tagNonConsent/ReluctanceOvercome Ch. 05

Overcome Ch. 05



One Friday, Frank told her he would skip the lunch session and pick her up after school the next day. He instructed her to meet him by the side of the gym. He leered at her and told her he would have a nice surprise for her.

That day, she could barely keep attention to her studies, so excited about Uncle Frank's surprise. When the 2:15pm bell rang, she could barely keep from running to their appointed meeting place. It was a warm sunny day. She hoped he had his Harley with him. She always got off on that motorcycle's vibrations.

Trinity turned the corner with a smile on her face and then stopped dead in her tracks. The color drained from her face. What was about to happen?

Frank leaned on an old pink Cadillac convertible replete with the fins and polished chrome details. He was talking and laughing with three jocks.

They were jocks that attacked her in the hallway by her locker when she first arrived at this school.

Frank saw her standing there and flicked his fingers toward her, commanding her silently to come to him. The boys all turned and leered at her.

Trinity obediently walked to her Master, her mouth was completely dry. She looked at her shoes, confused, horny, scared and breathless.

To say that they were boys was very misleading. These 'boys' were football players with thick necks, large hands, bulging muscles and bulging crotches. Well over six feet tall, they each could be bouncers at nightclubs. Her Uncle Frank, who was by no means a small man, was towered over by these jocks. She was tiny and defenseless against them.

The four men leered at her sexy body as she unconsciously sensually swayed her hips as she walked toward them. Through her fear, her pussy lips swelled with juice.

'Trinity,' Frank said as she approached the group of large men. 'I want you to meet some friends of mine.'

She looked up at him, startled. 'Friends?'

More and more she realized just how much Uncle Frank controlled her life. It was shocking and what surprised her most, the realization made her wet.

'Yes,' he said as he pulled her so she stood in front of him putting his powerful hands on her shoulders, and occasionally petted her ass in front of them. 'I hired these jocks to awaken your sexuality.'

'But, I don't understand,' she protested, even though her panties were soaking.

'This is Chuck, Jess and Nick,' Frank slid his hands down her arms to her wrists and slipped on her leather cuffs. Like a Pavlovian response, the feel of the supple leather on her wrists made her pant with anticipation and fear. He revealed more, 'I promised them that they could play with my little sex slave, while I filmed it. What do you have to say to that?'

Trinity's wrists were guided behind her and locked together. She realized that Frank was offering her to these large athletic boys for forced fucking. Her arms locked behind her, she closed her eyes and breathed, 'I am obligated to relieve these men of their sexual needs.'

'Good girl,' Frank quickly guided his handcuffed niece into the back of the Cadillac. 'You are good dirty girl,' he whispered and bit her ear.

'Let's go, boys!' Frank directed. The boys snickered and elbowed each other as they hurried to join her in the Cadillac. She sat in the center of the backseat as Chuck and Jess quickly got on each side of her, while Frank and Nick jumped in the front and Frank drove quickly away from the school.

Jess & Chuck were very large men and sat on either side of her small, bound and barely clothed body. She felt smothered and completely submissive. Her short skirt exposed her smooth thighs. Her blouse was a size too small (by Uncle Frank's design) and the buttons strained against her large tits, ready to pop off even more because of the ever-present handcuffs locking her wrists behind her, arching her back slightly. Each of the eager boys got their hands under her skirt and ripped the seam of her tiny sheer panties, gripping her thighs and starting to pet her pussy and feel her ass. 'Uhnnn!' she exclaimed as Jess flicked her exposed clit and Chuck poked a finger in her cunt hole.

'Careful, boys,' Frank chuckled at Trinity's exclamation. 'The top is down and we don't want to be arrested for indecent exposure.'

'She's already wet, Frank,' Jess exclaimed, with a finger lingering over her clit.

They all laughed as Trinity bit her bottom lip, exposed her long neck and whimpered with horniness. 'Trinity, my sweet slave,' Frank said into the rear-view mirror, 'why don't you tell the boys what you want them to do to you?'

'Y-yes, m-Master,' she shyly said. She couldn't refuse her Master and his commands. It was a game he played with her and she loved it. She was slowly losing her embarrassment and it was being replaced by her deep seeded sensuality. Being bound in the leather handcuffs started it. Being slightly smothered and finger fucked by two big football players on either side of her half naked submissive body was fueling the fire deep in her horny little soul.

Trinity stared at Frank's sunglasses reflected in the rearview mirror and did as she was told. 'I've been wet all day, anticipating an afternoon of fucking from my Master.' She remembered what they said they wanted to do to her when she was 'attacked'. 'I want to lick your cocks until they spurt cum all over my face and chest.' She licked her lips as the two boys continued to massage her thighs all the way up to her open cunt. 'I want to fuck you each and I want you cum on me -- any way you like. Ahnn!' Jess fingered her clit some more, making her almost cum. Both Jess and Chuck alternately fingered her cunt making their thick knuckles wet with her juice. Sometimes, they both inserted a finger at the same time, opening up her tight wet pussy. 'I want to cum so hard, my asshole gets slick.'

The Cadillac turned off the main road and Frank drove down a secluded tree lined lane in a lovely secluded private park. The four men relaxed and really started playing with Frank's horny little sex slave. They started fondling her tits and sucking on her neck and lips.

Nick passed around some beers from a cooler. 'Give some to our dirty little whore,' Frank suggested with a sadistic grin. Trinity was unable to hold her own bottle because of her handcuffs binding her wrists.

The boys chuckled. 'Open your mouth, slut,' Jess said. When she wasn't quick enough, he grabbed the back of her head, pulled her hair and forced her face up. Both Jess & Chuck laughed and they each poured a bottles of beer into Trinity's open mouth making her swallow and cough while most of the beer dripped down her chin and chest, making her blouse wet and very see-through. Jess and Chuck chuckled at their antics. They did it with two more beers until her face hair and chest were absolutely soaked.

'Damn, Frank,' Chuck said eagerly staring at her wet tits, 'Are we there yet?' He tongued her ear and licked beer from her skin.

'Just about.' Frank turned the car to a very secluded area where Hank was waiting for them with a picnic blanket and cameras on tripods. Trinity swallowed. There were five of them. Five men who she was obligated to service sexually. She was afraid and excited at the same time. Being handcuffed, she had no choice. She must submit to their demands. Five men would force her to obey their sexual whims. That made her wet. She bit her lip. They had her bound and that would mean they would force her. She knew she could submit to two men, but all five? As a submissive, she really didn't have time to think about it.

Hank had a hand held camera and started filming as they pulled up.

Frank took charge, 'Boys, get her up on the back seat and taste her sweet pussy.'

The boys were happy to oblige.

Trinity was manhandled up onto the top of the back seat, like she was a princess at a parade. Except this parade had stopped in a secluded forest and this princess was handcuffed, had no panties, and a wet blouse that outlined her succulent tits. Nick got in the back seat and thrust his face under her hiked up skirt and started licking.

'Ah!' she screamed. Jess and Chuck had had enough of her clothes and started ripping her shirt off of her creamy tits. Each took a side and just ripped. The blouse and bra just hung off her handcuffed arms as each boy tongue fucked her mouth, felt her up and played with her body.

Nick was busy tearing her skirt off and invading her cunt with his tongue, reeking havoc on her clit. Jess had his face on her left tit, slobbering on it, biting her nipple. Chuck turned her face towards his and thrust his tongue in her mouth and felt up her right tit, pinching and twisting the nipple.

'OK, boys,' Frank shouted, 'it's time for this dirty little sex slave pleasure you.' He didn't want her to orgasm too soon.

They carried her over to the blanket and Frank got all her clothes off and reattached the handcuffs. His voice tingled her neck. 'Get down on your knees and suck their cocks, slave,' Frank ordered.

Trinity was turned on but still afraid of all the men around her. She stood naked before the large athletes who at stared at her naked tits and exposed cunt. Handcuffed behind her naked body, she fell to her knees as Frank commanded.

'My Master commands that I suck your cocks,' she breathed with some trepidation. 'And that I am to swallow your cum.' She bit her lip and invited, 'May I suck your cocks?'

The boys were naked before she could blink. And then the three naked, muscular men walked toward her kneeling bound body. She stared at the very hard, very long cocks coming straight at her face. She took a deep breath as her tits swelled. She exclaimed, 'Your cocks are so huge. Mmmpph!'

Jess, who was in the middle, was so eager he grabbed the back of her head and rammed his cock straight into her mouth practically gagging her. Trinity adjusted quickly. The scent of 3 exposed cocks made her blood boil and her cunt leak. Her mouth watered as she tongued the cock forced in her mouth.

'That's it, you cocksucker,' Jess moaned, gripping the back of her head, guiding her rhythm, 'take it deep.'

She struggled and moaned with the enormous cock trying to ram down her throat. The other two boys were fondling her tits and jacking themselves off.

'Next,' Frank said. The boys were cooperative and Jess released his saliva-covered cock from her mouth.

Chuck's cock was next closest to her mouth. She kissed his huge hard on. She lowered her baby soft lips to the tip of Chuck's hard cock. Her smoldering pussy was dripping. She licked the pre-cum off his quivering piss-slit. Her mouth slid over his hot prick. He grabbed her head and started moving his ass back and forth, in and out of her sweet open mouth.

'Ooh yeah, you fucking cunt,' Chuck groaned as he plunged at her mouth. 'Suck that cock good and deep, you fucking cunt.' She sucked and licked his swollen prick as he fucked her face. She licked and slurped up Chuck's lubing cock.

Frank changed the rotation with a whisper and Trinity turned her head and found Nick's equally hard prick waiting to be sucked by her pouting mouth. Nick's hand gripped the back of her head and pushed and pulled her sucking mouth to force her into his own rhythm.

And so it went. She'd deep throat one hard cock and then deep throat another solid prick. They grabbed at her head and fingers gripped her hair. Since she had no use of her hands she had to submit to the rhythm they picked for her face fucking. She moaned and slobbered; closing her eyes and relaxed into their hands, opening her mouth and then her throat. She had to take their cocks as deep as they wanted, she had no control. This made the little submissive slave even hotter as she eagerly slurped on the three dripping cocks invading her face.

They made her lick at each of their stems and then she was forced to bath their balls in her saliva. All the while, her clit was a hard little nub and her pussy dripped girl goo down her spread thighs.

The three boys were in a frenzy and about to cum. All she could see, taste and feel was cock and balls. They jacked themselves, touching her face with their cocks while impatiently waiting their turns with her velvet mouth.

'Let's cum on her face,' Jess suggested as he twisted her nipple and slapped his cock on her cheek. She moaned at the prospect as Chuck's balls were in her mouth and his cock snaked around her cheek to her ear.

Chuck released his balls from her mouth. Nick and Chuck grabbed the back of her head as Jess grabbed his thick prick and pumped it into her mouth. All three athletes wanted to touch her face with their cocks. They all put their cocks on her face, caressing her cheeks and lips and the corner of her mouth as they jacked themselves off. She felt smothered by cock, barely able to breath, only smelling the musky odor of man meat. She could only hear their lusty moans and felt their frenzied hands guiding her head and bouncing cocks all over her face & lips.

Chuck was the first to squirt his load on the side of her face. Jess let go a second later, covering her chin, nose and mouth. Nick held on for a moment later and started unloading on her other cheek and forehead. She wanted to come but couldn't. Her pouting lips were covered with white jism. Her face looked like it was frosted; three cum loads were dripping off her face.

The boys stepped back, limp and exhausted. They looked at Frank's sex slave in wonder.

There she was naked, on her knees, tits exposed and thrust up, and her wrists handcuffed snuggly behind her with cum dripping off her upturned face. Her sultry tongue licked what it could enticingly. Frank was by her side gently rubbing his thumb on her cheek, taking the cum from her face and scooping it toward her mouth, making her suck. Her upturned face was moaning and in rapture.

Hank was capturing it all on film.

The boys were young and horny. Just the sight of her sucking cum off Frank's fingers got all the boys hard again.

'Look at that, you smutty little cunt,' Frank whispered after he cleaned her face. He made her look at the three boys. 'You made them hard again.'

'Since they have hard cocks, I am obligated to relieve them,' she said in a daze. 'I'm a dirty girl and I need cock in my pussy,' she said frantically. 'Master, I want to have them fuck me with their big cocks. I want to cum.'

'You do, do you?' Frank teased.

'Yes, Master!' she whimpered. 'I want those big hard cocks to fuck my pussy and fill me with cum!' She looked at the boys, who started coming at her again. 'Please fuck me. I will do anything you command. I am your sex slave to fuck.'

Frank unhooked her handcuffs and the boys took over. They laid her face up on the blanket in the soft grass. There were wood posts with metal hooks buried in the ground conveniently near the blanket. They spread her arms out and clicked the handcuffs into place on the wood posts. She was on her back, naked and her wrists bound to posts on the ground. Her back arched slightly and her glistening pussy pulsed between her smooth legs.

Chuck was first. He spread her willing thighs and aimed his cock at her pussy. His thick cock was eager and he filled her with his cock head and a couple of inches when she cried out, 'It's so big! Please go slow!'

Chuck grinned as he twisted one of her nipples. 'You tryin' to tell me what to do, you fucking slave?' He grabbed her tender inner thighs and spread them wide. He smiled grimly, remembering his promise to her when he had her up against the locker. Ignoring her plea, he thrust hard and filled her with his thick hard member.

She screamed and breathed, 'You are so big! Uhn! F -- f- f-fuck. Oh god! I must submit to your demands. Uhn, uhn, uhn.'

Chuck thrust hard and hung one of her legs on his shoulder and started jack hammering her pussy. 'Tight fucking little cunt,' he whispered. 'I knew you'd be a good fuck.'

'Oh,' she squirmed threw her head from side to side, 'fill me up with your hard cock. Uhn! Ah!'

Chuck started to cum and thrust harder. 'Here it cums, you cunt.' He groaned and shot a wad in her pussy and a little on her belly.

Nick was next. Chuck had barely pulled his cock from her tight, wet pussy when Nick thrust his whole cock length in. She gasped and yelped at the sudden hard entry. 'More hard cock,' she gasped in surprise.

'Fuck yeah, you dirty little slut,' Nick breathed.

Nick was a battering ram. He gripped her hips tight and pulled her close to his pelvis for short hard thrusts. Her wrists bound to the posts and Nick's hands on her hips were holding her off the ground. She arched her back and her tits pointed up as the other men watched. She felt filled up and stretched.

When he came, he pulled out and the jets flew onto her tits and dripped in her cleavage.

Trinity was empty, but Jess's was right there to take fill her up.

Trinity was breathing hard, exhausted from sucking off three cocks and being fucked twice already. Jess pulled her knees onto his shoulders as his cock dipped in to her cum filled twat. 'Oh damn,' she whimpered, quivering from her last cum. 'More hard cock to fill me up.'

Jess leaned down to her so her knees pummeled her tits as his cock thrust deep. Her tits felt bruised as Jess used her body ferociously. Her body was folded yet spread out so the cum already deposited in her cunt, could easily be seen leaking out and dripping into her butt crack. Jess's balls slapped her anus. She felt totally exposed and her anus tingled from the cum and cunt juice oozing to it.

'Fuck!' she yelled, 'I'm cumming so hard; you fuck me so hard with your huge cock! Anh! Ahn! Anh!'

Trinity came so hard and was so exhausted from being pussy fucked consecutively by three energetic jocks, she passed out as she came.

When Jess finally came he pulled out and came on the unconscious slave's chest and neck. Her legs limply fell from his shoulders and spread out exposing her red cunt, trickling cunt juice from her mighty orgasm.

************************************ Trinity woke up moaning between two big naked football players. They had unhooked her arms. They were on their sides with her in the middle. She faced Chuck as he sucked on her mouth. She could feel their steely hard cocks against her lithe form. Nick was fondling her tits from behind. Her cunt juices continued to flow.

'We're going to fuck you more,' Jess announced sitting just above her head, watching his buddies fondle her. Chuck thrust his tongue in her mouth again. 'You've got such a hot little cunt and such a creamy soft ass; we are just going to have to fill you up.

'Mmmmmm,' she whimpered, 'I'm here for your pleasure. Do with me as you will.' Chuck rolled onto his back taking her with him. She lies on his chest and felt his stiff cock at her pussy lips. Fresh hot cream leaked from her pussy.

Before she could fit Chuck's penis in her fluttering pussy, she felt Nick spreading her ass cheeks wide and felt his cock slip and slide around her pussy lips, too. Nick lifted her hips and guided her onto Chuck's shaft. She slowly guided it into her tight twat.

'It's too big!' she protested, feeling his huge prick every inch of the way. Her protests were ignored as the men forced her to sit on Chuck's massive cock. She grunted. Pussy juice ran freely from her well-stuffed cunt.

She lay on Chuck's chest with her legs bent on either side of his hips and his enormous cock imbedded in her tight pussy. She was panting and grunting and biting her lower lip.

Now it was Nick's turn.

Chuck spread her ass cheeks wide and invited Nick in. 'It's a tight fit, but this little sex slave can accommodate us!'

'Oh no!' Trinity cried out as she felt Nick's thick hunk of cock meat boring into her tender ass. The rim of her asshole stretched out in a tight ring around his bloated prick shaft, surrounding every millimeter of his cock as he slowly plunged it deep in her ass. That, in addition to her other tormentor's enormous cock next door in her cunt, was almost too much for her to stand.

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