Over Exposure!


Jack was doing a photography module as part of his course. He had asked Kim to model for his project so they were taking the train to London; they were to be outdoor pictures of Kim at various tourist attractions. When had had asked Kim, she had immediately agreed, she owed him a favour, not to mention that she really fancied him! He had big chocolate brown eyes that made your stomach flutter with every blink of his really long eye lashes, that man was impossible to say no to!

It was really early in the morning; Kim yawned. ‘Jack, tell me again, what is the general theme for these pictures?’

‘I said already, the idea is to take typical tourist snaps, but with an edge.’

‘An edge?’

‘Yeah, like concentrate on something in the photo you wouldn’t normally, use unusual compositions, different lenses. Look at snap shots from a new... angle.’ He pointedly shook his paper to tell her he didn’t want to talk anymore.

‘So why do you need me?’ She was persistent.

‘I need someone to pose. Make them look like holiday snaps.’

‘I see, and what’s in the bag?’ She pointed to the big bag on the seat next to him.

‘Equipment and props.’ With that he disappeared behind his paper and Kim was left to read her book.

Half an hour later they stepped off the train in London.

‘Let’s go get some breakfast, and you can get changed,’ Jack pointed to the bag he was holding, gesturing her clothes were in there.

‘Changed? Couldn’t I have just worn them here, save you carrying them round?’

‘You’ve got more than one outfit babe,’ He was laughing.

‘I see.’ She didn’t understand what was so funny though....

After they had finished breakfast in a small cafe near Trafalgar Square Jack put a carrier bag on the table. ‘Your first outfit.’

She looked inside the bag, from what she could see the clothes looked nice. She picked up the bag and went to the toilets to change.

Once in the small room that passed as the cafe’s unisex toilet, she began to pull the clothes out of the bag. Throwing off her own trousers she pulled on the skirt he had given her. It was a short, tight black skirt; similar to something you could wear to an office. She noticed that her had put a bra in the bag, she looked at the label, it was the right size, 34DD, he had done his homework! She put the bra on; it was a really nice one, black and lacy. Judging by her enhanced cleavage it was definitely a push-up bra too! She wondered why he had given her a bra when she was wearing one, but before long this thought had passed out of her mind and she was putting on the pale blue silk shirt that he had given her. She had to admit he had good taste in clothes, the shirt contrasted beautifully with her olive skin. One thing he hadn’t got right was the fit though, the shirt was too small and the couple of buttons around her breasts strained a little. It was passable though. The final items in the bag were a pair of black high strappy sandals. She folded her own clothes and put them in the bag.

He had paid for breakfast and was waiting for her when she came out. They both thanked the waitress and left. Kim noticed she was getting some admiring glances, the outfit obviously made her look pretty hot! She realised the outfit was a long way from her usual wardrobe but she found she was enjoying the extra attention she was getting, it was very flattering.

‘Right, I figure we go to Trafalgar Square now then. Are you ready?’ He turned to look at her.

‘Yeah, let’s do it.’ As they walked to the square she was surprised at how busy it was already, but then it was mid-summer - high tourist season, and it was a beautiful day, people were obviously making the most of it. She followed him over to the steps at the other side of the busy square.

‘Right, if you stand against this wall here, he gently took her bag of her shoulder and edged her towards the wall, positioning her exactly where he wanted her. ‘Put one arm on your hip and look towards that building,’ he stepped back as she did what he said. ‘Uh huh, that’s good.’ He quickly got his camera out and began snapping shots in her direction. ‘Right, now let’s go to the statue,’ he pointed to the middle of the square. It was very busy but Kim didn’t feel at all nervous or embarrassed, loads of people were having their photo taken next to the statue, she would be unbelievably in place. She followed him over to the statue noticing that he had put her bag inside of his to keep it safe.

‘If you lean against the statue, maybe put your arms up horizontally and rest them against the ledge,’ she did as he instructed. She noticed that as she did this it pushed her chest out and the buttons on the soft shirt strained even more, she wasn’t convinced that they would hold.

He began to take photos, getting closer and closer to try different angles. When he reached her he knelt on the floor and took a shot from the ground. She realised this was an unusual pose, her breasts would look huge from that angle, she wasn’t even convinced he could see her face from there!

He let go of the camera and it hung on the strap around his neck. ‘Look Kim, I know this is going to sound weird, but could you undo the top 3 buttons of your shirt? The two over your chest are really straining and it’ll look really odd from this angle,’ he saw her hesitate, ‘I’ll be really quick, and you won’t even be able to notice from this angle.’

‘Well OK, if you’re quick.’ Kim nervously looked around then undid the top button of her blouse. The neckline was quite low anyway, and undoing the top button meant that her bra was only just hidden! She looked at him again and he nodded, so she continued with the next two buttons. The shirt was flimsy and as she undid the last button the material fell away revealing a large portion of the area between her breasts, as it was a push-up bra this was quite a view, and quite a lot of her bra was showing too. However she realised that this wouldn’t be visible from the angle on the floor and resumed her pose to have the photos taken quickly. He began snapping away. She wished that he would hurry up, she was starting to feel a little uncomfortable and knew she was getting a few too many glances to her chest.

‘This is great, Kim.’ Jack carried on clicking away as he stood up; he was only inches from her chest and was still taking photos, of her chest!

‘Oih, stop!’ She giggled, putting her hand in front of the camera. ‘I’ll have to have those negatives, and destroy them!

‘I’ve got a better idea,’ he was still being completely serious, not reciprocating her giggles at all. ‘No, this is great, exactly what I’m looking for.’ She removed her hand and let him carry on. She was so stunned when he reached forward and quickly undid the last two buttons on her blouse that she didn’t think to cover herself. The shirt fell to her sides revealing her glorious chest. Jack carried on taking photos, stepped back to get some of the scene, Kim in a very raunchy bra in the middle of a busy Trafalgar Square! Before long Kim realised what she should do and covered herself up.

‘Jack!’ she walked towards him, ‘don’t do that again! Give me that film now, so I can destroy it!’ It was her turn to be serious.’

‘No, now you listen to me. In my bag I have your train ticket home, your wallet and your phone. Unless you do exactly as I say today I’m going to leave you here, and not only that, I will put copies of these photos in every conceivable place! All over Uni, on the Internet, to your friends, your family, you see? I don’t think you have a choice. Shall we carry on?’

Kim gulped. He had her; there was nothing she could do. ‘What, erm, what will you do with these photos?’

‘No one will see them, you have my word. They will be for my private collection.’

She had no choice to believe him and do as he said; slowly she turned round to resume her pose against the base of the statue. This time she opened her arms to rest them on the high ledge behind her and let the shirt fall to her sides. She remained straight-faced as he clicked away; moving closer to get shots of her breasts. She was so embarrassed; she had never been this naked in public before and didn’t appreciate all the looks she was getting. He was close enough now for her to hear him,

‘That’s great, now if you could lever yourself up and sit on the ledge that would be great.’

She turned and hoisted herself up, not in the most dignified way she realised, but flashing a bit of leg was the least of her worries.

He came towards her and hoisted her skirt up around her waist. She felt the cold stone on her ass and, despite herself, felt herself getting hot and wet. He put his hands between her thighs and pushed her legs apart. She didn’t resist as he modeled her so that her panties were clearly on display. He began to take more photos, close up of her panties, her bra, ‘Now lean forward more, putting your arms on either side of your legs, that’s it, now push your arms together.’ he did as he asked and he took more photos of her, stepping back to get more of the whole scene, bewildered tourists and all. She looked around and noticed that a lot of people were hanging around, risking glances in her direction, trying to be subtle. Amazingly she found herself being turned on by the whole situation, she knew that the close up photos would definitely show a wet patch on her panties. Jack had noticed that was turned on too, her nipples were hard and erect though her bra, he knew he could take it to the next stage. He walked towards her, ‘Take off you panties.’

‘But...,’ she tried to protest, but it was no good. She saw by the look in his eyes that he was serious. ‘Oh OK.’ She sighed as she lifted her ass off the stone and pulled them down her legs.

‘Stop, leave them there,’ they were halfway down her calves, she let go and they dropped to her ankles, ‘That’s perfect.’ He began snapping again, ‘I want you to pull your skirt higher, bunch it up so it’s completely around your waist.’ She did as he asked and felt the cool breeze on her bare pussy. ‘Now your legs, I want them further apart.’ Again she complied, she knew that if there ever had been a point of return, she was way past it now. More people had gathered near her, everyone trying not to notice her, but trying to look at the same time.

‘That’s great Kim, now if you just undo the front fastener of you bra,’ she breathed in the did as he asked, as she undid the bra it fell to her sides, releasing her heavy round breasts for everyone to see. People weren’t even pretending not to look now, everyone was staring at her erect nipples and glistening pussy and then was nothing she could do. She was totally exposed, totally vulnerable, and totally turned on...

Jack seemed to take photos endlessly, she could see he was really enjoying his power over her by the hard-on that was straining through his trousers.

‘Right Kim, now I want you to listen carefully,’ he had walked nearer to her to whisper in her ear. ‘You are going to make yourself come, right here.’ He picked up her left hand from her side and placed it on her left breast, pressing her fingers around her hard nipple. ‘I promise you, do this and you can get dressed again.’ he had a satisfied look on his face as he moved her other hand between her skirt, then nodded at her to check he had her agreement. She didn’t need any encouragement. She began pulling on her nipple hard, until it began to hurt. She was really wet, so when she pushed a finger towards her pussy, it slid easily in, she began working it in and out. At first she felt unsure of what she was doing, she was raised slightly above the gathering crowd and she wasn’t sure she could do this in front of so many watching eyes. Many of the tourists had also got their cameras out now, taking photos of her. But before long it began to feel so good she began to hump her hand, raising her hips to meet her fingers. She removed her hand from her breast and began to rub her clit, she knew she was coming soon. She closed her eyes and raised her head towards the sky, despite all the people around her all she could hear was the clicking of cameras before her own orgasmic screams drowned out any sounds.

She opened her eyes and looked around. Everyone was shuffling uncomfortably and walking away from Kim. She giggled to herself, ‘I take it I can get dressed now?’

‘Sure, I think you deserve a break.’ Jack couldn’t stop grinning; he couldn’t believe what she had just done!

‘A break? There’s more?’ Kim was sounding unsure again, as great as it had been she was beginning to feel embarrassed, and was very glad to be buttoning up her shirt and pulling her skirt down.

‘Just you wait babe, just you wait...’

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