tagExhibitionist & VoyeurOver the Intercom

Over the Intercom


Jack was sitting behind his desk, checking the security camera feed. After a few clicks of his mouse, he maximized an image on his computer monitor giving him a perfect view of his small insurance agency's lobby. He checked his watch. The prospective receptionist would be there in about five minutes.

"What are you doing?" he asked. "She will be her any minute." His wife, Sarah, was lounging back on Jack's leather couch. Her sexy, black skirt was pulled up around her slim hips and her fingers were slipping through the wet folds of her shaved pussy. After 9 years of marriage, he still found Sarah mesmerizing; especially when she was wearing his favorite black, thigh-high stockings, garter belt and heels. What was it about a stocking/garter belt combination? There was nothing he enjoyed more than making love to his wife while she wore only stockings and a garter belt. And heels. Don't forget the heels.

"I know," she moaned. "That's why I'm warming up. Plus, I'm so fucking excited about this, I'm practically dripping down my leg."

"Holy shit." Jack said, leaning closer to the monitor. The door chime sounded as a gorgeous, young woman entered through the front door. She was wearing a tight white blouse and a short, brown leather skirt. Her long, blonde hair fell in loose curls halfway down her back.

"She here?" Sarah asked.

"And she's amazing. Go get her."

"Patience." Sarah was already standing with her skirt back in place. Jack looked up in time to see Sarah slowly pulling her finger out of her mouth, licking it clean of her juices.

Kari stood in the empty lobby and checked her watch. She wasn't late, but no one was around. She wasn't sure about being a receptionist anyway. If she wasn't so strapped for cash, she wouldn't have let her mom convince her to take this interview in the first place. Of course, if her mom knew how much money she owed and whom she owed it to, her mom would have sent her to Canada instead of a job interview. Kari turned to leave.

"Kari," Sarah said, walking into the lobby.

"Yeah." Kari turned and extended a hand. "I'm Kari."

"Hi, my name's Sarah. I'm Jack's administrative assistant. It's nice to meet you."

"Nice to meet you, too."

"Go ahead and have seat. Jack will be right with you."

Sarah stepped to the front door and locked it.

"What are you doing?" Kari asked.

"Oh, we don't want anyone else walking in. We're closed today. Jack just came in for the interview."

"Okay." Kari sat down, nervously smoothing her skirt. Sarah smiled as she took in Kari's beauty. Her long, blonde hair was breathtaking. Her breasts, easily C-cups, strained against her tight white blouse revealing the black bra that hid underneath. Her beautiful, blue eyes... . Sarah was staring and Kari caught her. Sarah flashed her best you-caught-me-being-naughty smile.

"Sorry," Sarah laughed. "Can I get you anything while you wait?"

"No thanks."

Sarah walked into Jack's office to find him stroking his cock. As soon as the door shut, she hiked her skirt up and began rubbing her clit. Her eyes locked with her husband's. Jack almost came right there. Lust emanated off his wife like heat waves off the highway.

"You ready?" Jack said as he stood, his manhood pulsing proudly before him. Sarah didn't say a word. She closed the distance quickly and knelt before him. There was no delicacy, no teasing tongue, no nibbles. Sarah simply began devouring Jack's prick like a starving woman. She sucked all the air out of her mouth and bobbed her head up and down, while she ran her tongue from side to side. Jack felt her moan reverberate throughout his body.

Kari sat nervously strumming her fingers on her leg. Suddenly, a click came from the intercom on the lobby desk.

"Kari." Jack's voice came from the intercom, as did some noise Kari could not quite identify.

"Uh, yeah?"

"Hi, this is Jack." Was that a slurping noise Kari heard? "I had something come up and am going to, oh, going to need a few more minutes. Is that okay?"

"Sure," Kari said.


Sarah turned to look at the intercom on Jack's desk. The red light was still on, which meant it was still transmitting. She looked up into her husband's face as she slowly jerked his rod. She slid her hand down as far as she could before pulling his cock forward, letting her hand slid up to the head.

Jack's breathing was heavy. The sight of his wife kneeling before him, wantonly jerking him off while staring at him was incredible. Her eyes stayed on his with every push and pull. Her red lips were parted with her tongue slightly protruding, and he could feel her breath caressing his unit. Tearing his eyes away took strength, but he did.

Jack's eyes looked away from Sarah and to the monitor and she wanted to see, too. Sarah ran her tongue along the underside of her man's meat one time before standing. She stood and Jack spun her around to face the monitor. One of his hands roughly grabbed a tit and the other came between legs, instantly parting her pussy lips and roughly stroking her snatch.

"Oh, fuck yeah. Rub my juicy clit." A woman's voice came from the intercom. Kari had thought she was still hearing sounds coming from it. They must not have turned it off. Not only was she still hearing sounds, but it was sex sounds. Kari could definitely hear a man and a woman moaning. Plus, she could hear the faint, wet sounds of a horny bush being rubbed. Kari felt a familiar tingle between her legs and her breath started growing heavy.

Sarah reached behind her and took hold of Jack's throbbing dick, the heat coming off it seemed to almost burn her fingers. The girl on the monitor could definitely hear them by her reactions. "Pull my nipple." Jack tugged on her left nipple while his other hand still slopped around her soaking mound.

"No," Sarah said. "Like this." Sarah kept one hand rubbing his rod while the other played with her own nipple. She alternated between stretching it forward and gently twisting it back and forth. "First, you pull it forward, and then you twist." Jack imitated her method on her other breast. Both nipples began to grow.

On the monitor, Kari was rubbing her own breasts. One hand slid under her blouse and bra as Sarah told Jack what to do.

"That's it," Sarah moaned. "That's fucking it. I love it when you play with my tits."

Kari pulled her hand out of her bra and quickly unbuttoned the front of her blouse to give herself easier access. She also unclasped the bra's front hook, freeing her beautiful breasts. Kari squeezed her luscious globes, the ample flesh filled her fingers. Then she began pulling and twisting her nipples, following Sarah's instructions. "Just like that," Sarah's voice came from the monitor, almost as if giving Kari encouragement. "Now grab them and giggle them. Harder." Kari took a breast in each hand and shook them about.

Jack had Sarah's breasts in his hands and was squeezing and giggling them. Both set's of eyes were staring at the beautiful girl touching her own breasts on the monitor. With both of Jack's hands on her tits, Sarah attacked her pussy with both hands.

"Don't forget my cock," Jack said. It felt like it was made of steel. He was so turned on, it almost hurt.

"How could I forget that huge piece of meat, baby? I just have to cum."

Jack grabbed her hands and placed them on his prick, then placed his hands on her pussy. "Don't worry," Jack grunted. Sarah's hands began roughly tugging him. "You'll definitely cum."

"I want to cum before you fuck me," Sarah cried. She struggled not to scream as he slid two fingers into her cunt while rubbing her button. "I want to cum before you stick that huge fucking cock inside me. Rub it harder, Jack. Rub my fucking pussy. Oh, fuck. Fuck!" Sarah opened her eyes. The girl on the monitor had her skirt pulled up and her legs were spread wide open.

Kari pulled her thong to the side with one hand and rubbed her slit with the other. She completely forgot where she was. All she could think of was coming: hopefully at the same time as the woman on the intercom. Holy shit, she needed to cum. Her orgasm grew as she rubbed her clit faster and faster.

Jack was licking Sarah's neck as their hands drove each other to the brink. Sarah tapped his head and pointed to the monitor.

"Holy shit," Jack whispered in her ear. "Look at the way she's jerking off. The way her hips are thrusting up into her hands. She's going to cum. She's going to cum thinking about you coming."

"Oooohhhhhhh," Sarah screamed. "That is so fucking hot. I'm coming. I'm fucking cum... cum... fuuuuuuuuuck." Sarah's orgasm tore her apart. Lightning shot through her body. Jack stared at Kari's body arching high off the couch as his wife screamed and writhed. Both women came at the same time.

Jack threw Sarah forward over the desk and rammed his sword into her sheath hilt deep. It was wetter than he had ever felt it, almost too wet, but it didn't matter. Jack was so turned on, fucking air would have been tight enough. Jack grabbed his wife's hips and, quite simply, slammed the shit out of her. He thrust forward with everything he had.

"I'm going to cum again," Sarah said. Sarah gripped the desk and thrust her hips back to meet each thrust of her husband. She was right in front the monitor watching Kari, who was still working it.

Kari was coming down from an intense orgasm, but she began rubbing her clit again as the sounds of Jack fucking Sarah rang out from the intercom. The slaps of flesh as he rammed her from behind were distinct. Kari pictured Sarah bent over the desk while Jack fucked her from behind, his balls slapping her gash, her ass cheeks quivering, their thighs slapping together. Another orgasm was on its way and it was coming quickly.

"That's right," Kari said. "Fuck her hard."

Sarah looked over her shoulder at Jack. "Fuck that bitch till she screams for mercy," came Kari's voice from the intercom. Jack didn't think it possible, but he began fucking his wife even harder. Her hair and tits swung back and forth with each violent shove into her. The desk even started to move forward. Slam. Slam. Slam! Slam! SLAM!

"Here it fucking is, baby," Jacked grunted. "Take it all."

"Fuck me," Sarah cried out. "Fuck me, Jack. Shoot it all inside my hungry cunt."

"Fuck her," Kari yelled. "I'm fucking coming. Again."

Jack exploded. Cum flowed like a flood into his wife's pussy. It was a moment that seemed to last forever and was still over too quickly. He collapsed back into his chair. Sarah stayed on the desk, her body twitching, cum dripping from her ravaged hole. She reached over and flipped the intercom off.

"That was incredible, baby," Sarah said. Jack looked from his wife's amazing ass to the monitor. Kari was struggling to get herself straightened out.

"I think she's going to bolt," Jack said.

"Hell, no." Sarah jumped up, and started fixing her clothes. "We are not losing this one."

"There she goes," Jack said. On the monitor, Kari fumbled with the door's lock and left. Then he saw his wife cross the room and exit as well. Jack laughed to himself.

"I can't believe that worked."

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