tagGroup SexOutside Her Window: Men At Work

Outside Her Window: Men At Work


Loud noises outside had wakened Maria at eight-thirty one morning. She threw a robe over her naked body and went to investigate, ready to give hell to anyone who was responsible for such a ruckus. When she peered out her kitchen window,.a construction crew had arrived to begin long-needed work on the street where her home was located.

Most of the men Maria saw were either middle-aged with beer bellies or looked like ex-cons with their arms and torsos covered in tattoos. The two men who did capture her attention became two of her favorite workers during the time the crew was working on her street: Matt and Rafael.

Rafael was a very good-looking Latino man in his mid-twenties. He wasn't very tall, but he was well-built with a bubble butt and dark chiseled features.

Matt was around the same age as Rafael. He was a little over six feet tall, blond, a bit more muscular than Rafael, had a tight ass, and when he removed his shirt on hot days, Maria saw his six-pack abs.

During the summer months, Maria either wore only bras and panties or a bikini bathing suit that left very little to the imagination; being single, she didn't have to bother putting on many clothes just to stay home.

She also left the window blinds open during the day. The possibility of someone from the street seeing Maria roaming through her house more than half naked never bothered her.At forty, she looked younger and managed to keep the body she'd had twenty years earlier.

Maria often sat near her pool in one of her skimpy bikinis while the construction crew was there. They became accustomed to.seeing the sexy middle-aged woman, and she sometimes offered them cold drinks or offered to let them use her bathroom instead of their smelly port-a-potty.

Both Rafael and Matt caught her eyeing them several times and returned the favor with appreciative gazes of their own. She started letting sexual fantasies about each of them run through her head at night. She imagined herself between both of them in her big bed, her tongue flicking over their hard abdomens while her hands squeezed their perfect ass cheeks. She would then work her way down to each of their genitals with her tongue and hands, tease their balls with her mouth, and finally take turns sucking each guy's cock until they begged to fuck her.

Each fantasy was varied; one time, she'd have sex with Rafael while Matt watched. On another night, she fantasized that she was doing Matt with Rafael watching them, and in yet another, Maria fucked both of them at the same time. Whatever the fantasies were, she never failed to achieve an orgasm each time.

My God, if I actually did all of those things instead of fantasizing about them, I would be seen as a slut. Oh well, most of the assholes in this neighborhood probably think I'm one anyway.

The afternoon in question when she finally saw Matt and Rafael "up close and personal" was also hot. The crew was preparing to put down new tar on the street, but all the guys weren't needed. They'd just returned from their lunch break when Maria's doorbell rang. She was delighted to see a shirtless Matt standing there, a thin film of perspiration layering his strong torso.

"I'm sorry to bother you," he said. "but my cell phone died and I need to make a call. Could I use your phone?"

"Sure. Let me show you where it is."

"Thanks, I really appreciate your help."

Maria went back to the kitchen while Matt made his phone call. She made sure to stay in full view of him so he could still see her tits pressed together by her bikini top, the top half of her breasts ready to pop out of her top.

Matt appeared to take the hint when he returned to the kitchen when he was finished using her phone, but seemed to be in no hurry to return to work. It wasn't lost on Maria when he stole a peek of her well-endowed chest.

"Thanks again," he said. "Dumb me for forgetting to charge my phone."

"My pleasure. Do you need anything else?"

"Not right now, ma'am." His eyes fell on her breasts again.

"It's very hot today. Would you like some water to take with you?"

"Maybe I could use something else instead..."

He moved closer to Maria and kissed her passionately. He undid her bikini top and pushed her back on the table, kissing, licking, and sucking her breasts.While he rubbed against her and continued playing with her tits, she pulled open the zipper of his jeans and freed his throbbing, rock-hard cock. He started to remove his hard hat.

Maria stopped him. "Leave it on."

He nodded and dropped his jeans to his ankles before peeling off her bikini bottoms. She'd become aroused by his naked body. "Fuck me right here, right now," she said.

Without saying a word, he was happy to comply. She felt his cock push inside of her with one thrust. He was thick and long, and Maria cried with ecstasy while Matt repeatedly slammed his hardness in and out of her. He continually thrust his hips into hers, giving Maria the fucking of her life. She loved how rough he was being as he pummeled her on the table with each thrust harder than the last. She then felt him start to pulse deep inside her pussy.

Matt's grunts grew louder as he fucked Maria, relentlessly ramming into her. She soon heard him growl an "Ooooooooooh!" before feeling the warm wetness of his sperm passing into her body.

After a few more thrusts, his cock was out of her. Matt pulled up his jeans and zipped them. She turned her head and saw Rafael peering through the kitchen window at them while rubbing his swollen crotch.

Oh, God! How much did he see of what Matt and she had done?

"I'll tell Rafael he can come in now," Matt said with a wink before he left

Maria was still naked and catching her breath on the table before she gathered enough steam to stand. Soon, Rafael was at the door.

Knowing what he wanted, she lay back on the table and spread her legs. Rafael dropped his pants and rubbed his cock up and down her slit, making Maria hotter and wetter, before he pushed it in her. He pushed in and out while his hands spread her legs wider for him to fuck Maria as hard as he wanted.

He was so hard and hot!

Rafael fucked her with intensity, slamming his body into hers. Maria kept moaning as he screwed her, inching his entire cock into her until Maria couldn't hold back anymore. They both came right there on the table, Maria thinking it was indeed her lucky day.

She turned her head back to the kitchen window and saw Matt standing there with a wide grin.

Some of her fantasies had come true, far better than she'd dreamed. Maria would hate to see Matt and Rafael go once the street paving was finished. The following day, Maria made a point of getting their phone numbers. There were still plenty of fantasies left for her to explore.

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