tagGroup SexOver a Port

Over a Port


I can’t stand business dinners but thankfully the guys were early and we got into it over dinner, sorting out the last of the details and then we kicked back with a port. It was a quiet little restaurant, only one couple having stayed on and the staff had mostly collected their things and caught cabs or whatever. Even the chef had waved and gone and the owner, a little Italian guy of fifty plus, had decided to join us.

We were sitting around a low table in the lounge next to the bar, Jared, Eddie, and Nev resting back in chairs, and Carlos had joined me on a sofa. I looked over to the young couple getting ready to leave and noticed the legs on the girl. She was wearing a short, blue dress and her thighs were smooth! They were slender and fine, her soft skin lightly tanned and as she leant to pick up her purse the little dress lifted, the hem stretching upward and beneath I saw a flash of pink and she paused then, trying to find something in her purse and the guy glanced over at me.

He knew immediately, his eyes flashing from his girl back to me and he gave me a little nod. "Join us for a drink?" I called out, and the guys shut up and looked. The girl stood then and faced us, her soft hair bouncing about her shoulders and she smiled politely.

The guy introduced himself, "and this is my wife," he added as he ushered her forward, and I introduced the guys.

Carlos got up and offered his seat, retiring to the bar for another bottle of port and some more glasses. The guy showed his young wife to a seat beside me and squeezed onto the end of the couch beside her. My eyes lowered to her legs again, the little blue dress stretched across her thighs and I met her husband’s gaze again, holding it for a moment and his head just moved very slightly up and down, only once but I had no doubt he was offering his woman for our viewing pleasure and while she was talking to the others I had a bit more of a look.

I could feel the guy watching me. His woman was chatting and giggling, her little blue dress firm and fitted and her breasts were wobbling beneath it. They were smallish and supple, her skin pale and she smelt beautiful. I leant back further and across, the areola of her nipple then visible and I noticed her husband’s hand move to her knee and press lightly, his breathing deep and measured as he nodded agreeably in reply to Nev's enthusiastic ravings about league.

And I noticed Eddie's gaze had lowered after a while. He’d dropped off the conversation and his eyes were directed at the shadowed area between the woman's legs. Her husband had noticed Eddie too and his hand appeared to close more firmly around her thigh. It has slipped a few inches from her knee and I could see his smallest finger stroking gently.

I decided to test the water then and slipped my hand down my leg, pressing the back of my fingers against her moist, warm skin, just brushing, and Eddie leant forward. Her leg moved very slightly away…

Carlos had returned and poured a port for the young couple, leaving it on the table. Nev was still going on but Jared had begun to take notice of the man’s wife as well and he was sitting directly in front of her. Carlos had pulled up a bar stool and positioned it next to Jared, his eyes flashing over the young woman regularly and her husband peered around at us all, his hand having slipped a little further along his wife’s thigh and her little fingers were tucking beneath it, kind of protesting I thought.

Nev finally shut up for a minute and she leant forward to pick up her drink, all eyes lowering and even Nev was looking, his head tilting to get a better view of her tits. And the guy’s hand moved to the back of his wife’s neck, his fingers pressing into her soft, white skin as he looked around at all the guys examining her. And he turned her as she sat up, bending to her lips and she blushed, her hand lifting to his chest and in the other hand she balanced the port glass, the port spilling though and dripping from her fingers onto her thigh.

“Baby don’t…” she uttered, pushing at her husband’s chest and peering around at us while he tried to kiss at her neck. Her head lifted though and she was smiling and he managed to get at her ear before she pushed him away.

She held the dripping glass away then, and looked down at her thigh.

“Oops!” Eddie laughed and we all joined in.

“Get a napkin,” I said to Nev. They were on the bar and he turned and reached for one. The guy had covered his wife’s hand though, holding it to his chest and my mates all watched in silence as I folded the hem of her dress up, my hand slipping back down to her knee and gently pressing against it, moving her leg aside a little.

I could feel her tremble as I wiped the sticky red fluid, dabbing at it and softly sponging it from her inner thigh and I saw that her husband was kissing her again, his head working beneath her chin and I pressed more firmly on the inner side of her knee as Jared reached across and took the port glass out of her hand.

The guy continued eating at his wife’s neck and her head rocked back and her legs parted but her hand slipped down and clutched at the hem of her little dress, pulling at it, trying to hold it between her legs but she wasn’t able to. I lifted her hand easily, folding her dress up over it and holding it against her belly while I slipped my other hand beneath her knee and lifted her leg across my lap.

Her husband had stopped eating her neck for long enough to look down at what was happening to his woman. “Do you guys want to have turns?” he said to me, and glanced up at the guys, and his young wife was peering around at us all too, her sweet lips parted and her eyes soft and submissive as they met with each of the men staring at her.

Her husband stroked her face softly then, her eyes lifting to his as he spoke again, “she’s got a tight little pussy, waxed and probably all wet by now. If you want you can spread her down there on the floor and fill that. Or if you want you can bend her over and fuck her up the ass. She’ll like that, especially if someone else shoves their cock in her mouth…” He bent and kissed her softly then and leant her forward while he undid her zip. “Or you can even fuck these if you like,” he went on, lowering her dress and showing us her tits. “But if you do, then I want you to stop when you’re close and stick your cock in her mouth. Because she loves swallowing big, thick loads of stranger cum…”

Eddie stopped stroking his cock and dragged the table away. But old Carlos was the one to step forward, and he grabbed the sides of the girl’s little pink panties and lifted them from beneath her, dropping them on the floor, and her legs fell limp and he spread them wide. And the lips of her pussy were red and juicy too and kind of puffy and split open, and we all had a good look before Carlos bent to it.

Her husband got up then and stepped behind the sofa, lifting her dress over her head as Carlos held her legs open and licked within the folds of her wet little gash, his tongue broad and soft and just brushing her pink flesh. And when she began to thrust her hips he went down and sunk his tongue up her cunt, eating and slobbering at it and then slowing to pull back the little hood and suck on her clit. And her husband slipped his belt then, and wound it around her wrists, binding them together and tying them tight. And he pointed at mine so I slipped it off and gave it to him. He threaded mine beneath the knot and pushed the belt back through the buckle, making a lead and he handed it to me. “Fuck her senseless but don’t hurt her…” he commanded.

Carlos still had his face buried inside of her though and I held her lead loosely while he licked and sucked her to her first orgasm. Then Eddie stood with his dick solid and poking out of his trousers, and he took the lead and pulled the girl to her feet, dragging her to the bar, and he tied her to the rail, pulling the lead tight so her hands were bound to it. She was standing there completely naked and looking at him as he moved behind her, her eyes wide and peering back over her shoulder as he stepped close and reached around, his hands covering her tits and feeling them. “Do you like that you little slut!” he breathed in her ear, his fingers rolling her nipples as he humped up behind her, his cock sliding up between the cheeks of her ass and she tried to arch her back to direct it up into herself but it popped down between her legs and he kept massaging her tits while sliding his rigid cock through her wet little slit. “Stand still,” he demanded, holding the back of her neck and taking his cock in his hand.

She was bent forward then, her bound hands gripping the bar rail and Eddie probed his cock up into her dripping hole then drove forward, his arms folding around her waist as he climbed onto her back and started humping wildly. Fuck he just went crazy! He clung to her back and pounded his thick, hard meat up into her, ramming her with it, sweating and grunting, his face pressed into the back of her neck and his body convulsing until finally he was still, his hips pressed forward, and his balls contracting as he started ejaculating. And he stayed there, laying over her back, and we saw his cock slurp from her cunt and swing between his legs, the head swollen and dripping.

We just watched for a minute…

“Come on mate, my turn,” Jared said then, taking Eddie’s arm and pulling him off the girl’s back. He shuffled a stool close and lifted one of her legs over it, spreading her, and some cum dripped onto the floor. ”You’re leaking sweetheart,” he smiled, feeling her open pussy and poking three fingers up into it as he lifted her other leg and shuffled another stool beneath it.

She was split wide then, her legs spread apart and propped up on the two stools, and in between them was her young slit, gaping open and dripping, and Jared lowered his trousers and got up underneath her, leaning her forward and sliding his dick up inside of her. He started rooting slowly, his long shaft sliding all the way in then all the way out, and in again, and out again until only the head was covered then he fucked up into her, his actions firming and he reached around and massaged her clit, pulling the soft folds of flesh open and driving up between them. “Do you like that…” he uttered, his voice breaking with excitement though and he started humping, pressing his body up under her firmly and rotating his hips. “Do ya want another load…” he breathed, squashing her tits flat and her legs folded back around him, gripping him and the stools tumbled as he clung to her waist and fucked her, driving up under her and holding, his entire body quivering. “Oh fuck!” he cried out and drove once again, his hips thrusting and holding firm as his load erupted up into her.

And I was throbbing. And I stepped up behind her and untied the belt from the bar rail, whispering in her ear, “I wanna fuck you up the ass okay…” and I wound the belt around my hand a few times and led her back to the couch. “Hold this for me?’ I asked her husband, who was still standing behind, and he took the belt and pulled his wife’s hands up to the back of the couch. I bent her over it then, placing her knees on the floor and shuffling them apart with my thighs as I knelt behind her. My cock was poking at her little hole and I pressed it forward and felt for her tits, massaging then softly while the head of my cock stretched her tight little asshole and I used my hips to poke at it, not entering but just keeping pressure on it while I felt those little tities, playing with her hard young nipples while her man looked on.

“Are you taking her up the ass?” he asked me and I nodded and he smiled.

“She feels tight,” I added.

“Try sticking your cock up her cunt first, get some of that cum from the other guys all over it,” he suggested and I felt his wife grind back against me, bending my cock and trying to swallow it with her asshole.

“She liked hearing you say that,” I smiled up at the guy. “She’s trying to sit on my cock now…”

“That’s cos she’s a little cum slut,” he replied, reaching down and pulling her hair back then licking her open mouth. And she ground back against me again so I slipped lower and drove my cock up her cunt, pounding a few times while she kissed her man, then I pulled out and pressed the head against her asshole again, popping in that time and she arched her back.

“Give me that,” her husband said to Carlos then, reaching out and accepting a checkered cloth that had been sitting on the table, and he folded it and tied it around his wife’s eyes then wound the belt back around his hand and pulled it tight. “Fuck her up the ass now,” he demanded of me and I drove forward, my cock stretching her little hole and filling her.

I held fully up her for a minute and reached beneath and worked her clit, waiting until she began to rotate her hips. Then I started rooting her, fingering with one hand and holding a tit with the other and pumping my stiff dick in and out of her tight little hole. And she writhed back against me moaning and I pounded her, the load welling in my balls as the guys watched her tits flopping and bouncing on her chest and I reached around her neck and humped right up her ass, thrusting and probing up into her hole until hot cum surged up my shaft and exploded up inside of her, my cock throbbing and spilling up her little hole, my balls saturated with the other guy’s cum and pressed up into her cunt, and I rocked her back into my lap, holding her down on my still throbbing cock and feeling her tits as I saw Carlos claim the lead from her husband.

“You know baby what I want…” he said evenly, his accent heavy, “I fuck in your mouth now…”

He wound the belt around his hand and lifted the quivering young woman from my cock, her asshole dripping as he sat in a chair and unzipped his pants, lowering her to her knees, and releasing his soft old dick. “You suck it…” he told her, guiding her face to his dick and she gathered it with her tongue and sucked it into her mouth. The old guy sat back then, stroking her hair while she worked him with her lips and tongue, his old penis gradually firming and rising to an impressive length and width. And she wouldn’t have know who was mounting her from behind but there was a greedy man taking seconds and he drove up into her. And I don’t know which hole he was in but he was fully up it and driving her open mouth down onto the old guy’s cock.

And Carlos just sat there. His eyes were closed tight. This might have been his first in a while. And finally his face contorted and he gripped the girl’s head, her soft, slender neck gulping at his sperm, and Nev stepped forward then, his cock in his hand and he was holding the head firmly, trying to subdue his ejaculate, and he managed to get down on his knees and fuck up into her mouth before he lost it. He just held her head and flooded her mouth with cum, and held it still while Eddie pumped his second load up her ass.

The guy took the belt then and pulled his woman over onto her side, tying her hands to the leg of the table, and he rolled her onto her back, spreading her legs, and laying down on her as he drove up into her sloppy cunt, then he lifted her blindfold and fucked her while we all sat back with a port and watched…

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Little old hot bed of a town Coolomon. I had my good times close by in Ganmain. I helped a sheep farmer called Neale clear paddocks for a while, without identifying too much his wife M, so sweet when Imore...

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stecan you are wrong

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