tagExhibitionist & VoyeurOutside Shower Show

Outside Shower Show

byLia Monde©

The midsummer sun gave the woods a golden glow and made the water shimmer. A number of vacation cabins lined the shore of the secluded lake. Although each was somewhat isolated by trees, a path weaved along the entire shore between the structures and the water. As Jordan was hiking in the late afternoon, a woman who was returning from the beach in her bathing suit crossed the trail ahead of her. She was in her mid-thirties with shoulder length blond hair. The one piece bathing suit was black with white diamond accents. It clung to her exercise-toned body. She walked with a loose-limbed and sinuous sway that caught Jordan's attention.

When she reached her cabin, she dropped her bag on the porch, and stepped around to an outdoor shower. Jordan assumed she was going to rinse the sand off her sandals and feet.

The woman turned on the shower and adjusted the temperature. Then she looked around as if determining whether anyone was present. While Jordan was less than fifty yards away, she was concealed by several trees.

The swimmer stepped into the stream of warm water and reached her hands up to push her shoulder length hair off her face. The motion thrust her chest forward and accented the nipples poking through the thin fabric of the black suit.

Intrigued, Jordan stopped and watched the woman undulate unself-consciously. Checking both ways, there was no one else within sight on the trail. Nonetheless, she didn't want to risk being caught peeping. Jordan stepped off the path and approached the cabin. With one eye on the showering woman, and the quiet stealth of hunting cat, she found a thicket that cloaked her from both the cabin and the path. Settling onto the soft, pine needle blanketed ground, she maneuvered to a position that provided a good view of the outdoor shower.

At the cabin, the woman was luxuriating in the pulse of the warm flow and was rubbing the water across her body.

Jordan was both nervous and thrilled by this unexpected voyeurism. The woman was physically attractive. But, as interesting was the relaxed confidence she exuded and the radiant smile of a person enjoying life. Jordan's imagination began to conjure up a fantasy of joining the woman under the massaging stream. It gave her young body a sexual rush.

The object of Jordan's spying shook her wet hair and picked up a shampoo bottle from the wood shelf. Before opening it, she looked around again with a devilish expression. Replacing the bottle, the woman pulled at the left strap of her suit and peeled it off her shoulder. Then did the same with the other. The suit hung momentarily at the top of her breasts.

Jordan inhaled at the unexpected action and brought her hand to her mouth.

With an impish laugh of naughty pleasure, the blond hooked her thumbs in the suit and yanked it down the rest of her body. She stepped daintily out of the material and tossed it toward the porch. Her body was now fully revealed for scrutiny.

Jordan gave her an absorbed assessment. She was of medium height, weight and build, and was neither thin nor fat. Rather, her mature and womanly body had shapely curves, probably C cup breasts and ample hips.

The woman seemed liberated by the freedom of the public nudity. She emanated delight at the sunbeams striking her body and the unrestricted views of the lake. She was like a wood nymph who was one with the lush and primeval forest

A dozen years her junior, Jordan found the scene incredibly erotic. Besides the flagrant display, the sun-dappled woodland setting created a surreal tableau. The rippling water made the woman's body glisten in the summery light of the late afternoon. While lathering her hair with shampoo, she twisted her body and revealed constantly changing views.

Jordan was scantily attired in a lightweight green camisole with narrow straps and nylon running shorts. Even so, her body began to radiate passion-generated heat. In school, she had experimented with some lesbian play. Yet, it was limited to some alcohol generated kissing and groping in dark rooms at parties. This daylight display of emancipated nudism was something different. It struck a deeper chord. Jordan's hand drifted from the knee of her crossed legs and up to the thin material covering her breast.

As the blond rinsed her hair, she faced the wall and Jordan focused on the jiggle and sway of her sexy behind. Further aroused by the uninhibited show, her body squirmed and her genitals responded. As she continued to stare, her nipples hardened and her labia swelled. While one hand caressed her breasts, the other moved in slow circles on the exposed and sensitive skin along the inside of her thigh.

Turning her back to the shower to soap up her body, the woman revealed a patch of dark pubic hair. From Jordan's vantage, it looked thick and curly and as if it had rarely, if ever, been trimmed. In this verdant, outdoor setting, the luxurious bush had a primitive and natural majesty. It added to the feral persona that Jordan was projecting on her visual subject. The abundant nest made Jordan's thin and tailored strip seem sedate by comparison.

In the shower, her soapy hands turned to clean her breasts. She started between her tits and moved to circle the outside of her left bosom and then did the same with her right. As she lifted her fleshy mounds to clean underneath, she appeared to squeeze them for pleasure.

The provocative movement caused Jordan's eyes to widen. She was becoming increasingly fevered. Her right hand slipped beneath her cami and tweaked the raw flesh of her own braless and excited tits. The woman continued to wash her mammaries and pulled at her light brown nipples. Jordan mimicked the movement and an intoxicating jolt surged through her body.

Setting the soap aside, the palms of both hands now circled and pressed on her tits. The woman was clearly agitated. Although her eyes were closed and her head lolled back, it looked to be more than simple masturbation. Rather, a complete and pleasurable feedback as part of a natural, cleansing ritual.

While the woman was dripping from the shower, Jordan was creating her own moisture. Her cotton panties were beginning to get damp from her excitement. Her mouth felt dry and her blood was racing. It wasn't just the taboo voyeurism of the private scene that she shouldn't have been watching. The steamy sight triggered fond memories of her own frequent self-stimulation in the shower.

After nervously looking around to confirm that she was not being observed by her own voyeur, Jordan unfolded her legs and discreetly pulled off her shorts. This gave her unrestricted access to her panties. She dropped a hand to the front of her underwear. Getting further lost in the rush of arousal, Jordan continued to invade the privacy of the lady in the shower.

When the blond washed her arms, legs and behind, it was almost like a bawdy stripper prancing and posing for Jordan's personal enjoyment in this Elysian setting. The blue skies, white clouds and green hills formed a perfect backdrop.

Under the showerhead, the sprite continued her seductive dance. She saved cleansing her genitals for last. Sliding long fingers into her jungle-like pubic hair, she scrubbed in a slow and rhythmic manipulation. Her body moved in deep enjoyment.

Jordan's eyes fluttered. Her breathing accelerated and her stiff nipples buzzed. She slipped a hand inside the steamy panties and moved her fingers along the length of her swollen slit.

As the sexy woman crouched over to pull her lips apart to better clean and caress it's folds and mounds, Jordan imagined it was her labia that was being fondled. The multiple physical and mental sensations were too much. Jordan succumbed to the mounting demands of passion. She laid back, closed her eyes and feverishly humped her pelvis against the hard heel of her hand.

With the indelible image of the forest Venus playing in her mind, Jordan bit her lower lip and probed her juicy hole. As she approached orgasm, her thumb stroked her agitated clit in quick motions.

Crossing the threshold with a crash, her body shivered with the charge of release. Jordan was barely able to control herself from crying out with pleasure. Her already slick hand was further soaked by the flow generated by the cresting contractions. Although she worked to be still, the waves of joyful climax rocked her body and she thrashed in the pine needles. Part of her brain feared discovery in her lair, yet her animalistic reaction to the orgasm wouldn't allow her to be completely still.

In a satiated rose-tinged afterglow, she lay on the forest floor enjoying a post-climax daze for several minutes.

When Jordan opened her eyes, she half-expected the blond to be standing over her with an expression of shocked revulsion at the intrusion on her privacy. But, as she turned her head toward the cabin, her erotic muse was heedlessly rinsing the last of the soap. Watching her towel herself off, Jordan hoped that when her eyes had been closed in delightful reverie, her unaware sexual partner had achieved the same level of gratification that Jordan had.

While Jordan remained on the ground in a blissful rapture, the woman gathered her gear and then swayed toward the porch in an uninhibited saunter.

Jordan didn't want to get up and leave this idyll. The radiance of her body was matched by the glorious reflection of the ebbing sun on the surface of the lake.

She finally roused herself to pull on her shorts and brush off her body. As she furtively pulled herself together, Jordan made a silent promise that one day she was going to own an outdoor shower.

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