Over Exposed


Over Exposed

Part 1 of 5

SCREECH!!! The alarm she hated screamed at her that it was time to face the day. As if that wasn't bad enough, the black out shades on the apartment windows began to retract letting in the morning light and the sounds of the city became less muted. Silencing the annoying alarm, she thought "at least its Friday", she could get through anything as long as she had the weekend coming.

She rolled to her side and sighed as she lifted the white cotton covers from her still sleepy body. She swung her bare legs over the edge of the bed and sat up preparing to stand and face the day. Big hands grabbed her hips and a growl rose up from her lover.

"Why are you wearing clothes to bed again? I thought I told you not to."

Jesse was pressed up against her, still reclining in bed but those hands weren't letting her go anywhere.

"I hate sleeping naked. What if something happened in the middle of the night and we had to evacuate or an intruder broke in? I don't want to be exposed like that. I've told you this 100 times."

"And I've told you 101 times that I like you naked. You're beautiful and the only emergency in the middle of the night you need to worry about is me, needing you, and finding you in clothes that block me. You're mine. Mine to protect and mine to have whenever and wherever."

Cheryl sighed. She loved Jesse's possessive streak and his desire for her remained insatiable. She didn't understand how this gorgeous athletic man could want such an average woman for his lover.

"Apparently, you are going to need another lesson. Stand up and strip."

Cheryl thought about arguing, but knew that it would do no good. Better to just go along with him and have a chance of getting to work on time. She stood and pulled the stretchy lace sleepwear tank from her torso then dragged the matching loose silky shorts over her shapely ass and dropped them on the floor next to bed. She made no move to turn around knowing that Jesse would want to appreciate the lingering pink shades he had left on her round bottom last night.

Jesse rose from the bed behind her and gently caressed her pink skin, his strong fingers humming with satisfaction. He loved this woman so much. He even loved that she continually disobeyed him, which gave him so many opportunities to assert his naturally dominate personality. What fun would it be if she wasn't a challenge?

Grabbing her hips again he moved her body in front of the now open windows. He had purchased this apartment for the windows, floor to ceiling with a beautiful view of New York, or as beautiful as he could afford. The apartment had advertised a Central Park view. He supposed the sliver visible between buildings counted. The apartment was in the right location and was spacious for city standards. He was successful but he wasn't a billionaire. Yet.

"Put your hands on the ledge and don't let go" Jesse ordered in his Dom voice. Cheryl immediately responded, grabbing the framing of the window that divided the upper and lower halves of the modern window. Using that voice, he could have her do anything he wanted and he knew it.

He lifted her left leg, holding just behind her knee and placed her foot on the wooden chair he dragged from the corner. She was open, her most intimate place on display for anybody who cared to look out their upper story windows, or in the case of some, through their binoculars and telescopes.

She knew, just as she was a closet exhibitionist, there were closet voyeurs lingering behind their expensive equipment waiting for an opportunity to see the unexpected. It seemed to her that it was a hell of a lot easier to indulge an inner voyeur in secret, too bad that wasn't her thing.

Unable to hold back, a whimper escaped her. She wanted to protest. She liked the idea of being seen in the abstract, but her body was not one that anybody would want to see, she was a size 8 in a city of size 0. She wasn't in her twenties any more. She blushed and wished Jesse wasn't quite so creative with his punishments.

Jesse reached around her, pressing against her as he slowly pushed his long finger into her pussy, while licking his tongue up the side of her neck.

"You're soaking wet. You like that some stranger could be jacking off to you right now." He whispered into her ear. His breath heating her as he slowly stoked his finger in and out of her, coating her labia with her own juices like a painter working a canvas.

"Say it baby."

"I like showing myself" she murmured, embarrassed by her need.

"No. Say 'I like showing my pretty pussy to strangers.'" He insisted.

"I like showing my pr-pretty pussy t-to strangers." She choked. Her orgasm rising but not quite released just from saying it out loud despite his slow, shallow stroking.

He pulled his finger from her and placed it on her lower lip, opening her mouth, forcing her to taste herself. "Suck it baby." She cleaned his finger thoroughly, wishing that he hadn't stopped. She would have had that explosion at any moment even with the slow stroking just from being in the window. An orgasm would have kept her from caring about who was looking and what they thought of her.

He stepped to her side and taking her foot from the chair he turned her to face him. Now instead of her on display, anyone who cared to look would see that her man was very well hung even for his muscular 6'3" frame. He was rock hard and throbbing. "On your knees baby. I want your mouth, I'm going to feed you."

Cheryl lowered herself to the floor gracefully in a practiced move she knew he loved. His words told her he would be controlling this and it wouldn't be a blowjob, he would be fucking her mouth. She rested her hands on her thighs, opened her mouth and tilted her head to look in Jesse's deep chocolate eyes.

"That's my good girl. So pretty, so perfect for me." He slid his cock between her open lips, holding the sides of her head firmly, moving in and out across her flattened tongue to the back of her relaxed throat. His eyes locked on hers, drowning in the ocean of her blue-green depths. He loved that her eyes were not a single color but a swirling sea of passion and love just for him. He pumped faster and she began to moan, moving her head the little bit that she could to take him deeper.

"Everyone can see you, taking my cock, loving it. You're so good; they all wish they could be me. But, they can't, they can only watch, cause you're mine baby girl." He pumped even faster, pushing down her throat harder. She tightened her lips around him and sucked as he exploded. Swallowing every spurt, cleaning him of every last drop as he slowed his pumping, his legs shaking from the force.

"That's my girl. You did so good, but don't think I haven't forgotten you need to be punished." Jesse praised her removing his dick from her mouth.

Cheryl opened her mouth to protest, but closed it knowing nothing she said would change his mind. She hoped he would spank her, that was only a pretend punishment and she almost always came from it. Feeling lucky, she watched Jesse move the chair directly in front of her. He sat down and patted his thighs indicating that she should lay herself across them. She hid her little smile as she came to the side of him and facing the window prepared to lie across his lap.

"Uhn uhn uhn. Come around the other side. I want any viewers we have to see me smack this beautiful misbehaving ass." He chuckled.

Cheryl quickly moved to the other side anticipating a huge climax between the spanking and the exhibitionism. Jesse laid into her quickly, taking her breath away. Five quick hard impacts on each cheek, covering her entire ass in an exquisite sting, she was so close. Jesse clasped her shoulders and lifted her from his lap. She began to protest and he laughed out loud.

"Oh no baby girl, the spanking wasn't the punishment. I know how well you like it. Going without your morning orgasm should remind you that in the future there's no need to get up and put on clothes in the middle of the night. I like you naked. Now, go take your shower and get ready for work. I'll make the coffee. And no touching yourself or the punishment will be much worse."

Cheryl stormed off to the bathroom, muttering "asshole" under her breath as Jesse laughed and sauntered into the kitchen.

Cheryl stepped from the shower and began drying herself with a fluffy white towel. She wrapped it around her hair in a turban leaving her body bare. A cup of steaming coffee prepared just as she liked it sat on the counter waiting for her. On the hook was her navy wrap-around dress. Jesse must have hung it in there for her to wear.

The bathroom door opened. Jesse entered and placed a pair of white lace panties on the counter along with the jewelry box she knew contained her pearl necklace and earrings he had given her last year for her 30th birthday.

" Wear the dress and the jewelry. I'm taking you to dinner tonight to celebrate and the car service will pick you up at 6:30."

"What about a bra?"

"You don't need one. Look at these gorgeous tits." Jesse said standing behind her looking at her breasts in the mirror. She followed his gaze and while she didn't agree that she should go braless to work she acknowledged that for a full figured woman she had a nice firm set of boobs.

Cheryl hurried through her morning routine. Smoothing lightly fragranced lotion onto her arms, legs, stomach and her still smarting ass. She quickly blow-dried her hair using a round brush to add soft waves to her shoulder length chestnut locks. She put her hair up in a loose chignon planning to let it down later for dinner. It was a more professional look for the office. A quick swipe of mascara and lip gloss, a bit of powder and she was ready to dress.

She slid the lace panties up her legs and over her hips hating the feel of the covering over her needy and neglected snatch. The lace on the panties was stimulating her already overly sensitive lips. She took the dress from the hanger. The silky material clung to her as she slid her arms into the sleeves. The left hand panel tied inside the right, with two little strings barely strong enough to hold it in place. Over the top, a belt of the same material held the right panel closed. The v neck created by the tied panels was flattering to her and gave her a longer, leaner look that she loved, but she worried that it was too risqué for work. Hopefully, the navy color and the pearls would let it pass.

She left the bathroom and slipped on her nude stacked stilettos adding needed height and giving the illusion of longer legs. Although she was average at 5'5", her man was incredibly tall compared to her and she hated when he had to lean over to listen to her.

"I'm out of here babe! I'm barely going to make the train if I leave now!"

"Cheryl, don't leave without a kiss. Why don't you just let me drive you in with the car service? I hate you taking the train. It's not safe." Jesse automatically repeating the argument they couldn't seem to resolve.

"You know I don't feel comfortable arriving at work in a car service. I'm a secretary. I don't want to put on airs." Cheryl retorted leaning in for a smacking goodbye kiss.

"An Executive Assistant! And we are going to continue to visit this topic until you give in!" He handed her breakfast wrapped to go.

"Never!" she hollered over her shoulder dashing down the hall to the elevators.

The subway stop was crowded. Any other day, she would have caught an earlier train, having room to sit down during the commute and getting to work before her boss was so much better than feeling like she was running behind. Jesse's punishment continued to be effective.

The train pulled into the station, packed with commuters. She boarded, finding a pole to wrap an arm around, nibbling the last of the bagel Jesse had given her. At the next stop, even more people pressed into the car. She adjusted her hold, fighting to maintain her spot on the pole to anchor her upright. She spread her legs slightly to compensate for the swaying of the car as it hurtled down the track.

Cheryl felt a strong body pressing in behind her. The body was undeniably male based on the hard length she felt growing firmer against her behind. She tried moving and adjusting her body away, but there was nowhere to go. She would just have to endure it until her stop or until the car cleared out.

She sucked in a gasp as cool air rushed across her ass. The hard stranger had lifted the back of her dress and as she tried to turn to say something, his deep voice threatened her not to turn around. She felt the cold metal of a blade high on her hip.

"Don't move. Don't scream or make any noise and I won't cut you."

Cheryl nodded, wondering why this person had selected her for his special kind of attention. There were several women on the train with more revealing outfits and better bodies. She felt the snick of the knife cut through the right side of her panties. They fell loose and the stranger held her in place as he cut the left side and slid the scrap of ruined lace from between her legs across her now exposed pussy. The front of her dress pulled away to the sides when the stranger had pulled her dress up. She hadn't realized the extent of her exposure until her panties had been stolen. Shaking with fear and also from the stimulation of being exposed, she clung to the pole holding herself in place.

"Please." She whispered.

"Hush. No one's hurting you." The stranger reached around her front, pressing his hard cock between her exposed ass cheeks as he bared her breast. He still had his pants on, and seemed to not want to actually rape her with his dick, but he was going to violate her person every other way. He pinched her bare nipple, rolling it and making it hard. Her body responded; a fact he was well aware of as he pushed two fingers into her freshly shaved cunt.

"You're dripping wet. Such a slut, letting a stranger finger fuck you." He moved his fingers in and out of her, dragging his hand across her clit with each stroke.

The movement of the train left her off balance, swaying on her heels, rubbing her ass against his fabric covered cock despite her efforts to pull away, chaffing her pink skin an even dark shade. He stroked her and stroked her, simultaneously teasing her bare breast. He pulled the dress away from her other tit leaving her essentially naked in front of all the other passengers.

No one seemed to notice what was going on. She looked around, frantically searching for someone to save her. Finally, she met the eyes of a young man sitting on the bench closest to her and the stranger. He could clearly see what was happening because he was rubbing his hard dick through his jeans as discreetly as he could while obviously getting off on her torment. He wasn't going to help her stop this. She felt the climax Jesse had denied her earlier reappearing with a vengeance. She began to flutter and clutch at the fingers in her hole. The hand on her boob moved to cover her mouth.

"Don't scream. I don't want to hurt you." The stranger bit down lightly on her clavicle at the same time taking his thumb of his busy hand and pressing it firmly against her asshole. Cheryl came hard. Jerking and thrusting against those evil fingers, she felt tears leak from her eyes, embarrassed by the strength of her reaction.

"Shh, just perfect. That was amazing. You're even sexier when you come. Thank you." The stranger whispered quietly as he pulled her dress together over her chest and smoothed it down over her ass, closing the gap in the front.

Cheryl still clung to the pole trying to compose herself as easily as the stranger had pulled her clothing back together. Taking a deep breath, she turned around to confront the molester, but there was no one there. The train had come to the final stop, her stop, and people were pouring off as fast as possible. She was pushed along by the crowd. It was as if the events hadn't happened and the stranger was only a fantasy.

She rose from the subway station, blinking in the sunlight. Deciding it must have been a dream, she headed to Starbucks to retrieve the coffee her boss would expect delivered upon her arrival.

Part 2 of 5

Cheryl walked through the halls of the Catalog Creators offices as quickly as possible without spilling the coffee that was now burning her hands through the cardboard cup sleeves. Most members of the staff were already present and hard at work. The cubicles in the center were typical for an office, but the artwork pinned to the fabric walls testified to the creative talent of the workers making the most compelling high-end product catalogs possible. The chatter among the artists and copywriters added to the exciting energy of the place. Cheryl loved it.

The executive offices were the farthest from the elevator and she knew her demanding boss would be irritated if he had to wait for his java. As she opened the door and stepped behind her desk, his voice roared out from the phone demanding her presence in his office immediately. She dropped her purse, placed her coffee on the desk, smoothed her dress down and took a deep breath.

"Good morning Mr. Ames." Cheryl said in a cheery voice placing his coffee in front of him with a smile.

"Where have you been?" he demanded.

"Fetching your coffee. It's just 8:30 now, is there a problem?"

"You're always here earlier and the one day I need you is the day you decide to arrive whenever you damn well please?"

"No, you need me every day as evidenced by the last four years of my devoted service. What is the current emergency you need me to handle?" she calmly replied.

"The model isn't here and the photographer is ready to shoot and charging me by the 15 minutes. I thought you said you had confirmed the girl was coming this morning and would be here by now."

"Which catalog are we talking about? The Naughty Toys for Big Girls and Boys or the Pets Playland Products?"

"The dog trainer and her canine models are on time and already shooting. It's the dildo slinger that's late."

"All right, not a problem. I'll call the girl and if she isn't coming, I'll call the agency and get an emergency replacement. The photographer can start taking the static shots that don't require a model. Drink your coffee and take a breath. I got this." Cheryl sauntered out of her boss's office confident that she could fix this problem. It's just another day at the office.

Cheryl put in the ear buds for her company cell phone, dialed the model's number from memory and began walking toward the studio. The phone rang and rang and finally a very strange hoarse voice answered.

"Hello?" the voice croaked. It was impossible to tell if it was male or female.

"Yes, hello, is Shannon there?"

"This is Shannon"

"Oh, this Cheryl from Catalog Creations, we had you scheduled for a product shoot this morning..."

The voice interrupted "I'm sick" and then the only sound was a beep from her phone indicating the call was lost.

Cheryl dialed the modeling agency and discovered there were no models available until Tuesday at the earliest. It seems that only a few models were willing to have their bodies appear in the pages of an adult sex toy catalog.

The photographer was in the studio already working with the light boxes to get the best shots of the products by themselves. This catalog had a print and digital edition. The still shots and some model shots were used in the print catalog.

The models were used to give the consumer an idea of just how big a toy might be in real life. It's all well and good to provide dimensions in a description of a product, but a real woman, holding the dildo, which her hand doesn't encompass, up to her mouth that is clearly not going to fit around the end of it, is so much more informative.

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