tagNonConsent/ReluctanceOvercome Ch. 02

Overcome Ch. 02



Trinity woke up in an empty bed, however her Uncle was still in the room, putting something in the DVD player. He sat down at the end of the bed and was fiddling with the remote.

Her pussy was a little sore and her lips a little swollen. Trinity smiled, still horny as hell. She removed the sheet covering her naked body and crawled behind him and crushed her massive tits on his back and whispered in his ear, 'I can't stop thinking about being submissive and pleasing you.'

Frank's mouth watered. Damn, she was hot. 'Neither can I baby.' He kissed her, thrusting his tongue into her mouth. She was submissive and allowed him to tongue fuck her mouth again with little whimpering noises. He released her mouth, handed her another glass of whiskey and said, 'I'm going to teach you how to deep throat my cock.'

Trinity swallowed the burning liquid and then licked her lips. 'What does deep throating mean?' She had an idea, but liked the dirty talk. It also seemed to her that playing a little dumb turned her Uncle on even more. She was wet thinking about his domination over her.

'It means that you are going to get on your knees and lick and kiss my cock and balls,' he said, as his member got hard. 'Then you are going to swallow my stem and fuck me with your throat. Deep in your throat.'

She bit her rose bud lips. 'Will it hurt?' She thought about the pain of her virgin cunt and thought there might be the same kind barrier in her throat for sex.

His voice was deep brandy. 'It is really fun. I mean most women I know love to suck cock and swallow a man's cum. They love the taste and it feels good.'

'I want to learn to suck cock,' the new dirty words rolled off her tongue making Frank rigid.

'I think you need some lessons before you try it,' he said with lust in his eye. He was amazed at the opportunity he had to mold this naive submissive girl. He could train her sexually to his every whim. The power was intoxicating.

Trinity took another sip of the relaxing liquor and felt all her inhibitions go. 'Teach me, Master,' she sighed. 'Teach me to suck your cock deep.'

'Come sit on the floor here and rest your head on my knee. I want you to watch some 'instructional video' before you start learning.' She looked up at him from her position between his legs with complete obedience and trust.

The 'instructional video' was one of his favorite porn scenes. He flipped the DVD on play and a woman appeared, taking off her clothes in front of a man.

'Suck my cock, bitch,' the man said as she kneeled in front of him.

'Yes, Master,' she took his hard long penis from his pants. 'I love the taste of your cock, Master. Please cum and let me swallow all of your cum.'

Trinity gasped at the size and shape of the man's cock. She was startled at the way the woman spoke. The woman sounded like Trinity! She had never seen an instructional video like this!

A close up of the woman revealed her mouth kissing the spongy head of the man's cock. Her tongue crept out of her mouth and raked across the piss slit, taking the pre-cum into her moaning mouth. Her hand massaged the stem as she licked the man's balls. He groaned at her ministrations.

'Stop fucking around and suck my cock deep, you cunt.'

She smiled and only said, 'Yes, Master.' She took the hard rod into her succulent mouth and started bobbing her head up and down on the meaty member.

'Deep throat that cock, bitch,' his hands came down on her head and pressured her mouth further on his cock. She let out a high-pitched squeal, took a quick breath. The long cock disappeared down her throat. Her nose tickled in his pubic hair and her chin rested on his balls.

Trinity was stunned. 'Oh my,' she whispered, never taking her eyes off the screen. She loved the dirty talk, and the way the man called the cock-sucking woman such dirty names. Her pussy started to itch. She shifted and squeezed her legs together as fresh juice sprung from her cunt lips.

Frank's eyes were mere slits. He sat on the bed with his nympho niece sitting between his knees. He watched her reaction and noticed her pelvis squirm in small sensual circles. She licked her puffy red lips and stared unblinkingly at the spectacle on the TV.

The man announced he was cumming and the blowjob took on a frenzy of activity. The woman moaned as she jerked her head back and forth as the man kept his hands on her head guiding her motions.

The man grunted as the milky white substance shot out of his long hard cock on to the woman's upturned face and mouth. The man shot cum in the woman's mouth, on her face and it dribbled on to her chest. It leaked out of the corners of her mouth as she slowly luxuriated in the cum bath and swallowed ever so slowly.

'Cum on me,' she moaned, 'Shower me with your wonderful cum.'

'I'll give you a cum bath, you cocksucker,' he moaned as more poured out of him.

Frank picked this video to show Trinity because of this huge cum shot. He also picked this video for 'instruction' because the woman was a submissive little slut that swallowed. She also moaned how much she loved the taste of cock and cum. Frank paused the DVD with the woman licking cum off the man's cock.

'Well, my sweet little sex slave,' he said patiently, 'how about you try sucking my cock?'

Trinity was in a sexual daze. The video set her awakening sexuality onto a fiery path. However, she was still scared and quietly said, 'Yes, Master.'

Frank smiled. 'Good girl. Now kneel facing me and hold my cock like I showed you.' She did as she was told, a little timid and unsure, but in such a state of sexual arousal, she held the magnificent instrument in her hands. Frank showed her how to stroke it just right. Frank moaned and snapped his head back. 'Yes, babe, yes. That's it, kiss it,' he groaned. 'Fuck yeah.'

Encouraged by his moans, Trinity kissed the spongy head and curved her tongue out like the porn woman did. Her tongue obscenely licked the tip and hole filled with pre cum. It was so warm and tasted so good.

'Open your mouth,' Frank started thrusting his pelvis in small circles toward her open mouth. 'Yeah slut, suck that cock.'

Trinity, overtaken with sensuality and loving the feeling of his cock stroked his member against her cheek, closed her eyes and moaned, 'It tastes so good, Master.' She licked the length of his cock down to his balls and found their taste intoxicating and addictive. Her lips and tongue found their way back to the head of his cock, licking and stroking the length of it.

Frank was duly impressed. 'You are a natural cocksucker,' he encouraged her, 'Ohh, so good.'

'I'm gonna suck your cock,' she whispered as she removed the head and stroked it against her cheek. She then opened her mouth and started moving her head up and down, stroking the hard cock in her wet velvet mouth. Taking as much as she could, like the woman in the video.

Frank hit the remote control and the porn movie started again, but Trinity was so engrossed in her own activity she barely noticed the funky music, the moans, and the dirty sex talk. Frank placed his hand on the back of her head and commanded, 'Deep throat my cock.'

As much of a sexual frenzy she was in, Trinity kept gagging on his hard cock at the entrance into her throat. She whimpered in frustration, 'I can't.'

'A submissive never says she can't,' he said angrily.

She whined and resisted. 'It won't fit.'

'Bullshit.' Frank stood up and took control. He grabbed her arms and locked her wrists together behind her. He grabbed her head with one hand and guiding his cock to her mouth. He forced he cock in her mouth as he said, 'Open.' She whimpered and did as commanded. 'Wider, slave.'

'Aahgnn,' she whimpered as her mouth opened wider. He forced his cock deep in her mouth, holding her head. 'Open your eyes. Look at me slut,' he commanded. 'Swallow, slave,' Frank said.

She still resisted and whined around his cock.

Frank lightly slapped her cheek and still her whimpering. 'Swallow.' She tried, let out a moan and took a deep breath. 'You must submit,' he warned. She was scared yet determined to let her uncle fuck her throat. 'Relax and just swallow, slave,' he said gritting his teeth, putting more pressure on the back of her head.

When her felt her relax, he took both hands and pressed her head toward his pelvis and thrust his cock in. His cock lodged deep in her virgin throat. 'Oh yeah, you little cocksucker.' Frank guided her head with short quick strokes into the tight recesses of her throat.

Trinity's whole body was aflame with desire to please this man. She completely relaxed and let Frank use her mouth like a cunt. He fucked her mouth and throat with frenzied thrusts from his hips, pounding his hard member into her luscious mouth.

She moaned as the head popped out of her mouth. She gasped for air and Frank took his cock and started rubbing it all over her face leaving a clear trail of pre cum on her cheeks and chin. 'Your cock tastes so good,' she panted.

He guided his near bursting cock back into her hot wet mouth and this time she naturally took him deep in her throat. 'There's a good little cocksucker,' he sighed, 'take it deep, you dirty girl.'

He started panting harder. All she thought about was how wonderful this cock felt in her mouth and how good it tasted. She was kneeling on the floor, handcuffed, sucking her uncle's 9-inch monster, and occasionally -- no, frequently -- deep-throating his cock.

Frank announced his cum in a low strangled groan. 'I'm cummin', slave,' he panted. 'Swallow all of my cum, bitch. Swallow all of it.'

Her head was jerked back and forth with his guiding, forceful hands. The first spurt hit her tonsils. She blinked. The torrent of jizz flooded her mouth as she tried to swallow, but some leaked out of the corners of the mouth. The taste was so good she moaned. His cock popped out and he creamed her upturned face as she reveled in the cum shower. Cum splashed on her mouth, cheeks, hair and nose. She took his cock back in her mouth trying to suck more of his nectar.

The fuck lust calmed down as Frank sat back down and started to smear the cum from her cheek and nose into her mouth with his thumb. She erotically sucked his thumb clean as he breathed, 'We're going to have to do that more often to get you better at being a good little cocksucker, my sweet.'

Trinity blushed as she continued to suck his fingers clean, which gathered more cum from her face and the corners of her mouth. 'But, with a little force, you took my cock deep and you swallowed my cum. And you like to be forced, don't you, slave.'

'Yes, Master. I love sucking your cock, Master,' she breathed. 'I love the taste of your cock, your balls and your cum.'

'You are a good little submissive sex slave,' he purred, making her feel wonderful.

She just moaned as she licked his cock and his fingers clean. 'Yes, Master.'

Frank turned to the mirror, where the camera was recording this virgin blowjob and smiled. There she was in all her handcuffed glory, kneeling between his knees. Having a beautiful, big titted sex slave licking his cock was great.

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