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Over One Hundred Degrees


This is an entry into the 2018 Annual Summer Lovin' Story Contest. If you like it, please vote.


Jacqui and Pam had been friends now for almost three years, since shortly after Pam started working at the urologist's office. Both were well liked RNs, by the doctor, staff and patients. Fun, always professional and never without a smile is the best way to describe their personalities. While Jacqui is a petite African American woman, Pam is her opposite with her long flowing blonde hair and well-endowed breasts.

Friday evenings after a long week at work usually found the two women at Murphy's, a popular hangout for the young twenty something crowd. The summer heat in the desert Southwest dictated light, minimal attire. Jacqui had no problem going braless, her pert small breasts easily lost in a loose tank top. The same, however, could not be said of Pam, whose large firm breasts were generally the main attraction of the young men and some of the young women at the bar.

"I guess I should get used to all the ogling," Pam said to her friend. "Just like I am used to all those older men's' penises." At the urology office, their days were filled with handling men's penises, inserting catheters and prepping them for procedures.

"Yea, but every once in a while, a really nice older man's cock is arousing," Jacqui responded.

"Well, do tell. Did we see something we liked today?" Pam chided.

"Actually, yes. Jim Harris. He came in today for his first of six treatments," Jacqui explained. "What caught my attention first is that he shaves himself down there," she continued. "He isn't big. But, I imagined how tasty he would be in my mouth."

"Oh god girl. You told me you hated giving blow jobs," Pam retorted.

"I told you that when those two basketball players picked us up and that jerk tried to shove his big, black cock in my face," Jacqui responded to her friend. "Besides he was so hairy, it was disgusting."

"I didn't mind taking care of both of them," Pam laughed, remembering that night when the two jocks were impetuously trying to get the rocks off with the two friends.

"So, how old is this Jim Harris?" Pam asked.

"Sixty-one, according to his chart," Jacqui responded matter-of-factly.

"Girl, you are twenty six. He's old enough to be your grandfather."

"I know. But, he is so calm and confident. And speaking with him, he is very intelligent," Jacqui went on. "All the things I find sexy in a man. And, clean. I like clean."


Earlier that Friday, Jim Harris showed up for the first of his bladder treatments. He wasn't thinking of much except how important it was for him to beat the cancer and maintain his active life. Jim lived alone, in the house he shared with his wife for thirty years before her tragic death in a car accident. He kept active with many friends and colleagues from work who shared his love of the outdoors. Swimming was another passion. Jim had a lap pool installed a couple of years alongside the regular pool.

"Mr. Harris," called out a very pretty, petite African-American woman. Jim stood up and approached the woman. "Hi. My name is Jacqui and I will be your nurse for the treatment," she informed him.

Jacqui directed Jim to a rest room where she handed him a plastic cup for a urine sample. "When you are done come to Room Two, " she said pointing out the room down the hall.

"Have a seat," Jacqui gestured as Jim entered the examination room. "Your urine is going to be tested for any signs of infection and for the doctor's approval," she told him. "In the meantime, let's go over a few things in your chart."

"Are you single?"

"Yes, widower. My wife passed a couple of years ago," Jim answered calmly.

"Oh, I'm sorry," Jacqui said sympathetically.

"Do you have any problems urinating?"

"No, not really."

"Are you sexually active?" Jacqui asked, though she didn't need to. Jim was here for bladder treatment, not prostrate problems.

Jim smiled coyly and answered, "Not as much as I would like to be. It's been a while."

"Well, I'm sure a handsome man like yourself will have no trouble finding someone," Jacqui responded with a devilish grin.

"Since this is your first treatment you will need to stay for two hours," Jacqui began to inform Jim of the procedure. "After I instill the medicine, you will need to rotate lying down, fifteen minutes on each side."

"Doctor says it's OK, " a busty blonde said, opening the door quickly.

"Thanks Pam," Jacqui said.

"Mr. Harris. I will need to scrub and get a gown while you get ready. Just strip down your lower half and have a seat," she said pointing to the examination table. "Here's a towel to cover yourself. I'll be back in a minute."

Jacqui came back into the exam room prepared to administer the treatment. "You don't seem nervous," she remarked. "This will go nice and easy."

Jacqui pulled out the table so Jim could lie down. She uncovered him and was pleasantly surprised that his public hair was completely shaved. "You're making this easy for me," Jacqui said complimenting Jim's bald pubic area. "I am going to clean the area so this might feel a little cold," she warned as she wiped Jim's penis and surrounding area with an antiseptic cloth.

"It feels refreshing on such a hot day," Jim responded.

"This might sting a little at first," Jacqui alerted. "Take a deep breath. Wiggle your toes. Exhale slowly." She instructed as she quickly and deftly inserted the catheter. Jim took it very easily, not displaying any discomfort.

"You are very stoic, Mr. Harris," Jacqui remarked.

"Please call me Jim. I don't think we have to be formal. Especially since you are already acquainted with my most private parts," Jim responded.

"And a great sense of humor as well,"

Jacqui replied with a smile, feeling a little arousal at her attraction to this older man.

When the medicine completely drained into Jim's bladder, Jacqui warned him. "Take a deep breath. I taking the catheter out."

Jacqui took her time cleaning up, all the while admiring Jim's genitals, feeling her own become slightly wet. "I'll be back every fifteen minutes to let you know when to turn." Of the hundreds of men she had seen and procedures she performed on them, no one had affected her in this way. Maybe, she was just getting a little horny herself, not having sex in a while, from her own choice.


"Hi. Jim. Come with me," Jacqui greeted Jim in the waiting area the following Friday.

"Same routine for treatment two except you can go home and do the rotations yourself," she informed him.

"Jim. This is Pam. She is going to be observing today. Training," Jacqui introduced Pam. Of course, this was a total lie. Pam, being several years older, was already an experienced nurse when she began working with Jacqui at the urology office.

Later that day, Jacqui and Pam were sitting drinking Margaritas at Murphy's. "Well, what did you think of Jim?" Jacqui asked her friend.

"Doesn't matter what I think of him," Pam responded. "I could feel the temperature in the room go up a notch when you started touching him. The heat was coming from you, girl."

"What should I do?" Jacqui stammered.

"I don't know. It's an awkward situation," Pam acknowledged. "You'll have to get him to see you somewhere outside the office -- without a catheter stuck up his dick."

"Do you think he would? Do you think he likes me?" Jacqui lamented.

"He wasn't staring at my tits the whole time like most men do," Pam added. "He reacts really well to you. Maybe, girl, you have a chance with him."

"Next week, you do the treatment while I observe you, I mean him," Jacqui suggested. "I want to see how he reacts to you."

Jim arrived for his third treatment the following Friday and seemed a little disappointed Pam was doing the treatment. Pam is very skilled at the procedure at it went well for Jim. Pam cleaned up the supplies as Jacqui stayed in the room while Jim got dressed.

"She did a good job but I prefer you," Jim told Jacqui, which brought a smile to her face.

"Pam and I usually unwind at Murphy's on Friday evenings," Jacqui blurted out boldly. "Can you join us there later?"

"Isn't that a young person's bar? I would probably feel out of place."

"No you won't. Everyone will think you are Pam's dad or something," Jacqui assured him.

Jim wasn't really sure what was going on but he was attracted to this lovely young woman. Jacqui knew exactly what was going on with her as she felt her panties get wet with arousal.

"Meet us there at seven," Jacqui told him. She prayed he won't back out. The temperature was notching upwards. She hoped it wouldn't cool off.


Evening rolled around, Jacqui and Pam arrived at the bar fifteen minutes before seven to plot some strategy. Jacqui wore a tight fitting top, which accentuated her extended nipples, and short denims that highlighted her cute round ass.

"So, if he goes for me, you can easily find some young cock to take you on," Jacqui told her companion.

"I'm in the mood for three or four," Pam laughed. "It's so hot I might as well not waste a good sweat on just one."

"Good evening ladies," Jim startled the women as they were laughing at Pam's intentions for the night.

"Hi Jim. Glad you came," Jacqui grabbed his hands and sat him down in the booth with her. Then she thought, maybe that wasn't a good idea. Jim was sitting directly across from Pam, who provocatively, dressed so her huge tits were practically spilling out of her top, leaving very little to the imagination. As the light conversation went on it seemed that Jim barely paid attention to Pam.

"I am a bit perplexed why you invited me to join you," Jim confessed. "I am a bit old for you."

"No you're not," Jacqui shot back. "I like you. You're my favorite patient."

"What she means to say," interjected Pam," is that she wants your dick. She told me the first day how much she wanted your cock."

Jim turned red with embarrassment and Jacqui's jaw dropped in astonishment to what her friend just said. Pam got up and went to their side of the booth, took Jacqui's hand and placed it on the bulge in Jim's crotch.

"Now let's all act like adults here," Pam ranted. "You both want each other, so do it? I'm going to get me three or four young cocks to take care of me tonight and I want to hear all the juicy details on Monday. Right Jacqui?"

With that Pam flirted off to a group of guys hanging by the bar, pulling down top and exposing her tits to them as they salivated.

The temperature had now notched up to near boiling. Jim stared into Jacqui's brown eyes, speechless. Jacqui's hand was still on Jim's crotch, rubbing it unconsciously. Life paused for the two of them momentarily.

"I have a pool. We could go to my house and cool off," Jim offered.

"Sounds like a wonderful idea," Jacqui responded.

Jacqui followed Jim to his house about twenty minutes away. Her mind and emotions were getting out of control in the anticipation. She wished now that she wore panties, her denim shorts were getting soaked. The hot summer night didn't help.

Jim's mind was also racing with thoughts of this hot young girl. To an older middle aged man, his youthful nurse seemed too much to handle. Conflicted, yet desirous, Jim was afraid and excited, hoping he will manage to be a decent lover. Was it simply too hot or were the expectations causing him to sweat.

Arriving at Jim's house, they silently entered the front door. Who was going to make the first move? It was Jacqui.

"Jim, kiss me," she said meekly. He obliged, their lips meeting softly, their tongues dancing tepidly, waiting for the passion to take hold and drive them. Jim pulled Jacqui's petite frame close. The mercury was about to burst. Not a chance now to cool off. Jim picked Jacqui up and carried her to his bedroom, their lips still locked.

Jim set her down on the bed and pulled her top off over her head. The sight of her dark brown erect nipples stirred his hunger; his mouth engulfed her left breast as his hand fondled the right. Jacqui's body shined from a thin layer of sweat that tasted sweet on Jim's tongue. She moaned as Jim orally obsessed each breast. The aroma of her arousal began intoxicating him.

Jim's hand went down to unbutton Jacqui's wet shorts. She lifted her hips to allow Jim to slide them down her legs, only to be discarded on the floor. Jim kissed her softly down her stomach and to her thighs. He tasted her sweet nectar leaking from her pussy. His tongue making its way from parting her lips to finding her swollen love nub. Jacqui held Jim's head close to her as he ravished her wanting sex.

Was it the heat of the night, the temperature rising out of control, or the anticipation and Jim's passionate attack on her pussy that brought Jacqui to her first orgasm of the night? Jim held her ass as Jacqui's hips thrust in his face. She let out a scream of joy.

Jim's aching hard cock needed to be released. Without hesitation, he quickly removed his clothes as Jacqui begged for him to fill her with his manhood.

Jim slowly thrust his steel rod into Jacqui's tight wet pussy. Jacqui's legs rested in Jim's shoulders as he rhythmically pounded her. Jacqui was already breathing hard with loud moans as her orgasms came in waves, one after another, building on each other.

Jim could hardly control his relentless pummeling of Jacqui's hot pussy. It's been a couple of years since Jim enjoyed a fiery fuck and now he was lost in one, breathing heavy, his heart rapidly beating.

Jacqui's muscles clamped down on Jim's cock as she reached a climatic orgasm, her hot juices gushing. This was too much for Jim. His balls tensed and without warning he began to shoot stream after stream of his sperm into Jacqui. Nearing exhaustion, he collapsed on the bed beside Jacqui who was herself trying to catch her breath as she came down from her climax.

"Oh my god," Jim exclaimed as he shot up in bed, worried he came inside Jacqui without protection. "I'm sorry, I wasn't prepared, I should have pulled out but I was out of control," he apologized.

"I'm glad you did," Jacqui responded. "Don't worry. I am on the pill. That felt absolutely wonderful."

They kissed each other gently now, the torrid pent up sexual energy having passed for the time being. Their mouths preoccupied with each other as they recovered.

"God, that was better than I had imagined," Jacqui told her new lover. Jim responded with a long lascivious kiss indicating his lust for this young woman had not subsided; only temporarily satisfied. Jacqui reacted by slipping down Jim's sweat coated body to take his semi-limp cock in her mouth. She savored the erotic taste of their mixed ejaculations.

For several minutes, Jacqui sucked and licked Jim's hardening cock, almost worshipfully. She loved the feeling of her mouth filled with his sex. At first she gagged slightly as she took him all the way to her throat then she got used to it, pleasuring the penis she first admired several weeks ago.

Jacqui had a deep well of energy which she was about to draw on as she descended on Jim's hard cock. It was her turn to fuck him relentlessly and she did. Bouncing up and down, grinding back and forth, Jacqui brought on another wave of orgasms. She had a delirious effect on Jim who unconsciously moved his hips in response to her gyrations.

Panting hard, letting out slight screams, Jacqui worked to another climax and Jim responded in kind, unable to hold back he exploded again as Jacqui screamed out from her own pinnacle orgasm. This time Jacqui collapsed on Jim, hugging her face to his chest, they both faded to sleep.


Saturday morning, Jim woke to the aroma of coffee brewing. Pulling on a pair of boxers, he made his way to the kitchen to find this beautiful darkk-skinned woman standing in front of him naked.

"Good morning sunshine," Jacqui greeted him. "How do you like your coffee?"

"Black," he answered.

"Like your new lover?" Jacqui joked.

"Yes. Like my beautiful new lover," Jim replied.

"I found some eggs and sausage," Jacqui stated. "We're going to need to fuel up for the weekend I have planned," she said with a grin. Jim responded with a huge smile, not yet sure if this is real or a dream. They sat down and ate a late breakfast, having slept in until almost noon.

"I'm still hungry for something else," Jacqui said to Jim.

"And what would that be?"

"Let me show you," Jacqui said as she pulled Jim's boxer shorts down and took his semi-flaccid cock in her mouth. It didn't take long to get him hard, licking his shaft and massaging his balls. Jacqui reached around to Jim's ass and lightly fingered his butt-hole as she vigorously bobbed up and down, her lips working on his cock. Lubing her fingers with her own juice, she plunged a finger in Jim's ass, massaging his prostrate until he could no longer take it.

"Aaaarrrggghhh," Jim screamed out as his salty sweet cum pumped robustly into Jacqui's welcoming mouth. Before swallowing, Jacqui stood up, opened her mouth and proudly displayed her morning feast.

Jim was more than enchanted with this black beautiful woman. The rest of the hot summer weekend found their sweat sheened naked bodies inseparably intertwined. The smell of sex and the scent of lust filled the hot summer air.


Monday's weather forecast promised another day over one hundred degrees but forced Jim and Jacqui to cool down and go to work with the promise of meeting again that evening for dinner at Jim's house.

Pam pulled Jacqui aside into the break room at the urology office that morning and inquired, "Well, are you going to tell me what happened Friday night?"

"I think I'm in love," Jacqui responded.

"I could see that. But, is he any good? Did you guys get it on?" Pam asked further.

"Best sex I ever had," Jacqui stated. "All weekend long."

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by Anonymous

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by runningonempty102/05/19


I am in a similar position as Jack. A perfect story before visiting the urologist

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by BlackJackSteele11/12/18

A Lovely Story

Ignore the ignorant Anonymous trolls, this was a lovely story. It was well told and held my attention all the way through.
I'm enjoying your writing. Keep up the good work.
Five Stars.

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by Rwa476811/07/18

Great story

A very good start towards a loving relationship between these two beautiful people. Age is just a number. I hope you will write more chapters about this couple.

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by Anonymous08/29/18

Nice story, but

The mix up of the tenses (it starts in the first para) is disruptive. Get things in order, please.

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by Dunkirk08/27/18


More of Jim's and jacqui's affair. They should move in together

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