Over a Barrel


Halloween was fast approaching and Amy could hardly wait. She and her husband Mark were hosting this year's company Halloween party. The last few parties had been great and she knew this one would be lots of fun. She worked with a great group of people, and adding in their spouses or partners there would be 24 people attending. The party was this coming Saturday night and Amy and her husband were almost done with the preparations.

She was at Holly's desk talking about the weekend with Holly and several of the girls at nearby desks when her boss marched over. As usual, Mrs. Farnsworth looked angry.

"Haven't you got work to do? Am I the only one that gets anything done around here? You know that I wouldn't hesitate to fire the whole bunch of you. Now get busy!"

Amy scooted back to her desk and everyone started looking busy. Boy, how Amy hated that bitch! She treated everyone like servants, and was constantly threatening to fire anyone who didn't jump at her command. Everyone in the office hated her. Her name was Janice Farnsworth, but no one was allowed to call her anything but Mrs. Farnsworth. Never the less, Amy used a pleasant voice.

"Are you sure you won't come to our Halloween party, Mrs. Farnsworth? We'd all love to see you there."

Mrs. Farnsworth spun at her. "I wouldn't be caught dead at one of your childish parties!" She spun again and went into her office.

Steve came over toward Amy's desk with a smile on his face. "Wow, she's on the war path again. She needs to get laid. No wonder her ex-husband moved to Alaska!"

The girls all chuckled. Steve spoke to Amy. "So, is everything set for Saturday? Did you buy out the local liquor store?"

"We're just about ready, Steve. In fact, Mark is out buying the liquor today." Everyone liked Steve. The poor guy had the unpleasant job of being number two to Mrs. Farnsworth, but he always kept his sense of humor.

"Good", he replied and turned to the group. "Are you ladies looking forward to this as much as I am?"

Holly, Carol, Connie and Celeste all said yes and smiled. Steve waved a goodbye and moved on.

Late on Friday Amy got an email from Mrs. Farnsworth.

"Amy, I got a call from corporate today. It seems that one of the shareholders wants to supply entertainment for the company party. He will contact you tonight via your personal email address, which I provided him. Apparently he has a game that he wants you to play. It is imperative that everyone participate. Don't make me look bad! Everyone must play or you'll all be looking for new jobs on Monday.

"I don't approve of this nonsense in any way. I don't want to know anything about this stupid game. Just do as you are told!"

"What a bitch." Amy read it again then thought about it. She already had some activities planned but who knows, maybe this could be fun. She got her things and left for the weekend.

Once home, Amy went to check the basement. This is where the party would be held. The finished portion of the basement consisted of a large party room with couches, tables, chairs, a bar, and an entertainment center. Near the rear was a full bathroom and a separate entrance.

The decorations were all in place. All she would have to do tomorrow was spray some fake cobwebs and turn on the music. Her co-workers would all bring their assigned dish, and she and Mark were ready to cook the meat and chicken tomorrow. Mark would stock the bar tonight.

Mark came down carrying the first box of alcohol. "I think we're ready, honey. It'll be a party to remember."

"That it will! Thanks so much for all of your help, dear." She gave him a kiss and went to start dinner.

When they were through eating, Amy went to check her email. There was an email with the subject 'Entertainment for the company Halloween party'. She clicked it open.

"Hello Amy. My name is Ronald Thurston. I am the major shareholder in the company for which you work. I was informed of your Halloween party and I would like to contribute something to entertain you and your work friends."

"This isn't all about being generous. I am going to ask you and Mark to help me with a personal matter. You see, my wife has been unfaithful to me. As part of this unfaithfulness she also stole a large sum of money from me. I am divorcing her. I could turn this all over to the police and the IRS and she would spend many years in jail. However, we had some good years together and I don't particularly want to see her in jail. So, I gave her a choice. She could either face the law for what she had done or she could submit to a punishment of my choosing."

"She has agreed to take the punishment. Before I explain your involvement let me tell you a few things about myself and my wife, who will remain nameless. Please keep this confidential."

"We are both into what many people would consider "kinky" sex. I am very dominant and she is very submissive. She gets excited by being humiliated and used. Pain brings her pleasure. She has her most intense orgasms when all control is taken from her. She acts like she doesn't enjoy it, but she very much does."

"Our marriage is over, but I still love her enough to give her what she wants. So, the punishment I devised will be torturous to her, but in the end satisfying to her. And to me."

"This is very important to me. I hate to put it this way, but I absolutely need you and Mark to do as I ask. I spoke to your supervisor, Mrs. Farnsworth, about this. She was quick to offer to fire any employee that does not participate in my plans. So your job and all of your fellow employees' jobs are on the line.

"Please have your husband read this email with you, then open the attachment and read it together. And do not, I repeat DO NOT tell anyone else about this before that person arrives at your party."

A stunned Amy walked to the living room. "Mark, come here. You're not going to believe this!"

They read the email together then decided that they didn't have much choice but to read the attachment.

Saturday morning a delivery truck arrived with several large crates. Mark had the men take them to the basement. He and Amy started opening boxes and sorting things out. They had both done their homework and were ready for what would be an unusual night.

The guests started arriving at eight o'clock. By eight-thirty everyone was in the basement. They were all in costume and each had a drink in their hand.

"Hey Mark, what's with the stage? Did you hire a stripper?" asked Holly's husband Gary.

Amy answered. "Something like that. It's a surprise." The mingling crowd battered Mark and Amy with questions but they refused to answer.

At nine o'clock Mark got the text message that he'd been waiting for. He went upstairs, made sure that none of the guests were up there, then opened the front door. A rough-looking guy got out of an old pickup truck and went to the passenger side. He opened the door, pulled out a person with a cloth sack over their head and led them to the house.

"Are you Mark?'

"Yeah, that's me. I guess this is my package?"

"That's right, she's all yours. And make sure that you do what you were told. This guy doesn't put up with any bullshit." He turned and went to his truck. Mark took the "package" and led her to a bedroom. He clipped her handcuffs to the bed as instructed then went back downstairs. Amy saw him return and Mark nodded to her. They both moved to just in front of the small stage set against the wall.

Amy turned down the music and clapped her hands to get everyone's attention.

"Everyone, I have a very strange story to tell you about what is about to happen. You are about to participate in the strangest thing you will ever see."

"Last night I got an email from a rich and powerful man. His wife had betrayed him, had an affair, and stolen a lot of money from him. Instead of turning her into the police, he offered her the chance to accept a punishment from him. She accepted the punishment. It also seems that this couple had a dominant/submissive relationship and were into some pretty kinky things."

"This man devised the punishment that you'll participate in tonight. How do I know that you'll participate? Probably for the same reason that I know that I'll participate."

"Per his instructions I will now read his message to us." Amy looked at Mark, then at the others gathered around. She pulled out a piece of paper and began to read. It was a printed version of the attachment that came with the email.

It started with body from the email. "Hello Amy. My name is Ronald Thurston.................."

The room was silent when Amy finished. Everyone just looked at each other with their mouths hanging open.

Then everyone started to speak at once. "So we have to punish the thieving wife or we get fired? They can't do that!" "I'm sure that bitch Farnsworth is hoping she can fire us all!" "You know she'll find a way to do it." "She'll just make up some bad performance bullshit." "What do we have to do, whip her or something?"

Amy raised her voice. "Everyone, quiet please. I think we'd all agree that Mrs. Janice fucking Farnsworth would find a way to fire us if we don't participate. Also, it seems like this cheating thief of a wife will actually get a sexual kick out of this. If we refuse, she'll end up in jail. And we'll be unemployed."

"Plus, well, what the hell! It might be sort of kinky fun. Who hasn't fantasized about seeing something like this? Or maybe spanking some over-sexed stranger? " She pointed to the center of the ceiling. "That's a camera, and there are two more mounted on the stage. The feed will go live to some private website. The husband is going to be watching."

Celeste spoke up. "I say we do it. Like Amy says, what the hell? I'll spank the bitch's ass. And if the husband wants to jack off while watching, let him."

Again everyone was talking at once. "I know Dale wants to to do it. He's always wanted to spank me!" "I guess if my husband's going to grope another girl's ass, I might as well be watching." "Can I spank her tits?" "I'm already getting horny! We'll all get laid tonight!"

Amy interrupted. "So are we all in?"

The crowd started chanting. "Yes, yes, yes."

Amy held up her hands. "Alright, we'll do it! But if you think this will just be a spanking you're mistaken. This will go to a level that you can't even imagine! A few minutes ago, the wife was delivered. She's upstairs. Mark, turn on the cameras and the lights and go get her."

Mark flipped the switches. He had already checked the setup this afternoon and knew everything was working. Then he went upstairs. The room buzzed with excitement.

Mark returned, slowly leading a figure down the stairs and over to the stage. The person wore a long loose overcoat that dragged on the floor and a black silk bag over their head. There were leather cuffs around each wrist. The wrist cuffs were attached to each other behind the person's back.

Mark loosened the tie, then pulled the bag off of the head. A collective gasp went up when the crowd saw that the head was encased in a black leather hood. The entire head was covered down to mid-neck. There were no holes except for breathing holes over the nose and a large cut out for the mouth. The mouth was wide open and stuffed with a large red ball gag which was strapped around the back of the head.

The person inside tried to speak and couldn't. When it began to squeal and squeak it became apparent that it was definitely a woman. Mark held her by the shoulders.

Mark looked for a big guy to help him hold her. "Steve, give me a hand. Hold her while I unhook her wrists." Steve stepped up and held her tight while Mark unhooked the chain between the wrist cuffs. Then each guy held an arm.

Mark grinned at his wife. "Amy, why don't you and Celeste unwrap the rest of the package." The girls stepped up and started unbuttoning the coat. The crowd couldn't see past the girls as they quickly removed the coat. They stepped back to reveal the woman.

The crowd went wild. "Holy shit!" "Oh my God!" "Unbelievable!"

Below the hood the woman was bare to the waist. She had big, firm tits topped with long thick nipples. She wore a blue latex garter belt that held up blue latex stocking that went almost to her crotch. Another set of leather cuffs were on her ankles. Her hairless pussy was on display. Written crudely across her stomach in black marker were the words "FIST ME".

She moaned and whimpered but didn't really put up a struggle as the men pulled her up onto the stage. They held her there as Amy retrieved a box from under the stage. Then she held up the piece of paper again.

"OK, here are the instructions. Attach the wooden dildo into the hole near the front of the stage." She pulled a long wooden phallus from the box. It was big, about two inches in diameter and about a foot long. The dildo had circles and numbers painted around it.

"Let me see that thing", said Celeste. Amy handed to her. "Jesus, it's marked one through ten inches so that we can see how deep it goes into her. And it's a fat fucker." Celeste handed it to Holly. She handed it around until everyone had seen and felt it.

Amy took the dildo and twisted it into the hole on the small stage. It screwed down tightly and stood straight up.

"Next, lubricate the dildo fully and thickly." She pulled a extra large bottle of lube from the box. "I can't get this paper messy. Who wants to do the lube?"

"Get up there ,honey." This came from a co-worker named Gary as he pushed his wife forward. She squirted lube all over her hand and the dildo then rubbed it all around. Amy pulled a pile of towels from under the stage and handed her one.

"Next step is to get her over the barrel. Mark, go get it. Gary, take Mark's place."

Mark scurried toward to back and returned holding what looked like a barrel.

"OK, guys, move her toward the front." They two guys pushed her forward until she was standing almost at the dildo. Mark set the barrel on it's side behind her. The woman didn't put up any fight as Mark positioned her lying with her lower back on the barrel and her feet on the floor. He reached into the barrel and pulled out a thin leather strap and ram it across her waist. He then stepped around and attached the end to the inside of the barrel. He pulled it snug, but not terribly tight.

Amy went on. "Attach the wrist cuffs to the clips on the poles near the back of the stage." Steve and Carl each took a wrist and pulled them back to the round metal poles at the back of the stage. Mark attached the wrist cuffs to the clip on each pole. The woman's hands and arms were now loosely restrained at about shoulder's width apart.

"OK, Steve and Carl, you don't get to have all the fun." Amy smiled at them. "Step down, please."

"Next instruction. Oh, wow. I need two guys and a girl. James and Rick, come on up. Each grab a leg at the ankle. Fold her legs back until her feet are sticking straight up". They did as instructed. "Now pull her legs wide apart."

They pulled her legs wide. Her pussy and ass were displayed to the crowd. There was a round ended butt plug in her ass.

Amy looked on. Her voice was a little huskier. "Well, you don't see that every day. Our instructions are to all have a look at and a smell of this thief's cunt. Don't be shy, one at a time come up and have a smell and close-up look. Like this."

Amy leaned in until her nose was just inches from the cunt. She pulled a deep breath and took a close look. She'd never seen a cunt up close like this before. It was really quite pretty. The inner lips were pulled apart and moist. The woman's clit was poking out at the top. She was pulled open and Amy could see up her hole to the pink inner walls inside. She looked at the plug in the woman's ass and wondered how big it was. Amy felt her own cunt twitch.

"Come here, Mark." She slid sideways and Mark moved his face in next to Amy's. He too pulled a deep sniff of her smell. "Look at her clit poking out. And look, you can see up inside of her."

Mark spoke softly in the quiet room and everyone could hear. "I love you Amy but I gotta say. Her beautiful cunt smells delicious."

Celeste sounded annoyed. "Quit hogging that pussy. Move along."

Everyone laughed as Amy and Mark reluctantly moved from the stage. Carol and her husband Dave were next. They stepped up and took a big sniff simultaneously, causing more laughter. They quietly spoke and pointed for a moment, then moved back. Another couple took their place. Men switched places holding the woman's legs while the others looked. On it went until all twelve couples had had their face time with the woman's pussy. She was moaning the whole time

"I think we need a woman's tender touch for this part. Who has experience with ass play? We need someone to pull out that butt plug then lube up her ass. That's where that big dildo is going." Amy pulled a box of surgical gloves from under the stage. "The instructions say that from here on we need to be wearing a glove."

The crowd was speaking again. "That big thing is going in her ass?" Oh, Jesus, this I've got to see!"

A younger blond, Tony's girlfriend Ann, stepped forward. "I'll do it. And don't ask!"

Amid the chuckles Ann moved onto the stage, She pulled a glove from the box and put it on her right hand. The crowd moved in closer around the front and sides of the stage. Ann grabbed the base of the butt plug and tugged gently.

"It must be a big one," Ann said. She pushed the plug around like she was stirring a mixing bowl. Pulling more firmly she felt the plug start its way out. The woman moaned loudly. The crowd watched as the woman's anus stretched around the retreating plug. It pulled the hole open until it was about an inch and a half dilated. Ann kept pulling until the plug pulled free then showed it to the crowd. It was six inched long. Ann set the plug on a towel that Amy held out to her .

"Well, they did her a favor, At least she's opened up for that big dido." Ann pulled the woman's ass cheeks apart and they could all see that her anus hadn't closed. It was an open one inch circle.

Ann picked up the bottle of lube and shot several big squirts into the open asshole. She then covered the fingers of her gloved hand in lube and pushed two finger up inside. The woman groaned again as Ann slid her fingers in and out and rubbed the woman's inner anal walls. Ann then rubbed lube around the woman's ass cheeks near the hole.

"She's as ready as she'll ever be. How are we going to do this? Ann asked.

Amy looked up from the sheet of paper. "We're supposed to slide the barrel forward, then roll her forward until her asshole lines up with the dildo. Then, roll it again until it goes up her ass six inches. Mark, you and the guys get her lined up. Ann, since you're the expert, although I'm sure you've never done anything like this, you guide her ass down onto that telephone pole."

More chuckling was followed by comments and talk as the men moved things around and tested the fit. It took a few tries until everything was lined up properly. Amy moved up with Ann and they each grabbed an ass cheek and held them wide. The men slowly rolled the barrel until the dildo touched the woman's asshole. Ann knelt down and looked closely, then told the guys to slowly roll the barrel. The fat wooden dildo started up the woman's ass. She moaned loudly and constantly. Ann checked the markings on the dildo and stopped the men when six inches were up the woman's ass. The woman's feet were lowered onto the stage and pushed under her until she was able to use them to support herself. This left her squatting on the dildo with her arms pulled tightly from behind.

"OK, pull her feet a little farther forward and apart until you can hook the ankle cuffs to the chains at the front of the stage." Amy read some more then spoke. "She should be able to push and pull to roll the barrel a little so that she can fuck herself. Hey woman, can you roll the barrel?

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