tagInterracial LoveOutta Control Pt. 05

Outta Control Pt. 05


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Cat, do you remember the time??? And you too M Double, dirty MILF)

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Chapter 1

"Come on in darling. 'Less you gonna stand there all night!" Mel smiled sweetly at her husband. "Come on in honey bunny!"

"Yeah," Edi growled and brushed past, bumping her out of the way with his shoulder. Mel shoved him in the back, sending him staggering. Edi growled furiously and whirled around to glare at Mel. Val and Trish jumped to their feet, moving quickly between the two of them.

"What the fuck is wrong with you!" he snarled.

"Calm down, both of you. We don't need the Police coming in here," Val said firmly.

"Sorry about that. I am cool, alright," Mel said, breaking into a hideous smile and shrugging. She picked up her beer and took a swig calmly. Then she suddenly shook her bottle at Edi, spilling a fair amount of beer all over his shirt and face.

He growled angrily and tried to get at Mel. Trish held him back, whilst Val held Mel back. Mel tried to hurl her bottle at him but Val nimbly snatched it away. Mel swung her arm around her mother and hit him. Edi got mad and tried to smack her over her mother's head. He hit her hand, but Mel grabbed her face and howled aloud.

"My eye! My eye! I cant see anything," Mel bawled. "He punched me in the eye! Momma!"

Val and Trish exclaimed and turned angrily at Edi. They converged on him like two furies.

"You hit my child!" Val exploded.

"I didn't even touch her!" Edi protested, backing away, not wanting to fight his mum and sis in law. "She's just acting."

"Lets get him Momma!" Trish growled and the mom and sis and pounced on him, launching a two pronged attack. They tried to slap and scratch him. Edi tried to catch their hands and pin them to his body.

Mel saw her chance and ran into the melee. She charged and swung a powerful right at his head. Edi ducked and she caught Val on the side of the head, sending her to the carpet.

Val rolled and groaned in pain.

"You hit Momma!!!" Trish shrieked at Edi, and started looking around for some big missiles to hurl at her brother in law cum lover!

"No, it was Mel!"

"Well, you ducked, you asshole!" Mel sneered, and dropped to her knees besides her mom. "Momma. Momma. You alright?"

"Oh Mel!!! You idjut!" Trish groaned, joining her sis besides their mother. "Momma! Momma!"

Val only groaned faintly.

Edi pushed the girls aside, scooped Val up in his arms and laid her on the bed. Mel and Trish got some ice from the freezer, wrapped it up in a plastic bag and started rubbing it onto the bump on Val's head. Val slowly came to, and found all three kneeling besides her.

"You alright Val?" Edi asked, concerned.

"Did you punch me?" she asked him suspiciously.

"No, it was Mel."

"Only because you ducked, you coward. Instead of taking it like a man..." Mel sneered.

"Does he hit you Mel?" Trish asked, eying Edi suspiciously.

"Hit me! I would fucking knife in his sleep!" Mel chuckled evilly.

"Val, thank you for raising me such a wonderful wife!" Edi said dryly. "Thank you!"

"My daughter is perfect!" Val said. Then she giggled and turned to Mel. "You fool! How can you miss at such short distance! I knocked your Papa out cold, remember?"

The three women giggled.

"Gosh! What a family!"

Then Mel turned and looked at Edi. "Listen Edi, why don't you just stand up, put, your hands down, and lemme hit you. Just once. And then we can sit down and talk this thing out like adults."

"Forget it."

"Come on Edi. You know me. I am always gonna be looking for a chance to get a cheap shot in, and you'll always have to be on your guard. And that is so exhausting and boring. Just stand up and take your medicine like a man."

Mel stood up, her jaw working. Edi stood up, and so did Trish.

"Mel, If you hit me, I'll kick your ass, I swear!" Edi growled.

"Come on kids, this has gone far enough!" Val said, sitting up. She winked at Trish.

Edi noticed the wink, and realized Trish was inching behind him. As he tried to turn, Val grabbed for his belt. Trish shoved Edi at Mel suddenly. Mel kneed him hard, to the groin. Edi doubled over, sinking to his knees, holding on to the bed, moaning with immense pain as the world seemed to tilt upside down. He shook his head to clear it.

Then he looked up at Mel, his eyes smoldering. Trish and Val were standing besides Mel, on either side. Trish was holding a beer bottle, and she didn't seem like she wanted to drink from it. Though Val was still holding the bag of ice to her head, the three southern belles looked like they were ready for action. Edi shook his head.

"Fuck, what a family!" Edi groaned, pulling himself on to the bed. "Alright, lets talk."

"You alright baby?" Mel asked.

"Well, I wont be fucking you for a while!" he groaned, rubbing his groin. "You gonna have to fucking frig, bitch!"

"Well, that also depends on what you guys have to tell me, now doesn't it?" Mel picked up a joint from the ashtray, lit it up and walked to Edi. She knelt besides him on the bed, and put her arms around him. She held the joint to his lips, as he stroked his groin tenderly.

"Oh baby!!" she moaned and kissed his cheek.

Val smiled. But Trish cast them a very jealous look. She snorted and tossed her long blonde hair.

"Well, Mel, now that Edi is here, I have something to tell you," Trish said coldly.

"Shut up Trish!" Val sneered.

"I wont! I have held my fucking mouth long enough!"

Mel glared at her sister.

"Alright. Tell me Trish. Right fucking now!"

"This drama has no fucking ending!" Edi laughed, but his eyes were looking at Trish, imploring her silently to hold her fucking mouth.

"Its been like that from day one," Val groaned. "Its like the female version of Cain and Abel"

"First things first though," Edi said, his voice growing cold. "Mel, I wanna know how and why you sucked my best friend's dick!"

"No Edi," Val intervened quickly. She was quickly falling into the role of mediator and peacekeeper. "Mel was just telling us about you guys got together. Now, why don't we let her tell that story to the end, and then we will get into all the other stories."

"Yes. Lemme do that," Mel agreed quickly. "Lemme get us some more beer." She went quickly to the fridge, and took out 3 beers. "Well, these are the last ones. So it seems like me and Edi will just have to share."

"I wanna know what the fuck happened with Henry," Edi growled.

"And I wanna get this shit off my chest," Trish growled.

"Well, fucking talk then," Mel growled.

"We have got all night to talk," Val said quickly, pulling Trish onto her lap and sliding her arms around her. She kissed her and stroked her hair, and Trish slid her arms around her mom and sighed.

Edi also pulled Mel onto her lap, and hugged her to him. She slid her arm around his shoulder, and took a sip from the bottle, but her jealous eyes were fixed on Trish and her mom, just like the elder sister was jealously eying her younger sis and her husband. The two sisters' eyes met, and they sneered at each other.

Edi and Val's eyes met. "What did I tell you, the female version of Cain and Abel," Val laughed, and Edi joined. "Alright Mel, get on with it."

"Is something going on between you two, like not just what happened today?" Mel asked Edi suddenly. "You having an affair with my sis?"

"Its not that Mel," Val said quickly, pinching Trish who wanted to say something. "Get on with the story. Then we will get on to the next stories. We are a family. And we will stay a family, alright."

"Lemme tell the story," Edi said, beginning to laugh.

"Yeah right!" Mel cut him off. "I know your version of how I just couldn't resist your big black cock!" she laughed. "Lets roll a couple more joints and then I'll tell you."

Val was relieved. She definitely did not want Trish to have her say, at least not yet. She would have to speak, but the later the better, Val thought.

Chapter 2

5 Years Earlier

After her interracial lesbian, pussy eating night with Mona, Mel and Edi hooked up regularly, going to the movies, bike riding and dancing. Edi came to watch her play handball and his presence made her grow wings. She played one of the best games of her life, until she got sent off for overzealous tackling.

Whenever they were within touching distance, they could just not keep their hands off each other. Every chance they got, they did some serious kissing and heavy petting, but Mel did not let it proceed to sex, though it took all her control. She had to keep reminding herself that she was playing for the main prize.

Edi was blowing up her phone, calling her all the time, showing major interest in the chick. Mel was already deeply in love with Edi, and the more time he spent with her, the more he appreciated her. He really loved having the bubbly, happy, good natured, wild southern beauty around him.

After two weeks, Mel decided that he had earned her pussy, or rather, that she now more than deserved his dick. She called Edi up and asked him to meet her in town and help her with some shopping.

Edi thought Mel wanted help with some heavy shit or something. He would have carried the whole city on his shoulders for her, just to prove how much of a man he was, and how much he cared. (yeah right, but it works)

They met in the early evening. Both of them were coming from sports practice. Mel was dressed in a boob tube and a pair of very tight, short shorts.

"Well," Mel giggled. "I wanna pick up some stuff later, but first, I need to get some girls stuff," she blushed slightly, brushing a non existent strand of hair from her face.

"You mean like tampons?" he teased, chuckling. "Is it that time of the month?"

"No!" she slapped his dark, powerful arm playfully, coping a quick feel, smart girl that she was. "I was gonna pick up some lingerie, in there. You wanna come along or are you embarrassed?" She pointed to a nearby lingerie shop.

Edi felt his heart quickening. "Cool. Hope I can give you some expert advice, as a man," he said, his dark voice deepening a couple of notches, sending shivers down her spine.

Inwardly, the shy country girl in Mel blushed at her daring seduction, but her pussy was all excited and adventurous. She wanted to get Edi so horny that by the time she took him home, he would just be dying to fuck her brains out and knock her out with his dick.

"Alright then, come along."

The two of them walked into the shop. It was deserted, except for a lady behind the counter, who looked up as they entered.

She looked at the perfectly matched, young, mixed couple. They looked hot together. The girl was a tall, athletic red head, with the big, sparkling hazel eyes, and the pretty, good natured face, and curvaceous body. The guy was not bad either, a dark, caramel complexioned, lean, muscular black man, with a pleasant, ruggedly handsome dark face, and big, smiling brown eyes.

The attendant, a mid thirties blonde in a sleeveless summer frock, walked up to them.

"Hi, my name is Marilyn. How can I help you?" she asked, flashing a very customer friendly, dazzling smile.

"Oh, we just want to look around a bit, and maybe pick up some stuff," Mel answered. "My man here is going to give me some expert advice."

"I think its so romantic when guys accompany their girls to do some shopping. It saves a lot of disappointment later on," she said and winked. Edi blushed, suddenly feeling embarrassed, as the lady gave him a naughty smile.

She pointed to a changing closet at the far end. There was a mirror and a couch nearby. "You can make yourself comfortable over there, and let her model for you." She turned to Mel, who was blushing. "Its alright, long as you leave you underwear on underneath. Holler if you need me." She winked at Mel, and walked off.

Mel felt jittery and excited, and so did Edi.

"So, Mr. Expert, what do you suggest?" she teased, noticing the look of slight embarrassment on his face.

"What do you wanna get?" he asked, through a parched throat.

"You're the man, you pick and I will model it for you," she passed the buck back. "If it fits, I'll buy it."

Edi looked around, fighting to stop his jaw from just dropping to his knees. There were just thousands and thousands of flimsy, skimpy, erection inducing garments as far as the eye could look. Had he been a millionaire, he would have bought her the whole damn shop straight away. He tried to catch himself, and gave her butt a leer disguised as a professional look over.

"I think with a booty like yours, we should try some of those lace boy shorts over there," he pointed.

"Oh, you think I would look good in tanga boy shorts? Come on then, which ones do you like?" she nodded. That was a plus for him, coz she liked those.

Edi was glad he had a dark face, otherwise he would have been blushing beet red. He had to fight to keep his hands from shaking as he picked up a couple of flimsy, horny garments. He finally settled for a skimpy, pink one, a strawberry one, a blue one and a purple one, all of them lacy and naughty. Gosh, would he love seeing Mel in those, and then slowly peeling them off, to ...

Mel tried to keep her composure, but she felt so thrilled and excited about the whole situation. Her pussy was rapidly filling up with moisture. She immediately regretted not having put on panties. Her shorts were quickly soaking up.

They moved on to the Hipster section, and Edi picked up a few, in different colors and designs. They were all tiny, with deep, v-fronts and seemed to be the type that rode up the crack.

Edi ignored the normal cut panties, and led her to the thong and g-string section. Now his brain was all hectic, as he saw the wide assortment of naughty garments, designed with horny men and freaky lesbians in mind. Edi found thongs so sexy and practical. They made a chick look real hot. He could just imagine stripping Mel down to one of those tiny garments, and then just pulling it to the side and ... He picked one up, a tiny, transparent, pink one, then he picked another one, and another and ..., until Mel tapped him on the shoulder.

"I think we need to wait till you start working right?" she said, grinning cheekily. "Why don't you take a seat, big daddy and Mama will come out and model for you?"

"Shall I come in and be your wardrobe assistant?" he teased.

"No, but maybe you can help me get undressed, later on," she responded and winked, making his cock stir with excitement.

Edi sat back in the couch as Mel entered the changing closet. He could see her feet and part of her shapely legs through foot high gap at the bottom of the door. His cock hardened instantly, as he saw her drop her shorts and step out of them. He felt a sudden impulse to just get up and run in there. He turned to look at the shop assistant, and she was watching him. She gave him the thumbs up.

Mel looked at the assortment of tiny garments in her hand. She suddenly felt jittery and shy, to go out in these tiny, revealing garments. But a big part of her was thrilled at the idea of modeling for him, showing him her goodies, and getting his dick rock hard. She felt all tingly and excited.

Instinctively, she reached for the first garment he had picked. She placed the rest on a stool and pulled on the pink, lace tanga boy shorts. She looked in the mirror, and saw that her shaved pussy was definitely flashing through the lace.

"No!" she screamed silently, blushing. She thought of pulling them down and trying something else, then she suddenly remembered that he was sitting in front of the closet and would see. She didn't want him to think she was chicken.

"Are you still alive, in there?" Edi chuckled from outside, making her jump. She turned and checked her ass. The naughty shorts were wedged high up between her heart shaped cheeks, in a very sexy manner. She even felt turned on by her own reflection. Taking a deep breath, she slid on her high heeled sandals and slowly opened the door.

Edi nearly fell over in his seat as the bootylicious country mama emerged.

"Fu-u-u-u-ck!" he gasped before he could stop himself. His eyes smoldered with lust gazing at the curvy, round hips, and the fat pussy mound, bunched up in the garment. And what with the shaved pink flesh peeking through. The gusset was so tight that it was wedged up in her slit, describing perfect camel toes. His cock jumped to attention, forming a terrific tent in his jogging pants.

Initially, Mel was so shy and embarrassed and her body was all stiff. But as she saw the effect she was having on Edi, she suddenly felt confident and powerful. The naughty flirt in her came to the fore.

"I take it you like them." She put a hand on her hip and took slow, sensuous steps towards him, holding his eyes captive. She stopped a meter from him, and smiled down at him, like a naughty temptress.

"I like them," she cooed, running her hands all over her hips. "Its almost like I'm naked. They are so light, and feel so good on the skin. I can move freely in them, yunno," she started doing all sort of movements and gyrations to demonstrate. Edi simply gazed at her, dumbfounded and horny as a motherfucker.

"Would you like to see the back?" He nodded hastily, and Mel turned smoothly on her heels. The loud gasp she elicited from him made her shiver. She looked down at him over her shoulders and wiggled her ass..

Edi hastily crossed his legs to hide his erection. This sort of disappointed Mel. She would have so loved to see more of the hard evidence.

"So, what do you say daddy? Shall we take them?" she teased.

"Good... Very good. Yeah..." he said gruffly. "The lady said to leave your panties on."

"Oh, I wasn't wearing any," Mel responded cheekily. "Lets try on the next pair shall we?" She strolled slowly back into the closet, swinging her cheeks, letting him see them clench and unclench.

As Mel slipped the panties off, they stuck to her fanny for a second. She would have to buy them. The whole gusset was soaked with her creamy juices. "Gosh, I'm such a slut!" she chuckled to herself, feeling a wild exhilaration.

Mel modeled one tiny garment after the other, laying it on thickly. When she got to the deep cut, v-shaped hipster panties, she had the brother nodding his head like a spastic. Edi was so incensed with lust, he looked like he was just a second from jumping on her and sticking his dick up in...

Chapter 3

Marilyn, the shop attendant, watched Mel's flirtatious modeling show with a smile. What a naughty, kinky temptress, she thought. She felt sorry for Edi, sitting there, legs crossed, trying to hide his erection. She almost thought maybe she should offer him to use the bathroom quickly, to blow off some steam, or better yet, let the two of them just disappear into that closet for a couple of minutes.

She got wet between her legs, remembering her younger days, when she had played with the thoughts of doing such naughty things. Of course, she had never done them.

The atmosphere between this interracial couple brought back sad memories. She had once been in love with a Native American, back in high school, but had never dared to cross that line. She sighed with regret as she remembered. Things were different back then. Nowadays, interracial couples were still a taboo, but it wasn't like back then, in Mississippi, when a thorough beating or even a lynching were not a rare eventuality for none white male, crossing the line.

She brushed the sad memories back and geared for a sale. The attendant, who was actually the shop owner, saw an opportunity beckoning. She analyzed Mel's bust and picked up a pair of lacy half cups that would fit her. She approached the seductive, young lady, feeling the heat of her arousal, and the thick sexual tension between the two.

"Here, we've got these in clearance, they used to coast 56, but you can have them for 20, try them on and lets see if daddy likes them," she suggested, with a twinkle in her eye. As she noticed Mel's blush, she added. "You can try them on over your bra."

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