still. He knew it then that he was making her cum. But he kept on working her, non-stop... like a machine...

When it stopped, Jenn caught her breath. Adam stayed there on his knees for a minute. Waiting to see what would happen next. Jenn finally calmed down. Now it was his turn for some more fun. Hell, it was time for both of them to have some fun.

Jenn lifted her head and said, "Well, any time..."

Adam got to his feet and walked forward. He took his dick in his right hand and gave it a few strokes as he looked down at her soon to be fucked pussy. This little choir boy was about to have the best fuck of his life. Jenn had her ass at the very edge of the table. As he approached, she spread those wonderful legs apart, and almost at 180 degrees...straight to the sides, and bent her knees straight out from the table. It was a perfect open invitation for him.

Adam kicked off his jeans, and whipped his shirt away. Who knows where in the hell it landed. Fuck it. He was horny as hell and he had a hunger to be in that pussy that he so desired, and was about to get. Adam took a few small baby steps to her waiting pussy. He kept his prick in his right hand, and aimed it right at her, at her pussy.

Jenn was exploring her body with her own hands as she waited for him to become one with her, waiting for him to enter her with his dick and to be fucked good and proper. It had been a while since she had a good dicking, and it was about to happen. Her pussy practically ached to be filled and she wasn't sure if she could wait much longer. Jenn looked down just in time to see him right before he entered her.

Adam placed the head of his cock at her pussy, then pushed just a little, but not even enough to get the head in. He could feel the warmth and wetness again, this time with his dick and not his finger. It took all his strength not to just ram it into her and fuck like an out of control wild animal. He moved his dick up and down slowly to get everything lubed up with her own slick pussy juice. Then he stopped, and instinctively Jenn grabbed the edges of the table. She was bracing herself for what was about to happen. Her legs were still straight apart and knees bent. She held them there with all the force in her leg muscles. She couldn't help but push her hips up towards him, letting him know that she wanted that monster cock inside her.

Adam stopped moving his cock, and pushed, slowly. He felt the head of his throbbing cock as it entered her hungry pussy. He could feel himself get a little harder. It must have been because a pussy does feel different than a hand. It also felt way different from her mouth. Then he slowly pushed in, more and more. Slowly but surley he was disappearing into her. Jenn kept looking down to see him vanish into her.

"Oh... my... God" she said as he went deeper. Just when she thought it was over and he was all the way into her, he gave one last jab with his body. Adam was able to push almost all the way in, more than she ever experienced. Jenn gasped for air, her hands gripped the end of the table so hard that her knuckes cracked, and her toes curled in. For a moment Dam thought he was hurting her. It was amazing. She had just experience her first big dick she had ever seen, other than porn flicks. None of her past boyfriends had one like this. This one was something else. But it was still not over. Adam was not all the way in, and Jenn did not know it. His penis was still about a half inch out. He could feel that she could take no more. He could feel the tip of his dick touching, hell, fucking pushing at the back of her pussy. He could feel the tip of his dick being stopped by the end of her love tunnel. Adam gave a few more shoves, but it was no use. She just could not take any more of him. With every shove Jenn would flintch. Not in pain, but in disbelief that he was able to go so far.

Her pussy was stretched and full beyond belief. She could feel him deeper inside her than any man had been and it felt damn good. Now she knew what those women in the pornos that she watched between boyfriends were screaming about.

Now that he was inside of her. Adam moved side to side a bit to make sure the line-up was good. He placed his hands on the table, just above her wide open legs. He started to pull out of her. He pulled out all except for the head. She moaned and almost whimpered, desperate to get his cock back inside her. Then it happened, he slammed right back in. This time with force. Nice and hard. He slammed back to home plate. Jenn let out almost a scream of pleasure, her hands flying to his ass, pulling him in deeper. Adam pulled out again, and slammed back in. Jenn could not even talk at this point. Her head was resting on the table now, and was looking straight up. Eyes wide at the amazing feeling of having a man back inside her. It had been a while. Adam took her legs and held them up for her, such a gentleman.

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