tagCelebrities & Fan FictionOutside on the Beach Ch. 02

Outside on the Beach Ch. 02


This story contains adult material and is only suitable for people over the age of 18. This is in no way connected with the subject. Don't use this without my permission. Now, on with the story!

Evie dozed for a few minutes in the warm morning sun as she waited for him to get back with the coffee, just giving a bit of a stretch and a murmur as she relaxed.

"Wake up Evie," he said with a smile as he walked back in, carrying two mugs of coffee. Evie lifted her head lazily from the pillow, blowing her hair away from her face and smiling at him, her eyes gazing down his naked body as he stood the mugs down and slid back into bed next to her under the sheets. Sitting up, he held out her coffee as she herself sat up, rolling over and pulling herself up, sitting down a little gingerly with a slight grimace and a mumble, not attempting to cover her breasts.

"I'm a bit sore," she said, answering the question he hadn't asked as she took her coffee, taking a nice long sip.

"Well...understandable I guess," he said, drinking his own coffee.

"But worth it," she said, looking sideways at him with a little smirk. He returned it, then leaned over for a good morning kiss, their tongues just lazily wrestling for a moment.

"Maybe a nice hot shower will help," he said after a pause, glancing slyly over at her before another sip of coffee.

"Is that an invitation?" she said with a little giggle, raising her eyebrows questioningly before looking back to her mug.

"Most definitely," he said, draining his coffee and standing the mug aside.

"Good. Do you need some help with that?" she said with a grin, pointing down to the tent starting to form under the sheets as he hardened.

"Yeah, and I think you're the perfect girl for the job," he said with a smirk as she finished her coffee.

"I bet you do," she said with a giggle, sliding carefully across to him and snuggling close, sliding her leg over his as she leaned in for another kiss, her right hand sliding down under the sheets to his growing erection. He gave a slight groan of pleasure as she grasped his morning wood, immediately becoming completely solid after a couple of firm strokes of her skilful hand. They just sat comfortably together for a minute or so, Evangeline snuggled up to him, stroking slowly at his cock, teasing him with squeezes and twists of her fist. Just as he was getting optimistic of a blowjob she let go of him, quickly dragging her tongue up his cheek and slipping away from him, sliding out of bed and standing up with a slight wince due to the soreness of the previous nights dry anal sex. It gave him a full frontal view of her gorgeous naked form, her slim figure, perky breasts, neatly shaved V of dark hair and sexy legs.

"Time for that shower babe," she purred, giving a flick of her eyebrows and turning to walk towards the bathroom, giving a distinct wiggle of her firm arse as she did. He quickly scrabbled out of the bed, his cock bouncing against his stomach as he hastily followed her to the bathroom. As he got into the room she was already turning the water on, leaning over the tub to turn the shower on above it, arching her back and pushing her bum out a little towards him. He let his hands lead the way, sliding over the firm cheeks of her arse and onto her hips, pressing himself close behind her, his cock nestled between the cheeks of her arse as she looked back over her shoulder.

"Just right," she said with a smirk, shaking the water from her fingers.

"I think so," he said with a lustful tone, pushing his fingers round the front of her hips and down, through the little patch of hair to her pussy, finding her already wet. He slid his fingers straight down between her lips, quickly finding her clit and rubbing it firmly.

"Mm...down boy," she murmured, batting his hand away from her crotch and standing up, sliding across in front of him so his cock was teased by her arse before she stepped into the tub, grasping his hand and pulling him in. With her spare hand she pulled the curtain across once they were in, the warm water washing round their feet before stepping under the spray, pressed quite closely together, which neither minded of course. After thoroughly wetting their bodies and sharing a long, tongue-twisting kiss, Evie reached for a bottle of shower gel, opening it and squeezing some into her hands. Guiding him out of the spray a little, she rubbed her hands together and started to lather him up, rubbing her hands over his chest plentifully, over his arms and round his back, her soapy touch just perfect before she finally reached down for his cock.

"I think this needs a good, long wash," she teased, stroking at his shaft with her slippery hands.

"But so do I," she said, suddenly letting him go and handing him with shower gel with a smile. He just smiled back and turned to guide her out of the water a bit, the warm spray on his back as he lathered her up in return, his hands taking in every sexy, smooth curve of her body, letting his hands run down her sides, sliding in at her waist and out over her hips, before he gave her bum a good squeeze. She gave a giggle as he ran his slippery hands over it before moving back up, lathering her chest and spending plenty of time "washing" her breasts, squeezing and rubbing at them, teasing her stiff nipples as she wiggled before him.

"Wash my back too," she purred, turning round to face away and pulling her loose brown hair forward over her shoulder. He happily obliged, getting a bit more of the sweetly scented gel and rubbing over her shoulders, Evie arching her sexy back and pushing her nice rear out towards him, just millimetres from bumping his stiff, soapy erection. He ran his hands gradually down her back till he bumped the top of her arse, already soapy, but he couldn't resist giving it another fondling, so ran his hands over the firm cheeks with a little squeeze, pulling back to give a sharp firm spank with a wet slapping sound.

"Hey, I think you got enough of my ass last night!" she giggled, looking back at him with a sexy glance over her shoulder.

"I don't think I'll ever get enough of your ass," he said with a smile, his hands sliding round her hips to her stomach, making her tremble just a little in excitement as his right hand went south, slipping through her dark, wet pubic hair to her swollen vulva.

"Well I'll be deciding how much of it you get anyway," she said with a little giggle, followed by a moan of pleasure as his fingers found her hard clitoris, her hips pushing forward a little as a tingle ran down her spine. Evie reached back behind her with both hands, fumbling for a moment before she found his hardon, wrapping her wet hands round his soapy cock and giving a good squeeze. She was pleased as he gave a groan and pushed into her hands a little, squeezing him again before she started to slowly slip her hands up and down his seven and a half inch shaft, firmly grasping him as she stroked him. As she started to slowly jerk him off, his fingers started to dance faster round her clit, circling faster than before, easily able to slip round and over her hard button given the situation.

"Mm right there," she groaned, leaning her head back onto his shoulder and slipping back into his grasp, her hands still working slowly at his cock even though it was pressed against the top of her bum. His left hand slid up to cup her breast as he moved his hand a bit lower, pushing two fingers up inside her and leaving his thumb to work at her clit, flicking rapidly at it, causing her to grunt delightfully, before immediately starting to circle it again, drawing a long, low purr of pleasure from her, her muscles squeezing and clenching on his digits. He made sure to thrust his two fingers, working them firmly into her tight snatch as his thumb continued to assault her stiff nub, the water spraying onto his back fading into the background. Her hands worked a little faster at his cock, perhaps harder than she'd ever felt it she thought, the soap allowing her to slip over his smooth hardon like never before. He groaned into her ear as she teased round the base of his bulbous purple head.

"Mm yes, right there!" she gasped loudly, her pussy grasping his fingers tightly as he used his little finger to just tickle her tight arse, Evie clenching her bum a little since she was sore. His fingers pinched at her stiff nipple, twisting slightly, the rest of his hand mauling her breast as she pushed her hips forward, circling a little to grind against his hand as he took her to her climax, her hands working quite strongly at him.

"Oh god, oh god," she gasped, her eyes squeezing shut as she dropped her head back, her hands grabbing hold of him tightly and stopping dead as her body tensed up, legs squeezing together. She arched her back with a squeal of pleasure, her body giving a spasm and them trembling as her orgasm hit her, her skin tingling as ripples of pleasure spread through from the very core of her soul. He pulled his fingers out of her slippery pussy and went to town on her clit as fast as he could, keeping the pleasure flooding the thousands of nerve endings in her delicate nub. Evangeline gasped heavily for breath, opening her eyes, staring to the ceiling as spots danced before them, a low, throaty groan escaping her as she started to slowly massage his stiff manhood again. Her hips gave a last few jolts, curling her toes before she gave a heavy, sated sigh and smiled, letting go of him and turning round in his grasp, his now motionless fingers sliding wetly from her slender body.

"That was lovely," she said with a teasing smile, not taking hold of his cock again to finish him off, simply turning them and pushing them both under the shower again, the water rinsing away the remaining soap from their bodies before she slipped away from him.

"Right, it's time we got dressed," she said, stepping out of the bath and grabbing a towel, making him look down at his erection and then back at her, her gorgeous body dripping wet, getting only a teasing shrug and a girly giggle. He shut the shower off and stepped out, his cock waving before she handed him a towel, both of them drying off some before she wrapped herself with her towel and headed towards the bedroom. He quickly finished rubbing himself down with the towel and wrapped it round his bottom half, unable to conceal the huge erection he was sporting as he followed her back to the bedroom.

"How about we go for a walk today, if you're up to it that is," she purred, giving him a sexy sideways glance and smile, her eyes flitting down to his tent.

"I think I'll manage," he said with a smile, knowing she was just toying with him and would service him later to make up for it.

"I thought you might be able to," she said with a smile, dropping her towel and giving him a little shake of her arse, giggling a little as she went to the drawers. He only had his clothes from the previous night and pulled them on, his erection abating a little even though Evie was strutting around naked and unashamed, picking out clothes. She turned and dropped something black and sexy onto the bed, which he saw were lace topped black stockings and a garter belt. Glancing back up to her, his eyes locked on her as she bent straight over, seeing her clearly shift her feet to spread her legs for him a bit, his cock immediately becoming completely hard again as she arched her back, her bulging pussy peeking through her smooth thighs at him. She wiggled her bum a little as she selected something, then stood up and turned back, throwing a short black skirt and a simple blue tank top onto the bed.

She just smiled at him as she stood and turned back, seeing his eyes drinking in every inch of her body as she gave him a full frontal, eyeing her juicy pussy which just begged him to slip inside, the engorged lips bulging below her little triangle of hair, clit still peeking out a little bit. Picking up the garter belt, she unhooked it and pulled it round her hips, stretching it a little and hooking it up round herself, looking back over her shoulder as she did before looking back to him, seeing him eyeing her intently. She gave a giggle as she picked up one of her stockings, rolling it up before lifting her foot and pushing it into the toe of the black nylon. Resting her foot on the side of the bed she rolled the stocking up her leg, smoothly coating her gorgeous limb, rolling the lace top into place at her lovely thigh and carefully clipping the garter to it, just sliding her fingers up to adjust them a little so they held the stockings snugly. She repeated the process on her other leg and then stood down by the bed, dressed in only her black garter belt and lacy stockings.

"No knickers today then?" he said, casting an eye to her neat pussy.

"I think you'll find it's much more fun without them. Besides, some fresh air never hurt," she said with a grin, reaching for her top. He just smiled back before he pulled his shirt on, watching as she pulled the tank top down, not bothering with a bra for her perky breasts, leaving him to ogle her pussy as long as possible. She picked up the skirt and slipped her nylon clad legs into it, zipping it up at her hips, just covering her sexy underwear and leaving a little band of her smooth skin showing. Stroking it out smooth, she found a pair of shoes, pushing her feet into a set of simple slip on wedges.

"Come on then, unless there's not enough blood in your legs," she teased, giving him a wink and turning to walk out of the bedroom, picking up her bag, mobile phone and the keys. He followed her, reaching down to sort himself out again so it was less obvious as he did, catching up to her at the door of the rented beach house. They stepped out and she locked the door behind them, securely zipping the keys into her bag as they walked away from the house, both of them slipping on sunglasses in the bright morning sunshine. Evie slipped her hand into his and leaned up to give him a soft kiss on the cheek, her lips lingering just a moment as her fingers locked with his before they set off. They didn't waste time, walking through and out of the city, catching a few glances from people but most people just walked on by. It was nice to just walk with her, holding her hand, feeling her brush up against him occasionally, leading her through crowds of people now and then, her doing the same for him until they left the city, out through the suburbs and towards the countryside surrounding the city.

"Lovely day for a walk huh?" she said, the first speech for a few minutes actually after simple conversation they'd enjoyed on the way to this point.

"Yeah, perfect to go out for a nice long way. Tones up your legs," he said with a smile, glancing down to her.

"Is that a hint? Because last time I checked you had no problems with my legs when they were wrapped around you," she purred, moving in close and sliding her arm around his back.

"No your legs are lovely, perfect for holding onto when I've got you pinned down," he murmured, looking down with a sly sideways smile.

"I bet they are," she said with a little giggle as they walked through the countryside, fields and bushes around them now. They'd been walking quite a while now, the better part of an hour and were now well out into the quiet of nature, the birds singing around them from the trees, a light breeze blowing, the odd bee buzzing past them. Evie glanced about, looking into the fields before she pulled him off the track into one, wading into the dry, ankle length grass, tickling at her through her stockings as she did.

"I think it's time for a bit of a...rest," she said, passing a bush to find a nice spot in the grass where they could look out over the city, since they'd been steadily ascending as they walked. She stopped and crouched down, putting her hands down and stretching her legs out, looking back to him and patting the grass to invite him. He took her invitation, sitting down with her, being greeted by a nice French kiss, her tongue delicately working into his mouth. They broke apart and just sat together for a minute to rest, Evangeline resting her head on his shoulder as they gazed out through the heat haze across the city, people living their lives right under their noses. She leaned up and nuzzled his cheek a bit, tempting him to turn, where she locked lips with him again, far more energetically thrusting her tongue into his mouth this time, her hands moving to reach over him and hold his body.

"Come on big boy," she murmured through a smile as she kissed him, feeling his hands move onto her, immediately going for her perky, unsupported breasts through the dark blue tank top. She mumbled slightly in pleasure as he cupped her, squeezing firmly as he turned towards her, pushing Evie back a little, which she didn't protest about. They broke their kiss with a noisy gasp, his mouth moving down her smooth neck to softly kiss and lick at her, nightly nibbling as he pressed her down so she lay back on the grass, Evie relaxing and lying back, closing her eyes and spreading her legs invitingly for him. He didn't even need to look up to take the point, turning over onto her, sliding over her sexy nylon clad leg, her skirt having ridden up just enough to show her sexy garter clipped to the lace of the stocking. He slid between her lovely legs, feeling them wrap over his as he kissed her hard again, his hands still working at her breasts, one of them sliding down and up under her top as she put her arms around his neck.

"I didn't think it was nippy today," he teased, now with both his hands up under her top, groping her breasts, his fingers nimbly working across them, toying with her nipples, circling and pinching lightly at the hard points.

"Well it is now, so you'd better keep your pants on in case it gets any colder," she joked playfully, between kisses down his face as she moved, his hands pulling her top up to completely expose her humble boobs to the fresh air, her skirt having ridden up a little more to show her garters, her pussy barely covered although with him laying on top it didn't matter, especially with the bulge of his rock hard cock pressed to her naked pussy through the skirt. They snogged and groped like horny, hormone-fuelled teenagers, writhing in the grass under the warm sun as they let their lust take hold. His kisses trailed wetly down her jaw and neck to the top of her chest, running along her collarbone as she ran her fingers through his hair, opening her eyes and looking at the lovely blue sky, wispy white clouds passing overhead.

"Eat my pussy," she said huskily, taking her hands off his shoulders and reaching down to tug her skirt up the last little bit and reveal her juicy snatch, already wet and ready for him, glistening slightly in the strong sun. He didn't argue with her, simply squeezing her breasts firmly, pulling back and deftly pinching her stiff nipples, causing her to yelp as he slid down, dragging his hands down her smooth sides and over her hips, taking a firm hold of them as she felt his breath spread over her most private area. He let her squirm a little, just holding his lips tantalisingly close to her juicy entrance before he planted his tongue on her, tasting her tangy, feminine nectar. She let out a low moan as he dragged his tongue up her lips, top to bottom, letting the tip of his tongue tease her prominent clit before he dragged back down with the underside of his tongue. Evangeline moaned as the soft, hot, wet sensation spread down her, teasing at her engorged inner lips that protruded a little. Her legs shifted next to him, twitching a little as he moved up again, using the tip of his tongue this time to dip into her slit, teasing her till he reached her clit, which he delicately circled, making her moan throatily and push up towards him.

"Don't hold out on me," she breathed, her hands on the brink of clawing at his hair. He just smiled, loving how he could make her practically beg, her legs nearly kicking out under him. He slid his hands down and wrapped his arms round and under her sexy stocking-clad limbs, his fingers playing with the garters a little as he settled down to work at her. He sunk his tongue strongly into her, feeling her clench at him with her practised muscles, just holding still a moment before he thrust it as deep as he could manage and swirled it round, licking at her soft velvet tunnel before pulling back, feeling her hips try to follow him. Dragging his tongue out of her slippery opening, he pulled it out and immediately moved up to her waiting clit, assaulting it more firmly this time. Evie let out a heavy grunt, her eyes squeezing shut as she bit her lip, feeling a rush of pleasure as he pressed on her clitoris with his tongue, just pressing down a moment. It was somewhat unorthodox, Evie wriggling under him in a love-hate moment, torn between encouraging him and scolding him before he started to rapidly flick at her.

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