tagNonConsent/ReluctanceOvercome Ch. 04

Overcome Ch. 04



After that fuck fest with Hank and Uncle Frank, Trinity seemed to crave cock. Hank became a permanent fixture at their house; giving Trinity more cock more of the time.

When she came home from school one day soon after Hank & Frank fucked her, Frank showed her the video they had made. Trinity was mesmerized by her own image on the big flat screen TV. She almost came in her panties when she saw Hank pull her hair and forced her to look at the camera behind the mirror and tell the men fucking her how much she loved ass fucking. She was so horny after watching herself being double-teamed, but Frank tormented her by handcuffing her and not fucking her or touching her that night.

The next day, Frank told her to meet him in front of the school for 'lunch'. She waited in anticipation in front of the school and saw Frank pull up in the truck -- with Hank in the passenger's seat. She swallowed and her pussy lips swelled even more.

Hank got out of the truck with a leer and let her get in so she sat in between the two men.

'Take off your panties, slut,' Frank commanded as he pulled away to drive to their secluded spot.

'Yes, Master.' The thin strip of material came off easily and fell to the floor of the truck.

'Jack us both off, sex slave.'

'Yes, Master.' Before she knew it, she had two hard cocks in each hand. Neither of the men touched her as she jacked them off. 'Your cocks are so hard and ready for me,' she said in a sultry voice. 'Will you fuck me?'

'No,' Frank commanded. 'You are a sex slave. You please us now.'

She pouted, 'I'm surrounded by the touch, smell & sight of cock!' She jacked them in frustration and said, 'And I'm not being fondled at all!'

Hank pulled her hair. 'You're being a bad girl...' he warned.

'Unbutton your blouse and unhook your bra,' Frank commanded as they pulled into the secluded spot.

'Yes, Master.' She let go of their steel poles and quickly exposed her tits.

'Get out of the truck,' he commanded as Hank opened the door. They all got out. The passenger door was still open. 'You are a bad dirty girl.'

Frank put her leather wrist bonds on and hooked her bound wrists to the top of the truck's passenger door, facing out. Her feet barely scraped the ground -- the truck was so high. She whimpered as she hung by her bound wrists.

Hank sat behind her in the truck fondling her tits from behind, touching her back with his exposed hard prick.

'You like being outside like this, don't you slut?' Frank said as he paced in front of her.

'I'm ready to fuck you anywhere, Master,' she moaned as Hand fondled her exposed tits.

'You are a dirty, dirty little girl.'

'Mmmm, yes, Master,' she moaned, 'I am a dirty slut ready for your cocks to fuck me anyway you want.'

Hank leaned against the truck and spread her ass cheeks from behind and with his fingers, took her girl juice, hot and wet from her pussy to lube up her asshole. She moaned as squirmed against her bonds.

Frank lifted up her knees so she hung by her wrists. Hank fit the knob of his prick into her lubed ass. Her head snapped back and she moaned loudly.

The bushes rustled a bit. Her moan must have scared the birds.

Frank and Hank pushed her back onto Hank's hard cock in her ass. Then Frank fitted his fat dick into her cunt.

She yelled out again. 'Oh fuck! It's too much!' she twisted in protest.

Frank slammed into her. 'You wanted some attention, slave,' he grimaced has he pounded into her bound hot body. 'You are getting just what you deserve.'

'Oh fuck!' she cried. 'Yes, Master!'

Her feet off the ground, hung by the wrists, being brutally fucked in the ass, then the pussy by her two Masters, she cried out again and again begging for more.

Little did she know, Frank & Hank were putting on a little show with her, spotlighting her talents as a sex slave. The boys that attacked her had been invited to watch the trio from behind the bushes that secluded the fuck fest. The three athletes were jacking themselves off, watching her get double teamed -- and apparently she loved every minute of it by the way she was moaning and talking so dirty.

Had she known she had an audience, Trinity would have been disappointed that they wasted their jizz in the dirt. She would have wanted to swallow every drop of their cum, had she known she was being watched.

Frank knew this, turned his head to where the boys were hiding and winked at them as he pumped his cock into his cumming, moaning sex slave.

Frank and Hank came inside the bound nymphet as she struggled through another cum. Hank disengaged from her ass first, then Frank pounded her a few more times and uncorked his prick from her dripping cunt.

The view of the bound girl was amazing to the boys in the bushes. Rivulets of cum and girl juice slowly ran down her thighs from her cunt and ass as she just hung from her wrists, panting with her head down. Her blouse was unbuttoned and her tits exposed and red with hand prints. Her body quivered from the aftermath of her exploding orgasms.

Frank spanked her bottom a few times to rouse the exhausted sex slave. 'Look up, you whore,' he said viciously.

Her head came up and leaned on one arm, as Hank fingered her thighs and took the dripping cum from her thighs on his fingers making her suck his fingers dry. Frank did the same thing. Cleaning her thighs, cunt & ass with their fingers, making her lick them clean. They each spanked her ass occasionally, making her jerk and moan as she sucked on their fingers.

Once that was done, she was unhooked from the truck and made to kneel in front of them and suck them clean.

'Clean that ass off my cock,' Hank said as he roughly pulled her head onto his semi hard prick. She washed it clean with her mouth, loving the taste of him, of her ass, of his cum. She did the same to Uncle Frank, moaning with every lick and swallow.

She would have done it for the boys in the bushes, if she was aware of them and her Master asked her to.

Slowly, they pulled her up and made her get dressed (without her panties). She still had a whole afternoon of school to attend! They dropped her off back in front of the school, a little wobbly and a little messed up. She tried desperately to act normal, but her pussy was too wet and her asshole tingled from the ass fucking. She smelled cum on her breath and her tits ached. She looked back at the truck to her Master & his friend and smiled a shy smile. There was a promise of more sexual demands from the men and sexual submission from a sexually addicted young slave.

*********************************************************************** Trinity slept with the two men regularly. Most every night, she had a cock in each hand or anchored in her butt crack and pressed against her stomach.

In quiet moments, the beautiful young sex slave would be in the middle of the bed with her curly black hair fanned out on the pillow. Her naked body glowed. At home, she always made to wear the cuffs, ready to be bound and fucked at moments notice.

Each man lay on either side of her, sharing her sexual treats. If they knew she had a big fuck session coming up, they each took her hands and guided them to each of their cocks and she was made to jack them off, slowly. They would cruelly leave her pussy alone. She lay on her back; their legs entrapped her legs so her pussy was open and untouched. Each man alternately kissed her mouth, sucking on her lips.

She moaned as they thrust their tongues in her mouth and pawed at her enormous tits, twisted her hard little nipples until she squirmed and squealed. She reveled in their tongue fucks. Her mouth was being sucked and kissed so thoroughly by two powerful men. Her nipples were raw and hurt with sensual pain as they twisted them.

She continued to jack them off until they each came leisurely on her creamy thighs or flat stomach. When she tried to touch her open pussy, Frank and Hank grabbed her wrists and either bound them to the wrought iron headboard above their heads or forcibly held her tiny wrists tightly.

After they came on her, they would take their fingers (or hers) and clean her up by making her lick their fingers (or her own).

They fell asleep entangled with their sex slave. She happily submitted to all they desired, falling asleep bound and groped as the two men saw fit.

Author's note: Thank you for all the encouragement...More to cum.

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