tagInterracial LoveOutta Control Pt. 01

Outta Control Pt. 01



My apologies, I have changed the story around a bit, including chapter 1. I just wrote and posted it, before I completed the story. As a result, when I got to the end, some stuff in Chapter 1 had to be changed, coz it was out of alignment. And I didn't like it anymore, coz it was kind of shoddy. I know it's a bit of bother to have to re-read it, but please do, otherwise some stuff wont make sense, and its worth it.

This was just a fun project to start off with, but I am a perfectionist, so this hobby story ended up taking a lot of time (from my holiday)

Basically, this is not a story with some fucking, Its some fucking with a story. Or both, actually

If you don't like the fucking and are just interested in the story, just read the first and last chapters of Pt 2 to Pt 6

I hope you like it anyway.


Note: This is based on a true story, but do not try this shit at home. All the stunts were performed by skilled professionals.


Dedicated to Kit Cat, Queen Bitch, SUpreme Bitch, Disease Free Bitch:

You're the best baby, I will always love (and sometimes hate you). And Lil Kim is outta jail, huh? lol



Life is, a bitch!

Yeah, she knew several endings to that short lil sentence. For example,

Life is, a bitch and then you die.


Life is a bitch, so fuck it.

Or the more creative one,

Life is a bitch, but God forbid the bitch divorce me,

I'll be flooded with ice so hell fire couldn't scorch me... (NAS)

The one that applied to Mel's usual state of mind was, "Life is a big dick, so fuck it hard and cumm all over it."

However, on this hot, summer afternoon, that threatened to change her life forever, mel felt like "Life is a bitch, so please shoot me! Shoot me fucking dead, somebody please..."

Chapter 1

Until ten o'clock that morning, everything was just fine. They were a relatively normal, relatively functional, and very happy family, consisting of Edi, (28), Mel, 26, and their two kids, T (5) and P (3).

The shit started at 10 o'clock. Coz at ten O'clock, just as they finished a hearty breakfast, Mel said to Edi,

"So baby, when are we going over to Jack's?" Mel asked, in a cheerful, excited voice.

"Oh, why don't you take the kids and go on over, I'll come join you all there a bit later," he said calmly, just a bit too calmly, in Mel's opinion.

"Why don't we all go together, like we always do?" she looked at him, trying to pin him down with her eyes. He stretched his hands over her head first, and yawned languidly, his dark lips opening, to revel dazzling, even teeth.

"Oh, I'd like to drive around a lil bit. And maybe stop by and visit my mans I aint seen in a lil while," he drawled casually, and drank up his coffee.

"Which one of your mans is that?" Mel asked, frowning.

"Oh, you aint know him," he replied nonchalantly.

"Its, "you don't know him"," Mel said, starting to get pissed.

"Whatever," Edi picked up T, their five year old son, a light, chocolate brown boy and put him on his lap. T was rather handsome, and looked like his mom. His hair was done in braids. Edi said something to him in a foreign language and they both laughed.

"What!" Mel sneered.

"He said, "Wow, Mama can speak American!"" laughed T sweetly.

"Where the hell are you going Edi?" Mel snapped, her hazel eyes narrowing with anger.

"Come here P," he picked up their sweet, lil daughter, who was dark skinned, and had her hair done in afro puffs. He placed her onto his lap. He hugged the two kids, making deep grunting noises and they giggled. Then he turned to Mel as an afterthought, and said,

"See these two Mel, that's your kids. Alright? They need your permission to walk out of the door. But as far as I know, I am a grown man."

"If you wanna be free like a fucking bird, why the fuck'd you get married?" Mel snapped.

"Get off my back. I never ask you where the fuck you're going," he retorted.

"I got nothing to hide. And its absolutely fucking normal here!"

"Then you should have married an American."

"Go the fuck back to Africa!" she sneered.

"What? And leave you all sad and lonely and in tears. No way," he laughed as he stood up, carrying both kids under his arms. "I'll come join you all later, alright? So, you lil beasts, you're all ready for Ice Age 2?"

The kids cheered and Edi carried them both out into the living room.

Mel sat there frowning.

"Something weird is going on around here," she thought, sneering after Edi. After some deliberation, she stood up and went into Edi's study. She closed the door behind her and picked up the phone.

She called up the neighbor's wife, Jen and asked if she could borrow her Corolla and she could have her red, convertible BMW ZX .

"Why, what's up?" Jen asked, nervously. She was emotionally attached to her car.

"I just need to borrow it for a few hours, come on. Please."

"Well, you got three cars, so why do you need to borrow mine?" she asked reluctantly.

Mel sighed, and told her the reason, whispering, "Alright, I need to tail my husband. Now, in my car, he'd spot me from miles away. He's not that stupid, yunno."

Jen was excited now. "Is Edi humping around!!!"

"I don't know what he is up to, so I gotta tail him. Please Jen, please?"

"Do you want me to come along. I know Karate, like, if you need assistance beating up the bitch's ass," she offered enthusiastically.

"No, its alright. I got this," Mel said. "Soon as he leaves, I will call and we'll meet at the gate, alright? Can you watch my kids for a sec?" I said.

"Of course, I will. But at least take a baseball bat with you."

"Don't worry, I got my steel capped boots."

Chapter 2

Now, you are sitting there reading this, and wondering, who was this Mel anyway, and who was her husband. If this was a movie, that's where the Camera would zoom into the actress' face, and you'd have this ripple/dissolve effect, so that you know, "Yeah, now we're going, way back! Right?"

"Mel the Heifer"

Mel grew up in a livestock town down south. She left for a big, distant city to study at the age of 19. In the beginning, she was a miserable, homesick outcast. Her social life was non existent. She just did not fit in. Mel had grown up in a small community, where every body knew everyone else, and she had always had many friends. However in the big city, which had 200 times more residents than her lil town, Mel began to know the true meaning of loneliness.

Being a girl with a strong bumpkin accent, a loud voice, no sense of fashion, no refinement and no idea what was "in" or "out" certainly did not make her very popular. Added to that, Mel was shy, she was disorientated by her new environment and had always had an acute complex about her thick, round ass.

Mel was miserable. She made no friends, the guys ignored her and she was at the brunt of many jokes. Mel would cry herself to sleep, seriously considering tucking her tail in between her legs and going back home to her parents so that her dad could smirk and say, "I wont say I told you so."

The only thing Mel had going on for her was handball. She had been playing since the age of 12 and loved the sport with a passion. Whilst everyone in the team appreciated the energy bundle from the dirty south as their best defender, on a personal level, the others all had their established cliques and left her to herself.

One day after handball practice, Mel had some truck with Liz, the cutest, slimmest, blondest, most popular girl in the team. It started almost over nothing, but escalated way outta control, till Liz called Mel "a coarse mannered, ignorant, foul mouthed, country bumpkin, and a dumb heifer with a stupid accent and a big ass." Well, Liz was probably right, but Mel was a very frustrated girl with a lot of suppressed anger. And where she came from, if some skinny skank cussed you out, well, you just up 'n whupped their ass.

Liz put up a good fight, but Mel had grown up whupping most boys of her age for miles around. Suffice to say, if Mel hadn't been their best defender, and Liz a very alluring but untalented substitute, they'd probably have kicked Mel off the team and called the cops. As it was, she got away with a severe tongue lashing and several weeks suspension.

There was a clique of black girls on the team. They hated arrogant Liz coz she was always making n**** jokes. As such, they thought the "Heifer's" direct method of expressing her personal opinion was pretty cool, for a white girl, and they showed Mel some love. Back home, Mel would never have been seen dead hanging with a bunch of n*****, or moonies, shines and jungle bunnies, as the more polite, progressive folk called them. It just wasn't in. But, being a long ways away from home, and desperately lonely, Mel started hanging with the "shine-girls". One of them, Mona, with whom she soon became very close friends, was also from the dirty south like her.

Mel picked up their slang, attitudes and Lil Kim became her favorite singer and ultra ego. Since her new friends almost all had big, round butts and were dead proud of them, Mel finally shed a complex that had plagued her since her early teens. She started loving that big ass, flaunting it, putting on tight lil short shorts and walking with a proud swing. Suddenly many men were noticing her, and they started to pull up to her bumper ...

When she got to college Mel had only had 2 and a half boyfriends, never sucked dick and never done anything real freaky. She soon found out that the first rule of fucking guys in college was, "Go down baby". The boys wanted their dicks sucked. At first Mel was like, "Ugh!!! No way! I aint no whore!" But once she tried it, she discovered she loved the shit. (well, to quote Lil Kim, "some bitches do, and some bitches don't...)

When Mel hung out with her black girlfriends and their boyfriends, things got a lil complicated. Some of the black guys wanted to fuck her big, creamy, exotic white ass.

One of them, Terence, a.k.a. T-Boy, was especially horny. When he was drunk and stoned and his girlfriend was out of earshot, he'd lean in to Mel, gaze at her with his slanted, red, bloodshot eyes, and his deep, dark voice would rumble sweet, romantic, charming things into her ears like,

"Damn! Mel! You's a hot lil white girl n shit! Why don't you sneak around to the back and I'll come shove my big, black dick down your throat, n buss a big ass nut in your mouth baby! Str8 like that!"

Mel would respond with something equally romantic like, "Aight, T-Boy, we can rock dis shit daddy. Just lemme tell Mona, aight" then she'd turn to Mona and shout, "Hey Mona, listen, me n T-Boy, we jus about to go over 2 the back..."

"Shut the fuck up, Mel! Damn!," Terence would cut off her off nervously and wave to his girlfriend, smiling from ear to ear, and putting on his best, sucking up voice. "Darling, I was just telling Mel how much you mean to me. I l-o-v-e y-o-u baby!" then he'd growl at Mel. "What the fuck is wrong wit u Mel? Is u stupid? Don't fuck up my shit, aight! I don't even want yo white ass anyway. Fuck the jungle fever and shit! Damn!"

Mel would roll over with laughter, setting her big tits jiggling, catching T-Boy's attention, making him horny all over again.

Mel had always been curious whether the rumors about huge black cocks were true or not. However the black girls got leery of her. As they noticed how some of their boyfriend's kept ogling Mel and getting real horny, they started watching Mel suspiciously, like she was a sneaky lil ol' white slut trying to come like a thief in the night and steal the precious black cock. They gave Mel looks that said if they ever caught her with her white hands, lips or pussy anywhere near their men's black dicks, they'd kick that fat ass all the way down south for sho (sure).

Now, Mel was a wise ol' country girl. She knew there were millions of good dicks on the planet, but true, good friends were hard to find. So she handled the delicate situation with prudence and wisdom. She fucked a couple of the black guys on the down low, satisfied her and their curiosity, but kept that shit a secret.

Though Mel managed to rid herself of her Heifer nickname in due time, she was soon christened, "The Beast". Mel had always been a lusty, zealous, energetic kind of girl. When she wrapped her powerful arms and legs around her lover, Mel turned into an insatiable beast.

Her first boyfriend in college, James, broke up with her, saying she was too horny, plus too bossy. The poor guy felt used, like some piece of flesh. Two weeks after the break up, his plaguing backache disappeared.

Martin, her second boyfriend, had always dreamt of having a wild, insatiable, frenzied, cock hungry chick all up in his grill and all over his shit. But when Mel let loose, he couldn't keep up with the energetic, overzealous daughter of a gun. It was like, her searing passion just consumed him.

He always came too fast. Though he was a lily white guy, Mel quoted him the lyrics of her favorite singer, Lil Kim.

„N**** cum too fast for me, A waste of a good dick if you ask me, Who me, forced to use plan B, Masturbate, play with the pussy, I wanna wake him up to do his duty, N**** use that tongue, lick the booty, click the booty, You wanna steal the pussy like a thief, Now kiss the lips without the teeth"

Martin didn't mind the sore jaw too much because the sticky, drooling, southern pussy was scrumptious. However, when a romantic rendezvous, which was supposed to be spent sipping wine, smoking joints and making love outside in the moonlight, ended in the waiting room of a crowded ER, Martin called it quits. It was kind of embarrassing to have to explain to the doctor that lusty Mel had broken his nose whilst banging her powerful hips in his face, in the heat of passion.

Martin was traumatized and swore to never lick another pussy again. Whenever he saw Mel coming, he changed directions. Even when she reassured him that she just wanted to talk, Martin said "No baby, I got my mind made up!"

Well, Mel was a little sad. The romantic girl started dreaming of a new boyfriend, a prince in shining armor, who'd pick her up, throw her across his horse and fuck her into the sunset, without cumming too fast or stupidly breaking his nose in her pussy (she never thought it was her fault, he should have known better than to stick his nose where it didn't belong).

Mel met her prince in her second year of college, only he didn't come riding on a big, ol white horse, it was probably more like a zebra. Edi was an African student. When they met, his friend was trying to ask her out. However, she soon found herself liking Edi more than his mate, which made things very complicated. Mel had always been rather impulsive. If she wanted something, she put her head down and charged like a buffalo. When the dust finally settled, there was a lot of debris. However, Mel came out of the affair renting the dick with an option to buy. In other words, they were dating.

3 months after they started dating, Edi got cast for some commercial, where they paid him too much money, just to say one line and flash his dazzling, disarming, dark smile. Several guest appearances and small roles in films and TV followed for Edi. When they discovered a lil bun in the oven, they got married. By the time this story starts, he was working mainly as a producer and program developer.

Edi wanted a simple, quiet life, but Mel wanted all the finer things that made a woman feel better than her sister and the neighbor's wife. Such as the big ass crib with the pool, the three cars, the wide screen TV and the walk in closet. Plus don't forget the ice, the bling-bling, and mama's sexy, lil sexy car.

Mel would have loved her man whether rich or poor. If it had gone the other way, she'd probably be sweating in a tiny kitchen in a trailer, whipping together some cheap, card board tasting shit from the discounter, yelling and screaming at her brown kids and waiting for Edi to come home from some 9-5, so she could nag and cuss his black ass out. But the life with a lil bling-bling was even better

Chapter 3

(**** Wassup Cat Ha ha ha, remember****)

Back to the present...

"I will bring you my son's baseball bat, just in case," Jen insisted. "Sure you don't want me to come..."

"I gotta go! If you just look after the kids, that'd be great. I gotta go," Mel whispered and quickly hung up, as she noticed the door slide open, and Edi, her husband, stood framed in the doorway. "Hi baby," she said sweetly.

"What are you doing here?" Edi asked, standing in the doorway of his study, smiling at his wife who was holding the telephone receiver.

"Nu'in," Mel replied, and they looked at each other as if both were not sure if the war was still on.

Mel was looking alluring. The voluptuous woman was dressed in a backless, bandana halter top, which was more like a bikini, and a short, pink, glossy, leather mini skirt, that was glued to her curvy hips and thick, round ass.

Mel had a pretty, pleasant face, framed by a mane of dark reddish hair. Her skin was smooth and tanned a deep, crisp, golden colour. She had big, smiling hazel eyes. Her mouth was wide, with full, pink, heart shaped lips.

As for the booty, Mel came from a long line of women with big jugs and thick asses. The best way to describe her would be tall, athletic (she'd been playing handball since the age of 12), like something between Venus and Serena Williams, with more tits than the both of them and at least twice as much ass as Lindsay Davenport, definitely. But it hung tight baby. Mel was a cool, sexy mixture of athleticism and bootylicious femininity.

Mel was a bubbly, hearty, red-blooded, lively woman, who bristled with joy and good humor. A flirty smile seemed to constantly hover around the corners of her mouth. When she laughed, it was with unbound mirth and hilarity. But when she got mad, it was better not be around.

Mel gazed at her husband, giving him the come on look. Edi, 28, was a dark, rugged, handsome black man. His good natured face had very African features. His hair was trimmed very short. He wore a muscle vest and loose shorts that hung low around his lean hips, just begging to be ripped off. He was about 6 ft tall, with an athletic body, though Mama's hearty cooking was beginning to show some effects.

Edi had a confident, lax posture, like a well fed male lion, going for a stroll through the jungle, not hunting anything, but also knowing that no one could mess with him. He exuded an aura of vitality, warmth and friendliness. But an unfettered, animal wildness seemed to simmer just beneath that veneer.

"Who were you calling?" Edi asked, in his deep, good natured voice, his dark face cracking into that charming, dazzling smile.

"Oh, just a friend," she replied, breaking into her sweet, dimpled, heart melting, flirtatious smile. "What are the kids up to?"

"Oh, watching Ice Age."

"Is it near the end?"

"No, its just started. I'm about to roll.."

"Hold up, hold up..." she smiled coquettishly as she walked up to a stereo, swinging her hips and letting him ogle her thick, heart shaped bubble butt, cupped up in the short, tight, leather mini. She slid in Lil Kim's Big Mama Thang CD and started it. The thumping, party song filled the room. Mel shook her ass seductively, going back to Edi's desk, rapping along to Lil Kim and performing for Edi,

"I used to be scared of the dick, Now I throw lips to the shit, Handle it, like real bitch, Heather Hunter, Janet Jack-me, Take it in the butt, ... That's how many times I wanna cumm, 21, and another one and another one, 24 carats n****, That's when I'm fucking with the average n****"

"Fuck Mel, you crazy than a motherfucker," Edi laughed happily. "That's why I love ya."

Flashing him a flirty smile, she slid up onto his desk, leaned back, and slowly let her juicy thighs fall apart in invitation. She wasn't wearing panties, so Daddy was now looking straight at Mama's bare, pink, shaved pussy, the stair way to paradise. A tent was forming in his pants...

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