tagInterracial LoveOver a Barrel Ch. 02

Over a Barrel Ch. 02


"Well how was everything?" The site supervisor asked as he entered the small security office early in the morning.

"Uh okay," Shannon said quickly averting her eyes from looking at him. She was sure that somehow he knew about what had happened over night. She knew that he probably didn't, but still there was just that intense feeling that somehow everyone knew.

"Same ole same ole," Lenny said with a quick chuckle.

"That's good," the captain said as he walked over and removed his light weight company issued jacket. As he opened the closet door and removed a hanger he said, "That's what I like to hear. That nothing unusual happened."

Shannon heard Lenny's soft grunt but made sure she didn't look over at him. She knew what his quiet response was; she was sure her face was a noticeable red as the memories of just a few hours ago flashed through her mind. Unthinkingly she shivered as the events played out causing her to be both ashamed and yet a little excited by what had happened.

Lenny had offered to get his brother to service her car, which was barely operating, at no charge. Shannon knew that her car badly needed work but she and her husband were severely strapped for cash. They couldn't afford to drop her car off and have it serviced at a service center; they just didn't have the money. So when Lenny offered to get her car worked on for free she jumped at the chance. It wasn't until his brother had done the work that Lenny revealed the true cost of the deal.

To her dismay Lenny said that the whole thing did have a price tag. Shannon was shocked to find out that the price for the favor was to be her body. He bluntly told her that she could either do what he wanted or she could come up with the money it would cost to cover the work his brother had done. He told her that he just wanted to see her out of her uniform, totally out of her uniform. He made her strip down to her bra and panties and remained so dressed for most of their shift; it had been a little less than an hour ago that he allowed her to put back on all of her clothes.

During their shift he had made her walk about the building clad only in her bra and panties. He had promised her that he wouldn't do anything to her, that he just wanted to see her body and he had pretty well abided by his promise. He had masturbated into her uniform shirt to relieve himself, staining her white pullover with his cum; she was glad that their supervisor wasn't curious as to why she was wearing her light jacket this morning. She definitely couldn't tell him it was to hide the large stain of cum that stained her blouse.

Shannon sensed that her ordeal wasn't over yet; she was going to ride with Lenny over to his brother so she could pick up her car and he had told her that his brother would also like to be paid. She had an uneasy feeling that his payment demand was going to be higher than Lenny's had been. She hoped her husband would be gone by the time she got home; she just hoped he remembered that she had told him that she was going to go pick up her car this morning. She didn't want to see him, she wanted first to get a good nap and clean up. Still there was a small sense of excitement stirring in her gut as she thought about meeting Lenny's brother.

"Are you getting your car back today?" The captain asked as he stepped over behind the two and scanned the rank of video monitors they were facing.

"Um...yes," Shannon said quickly, dismayed at the jumpiness in her tone. She hoped it wasn't that obvious. She cleared her throat and said, "Lenny's brother is fixing it. He's gonna take me over there after we get off."

"Bet you'll be glad, having your car working right," he said as he picked up the log they maintained during their shift.

"Uh yes," Shannon said quickly, nervously clearing her throat as she did. She knew that Lenny had taped her while she was making her rounds clad only in her bra and panties putting a tape of his own in the recorder; she knew that he had put the tape in his car before their supervisor arrived but she still worried if there were any other recording devices that they weren't aware of. She was also worried whether he had made sure that none of the other machines were recording but she also knew hat there was no way she could check; not without some very embarrassing questions being asked.

"Hey guys," Lenny said cheerfully when the other two guards that worked the day shift came into the office. The two mumbled their hellos as they walked over and hung their jackets up in the closet.

As the two guards signed in on the time sheet their supervisor said to Lenny and Shannon, "Well I guess the two of you can take off."

"Great," Lenny said as he got up out of his chair. A little shakily Shannon also rose and stepped over to grab her things.

"I guess you're in a big hurry to get going," the captain said with a light laugh.

"Wh...why do you say that?" Shannon asked dismayed at the shocked nature of her voice.

"So you can get your car back," the captain said with a slightly puzzled look and shrug.

"Oh yeah," Shannon said with an embarrassed nod. She looked away saying, "That's for sure."

"Ready to go?" Lenny asked as he opened the door. Shannon nodded her head and stepped out of the small office. Their captain walked with them towards the main entrance, while the two other guards debated on which one of them would first stay in the small security office and the other patrolled the building.

"See you all later," the captain said with a wave as he moved over and sat down behind the large reception desk. Shannon and Lenny both waved their hands in the air in response.

Shannon's legs felt a little wobbly as she walked with Lenny to his car. Her stomach was knotted oddly though; it was a mix of dread and yet also anticipation of what was about to happen. She was mildly ashamed to realize that she was more than a little aroused; she wasn't sure if it was because she had no idea what was about to occur or if it was the fact that she was helpless and unable to refuse.

Lenny had parked near the front of the visitors parking area, which the third shift guards usually did since there were no visitors while they were on-duty. The car was unlocked and she quickly slipped in while Lenny hurried around to the driver's side. She was a little mystified by Lenny's silence, normally he was a little on the talkative side but for the past hour he had been rather quiet.

"You hungry? Wanna stop and pick something up?" He asked after he had started the car.

"No I'm fine," she said with a quick shake of her head. She shrugged saying, "But if you want to stop and get something..."

"Naw I'll get sumthin' at my brothers," he said with a shake of his head. He backed out of the parking spot and drove through the empty area. He drove down the long drive that led to the entrance at the front of the building. He stopped at the end of the drive and glanced at the heavy morning traffic. He then glanced over at her and said, "No need to be so timid. Why not slide over here."

Lenny patted the bench seat next to him and Shannon sensed from the tone of his voice it really wasn't a suggestion. She knew the position of the many cameras that covered the exterior of the building and knew that none of them would provide a clear view of them if any one was watching them on one of the cameras.

Reluctantly she scooted over next to Lenny, causing him to chuckle softly when she did. After she had slid over next to him he placed his right hand on her upper left thigh. Shannon inhaled sharply as he pressed his hand to her leg. She kept her legs pressed together firmly as he tried to worm his fingers to the inside of her thigh.

"Come on Shannon don't be a kill joy, spread your legs," he curtly told her.

Shannon wanted to tell him that this wasn't what she had agreed to; she had simply agreed to take off her uniform and he had promised that he wasn't going to try anything. She knew that he was changing the terms of their agreement and she really was in no position to argue or refuse. Still she had already relented to his first demands and she had an uneasy feeling that even if she refused his or his brother's demands they would get what they wanted from her. Taking a shuddering breath she opened her legs, placing one foot on either side of the transmission hump.

Lenny grunted approvingly as she spread her slender thighs. Immediately he slid his hand to the inside of her left thigh and began to firmly caress her leg through her slacks. She reached out and placed her hand on the dash as he gunned the car to get into a gap in traffic. As he swung the car into the traffic he calmly slid his hand up her inner thigh to her crotch. Instinctively she grabbed his wrist as he pressed his hand firmly against her crotch, his fingers worming down lower. She lightly held his wrist making no real effort to move his hand away; she knew it would be useless to try but she couldn't just let him grope her without at least an effort to resist.

Shannon shuddered heavily as he worked his hand further between her legs, his fingers crudely groping her pussy. He quickly located her pussy slit, she knew that her panties were wet from her arousal and she guessed he had felt her wetness through her slack and panties. Rather clumsily he began to paw her pussy, rubbing his fingers as best he could along her slit. She shifted slightly as he mauled her pussy, he had actually forced a little bit of her panties between her pussy lips. She gritted her teeth and closed her eyes as she felt her pussy beginning to cream and tingle with excitement. She hoped that his brother didn't live too far away; she didn't know how long she could stand him mauling her cunt. She knew that once they were at his brother's he would probably want to do more than rub her pussy through her clothes.

"Like that Shannon?" He asked in a husky voice as they slowed for a stop light. Shannon could only respond with a throaty grunt, she was a little surprised to realize that she had begun to grind her hips on his fingers. Her eyes fluttered open and she gasped when he pulled his hand from between her legs. After he had he told her, "Undo your pants."

Shannon didn't hesitate; she quickly moved her hands to her slacks. The metal slide buckle on her belt sound unusually loud as she unbuckled her belt and then ends clinked against each other. Her fingers were strangely stiff as she undid the slide clasp on her slacks and then fumbled with the small tab on her zipper. While a few men had fingered her pussy before her husband it had always been as a result of her allowing them but this time she was being forced to allow her pussy to be fingered. Shannon knew she should be ashamed and disgusted but she wasn't; in fact she almost felt eager about being forced to let him finger her.

Finally she worked her zipper down and obediently moved her hands away. Lenny immediately thrust his hand into her slacks and panties. Shannon shifted slightly as he jammed his hand between her legs, spreading her legs a little more for him as he did. He grunted as his middle finger slid between her pussy lips and into her warm fuck hole. He shoved his finger into her wet pussy and began to pump it in and out of her, making her gasp.

"Um yeah we wondered just how tight your pussy is," he chuckled coarsely as he fingered her. He grunted and shook his head saying, "We always figured your pussy would be nice and tight since it ain't been stretched out by havin' any kids."

Lenny had already told her about how they had talked about her, well her body, so it wasn't that big of a surprise to hear him tell about their interest in her vagina. Still she wondered just exactly who it was of her co-workers that he had been talking to about her body and just how often they talked about her. She also wondered if he planned to tell them about what he had tricked her into doing. Again she felt a wicked thrill thinking about him telling her co-workers about it.

Shannon took a shuddering breath as he eagerly fingered her although due to their position he couldn't shove all of his finger into her wet hole. He turned his head slightly and she closed her eyes and gritted her teeth to prevent another mild out burst. She heard him chuckle and knew that he was aware of how he was getting her excited. Hell he probably knew already considering his hand was between her legs and she was creaming heavily.

"I know some girls that can take their bra off without taking off their top," he said after a few moments. He slowed as the car in front of them turned off, asking, "Can you do that?"

Shannon knew it really wasn't a question it really seemed more like a challenge. She shrugged her shoulders weakly, saying, "I've never really tried..."

"Well try it now," he told her curtly.

Shannon nodded and leaned forward slightly so she could slip her jacket off. As she did she realized just how completely she had submitted to him. She didn't even feel ashamed by his direction; without hesitation she was doing as he directed. He kept his hand firmly lodged between her legs as she removed her jacket and laid it on the seat next to her. She arched her back sharply and reached up behind herself and raised her blouse in back. She wondered if any of the passing cars could see what she was doing. She wasn't too shocked to realize that she really didn't care.

Briefly fumbling with the small clasp on the back of her flesh toned bra Shannon quickly unhooked it. She sat back after she had and worked her blouse over so she could slide her left arm inside of her top. Once she had she slipped the bra strap off her shoulder and down her arm and then worked her arm back into the sleeve, making sure she didn't accidentally punch Lenny as she did. After she had slipped her arm back into the sleeve she was able to slide the bra down her other arm.

"Ta da," she said with a sense of accomplishment as she held the garment up so he could see it.

"Very good," Lenny said with an approving chuckle. To her disappointment he pulled his hand from between her legs and draped it around her shoulders. Shannon placed her bra with her jacket as he moved his hand forward and down her chest. She settled back and even scooted a little closer to him as he gripped her small mound through her blouse. As he pawed her tit he said, "You really don't need to wear a bra, do you?"

Shannon knew that she didn't have to wear one; her pert tits didn't need the support. A few times in her life she had gone braless, but not on a real regular basis and she was sure that company policy required it but she wasn't too sure about that. She also sensed that it really wasn't a question but a directive for her to stop wearing one. She cleared her throat and shook her head saying, "Not really."

"Good then don't," he said giving her tit a quick squeeze. Obviously he planned to enjoy her body a lot more. She just wondered how she would prevent her husband from discovering that she was going to work braless. She knew there was no possible lie she could tell and expect him to believe her. He glanced over at her, asking, "Does your old man like to play with your tits?"

"Uh yes," Shannon said quickly. It was partly true; when they were first married he devoted a lot of attention to her body but lately things seemed to have cooled. Their sex was still good but some of the fire seemed to have lessened. Foreplay just wasn't like it had been and she didn't want to admit it but she had enjoyed engaging in foreplay; it seemed to make the sex even better.

"Crap if you were my old lady I'd be fucking you every chance I got," he said with a crude laugh. Shannon had a feeling that he was going to fulfill his wish and there wasn't too much she could do about it.

Without thinking Shannon gave a low soft moan making him look over at her. He grinned broadly as he turned his head back to watch his driving and gave her tit another little squeeze.

They came to a halt at a red light and once they had stopped Lenny turned towards her. Shannon was a little startled as leaned over towards her, using his arm around her shoulder to make her turn towards him. She didn't attempt to pull away when he leaned over and planted his lips hard against hers. Briefly the memory of how offended she had felt at last year's New Years party they had gone to and one of the partiers tried to get a kiss from her. He had been drunk and it wasn't even close to mid night when he tried to but she had coldly refused him. And now she was eagerly kissing Lenny, she obediently parted her lips when she felt his tongue touch hers and when his tongue jammed into her mouth she eagerly shoved hers against it. As they kissed heatedly he jammed his other hand between her legs and with one thrust shoved his finger into her wet pussy. As his finger slid into her Shannon groaned deep in her throat.

"Damn I can't wait to shove my cock in you," he muttered huskily after he had broken their heated open-mouth kiss. Shannon only moaned longingly in response.

The quick toot of the car behind them let them know that the light had changed. Lenny hastily pulled his hand from between her legs and started through the light. As they did Shannon laid her head on his shoulder breathing heavily. Carefully she moved her hand over to his crotch and began to rub the huge bulge she found there. She had already seen his cock earlier when he masturbated into her blouse and now she wanted to see it again. She knew she would and also he wasn't going to settle for just masturbating. She knew she should be ashamed but alls she could think about was how it would feel to have his huge black cock sliding into her pussy.

While she tenderly rubbed his cock through his pants he chuckled and asked, "Is there something you want?"

"Yes," she replied coyly.

"Well believe me you're gonna get it," he assured her with a firm nod. She simply groaned and pressed her hand a little firmer against his hard cock.

Finally he pulled into the driveway next to his brother's house. There was a spacious two car garage in the rear where he did his automotive work. Shannon's car was parked in one of the bays; she hoped she remembered how to get home from there, whenever she finally left. After he had stopped the car and shut off the engine he turned to Shannon. Shannon instinctively leaned towards him as he started and opened her lips. She groaned lustfully as his lips crushed against hers and his tongue snaked into her mouth. Hungrily she sucked on his tongue, pressing hers hard against it.

After a long, wet kiss he pulled back. He gazed at her saying in a husky voice, "Damn I'd love to fuck you right here and now."

"Why don't you?" Shannon whispered.

"The neighbors might see us and complain," he said with a shrug.

His comment about the neighbors made Shannon jerk slightly and glance about fearful that they might be being watched; not that she was worried about his neighbors knowing her. Lenny chuckled softly and turned so he could open his door. As he clambered out Shannon quickly fixed her slacks and then scooted across the seat and got out, grabbing her jacket and bra off the seat.

"Mind if I toss these into my car?" She asked with a quick nod at her car.

"Go ahead," he said with a dismissive wave of his hand.

As she hurried over to her car she could feel his eyes on her. Without really thinking about it she added a little extra sway to her hips. She tossed the things into the front seat of her car through the open window and then turned to walked back to where Lenny was standing. She saw that she had been right, he watched her as she walked towards him. She brought her heels down a little harder then normal when she felt her unrestrained boobs jiggling with each step. She wondered how noticeable it was that she wasn't wearing a bra; she wondered if the jiggling of her tits was noticeable. She was again finding it exciting, being on display, even though compared to what he had made her do earlier this was mild but still exciting.

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