Outside the Office


She felt his lips kissing at her and she tried her best to kiss back as his organ glided in and out of her. He fucked her through her orgasm, and she was able to regain control over herself, and she smiled up at him.

She pushed him off of her and he rolled onto his back. Shanice was quick to straddle him, raising her body in the air as she held his cock up. She sat down on him, piercing her needy cunt with his member. Her warmth engulfed him, and they both moaned as he slid entirely inside her. She held herself down on him, smiling at him. His hands held her ass, squeezing her cheeks as she bent to kiss him. They kissed passionately, her tongue going further into his mouth than ever. Danny broke the kiss and began to kiss down her neck, his hands caressing her breasts now. He held a nipple up to his mouth and he sucked it inside, and Shanice moaned as yet another sensation hit her already over stimulated body.

She began to raise and drop her ass on his lap, sliding his penis in and out of her hungry vagina. She sighed as the joint feeling of having her breast teased along with a cock sliding into her set her back in the direction of orgasm. He lay back, watching her as she began to ride him faster and harder. His hands slid back around to her soft ass as he watched her magnificent breasts bounce up and down before him.

He began to fuck upwards, meeting each of her thrusts, helping her rapidly approaching orgasm gain momentum. "OH! OH! OH! UNH! ..UNH! .. OHH! UNH!............OHHHHHHHHHH God......." she came again, rubbing her crotch hard against him, keeping his rod far inside her convulsing pussy. She stopped thrusting, just holding him in her as she tried to regain her senses. He lost all control at this point. He wanted, no needed, to fuck her as hard as he could. He had to take control. He gently eased her off of him, and got on top of her.

He jammed his penis hard into her soaking wet cunt. "OHHHH!" she cried, not expecting it so hard. Holding himself up on his arms, Danny began to thrust as hard as possible into Shanice's helpless body. "UNH! UNH! UNH! UNH! UNH! UNH! UNH!" her moans could be heard in surrounding apartments! She was getting fucked so hard!

"I'm gonna cum!" he said excitedly, "are you on the pill?" he breathed.

"Yes!" she moaned, "cum inside of me, Danny!" she moaned. Both of them were rocketting towards an orgasm, he was jackhammering in and out of her. "OHHHHHHHHHH!" her orgasm was powerful, her body shook as he slammed his penis deep into her one final time.

He held himself inside her as her pussy convulsed around him. His cock spasmed, and he bathed the inside of her hungry cunt with his ejaculate. Load after load of his hot cum fired into her as she continued to orgasm herself. The two were moaning, trying to catch their breath as an intense orgasm rocked both of their worlds. As the last of his sperm trickled into her, Danny kissed all over her cheeks, chin, and mouth, smiling.

She smiled and kissed back, feeling weak. He lay on top of her for a few minutes, softening inside her as they kissed tenderly.

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