tagFetishOutmatched Pt. 01

Outmatched Pt. 01


Eva eyed her opponent from across the ring. Sure, Rafe was hot, with the chiseled features of a movie star and the 6-foot-tall, perfectly toned physique of a Greek god. But she knew his type all too well- cocky, twentysomething, alpha males with more self-confidence than skill and way more muscles than brains. She had grappled with many of them in her time at the league and she had beaten them all.

From her experience egotistical males rarely deserved their elevated opinion of themselves. As a wrestler, Eva liked nothing more than to bring that opinion back down to the realm of reality. And putting this swaggering meathead in his place would be a particular pleasure. No matter the stakes.

And the stakes certainly were high. No refs. No time outs. No rules, except one- loser gets fucked. Eva considered rejecting the wager when she had first heard Rafe's terms, but it was the only way he would agree to the private afterhours match. Besides, taking a 9-inch strap-on to Rafe's arrogant ass would certainly take the guy down a peg- or pegging, in this case.

Rafe raked a hand through his glossy black hair and flashed his perfect pearly whites. "Gimme a smile, sweetheart. - No? I bet a good fucking would melt that icy expression."

Eva rolled her eyes at the less-than-subtle allusion to her unflattering epithet. When she hadn't immediately jumped on the dicks of every musclebound knuckle dragger who looked at her sideways she had been dubbed 'Eva the Ice Queen'. Which suited her just fine. After a lifetime of shutting down the unwelcomed advances of entitled pricks Eva found it was a lot easier to broadcast a distinctly bitchy vibe far and wide. Saves time.

"And I suppose you're just the man to do it." She scoffed. Not likely. Of all the areas men tended to overrate their abilities, sex seemed to be the most common.

"They don't call me 'Red Hot Rafe' for nothing."

Oh yes, Eva had heard the rumors of how Rafe earned his nickname. He hadn't been at the gym for long but already he had made a conquest out of most of the female members. If he expected to make an easy conquest out of her he would be sorely disappointed.

"Typical man, always thinking with your little head."

"Hey now, he's not so little. As you will find out. Soon you're going to feel every last inch." He grabbed his crotch and winked.

On that note Eva lunged for him, trying to put him in a headlock but he twisted loose. She spun on her heels and then really went for it. A strike to the chest caught him off guard and knocked all the air from his lungs. He groaned and doubled over in pain. She quickly followed up with a knee right in the stomach. Another and then another gradually brought him to his knees.

As she stood over his huddled body she let a triumphant smile curl her lips. This will be a breeze. But her victory celebration may have been a bit premature. When she brought her knee up for another hit Rafe intercepted her leg. He countered by tossing her backwards. She staggered toward the center of the ring but managed to stay on her feet.

In a heartbeat two strong hands seized her by the waist. Before she knew what was happening she was being lifted high in the air and then brought down hard. Her back made contact with the mat with a resounding thwack. She let out a strangled groan and clutched her stinging lower back. Enraged, Eva looked up from her position on the ground and shot Rafe a look that could wither a steel rod.


If looks could castrate, Rafe thought as he took in the sight of Eva sprawled out on the mat, dark hair wild, nostrils flared, blue eyes blazing with fury. He could see why they called her 'The Ice Queen'. She had a serious case of resting bitch face and a razor-sharp tongue. Not to mention the reputation of being about as approachable as a scorpion with a switchblade.

Eva was different than the other chicks at the gym. They were easily won over by his good looks and smooth moves. Eva was the only one who refused to give him the time of day. And she wasn't even a lezzie. He had checked. No, Eva was a challenge. Rafe liked a challenge.

He had to admit that the stone-cold bitch act was hot, to a point. Then the prospect of taming the bitch became much hotter. Something about her gave him the impression that under that icy exterior there was a fiery sex kitten just begging to be fucked. Hard and rough and decisively. And yes, he was just the man to do it.

As they circled each other Rafe used the time to admire the way Eva's tiny black bikini hugged her supple body. She was firm in all the right places and soft in all the best places—specifically the regions of her round ass and large perky tits. Yet under that shapely frame she was deceptively strong. She had to be to have taken down so many larger opponents.

"I hear you've never been defeated." Rafe mentioned offhandedly.

"You heard right." Eva answered stiffly.

"Well, there's a first time for everything." He shrugged.

"I bet you've never taken it up the ass before." She countered quickly.

He cocked one eyebrow in the negative.

"Well, there's a first time for everything." She threw the words back in his face and then charged at him suddenly. Rafe dodged her attack easily which sent her bouncing off the ropes. He had studied her closely in other matches. She was a strong competitor. Tough and fast. But she let her emotions get the best of her. Rafe intended to use that to his advantage.

The next time she came at him he clotheslined her to the ground. He smiled down on her and then delivered a punishing elbow drop straight to the gut. Eva groaned in pain. While she was still recovering from the blow he wrapped his powerful legs around her narrow waist, effectively pinning her in place. She struggled but got nowhere.

Rafe had a tigress by the tail. Ignoring her threats and curses he focused his attentions to her big creamy tits shielded from his sight by a skimpy black bikini top. That can easily be rectified, he thought as he pulled the thin string that was keeping the garment on. The fabric fell away and her breasts emerged. They were gorgeous! Full and firm and bouncy. He took the opportunity to grab a handful of the perfect mounds. His cock stiffened as he cupped and kneaded them in a rough and possessive way.

"Pig." Eva let out an outraged growled in response to his crude groping and violently jabbed her elbow into his ribcage. He winced and shrank back which allowed her to wriggle out from between his legs. She scrambled away on all fours.

Eva hadn't gotten very far when Rafe caught up with her. He grabbed a fistful of her dark hair and lifted until she was forced onto wobbly legs. He had her at a distinct disadvantage but still she glared up at him defiantly. He knew just how to fix that. A savage head butt sent her reeling. When her eyes met his, this time they had a dazed look about them. Another head butt and she looked downright punch-drunk.

It was clear at that point that the only thing keeping Eva upright was his grip on her hair. So when he pulled his hand away she sagged boneless at his feet. For a moment Rafe thought she was done for but then she moved slightly. Slowly she shook her head and reached out for the ropes. With obvious difficulty she began clawing her way up onto her feet one rung at a time.

"Is that all you got?" She goaded, the confidence of her words was slightly undercut by the pained falter in her voice.

Eva had taken quite a beating and yet she wouldn't give in. Damn, the girl was tenacious- or foolish. Probably both. Seeing her there clutching the ropes weakly for support, legs shaking like a newborn lamb, Rafe almost wanted to take pity on her. Almost.


Things were not going to plan, Eva admitted to herself as she tried to shake the cobwebs from her bleary head. Rafe was a smarter adversary than she had expected. He had anticipated all of her attacks so far and used them against her. She only had herself to blame. She had let her emotions get the best of her. It was so unlike her to let anything distract her in the ring. Her determination and laser focus were what she had always relied on to beat bigger and stronger opponents.

But with Rafe her focus was continually wandering to his suggestive smile, his chiseled chest, his washboard abs bracketed by that sexy man V. And then there was the biggest distraction of all- the massive erection straining against the fabric of his tight red shorts. She couldn't keep her eyes off it. Judging by the size and stiffness of the bulge 'Rock Hard Rafe' would have been an equally fitting nickname.

With her attention firmly pointed southward Eva quickly found herself backed into the corner. Rafe stood nearly a head taller. The wide expanse of his body pushed in on her so that she was crowded against the ring post. Pressed firmly against his chest, the masculine smell of sweat and testosterone, his smell, filled her nostrils. She gasped as he grabbed a handful of her long hair. Before she had a chance to brace herself, he had spun her around and drove her into the turnbuckle head first. There was a loud thud followed by a dull ringing in her ears.

Her vision was swimming as she staggered back, desperately trying to put some distance between herself and her adversary. She needed to clear her head and get back in control of this match. But Rafe appeared to have other ideas. A sudden strike to the shoulder blade sent her onto her hands and knees. Eva tried to collect her bearings but he was on her too fast. The brute was surprisingly quick for his size. He placed a foot on her back and bore down until she was pressed flat onto her stomach. She groaned as he settled all 190lbs of meat and muscle onto the small of her back.

"We both know I can end this match anytime I want." Rafe taunted as he held her arms behind his strong thighs. "But I'm not done playing with you yet."

He locked his hands under her chin and pulled her into a vicious camel clutch. Applying another surge of pressure, he bowed her spine back even further. The muscles of her neck and back were crying out in pain! Just when she was on the verge of tapping out he released her and she flopped face first onto the mat.

While she was still distracted by the lingering pain he had flipped her over and was yanking off her bikini bottoms. She had no time to object to being stripped nude because the next thing she knew her legs were being yanked upwards until they were resting on either side of her head, trapping her arms underneath. Firmly restrained with her pussy raised and on full display, Eva knew she was in trouble. Rafe stretched her legs even further and her hamstrings screamed in protest.

"Stop!" She shrieked.

"Oh, I'm just getting started." With that he cupped her pussy and Eva began to realize just how vulnerable her position really was.

First one and then two fingers slipped between her lips and pistoned in and out. Intense pleasure shot through her, adding lust and confusion to the heady cocktail of pain and humiliation. She tried to hold back but a guttural moan escaped her lips. Though her mind recoiled from his touch, her traitorous body cried out for more.

He was really picking up the pace now, finger fucking her pussy, punishing her with pleasure. God it felt good! Eva had never been so completely dominated by a man before. It was humiliating and infuriating and.. and... hot as hell. Yet outwardly she continued to resist, not wanting to give Rafe the satisfaction of thinking she wanted it. That would be too close to an admission of defeat. Fight it, she told herself.

"Oh fuck." Eva moaned louder as he found her clit with his thumb and began to rub steadily. The slow circular motion was heavenly. She hardly felt the pain in her legs anymore. Soon her hips were rocking against his hand on their own accord. She bit into her bottom lip, trying to hold back the pending wave of pleasure that threatened to engulf her. Fight it, the little voice in her mind repeated but her body was listening to a very different call.


"Does little kitty like to be petted?" Rafe teased in a patronizing tone, loving the frustrated growl that came from Eva's lips almost as much as he loved the way she ground against his hand with mindless abandon.

She was barely aware of the fact that he had released her legs. Quickly he changed his hold so that they were both on their side and her backside was pulled flush against his crotch. Both of her arms he pinned behind her back. He jerked them backward. She was remarkably flexible, from an obvious gymnastics background, but still everyone has their limits. Another sharp jerk and he had found hers. She squealed in pain.

Desperate to break away, Eva kicked franticly. Yet instead of freeing her the frenzied motion merely caused her to grind against him. He groaned in approval as the involuntary movement of her hips rubbed along his cock. Letting up a little on the arm lock, he snaked his arm down her torso. Rafe's hand slipped between the folds of her sex to resume his attentions on her clit. He was rewarded with a low moan from her.

"You could tap out." Rafe offered, his voice gentle, his touch almost tender.

"Never," Eva choked out. She was fighting hard to fend off her release, he could tell by the way her brow furrowed and her top teeth sunk into her lower lips.

Rafe laughed at her stubbornness and then leaned in to whisper into her ear. "Why is that? Too proud. Or maybe you just can't get enough of being dominated by me?" Still she shook her head defiantly.

"Fine, have it your way." Rafe smiled and returned to the task at hand. He knew she was close. The sweet scent of female arousal filled the air. She was getting wetter by the second, pouring cream onto his fingers. A squelching sound accompanied each plunge of his driving digits. It wouldn't take much to send her over the edge. Just a little extra pressure on her clit and...

Rafe could tell the exact moment Eva lost control. She let out a breathy sigh and then she started to shudder. First it began in her pelvis and then her whole body was writhing and shaking right down to her toes. Her eyelids fluttered and she started to scream like a banshee. The icy little bitch was actually cumming. Turns out there was a fire burning under that frosty façade after all.


The pleasure that now wracked Eva's body erased all rational thoughts from her mind. Nothing existed beyond the pulses of electric ecstasy that flowed through her like a thousand little sparks. But then the light dimmed and cold, hard reality struck her like a thunderbolt. The details of her situation came rushing back with stark clarity; stripped, defeated, and force to cum at the hands of her tormentor. Not exactly ideal.

She tried to stop herself but her traitorous body bucked wildly as the pleasure continued to ravage her. It seemed to go on forever, leaving her thoroughly exhausted. When it was all over she lay beside Rafe, spent, gasping and deeply shamed. Her skin flushed bright red with humiliation.

"Let me go!" She shrieked once she was confident she could form words again.

"If you say so." Rafe answered coolly and shoved her off him so that she landed in a sweaty, breathless heap on the mat.

"Not so icy after all. You seem pretty hot for my rod." He stroked said rod, still rock hard and peeking out of the top of his trunks. "Maybe they should call you 'Eva the Cock Hungry'."

Her blush deepened. She wanted to deny his words but deep down she knew that they were true. Even now she longed to climb atop his big dick and ride it like the last bullet train out of town. Of course, she would never admit that to Rafe. Instead she pinned him with her best icy glare and made a vulgar hand gesture in his direction.

Eva struggled to stand on legs that were weak and rubbery from her climax. A leg sweep from Rafe knocked them out from under her so that she landed flat on her ass. Without missing a beat, he locked his legs with hers and flexed. Pain erupted from her left knee.

"Owww," she whimpered. After about ten seconds of agony he let go of her legs. Eva didn't have much chance to savor the relief as Rafe wasted no time in pinning her flat against the mat. In one swift motion he had her on her back and trapped beneath his hard chest.

Eva tried to escape but she was exhausted. Her muscles were sore and her limbs ached but her pride was hurting most of all. It was now or never. She needed to go on the offensive. Even if it meant playing a little dirty. Doing the only thing she could think of, Eva sank her teeth into the column of Rafe's exposed throat. He yowled. When she pulled away there were dark red marks in the exact shape of two rows of teeth. His grip on her wrists let up so that he could clutch his wounded neck. She used the opportunity to push Rafe off of her and they tumbled in opposite directions.

They were both on their feet again, breathing heavily, sizing each other up. "Kitty's got fangs." Rafe quipped.

"And claws." She hissed and then used those claws to gouge four perfect red lines into his chest.

Using the ropes for momentum, she propelled herself at him. He was still holding his chest when she delivered a ferocious kick to his stomach. Rafe grimaced and staggered back a few steps. When he looked at her again there was a fire in his eyes. He charged at her but she easily sidestepped him. Ha! Not so fast after all. Eva was so busy congratulating herself that she didn't notice him coming up behind her.

Catching her off guard, he tackled her to the ground. Eva went down hard, knocking the wind out of her. While she was trying to regain her breath Rafe was already flipping her over and pressing his full weight onto of her. She found herself wedged beneath him, face to face, her wrists being held securely above her head by one large hand.

"Pinned again," he taunted as she tried in vain to wriggle free. "You must really like being under me."

"Fuck you!" Eva yelped.

"Oh, we'll get to that." Chuckling softly, Rafe reached out with his other hand to play with her tits. He gripped one hard and then savagely tweaked the nipple. She gasped. The pain-laced pleasure sent a throb straight to her sex. Taking advantage of her vulnerable state further, he rubbed his stiff shaft along the hollow of her thighs. Still worked up from her orgasm, she fought the instinct to rub against it like a cat in heat.

No matter how much she wanted to deny it her muddled mind was acutely aware of the mounting pleasure as he continued to work her sensitive nipples. A strangled moan slipped from her parted lips. Rafe's confident control over her body ratcheted her arousal up to dizzying new heights. Unable to resist the call to pleasure any longer, Eva found herself shamelessly arching into his caressing palms. Thoughts of escape were slowly melting away.

"As fun as this has been all good things must come to an end." Rafe announced with a satisfied smirk. Two strong hands grabbed her and lifted her up off the mat. Vicelike arms wrapped around her waist. In a flash her world turned topsy-turvy as he spun her upside down in one smooth motion. Eva found herself face first against his hard crotch with her legs straight in the air and Rafe's powerful thighs sandwiching her face.

He held her there for a while, dangling upturned above the ground, the blood rapidly rushing to her head. There was no sense in fighting it. In that unfortunate position she could only wait helplessly for what she knew was coming. And then it happened. There was a second of weightlessness as their bodies dropped together. A strange but soothing sense of surrender enveloped Eva just before her head hit the mat.


Bam! Rafe landed the brutal piledriver. He felt Eva's whole body stiffen from the blow and then suddenly go limp. When he released her she balanced on her head like a top for a few moments before finally toppling to the ground with a heavy thud. The seconds stretched on as she lay completely motionless apart from the steady rise and fall of her chest. Just as Rafe concluded Eva must be knocked out cold her eyes shot open and she jerked upright. She let out several low moans and rolled around weakly, holding her head in her hands.

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