tagIncest/TabooOutside the Family?

Outside the Family?


Eric stood in the door of the laundry room, his thick hard cock throbbing in his hand. He was staring at his mother’s voluptuous pantied ass. She was bending over the dryer and pulling clothes into the laundry basket. Eric walked up to her, and rubbed his cock against her soft cotton panties.

“Eric, honey, not now,” his mother sighed.

“But Mom,” Eric whined, “I’m horny.”

“Tough. Your father is going to be home in an hour and I still have a million things to do. Despite what you may think I don’t revolve around your needs. Why don’t you go ask your sister?” She stood up with her face obscured by a mountain of laundry. Eric sighed and watched his Mom and her sweet ass scamper off down the hall with the huge laundry load. He really loved the way his mom screamed when he fucked her up the ass. Still, his sister was pretty hot too.

Eric walked to his sister’s room, and stood at the door. He could here her moaning. Good, maybe she’s already masturbating and wet for me, thought Eric. He walked into the room. His redheaded sister was on her bed completely naked. Her right hand was rubbing at her wet cunt, and her left hand was holding the phone to her ear.

“Mmm, yeah, I love it when you call me that. You make me so fucking horny. You have to come over and fuck me hard right now. I need your big cock in me, please...” she moaned louder into the phone. Eric walked into the room and knelt between her legs, smelling her sweet musk.

“Psst, hey Cindy,” Eric whispered, and flicked out his tongue with a devilish grin. He loved the taste of Cindy’s pussy.

Cindy, covered up the phone. “Not now, dorkface, I’m on the phone with dad. Go bother Mom or jack off something.” With that, she kicked him in the face. Eric rolled off the bed. He stood up and walked out to his room. He started to put on clothes. He might actually have to leave the house if he wanted to get any action. He had been horny all day, and he knew just whacking it wouldn’t satisfy him. It had been hell at work. How was he supposed to concentrate on work with thoughts of his family running through his head. Eric sighed.

Eric tried to think who he could visit. Cousins Debbie and Michael were at a friend’s wedding out of town. Aunt Peggy had the flu, so she wouldn’t be in the mood. Aunt Janine was out on a business trip to Montreal. Uncle Ray had failed his parole hearing. Grandma was out of the question. The nursing home staff was just so damn nosy. He had bright thoughts about uncle Anthony for a moment, but realized the diocese would probably not be forgiving about a third incident. He sighed.

Eric heard a car door slam outside. Dad! He would be able to help him out! Eric’s dad gave the best blowjobs in the world, almost as good as his Mom. Eric raced to the front door.

His father walked in hurriedly. His hair was a mess and he was frowning. Eric thought after Cindy’s rush hour pep talk he would be in a better mood. Eric smiled.

“Hi Dad,” he said, and puckered his lips.

“Hi Slugger,” his father said, giving him just a quick peck with almost no tongue before rushing off to the kitchen. Damn it! Eric thought. Where the hell is this country coming to when a guy can’t even get a little tongue from his father? Christ! Eric walked after his father to the kitchen. His mother and Cindy were already there.

“Eric, glad you’re here. I was just about to call you,” his father said. “Listen guys. My boss is coming over tonight with his wife and his daughter. I have a promotion riding on this, so it’s important that tonight we don’t have any public displays of affection. It would really look unprofessional and Mr. Harris would definitely frown on it. Okay? Alright. Cindy, I need you to throw on some clothes and tidy up the house. Nothing too revealing. Eric, help your sister.”

Cindy pouted and flounced off to her room to find a suitable outfit. His mom had already covered up her luscious figure with a clean dress. Eric rolled his eyes and adjusted his painful boner.

He knew he should at least beat off before the company arrived, but the list of chores seemed endless. First the vacuuming, then emptying the trash, then sweeping the porch, then cleaning the windows. The frustration was horrible, and just when he had a break to go masturbate, a black car pulled up into the driveway. Mr. Harris stepped out. He seemed too tall to have ever fit in the car. His eyebrows knit together as he looked disapprovingly over the house. His blonde wife stepped out of the car. She looked like she couldn’t be more than twenty seven at most, either in age or IQ There daughter came out next. Eric gulped. She was gorgeous. She was almost as hot as his sister, maybe even hotter. Eric pushed the sick thought out of his mind and yelled down to the kitchen.

“Dad! They’re here!”

Eric’s father raced down the hall, made a very graceful leap over the ottoman, and opened the door just as Mr. Harris rang the bell. Eric’s father smiled. Mr. Harris gave a look like a man who hadn’t had a good bowel movement in twenty years.

“Mr. Harris! Welcome!” Eric’s father smiled.

“Evening, Davison,” Mr. Harris commented gruffly. He shuffled into the house followed by his wife and daughter. Harris’s daughter looked Eric over.

“Hi, I’m Amanda,” she said, and Eric thought he saw her wink at him.

“I’m, uh, Eric,” he said. He smiled nervously.

“What a pleasant name. I like shy boys too,” Amanda said, looking over his body and licking her upper lip. Eric wondered if she was coming on to him.

“Come along Amanda,” father bellowed, and they all walked back to the dining room.

Dinner was hell. Normally his father was a great conversationalist, but tonight he just couldn’t stop gushing and ass kissing. When his father wasn’t brown nosing, Mrs. Harris would just chatter on and on and on about the most inane things. She spent 45 minutes talking about how to make proper baked potatoes. To top it off, Eric’s boner still hadn’t gone away, Cindy was wearing her pushup bra, and Amanda kept giving him winks and looks. Eric shifted uncomfortably.

As dinner cleared up, Eric’s father and Mr. Harris went off to the living room to talk about business. Eric’s mother and sister started taking up dishes, and generally put up with Mrs. Harris who was still going on about baked potatoes. Eric was about to go to his room and beat off when Amanda turned to him.

“Could you show me to the bathroom? I want to wash up.” She winked at him again. Eric breathed deeply and lead her to the bathroom.

“Here you are,” he said, and was just about to race off to his room when Amanda pulled him inside and locked the door.

“What are you doing?” he said.

“Just having a little bit of fun,” Amanda grinned. She started unbuttoning his pants.

“Stop that!” Eric hissed. Amanda looked up. “This is wrong!”

Amanda smiled. “Don’t worry, my dad won’t find out. He’s too much of a retard.”

“No, I mean this is sick. I’m not even related to you by marriage for crying out loud!” Eric said, almost falling into the tub as he backed away.

Amanda’s face squinched up in confusion. “What? WHAT!?”

“Look, we should just cool off and we can just get off with our respective family members later like nice, normal people. This can be our secret. We don’t have to tell anyone this happened. Okay?” Eric breathed.

“First of all,” Amanda said leaning over him,” I don’t want to fuck anyone in my family. That’s just gross. Second of all, I always get what I want, and while apparently you’re a sick fuck, you’re a cute sick fuck with an obviously large dick.” She grabbed his crotch for emphasis.

Eric was definitely sure at this point she was coming on to him. He was a little confused. “You’ve never had sex with anyone in you family?”

Amanda rolled her eyes. “No.” She unbuttoned his pants.

“Then you’re a virgin?” Eric said with his voice catching, still confused.

“Would a virgin do this?” she said with a wicked smile, and fished his cock from his pants. Before Eric could utter another word of protest, Amanda had swallowed his length down to his balls. Her head bobbed up and down rapidly as she sucked him hard. She took his cock out of her mouth and slapped it against her tongue lewdly, before sucking it back in. Eric groaned and gave in. It was so wrong, but it felt so good. Amanda chuckled, then she began to suck on his balls while rapidly fisting his cock. She spit onto his cock, and she began to pump him faster. Eric shivered.

“Cum for me. Cum in my mouth. I want to taste it.” she said, flicking her tongue back and forth over the head of his cock. “Cum on you sick little freak. Cum for me.” Eric stifled a moan as a spurt of jizm shot out onto her tongue. “Mmmm, yeah, it tastes so good.” She sucked softly on the head of his cock, than took the entire length in her mouth again. He was still hard.

“Now,”she whispered, pulling down her shorts and panties and bending over the sink, “Fuck me. No. Hard.”

Eric moved like he was in a trance. He grabbed his rigid cock and pushed it deep into Amanda’s tight wet hole. It was incredible. He never thought the pussy of someone he wasn’t even related to could feel so good! She was so wet and tight. Eric began to thrust slowly, overwhelmed by the fact that for the first time in his life he was fucking someone with a different last name than him, and not just because they changed it. Amanda moaned softly.

“Harder. Please. Fuck me harder. I need your cock.” she whispered hoarsely. Eric pushed into her harder, his throbbing cock going deeper inside her. He was shaking. The pleasure was making it hard to stand up. He thrust forcefully deep into her pussy. Their bodies slapped together as he began to fuck her more roughly. Amanda shivered and fingered her clit. She began to violently shake as she bit her lip to keep from screaming, and Eric could feel her cunt tighten and throb around him as she came. He began to cum. He thrust harder and deeper into her, not being able to stop as he kept cumming more than he ever had in his life. Amanda was sobbing as she desperately thrust her ass back against him. Her thighs shook with the force of her orgasms, and she almost dropped to the floor. Eric caught her in his arms and impaled her with one final thrust. His spurting cock went as deep inside her throbbing cunt as it could go. Their juices ran down their legs.

Eric panted and let Amanda slide out of his arms. What had he done? Amanda just looked up at him evilly, and planted a kiss on the head of his cock. Eric rushed out of the bathroom and almost tripped on his own pants as he fled to the safety of his room. He tried to steady his breathing. The guilt was overbearing. How could he have done this? He heard water running in the bathroom, and then Amanda walking down the hall. He waited until he heard their car leave. He collapsed on his bed. He heard a knock at the door.

“Hey son, Mr. Harris has left. I noticed the slugger’s bat was out earlier, so I thought you might need a relief pitcher,” he heard his father’s warm voice through the door. “Your mom and sis are out here too, and they say they’ve been needing a good hard fuck all day all day. You up for it son?”

“Sorry dad,” Eric called out, “but I had a hell of a day at work and I need some rest.”

“Okay, suit yourself,” his father called out, and Eric fell asleep to the sound of the orgasmic moans and groans of his family, wondering if he would ever be the same again.

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