Outta Control Pt. 01


The friction on her clit was causing intense or sharp sensations that were driving Mel crazy. Her arousal was fast reaching searing levels. Her cunt contracted tightly around his cock on every thrust. Edi reached up and slapped his hands into her big tits. He bent his palms and forming pockets in which he trapped her thick, long nipples. When he rolled his hands around, Mel felt like they were being tweaked and squeezed from all directions at once.

"Ah!!!" she moaned sharply, and dug her fingers into his chest. Now her eyes were becoming frenzied, and her breath was coming in gasps. She stepped up the tempo, her movements becoming more urgent. Flesh slapped succulently against flesh as she went galloping away on his cock like a wild, unbroken mare. Mel was trying to cumm real fast, pumping her lusty, powerful hips faster and harder, pummeling Edi, fanning the flame in her pussy till it was hot like a blast furnace. She was almost there...

Edi was trying to hold back for his wife, he was grinding his teeth together, face all screwed from the effort, but her contracting pussy was causing a burning heat in Edi's cock. He threw his back and his big, brown eyes rolled back in his head. He arched his hips off the desk and his body stiffened. Mel knew that he was just a couple of thrusts away from drenching her cunt.

"A-a-a-a!!! Fuck!!!" she gave an anguished cry as she jumped reluctantly off his cock, leaving it rearing angrily in the air.

"Damn! You scandalous N****! You should wait for me" She slapped his cock, and then she lapped away the cumm that was oozing out of his big, third eye. Then she pulled away and left it rearing.

"Damn Mel! Where the fuck you going! Finish the job, bitch!" he panicked.

Mel rolled onto her back and grunted as she writhed and wriggled her ass to the edge of the desk. The athletic redhead raised her thighs, grabbed her feet, and pulled her legs wide apart, spreading that pussy like the rainbow. She was so wet her juices were flowing copiously between her butt cheeks. She glared at him.

"Get up off your lazy ass, n**** and cumm fuck the shit out my pussy!!!" she told him straight up, wiggling her horny ass impatiently.

"Yo mama is a lazy ass n****!" he growled, kind of pissed.

"Well, she sho didn't look like one, last time I seen her!" she teased.

"Oh Mel, I'm gonna fucking give it to you," he laughed evilly, wanking his hard, black dick. "When I'm finished with you, you're gonna tell all them other crackers not to fuck with a big n**** dick!"

He bit his lower lip meanly as he took position between her parted thighs and lodged his dick in her opening. Eyes flaring, he grabbed her hips and jabbed that fat, black cock home, burying it to the hilt inside her.

"O-o-o-o-o! Yessssssssssssssss!!!" Mel moaned sweetly, her face grimacing. "O-o-o-o-oh!!! Please fuck me baby..."

The obscene sight of Mel laying there with his dick up in her, holding herself wide open and begging for his cock incensed him immensely.

"Yeah! Take that fucking cock!!!" he growled, face twisted in a fierce snarl as he pulled back, only to ram it into her.

His powerful arms yanked on her hips, pumping her to meet onto his cock to meet his hard thrusts. He was like a frenzied, grunting, mean sex beast-machine. His dark muscles flexed mightily as he delivered deep, black dick to his white wife, sloshing it in and out of her wetness.

Mel loved a hard thorough fucking., she went absolutely wild. She tossed her head wildly, long red hair flying all over as she cried hysterically for more cock.

"Oh yes baby! Give it to me!!!! You're the best dadda!!!"

Whether truth or flattery, this aroused Edi even more, inciting him to work up a sweat. He was soon drenched in perspiration as he slammed them black hips into her, putting dents in that white ass.

"O-o-o-o-o" she gave a prolonged groan, as the fire in her cunt flared up to engulf her whole body. This time around, Mel didn't explode, she turned into a blazing flame and fell into a state of delirium. Her head fell back, eyes glazed over, tongue lolling out of her mouth. She turned into a limp, palpitating heap of flesh, wallowing in orgiastic pleasure.

Edi fucked her harder, feeling her cumming cunt squeeze him like a flashy vice grip, making his dick heat up rapidly. His primed, engorged balls tightened.

"O-o-o-o. Fuck!!!" he groaned deep in his throat and jammed his dick in all the way.

His body went all tense and his face grimaced hideously. The veins of his neck and his abdominal muscles stood as his cock swelled to bursting. Then his dick exploded in her cunt, leaping and shooting jet after of fertile, creamy cumm into her. The feeling of his hot cumm gushing into her brought her off again.

"Oh Yes!!!! Blast it into me baby!!!" Mel moaned sweetly, grinding weakly against his violently jerking hips, her pussy muscles milking his cock, sucking his seed deep into her womb. The force of his orgasm seemed to almost knock him out. He convulsed and jerked until he finally sacked together and his sweaty body sank down into her arms.

Chapter 6

Mel hugged her husband weakly and showered his sweaty face with sweet kisses for a job well done. They lay in each other's arms for a while, heaving and panting for breath, wallowing in the afterglow of their orgasms.

As she finally came down from the high of her orgasm, she panicked for a second, suddenly remembering that she was off the pill. The pill kind of made her edgy, and had her bouncing off the walls and starting shit with people, at home and outside. So they were trying out coitus interuptus. He was supposed to pull it out and shoot it right in her face, if her mouth was too slow in engulfing his cock.. However, they had both forgotten this, in the heat of passion. And this was exactly the right time.

Pregnancy was a bitch. But as a kid, she'd always dreamt of having four kids. So number three would be like, BFD right?

"Damn!" Edi gasped, kissing her lovingly. "The Beast still lives. That was as hardcore, like the first time we fucked!"

"If you'd gone down town, it'd have been even better," she giggled and kissed him again. "And don't fucking call me Beast!" she tickled him, making him giggle.

As she looked up into his sweaty, happy face, Mel realized once again how much she loved her husband. She hugged him close, not wanting to let him go.

"Oh darling, why don't you just stay here, and we'll drive over to Jack's together, you, me and the kids. They need their father," she begged, hugging and kissing him.

"Oh, come on, they're busy with Ice Age."

"Ice Age is a long ass film, I will make the brats some sweet popcorn and we can retire to the bedroom, and get in a lil more fun," she even tried to convince him by massaging his cock with her pussy walls.

He was tempted. He loved that pussy.

"No. I gotta go and do this," he shrugged thoughtfully. He kissed her, and then rolled off.

"Just where the hell are you going?" she asked pointedly.

"Mel, stop bothering me, yunno I don't like that!" was all he said, as he pulled his spent cock out of her well fucked cunt. She felt his thick cumm just flood out of her puffed lips and pour down the insides of her thighs and cheeks, onto his beloved desk. As he saw the mess, he gasped in panic.

"Shit! I came in you!"

"Yeah, motherfucker!" she said, and then broke into her sweetest smile. "Don't worry, it aint that time," she lied, saying to herself, "Thanks for the souvenir."

She watched him pull his clothes on, fighting strong impulses to just jump up and dive into that dark meat, and have him fuck her and cumm in her again.

He pulled up his long denim shorts, slid his sleeveless T-shirt over his head, straightened his clothes, and came to kiss her goodbye.

"Have fun," she said ominously.

"Is everything alright?"

"Yeah," she pouted. "Don't lemme keep you!"

One thing she hated about Edi's dark, African face was that she couldn't read it. He didn't blush or go pale, and he could keep his emotions hidden like a closed book.

Chapter 7

He kissed her again and left. She heard him talking to the kids. She forced herself out of her languid, orgasm induced stupor and climbed to her groggy legs. There was a large, wet spot on the desk, bearing lewd testimony to the fuck that had just gone down, but she would clean that up later.

There were more pressing matters at hand. She gave Jen a quick call, telling her to get ready. She darted into the bedroom, dropped her mini skirt, wiped her cunt with a towel, hastily pulled on a pair of jeans shorts, pulled down her black halter top, and slid on a pair of steel tipped boots, not bothering with socks.

She tucked her long, dark red hair back and slid a baseball hat over her eyes. From the bedroom window, she watched her husband pull down the driveway in their two year old Hummer truck. He hadn't even wanted it, but she'd insisted, coz they looked good on MTV Cribs. However, soon as he sat behind the wheel, he'd loved it and now drove it all the time.

As the gates slid open she panicked for a second, hoping that dumb ass Jen was not already parked up front, blocking the driveway. Jen could be daft sometimes. Fortunately, she wasn't.

Heart thumping like a drum, she ran into the living room and kissed their kids good bye, hugging them harder than usual. T was a very light shade of brown, and took completely after his mother, whereas P looked more like her father, with dark skin, and round nose and thick full, lips. The kids were so engrossed in Ice Age that they hardly took notice of her.

Mel grabbed a Lil Kim CD and ran to the gate just as Jen pulled up. Jen was all bubbly with excitement. She was a tall, slim, attractive blonde, but nothing about her is real. The thick, full lips, were fake, so were the big boobs, and recently, she has taken to wearing padded panties, to get a fuller ass. She was nice though, once you get to know her, but you had to dig a lil. Jen climbed out, switching off the engine and handing her the keys instead of just leaving that damn motor running.

"Jesus, Mel. I am sorry," she said with pity and concern. Now she was distracting her, making her want to just fall into her arms and cry her heart out.

"Thanks Jen," she grabbed the keys, brushed past her and jumped into the black Corolla CE. She had it running in a second.

"Say, Mel, where are the keys to your beamer?"

"Ask the goddamn kids," she growled, thinking, "How the fuck can you ask me such a question at such a time?"

"Can I take the kids for a drive, in the beamer?"

"Do what the fuck you want!" Mel shot off.

She caught up with her husband just before he turned into the highway. She pulled her cap lower over her sneering face, kept three to four cars between them, and tailed his ass. She slid lil Kim into the player and found her favorite track. She started rapping along, bobbing her head, her fingers tapping on the wheel.

„Bum bitches know better than to start shit, N****z love a hard bitch, One that get up in a n****'s ass quicker than an enema, Make a cat bleed then sprinkle it with vinegar,

Kidnap the senator, Make him call his wife and say he never coming home, Mel (Kim) got him in a zone beating his dick, Even got some of these straight chicks rubbing their tits [*laughs*], What? I'm loving this shit, Queen Bitch!"

(from Lil Kim, suck my dick)

Mel laughed, forgetting the gravity of her situation for a second. She followed him for three quarters of an hour, till he left the highway and pulled up to a motel. Parking across the street, she watched him climb out. Obviously, he was not expecting a tail, so he never even looked around, just straightened and adjusted his clothes a little bit, and strolled nonchalantly over to suite number 8.

He knocked, then the door was opened from inside. Mel squinted her eyes, straining to catch a glimpse of the enemy. As he started to walk in, she caught a flash of a pale arm snaking around his neck. A sliver bracelet or watch caught the sunrays, and glinted. Then the door closed.

She sank her head onto the steering, feeling absolutely deflated. It was as if some huge linebacker had just jumped and landed right on her belly, with both knees. She held her belly and started talking to herself like a mad woman, saying,

"No, this cant be true. It must be some kind of mistake."

Then she would reply, saying, "No, you saw it yourself, the motherfucker is meeting up with some bitch! Don't be stupid. He is in there fucking her, right now!"

Up to now, she had just had a sneaky suspicion that Edi was cheating on her. Call it gut feeling. She'd been hoping against hope that he was indeed just going for a drive.

Finally, Mel's curiosity got the better of her. She sneaked to the suite. All she heard was loud music. She tried to peep in, but the curtains were fully drawn. She tried the key hole, but it was blocked by the key. For a moment, she thought of kicking in the door, but she did not have the guts or the power

She felt defeated. "Lord please", she begged, suddenly remembering the almighty, though she hadn't been to church since the age of twelve. "Please Lord, make this just fucking not happen."

She returned to the car. After crying her eyes out for about 30 minutes, she went and bought a pack of cigs, and kept vigil in the car. She called her mom from her cell phone, wanting to seek her advice. She tried the home number and the cell. Both just rang, but she didn't pick up.

In times of crises, that's when you need family. She was so desperate that she even called her elder sister, Trish. Trish and her had never really gotten along and hardly ever called each other. But even she was not reachable

So Mel sat in the car, sometimes crying, sometime cussing and fuming, sometimes just not thinking at all. But her eyes never left the door to suite number 8.

Chapter 8

Mel was not usually the jealous type. She thought all men were dogs by nature, but she had lots of confidence in her tight pussy and her fucking skills. Though she'd always figured that Edi had a big ass sex drive, and that many women found him attractive, she always thought the two of them had such a healthy, lively sex life that he wouldn't have any dick leftover for another woman. On top of that, she really trusted him.

However, she had cause for suspicion on this Saturday afternoon. Edi had been acting funny all week. Her husband was all jittery like a kid just a couple of days before Christmas. And he had been pretty distracted and absent minded.

What really set the alarm bells ringing was when he said he would join her and the kids later at Jack's pool party, just because he wanted to visit some mans of his, right.

Usually, when Jack threw a pool party, Edi would grab his bathing trunks, bundle Mel and the kids impatiently into the car, speed to Jack's villa, and jump out of the vehicle before it even came to a stop.

Then he'd be drinking cocktails, smoking blunts, running the grill and flirting with Jack's young, see-through-thong-bikini-wearing models.

As for Mel, she would slip on some tight, tiny lil bikini, usually with deep, v-shaped bottoms, which displayed her athletic, curvaceous booty it is full splendor. She would dip in the pool, to greatly reduce the opacity of her bikini, which wasn't much to begin with anyway, and give her nipples a lil extra hardness. Then she'd gather a few good men around her; young, crispy, hunky, shapely, male model types. She would entertain them with some flirty, saucy, suggestive conversation, laced with sweet giggles, whilst she kept them captivated with her alluring curves. And she'd be having so much fun, watching them crossing their legs just to hide their growing boners.

Usually, sooner or later, Edi and Mel would sneak off unobserved into one of Jack's spare bedrooms and for a lil private family conversation about their future plans and... don't believe a word, they would be sucking and fucking each other.

By the time the grill party was over, they would both be too plastered and high to drive, and Jack always kept a large bed ready for them and their kids.

Mel and her husband absolutely fucking loved Jack's parties. So, you see, when Edi told her that morning, that he'd rather drive around a bit, and maybe visit some mans of his, some mans without even a name, after acting jittery all week, Mel knew something was up. So, she was gonna tail his ass, and if she found his big, black dick fucking somebody, she was gonna...

Chapter 9

Her shaky hand brought a cig to her trembling lips. After three attempts, she got the lighter going, and started on her second pack in 3 hours. She had given up smoking five years earlier, but God knows she needed a nicotine stick. She was more strung up than a high-tension power line. A fat blunt would have probably done a better job of calming her frayed nerves, but unfortunately, they didn't have those in the machine.

The interior of the car was stifling hot and smoke filled. Perspiration was dribbling slowly down her forehead, her temples and her neck. She could feel moisture gather in the nape of her neck, and slowly trickle down the deep valley between her big tits. Her halter top and her jeans shorts were soaked, and so was the leather car seat under her. She could have rolled down the windows for a bit of fresh air, but her brain was too numb to be bothered by a lil bodily discomfort.

All that mattered to her was the doorway to suite to suite number 8. She had been staring at it for the last three hours, bar the five minutes she'd gone to get the cigs.

Suddenly, the door slid open. She inhaled sharply, and squinted her eyes, hoping that her husband's lover would come out and kiss him good bye, just like they always did in movies. To her disappointment however, only her husband emerged, alone. He turned and said something into the room. She caught a flash of movement, a glimpse of pale flesh, then her husband closed the door behind him.

He stretched himself languidly, smiling from ear to ear. Then he started walking towards the parking lot. She peered at him, strolling towards her now, in that relaxed, confident, bouncy step of his, looking good, just like on the day she met and fell in love with him, 8 years earlier.

He wore this self satisfied grin, like a cat that had just lapped up a bowl of thick, tasty cream. Even from the distance of thirty meters she could see his dark skin gleaming in the evening sunlight, like he had a lacquer finishing.

Damn! Hubby had definitely been fucking his brains out and sweating for the last 3 hours, whilst she sat cramped in this stupid, borrowed car.

Oh how she hated him then.

She felt a tight constriction in her neck and chest. She couldn't breath, she had to open her mouth and force herself to gasp.

A switch clicked somewhere inside her, and she felt adrenaline just pour into her body. Her anger rose rapidly, until there was a raging inferno inside her skull. Her cheeks began glowing with heat. And her heart was thudding so hard she felt like her temples were about to explode. Her pupils dilated. She had never felt more awake, her senses had never been sharper.

She was absolutely, fucking mad! Furious, fuming and blood thirsty.

Suddenly, she regretted not having brought a club, or better yet, a nice, long, sharp kitchen knife.

She heard a voice say, "Girl, what the hell... Are you stupid? You got an almost brand new Corolla CE with loads of horse power right under your ass."

Now her whole body was tingly, every single cell was vibrating, every fiber aglow with energy. Her head was buzzing, her ears ringing with excitement. Her nipples were hard like pebbles. She felt the juices flow into her pussy.

That's the way she always felt when she stepped onto the hand ball pitch, just before the start of a crucial match. Or when she got all horny and was just about to fuck her brains out. Or when she was mad as hell and wanted to start some serious, destructive, devastating shit. Pure adrenalin baby.

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