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Over the Edge


"Hi Jackie will you be teaching your class at the gym this evening?"

I paused and looked around to see the speaker. It was Ronald Mills my neighbour who had only recently moved into my apartment building. He had only been living in the building for two weeks but we manage to run into each other several time a day.

"I am sorry Ronald but we won't be having any classes for the next two weeks due to the holidays. Classes won't start back before next year."

I could see the disappointment on his face. He had been really going out of his way to talk with me over the last few days. When I told him I was a fitness instructor he immediately told me he would come to my next class.

I was really flattered by all of the attention he had been giving me since moving in to the apartment across the hall from mine. I had just turned forty and my husband Ian seemed to have entered some kind of twilight zone. I was beginning to wonder if I had become invisible.

My girlfriend Cheryl had been dropping some hints which I was deliberately ignoring. Ian was not the cheating type. I was sure there was some other explanation for Ian's lack of interest in me recently. He had never been overly physical but this was definitely a dry spell for us bedroom wise.

"I am meeting my friend Cheryl at the gym in about an hour. If you want to come by and use the equipment, I could arrange that for you."

I could see the look of excitement on Ronald's face. I tried to keep a poker face to hide the fact that I was so fucking horny and needed a man to fuck me really hard and long.

But what is a woman suppose to do with such feelings. I certainly could not just broadcast it to a near stranger that my husband had not fucked me for three months and I was desperate for a hard cock between my legs. I squeezed my legs together as I felt the walls in my pussy begin to contract.

I had never really looked at Ronald closely before. That happens when you have been married for a while. You tend to stop looking at men especially at their crotch area. Ronald must have noticed my stare because he smiled and ever so seductively allowed his hand to pass over his covered cock.

I searched in my bag and fished out a business card.

"The Gym is quiet easy to find after to reach the city. Just look for the pink building with the two large nude statues on James Street. Come up the stairs between the statues and you will find me."

Ronald reached out to take the card but I could not help but notice how his fingers lingered against mine as he took the card.

I needed to get far from this man and quickly. Ronald looked good and god he smelled like something I would love to get my mouth on.

I could see myself sitting on this man face rubbing my cunt all over his mouth as my hand reached back to caress his hard cock. This was not supposed to be happening. I am good girl who teaches Sunday school every Sunday.

Good girl or not, I knew what I was feeling. I wanted to fuck my neighbour and I wanted to do it really soon and really bad. I had to go find Cheryl and talk this shit over with her. Cheryl was bad to the bone but she still managed to offer me some great advice especially where sex was concerned.

"Ok Ronald I have to go now but I will be looking for you later at the Gym."

Ronald was actually holding my hand as I turned to walk away. He just let my fingers slowly slip from his grasp. I could feel his eyes on me as I walked away. I was glad I had chosen to wear my black tight that morning. His eyes could feast on my big ass as I walked away.

Ok so I am an undercover freak who needs a good fuck. I will admit to that. Turning forty has not helped me much. My desire for good hard cock has gotten greater these days. At the rate I am going my two vibrators will report me for vibrator abuse. I am wearing those things out.

I wish someone would sit my husband down and tell him that a woman in her forties is not ready for retirement. Shit my gloves were on and I was ready to take on any opponents who took to the ring with me. I was becoming a little concern because lately I have been forced to deal with some thoughts that are a little unsettling.

Cheryl is openly bisexual and has been trying to encourage me to try out a few of her girlfriends. Truth be told, if I were to fuck another woman it would have to be Cheryl. To date, all we have ever done is kiss but curiosity is growing daily and I must admit, I am warming up to the idea.

I am finally beginning to understand why middle age women end up fucking young boys. In our forties we are at the peak of our sexual desire. Our husbands or men, who tend to be a little older, are in a state of decline sexually or they are busy chasing after younger ass.

The net result of these sexual dynamics is a huge number of very horny middle age women who would fuck the crack of dawn it they could. So now you know why sex shop cannot keep their stock of vibrators and dildos for very long. I actually witnessed two women fighting for the last vibrator in a store recently.

I had been so caught up in my own thoughts that I almost missed my stop as the bus neared the area where I would disembark. I hated working in the city especially at this time of the year when every Barbadian seemed to have an inexplicable urge to be in the city. The vehicular and human traffic was just too much for me.

What made thing worse in the city was an extended drought period affecting the island and the rest of the Caribbean. The heat was becoming unbearable. We were already into the month of December but so far none of the cold breeze from up north seemed to be cooling down the island.

The government was trying its best to get citizens to conserve water because there were reports that the water tables on the islands were critically low. Rain predictions for June to November had proven to be incorrect.

I don't think we had more than two rainy days for the entire rainy season. Everyone was hoping for a season of wetness before the year ended and the dry season went into high gear again.

I had agreed to meet Cheryl at 9:00. It was much quicker for me to get off the bus and walk into the city. Side streets would also help me avoid much of the human crush than descended on the city around the end of the year. I looked at my watch. I would be late this morning.

Cheryl was already in the room we used as an office at the gym. She was wearing unusually tight stretched jeans that complimented her hips, ass, and athletic legs very well. She wore a shot white blouse that exposed her navel ring which she was quite proud to display as often as she could.

"You look like you have seen a ghost Jackie. What happen to you that you looking so out of sorts?"

I guess my face was telling a story and Cheryl was reading the headlines. I wonder what she was seeing. Maybe my face was saying, "Horny wife wants to fuck young neighbour."

"This shit is becoming unbearable. I need a good fuck and I need it like yesterday. I am too old for all these head and belly aches. I need some hard cock between my legs or I will simply go crazy."

I sat next to Cheryl with one leg resting on the side of sofa which we use to catch some sleep when we were needed it. If this sofa could talk I am sure it would have many dark tales to tell about Cheryl and some of the lovers she fuck in the office.

I reached between my legs squeezing my hot crotch.

"God I need a man to fuck me long and hard."

Cheryl started laughing as she watched me squeezing my hot crotch through my tights. I grabbed her hand and placed it between my legs.

"Feel for yourself just how hot my cunt is Cheryl."

Cheryl laughter ended abruptly as her hand made contact with the material covering my smouldering pussy. My cunt juices had soaked through my panty making my entire crotch region very wet.

"My god Jackie you are gushing like a pipe. I can feel the wetness through your tights."

I had finally crossed the line with Cheryl and it had happened so fast and so innocently that we hardly seemed to have noticed reaching that point of no return. I rested back on the sofa and closed my eyes savouring the soft touch of Cheryl skilful fingers as they caressed the outlines of my wet cunt through my tights and panty.

There was no turning back for me now. I needed some sexual release and Cheryl was up to the task of giving me what I needed at that moment. It was a case of any port for a storm and the winds were blowing like a mother fucker over my ship.

"Let's get this tights and panty off so I can cool down this wet tight cunt of yours hun."

I loved the way Cheryl called me hun and the fact that she was not giving me any opportunity to change my mind. She knelt before me working my tights and panty down to my ankles.

I was still wearing my jogging shoes so she simply left my tights and panty by my ankles as she slowly worked her way back up my legs with her eager tongue.

It seemed like years since I had felt another person's hand or lips working my body teasing and exciting me. I was in no mood to be teased however. I grabbed Cheryl's head and pulled her mouth to my throbbing cunt.

"Suck me Cheryl. I want to feel your wet tongue sliding in and out my cunt baby."

I heard the words and knew that they came from my lips but that could not have been me. After all I was the one who use to give Cheryl grief about her alternate lifestyle.

I was the one who use to say I could never see myself eating another woman's pussy. But as Cheryl's expert tongue and fingers explored my pulsating cunt I realized that I was now a convert.

I wanted to do everything Cheryl had told me about in the past. I arched my back up off the sofa as Cheryl's thick lips surrounded my clit drawing it out and exposing the tip to the fierce assault of her tongue.

"Oh Shit! Oh shit! That feels so fucking good baby. You are hitting my spot as only another woman could. Don't stop baby. Make me cum so fucking hard that the green men on mars will hear me screaming."

Cheryl grabbed my legs as she firmly planted her mouth on my crotch. I was not going to escape her loving embrace. She intended to lock on to my clit and take me for a ride on the roller coaster of ecstasy. Unlike a roller coaster however this ride was taking me higher and higher and I was beginning to lose it.

"Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! I am cumming Cheryl. I am cumming harder than I have ever cum in my life before."

Maybe it was the fact that I was super horny or maybe it was the fact that I was grinding my wet cunt against another woman mouth and face. None of that really mattered. I felt trapped in a cross current of pure pleasure and passion and I exploded.

I arched my back and started beating the sofa as I came. Cheryl did her best to keep her mouth locked on to my clit as torrents of pleasure seem to invade every cell in my body.

I felt as though tiny bolts of electricity were being released all over my body. I reached up and grabbed Cheryl's head pulling her more firmly against my cunt as I collapsed back on to the sofa totally exhausted.

We were both silent for a while. Cheryl knelt on the floor between my legs savouring her handiwork and no doubt feeling quite please with herself. It had taken her less than five minutes to give me the most earth shaking body convulsing, pussy exploding orgasm I had ever experienced.

So this was what all the hype was about. I can't really say that the sensation of having a woman suck my pussy was all that much different from having a man suck me but the psychology of the experience was definitely different. The taboo nature of the experience and my Christian upbringing combined to create some kind of disconnect in my psyche.

I felt as though a wall had been torn down in my spirit and something new and dynamic had rushed into fill the vacuum left by the demolished wall.

A new element was surging inside me and it was clamouring for expression and for exploration. Maybe this was how possession felt. Something internal was pushing me further down the path I had embarked upon.

My orgasm had depleted me but I was never one for half hearted measures. Cheryl had pleasured me and I wanted to give her back some of what she had given me.

From previous conversations I knew that Cheryl liked to dominate her girlfriends. She loved to stand over her kneeling lover and grind her pussy against her lover's mouth.

"You have tasted my pussy now I want to taste yours."

Cheryl smiled as she stood up. My hand wrestled with her tight jeans trying to slide the material down to her ankles. She kicked her shoes off allowing me to pull her jeans completely off. She was wearing a red lacy T-string that snaked its way into the lips of her cunt.

Cheryl threw one leg over my shoulder and grabbed the back of my head pulling my face into her crotch. Her movements were gentle at first but as my tongue worked its way around her clit she became more frantic.

"Damn Jackie. You are a naturally great cunt sucker. Keep up what you are doing and I will be cumming all over your face in a few seconds."

I did not want Cheryl to cum so quickly. It was my first cunt licking experience and I wanted to savour the experience. I moved away from her clit allowing my tongue to trace the contours of her pussy lips.

I playfully ran my tongue all over the lips of her cunt as she tried in vain to get my tongue back on to her clit.

"I was almost there baby but you moved away from my clit. Put your tongue back on my clit and make me cum."

I must admit that I am quite a tease and I love to build up desire before satisfying it. I reached between Cheryl's legs spreading her pussy lips. I slowly pushed my tongue as far as it would extend into her pussy.

With my tongue up Cheryl's snatch I could taste all her juices as my tongue slid in and out her wet cunt. Cheryl reached down and started rubbing her clit as I tongue fucked her pussy.

"Push a finger up my ass baby. I want to feel your finger up my ass."

I placed one of my fingers in my mouth coating it with my saliva then inched my saliva covered finger up Cheryl's tight asshole. She gasped when my finger probed deeper and deeper up her tight ass channel.

As my tongue worked its way back to Cheryl's clit she pull up the flesh above her cunt fully exposing her clit to my tongue.

"Fuck! That is it baby Right there! You are hitting my spot. Keep sucking right there. Yesssss."

What happen next caught me by surprise. I am no prude but this was just over the top. As Cheryl stated to cum she simultaneously started pissing all over my face. I felt like a deer hypnotized by the glare of an approaching vehicle.

There was no escaping the hot liquid that gushed out her already drenched pussy. As the pungent smell hit my nostrils I tried to back away but Cheryl kept my head in place between her legs as she both came and pissed all over my face.

In less than fifteen minutes I had sucked my first pussy and had been rewarded for my efforts with a golden shower.

"I am so sorry Jackie but I don't know what came over me. I started to cum and I just lost control of everything in that region. I did not mean to piss on you like that."

It was hard to tell if she was genuinely sorry or if this was part of the game she played with her lovers.

"It was not that bad even though I got some of your piss in my mouth."

The crappy thing is that I had swallowed Cheryl's piss mixed with her cunt juice and my saliva. I could have spat the mixture out of my mouth onto the floor but for some perverse reason I swallowed it.

This was some crazy shit. It dawned on us that Cheryl had just pissed on the floor of our little office. We were not having any classes but this was something that should not have happened. It dawned on me that I was going to have a problem. I was still wearing my bra and T-shirt which were no longer in road worthy condition.

We were not doing any training so I had not bothered to bring a change of clothing. Cheryl could give me a ride home but we would still have to walk to the car park and that would mean having to mingle with the crowd in the city.

We were going to be at the gym for a while so I figured I could wash and dry my bra and T-shirt before we were ready to leave for the day.

"We had better do something about this piss on the floor before the smell fills up the room."

Cheryl headed towards the bathroom to get the mop and mop bucket. I searched around in my bag for some soap and a wash cloth. Cheryl was on her way back to the office when I entered the bath room to wash my soiled clothing and to bathe as best as I could at the bathroom sink.

My tights had not been soiled but I stripped down to my panty and busied myself with washing. I could still feel the muscles in my pussy contracting. I was still feeling horny as hell so I just squeezed my legs together trying to get a little relief from the sweet itch I was feeling in my crotch.

I allowed my imagination to run wild. In my fantasy world Cheryl came into the bathroom and grabbed me from behind. She pushed me over so I was bent and holding on to the sink. I imagined the lips of my cunt opening and something firm sliding into my pussy channel.

Watching women fucking each other with dildoes in porn movies was always a big turn on for me. I imagined Cheryl's hands taking hold of my breasts and squeezing my nipples very hard as she rammed my pussy with her strap on cock. I rested my hands on the sink and pushed my ass back to add greater realism to my fantasy.

I must have been really deep into my world of fantasy because I did not hear the bathroom door open. At first I thought it was Cheryl who had come to return the mop and bucket to the bathroom. The silence behind me however made me a little suspicious so I turned around to see what was going on.

"Damn whatever you were thinking about I wish I were involved in some way."

I had completely forgotten about Ronald. I could not believe that Cheryl had sent him to the bathroom when she knew I was washing my clothes and that I was practically naked. I had nothing to cover myself with so I just went back to washing as though the situation was the most natural thing in the world.

"Don't let me stop you from using the bathroom if you must. Just act as though I am not here."

I wondered what was going through his mind as he walked over to the toilet bowl and unzipped his pants. I waited until I heard water hitting water before stealing a glance at Ronald's cock.

The hardness of his cock served as a good index of the kinds of thoughts going through his head.

I watched as the yellow stream of piss shot out the tip of his erect cock.

His piss was flying all over the bowl. I figured it must be more difficult for men to control their piss when their cocks are as hard as Ronald's was at the moment.

"Would you like some help Ronald? You seem to be having a hard time hitting the target."

Ronald looked at me and smiled.

"It is hard to control the flow with my cock this hard. Maybe if you came and held it that may help."

I wash my hands and walked behind Ronald.

"Hey it looks as though you are finish pissing."

Ronald shook his head as the stream of piss started to flow again. I held Ronald's cock and tried to direct the flow of piss into the centre of the bowl but it was just flying everywhere.

"What is wrong with your cock Ronald? I have seen men piss before and there is just one stream coming out which flow in a single direction. Piss seems to be coming out your cock from every angle."

I started stroking Ronald's cock but that only seem to make the problem worse. I placed a finger at the tip of Ronald's cock temporarily blocking the flow of his urine. I moved my finger allowing the warm liquid to flow over my fingers and into the bowl.

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