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Outside Looking In


I stand at the door about to knock as my heart sounds like it will leap out of my chest from thumping so hard. A need so deep within me and I cannot deny it. It is part of me and I know it, to hide it from myself would only be lying. He has promised to give me what I need and now it is time to see if He indeed will be what I need. To make me whole. To let me finally be who and what I am.

It all started long ago probably when I was very young. To her, in her mind a woman was to be used as a slut for the pleasure of her lover, and if she was lucky enough to find one that wanted to pleasure her also and take care of her every need even better. But the need to feel used and manhandled ran deep in her soul. To feel pleasure and pain at his hands only turned her on even more. She always had the same fantasy when she masturbated, which was usually at least once a day, it was always force and domination, to be taken, really taken by a tall man someone who exuded strength, no weakness at all. A man who was dominant and did not know how be anything but dominant in public and in the bedroom with his slut. She was always a lady in public and a whore behind closed doors. Suddenly she felt the dampness between her legs as she stood in the hall.

I straighten my coat that covers the black teddy and thong, only my thigh highs and four inch black fuck me pumps showing beneath it. My long legs look delectable in those heels and the stockings make me even more accessible as he requested.

I take a deep breath and knock twice on the door. Nothing. The anticipation is killing me. I stand there waiting. I will be a good little slut for him I think as I wait. I will not be impatient.

Finally he opens the door and smiles, his eyes staring deep into me. He can see into my soul and the fire that burns there. He knows everything about me, I can feel it. My eyes cast down suddenly remembering my place. "Come in my pet."

I step inside the door still with my eyes cast to the floor. He lifts my chin and tell me to look at him. I comply looking up into the most tranquilizing eyes I have ever seen. Those eyes burning holes in me. I feel naked already before him. "You are such a good slut." He says as he pushes my coat open and off my shoulders letting fall to the floor.

I do not speak. My breath coming quicker already. I just stare into your eyes and let you do what you must do now. I know my place with you and willingly give myself to you.

The cool air in the room hits my body and my nipples stiffen along with the excitement that runs through my veins. I feel your eyes on my body " Come,sit with Me " you say as You take me by the arm and lead me to the bed and sit me by your side. You run your fingers into my hair pulling me close and kiss me deeply letting your tongue explore my mouth totally relishing the kiss I melt into your arms and surrender. You know you have me now. You can feel the need and willingness in my body. I can feel my body responding to you as you take your time and run your hands over my breasts lightly and ever so slightly brushing them with your fingertips not touching the nipples. Tracing and outline around them but denying the need of the nipples. They are hard as pebbles wanting to be touched. You then take the teddy and slide it off my shoulders freeing my tits completely. Again you touch everywhere around them now squeezing them and pinching them but again avoiding the nipple. I moan with need and thrust my chest out as far as I can begging you to take them. You deny me, taking your time and playing and kneading them until I start to squirm and moan louder. "please" I ask.

"Please what?" you say as you lean in and lick my tits, biting them playfully, and sucking Around them still avoiding the nipple making my pussy drip with desire.

"Please suck them." I say

"Tell me what you want, tell me what you need." You say as you continue to tease me with your tongue.

"I need you to suck my tits , take me , fuck me, make me yours."

That is what you want your slut to say, and then you latch my nipple in your mouth and the other with your fingers and begin to suck and pinch my nipples, immediately sending me crashing into my own space and time where only your voice can reach me. I melt into you and surrender so sweetly to the pleasure and pain that you bring me.

You reach down and part my pussy with one hand while continuing the attack with your mouth on my nipple. You feel the wetness and pull your hand away coated in my juices, bring them to my lips and smear my lips with my juices then close your mouth over mine and we both taste me. Kissing passionately until we have cleaned my essence off both of our lips.

Your hand reaches down again and you slide one finger in me deeply then add another and another. My juices flowing on to your hand you push even deeper. You move down kissing my body as you go down to my pussy. Your mouth finds my outer lips and you begin to nibble and suck on me. My breath coming in quick gasps now. I want to touch you so badly, pull your head deep into my soft shaved pussy , pull you into me until I explode on your face. You then find my clit with your tongue and begin that sweet dance
Of teasing me unmercifully with that tongue. You lick and suck at my clit, sucking it in and letting it pop out of your mouth over and over again. You know that this will push me over the edge quickly if you don't stop.

" DO NOT CUM." You say between licks and sucks. I feel your cock hard and straining against my inner leg. I know that you will give me what I need. A good fucking in every Hole that is available to you. Which is all of them. When I give myself I give completely For your pleasure.

"Please let me suck you?" I ask, you hear the urgency in my voice. I am on fire and You know this. You know how deep my need is to please you.

" Yes my slut, suck my cock now." You roll off me and I immediately go to the zipper of your pants. Taking your pants and underwear down together in one movement. I look at the magnificent cock before me. So hard and yet the skin is so soft as I run my mouth all around it wetting it and then I take you deep in my mouth. You moan as my tongue hits the sensitive underside of your cock making it twinge even harder into my mouth. I love to suck your cock so much. I love to make love to your cock with my mouth. I suck you in deep and moving my tongue constantly up and down the backside of your shaft, as if it Were my last meal, I work your cock in until it reaches the back of my throat. I stop when it hits the back. "NO don't you stop there." You say.

I breathe a deep breath and try to relax, you know that my gag reflexes are very sensitive but you are going to get me past all that. You know how much I want you deep in my throat, to control even my breath.

I try to get more of you into my mouth deeper but I have trouble. " Move to the edge of the bed on your back with your head off the edge.." You tell me in your stern voice.

I release your cock from my mouth and quickly shuffle into that position. You straddle my head so that your balls are right above my eyes and you tell me to open my mouth. Then you push your cock into my waiting mouth and tell me to relax. I take a deep breath and try to relax my throat. You then push your cock into my throat. While placing your hand on my neck. I close my eyes and let my whole body relax. You are pumping in and out of my throat deeper with every thrust. Slowly at first then harder as you are in as deep as you can go. You are fucking my throat in and out now with slow steady strokes and I become accustomed to getting what air I can when you pull out enough. I have your whole cock in my throat fucking me while you can feel your cock with your hand on my throat.

"Ahh yes you like that don't you, my little slut getting her face fucked. " you say as you take another thrust into me, holding it there until you feel me tighten around your cock my legs start to kick a little and you know that I need air you let up just enough For me to gasp air into my lungs and then take another deep thrust holding it there. You do this over and over again until you cannot take it any more the warmth and wetness of my mouth along with knowing that you hold my very life, and every breath in your hands. Your orgasm overtakes you as you fuck me harder and deep. Your cum spewing deep into my stomach, I feel your cock throb with each jet that my throat sucks from you. You squirt time and time again until you are empty. Your cock grows soft and you withdraw out of my mouth.

I gasp for air and my head is swimming with desire along with that familiar ache in my pussy. You walk around to the other side of the bed and lie down between my legs and insert you fingers into my dripping cunt pushing further and further until your whole hand is trying to get inside me. I moan loudly as you continue to stretch my pussy with your fist. You stop just below your knuckles and rest there for a moment letting my pussy adjust. You tell me to relax. My juices are coating your hand well now and you nudge a little more and I moan the pain in my pussy is tremendous as you are stretching me more than I ever thought possible. Then your hand moves forward and continues until your fist is in a ball inside my stretched pussy. I have never felt this full and I spread my legs wider for you. Inviting you to fist fuck me. You reach deep with your hands and start to massage my cervix, rubbing and massaging until I cannot take it any longer. I gasp and tell you that I am cumming. You continue as my juices start sloshing as your work your hand back and forth.

(to be continued) Let me know if you would like this story to go on.

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