tagNonConsent/ReluctanceOvercome Ch. 03

Overcome Ch. 03



For the next couple of months, Frank showed Trinity the art of sexual submission. He fucked her cunt in all different positions all over the house. He'd bend her over the table at dinner and take her from behind. He'd have his little slave sit on top of his cock while they watched TV. He'd interrupt her shower and make her lean into the tile while he took her standing up from behind. And she obediently sucked him off before she went to school most mornings. She loved the taste of his cum.

Sometimes he would handcuff her and not give her any sex and made her sit on the floor between his knees and watch TV. This frustrated her. But every time he held off giving her cock, she was even more ready for intense sessions of submissive fucking.

He told her to avoid the boys who attacked her at school. He wanted her all to himself.

She was in a constant state of arousal and was learning more and more how to talk dirty. This pleased Frank. She was so much more wanton and had more passion than he had expected.

One day, he said he wanted to see her during her lunch hour at school. He found her waiting in front of the school as he commanded her, where he picked her up in his pick-up truck. He didn't take her far away from school, just in a secluded spot behind the gym that was surrounded by thick hedges and trees. It was hidden from prying eyes.

'Jack me off, slave,' he commanded as he parked the truck and stretched his arm on the seat back. In the last few weeks, he had really stopped calling her Trinity and just called her slave or dirty names. It turned them both on.

Trinity's mouth watered. 'Yes, Master.' She sidled up close to him and undid his pants and took his half hard member into her gentle hands and jacked him off as he trained her to do. 'Your cock is so hard, Master,' she said with awe. 'It's so big in my dirty little hand.' She went on with her smut talk just like he taught her.

'When I'm about to cum, put your smutty little mouth on me and suck me dry,' he grunted, as he felt her ministrations work their magic on him.

'Yes, Master,' she quietly obeyed. 'I love the taste of your hot cum.'

He moved slightly away from the steering wheel so she could get her head over his cock and she began licking all the pre-cum off of the head, when he began to guide her motions faster.

He came in her mouth and she moaned, loving the taste of her Uncle's cum. He left her wet and unsatisfied, but no matter. She ate her lunch after the episode thinking that food tasted better with cum.

The next day, he came again to school at her lunch hour and took her over to the hedges and made her climb on top of him and fuck him in the truck. He made her unbutton her blouse and unhook the front clasping bra so he could fondle her naked tits while she fucked up and down on him in the passenger's seat.

He made her talk dirty as she was bouncing on top of his hard cock. He made her do all the work as he sat back in the truck commanding her to fuck faster and talk smuttier. She did as she was told, sweating as she pistoned her hungry cunt up and down on his big hard cock.

For the next week or so, her Uncle picked her up at lunch and had his way with her in some fashion. The last time he came in her hair and told her not to touch it. That afternoon she smelled her Uncle's cum in her hair and couldn't think about anything else but fucking.

She was ready for the next phase.

The next day, Trinity rushed home from school. Her Uncle Frank didn't pick her up at lunch... she really missed fucking him in the middle of the day. She wanted to be with Uncle Frank. All day in class, she couldn't stop thinking about the secret, incredible things he did to her with his cock. Her body tingled with anticipation all day long.

She walked in the house a little out of breath. Uncle Frank was sitting on a bar stool at the kitchen counter drinking a beer, waiting for her. Uncle Frank smiled at her. She was still shy and blushed. His leer promised her an evening of lust and sexual adventure and submission. She couldn't wait! Just the thought of his dominate cock made her tit nubs hard.

Uncle Frank had the thin leather wrist bonds in his hands. 'Hey pretty thing,' he cooed. 'How was your day today?'

Trinity put her books down and saddled up close to him, crushing her massive tits on his chest and breathed into his lips, 'I couldn't stop thinking about fucking you, Master.' She put her wrists on the counter awaiting her bonds.

'You fucking slut,' he murmured. She loved it when he called her such dirty names. He kissed her hard and made her suck his tongue until she moaned. He grabbed her wrists and easily fastened the bonds. 'Come with me,' he ordered and headed straight for the bedroom.

She sighed happily. 'Yes, Master.'

Frank ordered her to strip. He got behind her and pinched her nipples and squeezed her tits while rubbing his cock against her ass.

'I want to try something different tonight, sweet sex slave.'

'Anything, Master,' she sighed. 'I am your submissive sex slave. Here for your pleasure.'

'Oh you are a dirty, dirty girl,' he said as he dipped his finger in her sweet juicy cunt. 'Now, face the bed, kneel down at the end of it, on the floor.'

She went down and he grabbed her wrists and connected the bonds to the bedposts. The bonds felt sexy as her hands wrapped around the wrought iron cylinders. She was tightly bound and it felt glorious. He could do anything to her and she couldn't get away.

'Now, my sweet sex slave,' he whispered in her ear. 'I'm going to suck your juicy cunt while you suck cock.'

Not thinking of the logistics of that proposition in the position he tied her up in, Trinity moaned and closed her eyes as his hands roamed her tightly bound, naked body. Then she realized there was another set of hands on her tits.

Startled, she opened her eyes. 'What --?'

There was another man sitting in front of her! Her Uncle kneeled behind her and gripped her waste and put two fingers in her cunt as he rested his chin on her shoulder.

'Trinity, my slave,' he smiled, 'This is my good friend, Hank.' Trinity whimpered. She was naked, bound and surrounded by two men with hard cocks! Her cunt gripped with fear and embarrassment. His deep low voice soothed her. 'No need to be embarrassed or afraid, my sweet slut. You must do as I say. Hank, why don't you show my little submissive sex slave how happy you are to make her acquaintance.'

Hank said hello and stripped off his robe and not 6 inches from her face was a sweet smelling hard-as- iron cock. The cock's aroma made her senses run wild.

Frank smiled and whispered in her ear, 'You made his cock hard, slave. What does that mean?'

She bit her lip and shyly said, 'I am obligated to relieve him, Master.'

'That's right, slave,' he said as he fingered her clit. 'Invite him to fuck you,' he whispered in a deep low voice that made her tingle.

She felt exposed because her arms were bound and she was naked. She looked up at the new man she was forced to submit to. She licked her pouting lips and did as she was told, 'Please use me as your sex slave. I am here for your pleasure.'

'Nice to meet you, slut,' Hank said as he bent down and kissed her lips. One hand was placed on the back of head forcing her close as he thrust his tongue in her mouth and made her suck it while he fondled her enormous breasts with the other hand. Uncle Frank lay down under her and started licking her cunt.

The sensation of two men, four hands, two tongues roaming her body, working their magic, made Trinity weak and begging for more, 'You -- you make me weak with desire.'

'Spread your legs, Trinity,' Frank ordered.

'Start sucking,' Hank breathed.

Trinity was tied up and surrounded by two forceful men. She did as she was told by both men, her embarrassment evaporating in a sexual haze. She spread her knees wider and lowered her throbbing cunt to Uncle Frank's waiting mouth. She placed her own sweet lips on the hard hot cock in front of her. Just a few licks on her throbbing clit was always enough to make Trinity have a small orgasm. Frank's tongue played with her clit for a few more moments and then he got up, wanting more flavor for his fair.

Soon, Trinity was eagerly lapping and slobbering over Hank's cock. He rested his hand on her head as she took more of his cock into the recesses of her mouth and throat. Her head bobbed up and down as she bent to task with abandon. Her moans and squeals were coming rapidly. Especially when Uncle Frank introduced the hot tip of his long cock to the entrance of her tight wet cunt from behind. He pushed, placing his hands on her hips, bending her forward, so her mouth went down on Hank's cock farther. Frank's cock slid, without more than a little friction, into Trinity's tight twat.

Frank gripped a tit and shoved his thickness into her pussy. Trinity had two dicks invading her tight, bound sweet body! It was more that she could stand. She moaned and rocked as both men forced more of their hard members into her hot body.

Hank was feeling the tight squeeze of Trinity's throat as Frank redoubled his efforts to plunge deep into her tight cunt from behind.

Trinity wallowed gloriously in the double penetration and being bound. With her arms tied tightly to the posts, two cocks forcing her, two men commanding her, were so much better than one! Her cunt was on fire and her box slathered its juice on Uncle Frank's belly and ran down her thighs. She bobbed her head up and down with wild abandon, loving the taste and smell of the new cock.

More. She just wanted more.

She was moaning, slobbering over Hank's cock, just about to cum, when both men pulled their cocks out of her bound, hot body. Her mouth followed Hank's dick as it was just out of reach. Trinity whined and shimmied. Her body was on fire -- needing -- demanding -- to be touched -- to be fucked.

'Why'd you stop?' she whined. 'I'm just about to cum, please fuck me! Please!' She moaned and pulled against her bonds.

Frank grabbed the back of her neck and slapped her ass, shocking her still and silent, but breathing hard and whimpering. His hand smoothed a trail down her spine, down to her butt crack and into her steaming wet cunt hole. She arched her back and moaned. 'I've got a little something to teach you my sweet cum slut.'

'Oh anything, Master. Teach this little cum slut anything, do anything, just make me cum!' she begged.

His wet fingers from her cunt trailed to her anus and invaded that puckered button. He whispered with a commanding tone, 'You are at my mercy, sweet sex slave.'

'Ahn,' she gasped at the invasion. She recognized the tone in his voice that put her over the top. 'I'm at your mercy, Master.' She stared at Hank's cock -- mesmerized by its girth and length -- wanting it to invade her mouth again as Frank was behind her moving another finger in her asshole. 'Uhn. I'm at your mercy.'

Hank chuckled as he moved closer so she could resume her ministrations on his cock. She took him deep and moaned. Her whole body quivered.

Frank, meanwhile, continued to pry her rectum open with more fingers and cunt juice. Trinity moaned and wiggled, struggling against her bonds and Hank's hands forcing her head down so her mouth remained locked on his enormous cock.

Frank pulled his fingers out of her puckered opening and quickly replaced it with the head of his rock hard cock. Trinity tried to struggle away from the new invasion as both men held her steady on their cocks. Frank slapped her butt cheeks as she struggled.

Hank moaned. 'When you spank her, the slut sucks harder.'

Frank slowly pushed as she quivered, keeping a hand on her clit, rubbing it making the juices flow down her thighs. He bent over her back and whispered hotly in her ear, 'You're at my mercy, bitch. You-- ' he pushed, 'are at -- my mercy.' He thrust most of his cock into her small opening as Hank forced her head up and down on his hot pole. Frank spanked her some more.

Trinity squealed and struggled against the men thrusting their cocks in her body and then moaned as a cum tore through her like an earthquake.

Frank started to churn his enormous cock in and out of her tight virgin ass. He gripped her hips tightly and frequently spanked her, causing Hank to moan, 'the slut loves it, man. I'm gonna cum cuz she sucking me so hard when you spank her. Ahh!'

She quivered and shook as Hank started to cum in her mouth. He shot beads of the pearly white jizz in her mouth as it drooled from her mouth down her chin. He grabbed his cock with one hand and held her head as he shook more cum onto her face, slapping her face with his cock. Beads of white jizz sprinkled her upturned face.

Once Hank was done, Frank slowly lifted her hips so that they stood at the end of the bed instead of kneeling. He wanted a little more action in this tight ass. He pulled her up so her bound arms and head were still bent and her legs were spread wide. He moved his cock in her gripping anal ring with slow measured moves.

Wanting to scream, her jizz filled mouth opened, but no sound came. The feeling was that intense. It hurt, yet there was a distinct pleasure in that pain.

Soon Frank had a rhythm going -- and it got harder. Trinity's knees collapsed a couple of times from the sheer force Frank's thrusts afforded.

'Talk to me, slut,' Frank commanded as he pulled on her hair and whispered in her ear. 'Talk dirty to me, my sweet cum slut.'

'Y -- you ahh,' she panted, doing as he commanded, 'your cock is so big, Master. I'm -- I'm at your mercy. Fuck me. Fill me up and make me cum. Do with me as you will. Fuck me.'

She had come twice and was about to cum again when Frank's cock exploded in her rectum. He pounded and pounded into her, draining his cum into her slick asshole, slapping his belly to her butt.

'I'm your sex slave, fuck me, fuck me,' she panted. 'Pound me, use me, ahhh!'

The brutal fuck thrusts slowed as Hank unfastened her bonds. Her hands and face hit the bed. Hank guided her legs up onto the bed in a kneeling position, all the while Frank still pushing into her asshole. Still connected, Frank thrust a few more times, spanked her exposed butt checks once and then uncorked his half hard cock from her newly opened, cream filled ass. 'You're a good little sex slave, you are.'

*********************************** Trinity panted face down on the bed with her tits resting on her bent widespread knees. A small amount of jizz dripped from her ass, as her own juices leaked down her thighs. Her mouth was puffy and dribbling with a little cum. The two men each grabbed a beer, stood looking at her crumpled naked body grunting about what a good fuck she was.

Having just been fucked by two men, Trinity secretly still wanted more. She luxuriated in this feeling from being used so forcefully and cumming multiple times. The cum on her face felt fantastic. She was exhausted and couldn't move. She was a little surprised because she was still horny from the double fuck.

'Mmm, mmm, mmm,' Hank drooled as he looked at the supple young girl from behind. 'What a nice tight love tunnel.' His hand squeezed her butt cheek and then he smoothed some fingers from her cum-drenched butt crack to her throbbing cunt hole. 'She is so wet and hot.'

Trinity moaned and naturally arched her back and lifted her ass in the air and spread her bent knees wider. Her pink, wet cunt glistened, anticipating more cock.

'Please, sir,' she said in a sultry pleading voice as Hank fingered her cunt, 'I'm a dirty wet little whore. Please fuck me with your big hard cock -- Aahhng!'

Hank guided his steel hard cock to her open cunt and anchored the tip in her velvet opening before she could finish begging.

Standing at the end of the bed, he grabbed her hips and smoothly pushed in. Trinity gasped at this new invasion of long hard cock so quickly after the double fuck! Her face rested on the bed, her back arched and her ass was up high with her legs spread wide with a large man fucking her tight cunt with savage thrusts. Hank started increasing his rhythm and squeezing her hips and occasionally slapping her succulent ass cheeks.

He spread her ass cheeks and Trinity felt a cool smooth intrusion to her anal bud.

Frank pushed an 8-inch smooth bullet shaped vibrator in her cream filled ass as Hank kept thrusting her cunt from behind. 'We need to keep this new tunnel of fucking open, my sweet slave.'

All she could do was moan. Her already packed cunt throbbed.

Uncle Frank flipped the switch and the vibrator hummed in her open ass. It was long and smooth -- and vibrating.

Trinity found herself in a fuck frenzy she'd never experienced before. Her head snapped back, her hair flying. She let out a yelp. Her back arched and Hank slammed his cock in and out of her cunt from behind. He slapped her ass as they bounced off each other's thrusts. Her moans and groans were loud and accentuated by each thrust of Hank's cock. All she could say was the word 'fuck' as he pounded away.

'It's too much! I'm cumming! I'm fucking cumming!' she cried and Hank spanked her ass cheeks hard and pounded is cock brutally into the writhing girl.

Frank watched his beautiful horny niece cum on his buddy's pounding cock and vibrator. He was amazed at her capacity for wild, dirty sex. He liked watching her fuck his friend.

'Damn,' Hank panted, 'what a little cum slut she is.' He forced his near bursting cock more brutally in her cumming wet cunt. 'Here it comes!' He popped his cock out of her and shot his load on her cunt, butt crack and back. Wads of his hot jizz dripped from her cunt lips and thighs. 'Nice fucking little cunt.'

Trinity fell on her side and moaned clawing for the vibrating dildo still lodged in her wide-open ass. Frank grabbed her wrists and deviously asked, 'You like cock in your ass?'

Trinity could only moan. He jerked her hands to get her attention and repeated the question, commanding an answer. 'Do you like cock in your ass?'

Trinity stilled and closed her eyes in rapture. He knew just how to force her to submit. 'Yes, Master' she sighed. 'I like cock in m-my ass. I love cock in my cunt and in my mouth! I want to have hot jizz smeared all over my body and swallow cum!' She opened her eyes and looked at her handsome uncle with lust. 'I am your sex slave, submitting to all you desire, my Master.'

Frank kissed her fingers and then pulled the vibrator out of her newly fucked ass and tied her wrists to the bedpost above her head so she couldn't leave. She had cum at least 6 times between the two men and now need some rest. Trinity fell asleep dreaming a cum-drenched dream of submission.

************************************ Letting her rest, Hank and Frank threw their jeans on and quietly left the room to get a couple of beers and head to the control room (a room that Trinity did not know existed). Frank was in the process of editing a few of his fuck sessions with his sex slave for video sales. He was making a mint off his little nymphomaniac. The two men wanted to see how this last session looked on screen. Frank had eight cameras hidden in his bedroom alone. Every angle of Trinity's introduction to anal sex and double penetration was filmed beautifully.

'Damn, she's hot,' Hank commented. 'Look at her slobber over my cock. Oh, see that? You slapped her ass and look how much more she sucks. She just can't seem to get enough of it.'

'Tell me about it,' Frank almost lamented. 'She's a hard one to keep satisfied. I can't believe how horny she is all the time. She really liked having two cocks.'

'Fuckin-A, look at her cum while you fuck her ass!' Hank was impressed. 'You weren't kidding about her desire to be forced,' he remarked. 'She's more receptive when you command her or force her.'

'I've got plans for my sweet submissive little niece,' Frank smiled at her sheer rapture in the act of fucking.

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