tagNonConsent/ReluctanceOvercome Ch. 06

Overcome Ch. 06


Trinity woke up some moments later on her back. She was in a state. Cum had pooled on parts of her body. The boys, Hank & Frank were sitting around her drinking beers. She stretched enticingly out like a cat. Her naked friends were looking at her beautiful little body with gleams in their eyes.

'You are one sweet little fuck,' Nick commented, fondling her huge tits.

'Shit yeah, you really do like a lot of cum,' Jess laughed as he smoothed a hand over her ass.

Frank knew his shy horny slave wanted more but needed coaxing. 'Well, my little cum slut slave, are you still horny?'

She couldn't resist her Master's voice. 'Yes, Master.'

Frank continued, 'we're going to use you to relieve these boy of their cum. They're going to all fuck you again with their cocks.'

Trinity whimpered but couldn't resist. She put her finger between her swollen lips and said, 'I'm a dirty little slave ready to be used to relieve these boys of their cum, Master.'

Chuck looked surprised and delighted. 'More?' he looked up and Frank & Hank who were getting the cameras ready again. 'I think this little sex slave is addicted to cock.'

They all chuckled as they maneuvered over her. 'Give me another fill of your sweet cum,' she whimpered, as she lay on her back ready for them to use her again.

Chuck was already sitting over her face rubbing his cock head over her face touching her face everywhere. 'Suck my cock,' he ordered.

'Yes, Master.' Her lips invited the spongy ridge of his prick tip, circling and squeezing his heavily veined cock shaft. Her pouting lips ovaled tightly around the stem of his huge fuck rod, massaging it firmly. She could barely fit his thick member in her mouth.

Meanwhile, Nick spread her thighs and pushed his cock head into her burning hot wet pussy. Her legs quivered as Nick jerked his hips forward, completely embedding his prick into the warm juicy channel of her pussy with one push. At the same moment, Chuck bucked is ass forward jamming more of his aching prick into Trinity's hot sucking mouth. She gasped as she felt Chuck's monstrous cock slide over the back of her tongue and lodge deep in her throat as Nick's cock plowed deep into her clutching, milking pussy.

'Ohhh! Suck it! Suck my cock you fucking cunt!' Chuck kept fucking her face, using her mouth like a cunt. 'I'm going to shoot a hell of load of cum down your throat, you little cocksucker,' he promised through gritted teeth.

Her mouth made wet slurping sounds as she sucked on this dominant athlete's cock.

Nick slammed his prick into her tight cunt with all the force of his fuck lust. 'Oh damn, bitch,' Nick sighed as he watched her huge tits sway with every pound he made against her pelvis. 'You are one hot little pussy, aren't you?' Nick said with amazement as he continued to fuck this writhing sex slave.

Her clit was ultra sensitive. She trashed and moaned under the boys' ministrations. She began a bone jarring cum. Nick's huge prick continued relentlessly fucking her cunt while Chuck's jaw stretching cock fucked her face, slicing back and forth between her ruby lips.

Trinity let out a high-pitched squeal as the two boys were about to cum. They pumped more vigorously at her luscious mouth and tight juicy cunt.

Jess watched as his friends rammed their pricks into the cumming nympho with avid interest, pumping his cock slowly in his hand.

'I'm cumming,' Chuck muttered as he reared back and slammed his prick all the way into her mouth and throat. 'Oh man, I'm cumming!' He ground his hips against her face, not caring about her. Then he released his load as his cock came out of her mouth so she could breathe, while Chuck frosted her lips with cum.

'Shit, you feel so good,' Nick exclaimed as he slammed his pelvis faster into her. Nick shot his load into the writhing cumming girl.

Nick finally pulled out of her well-fucked cunt. 'You are one incredible fuck,' he breathed.

As cum dripped off her face, Chuck pulled on his prick over her hair and looked down at her. 'You are one hell of a cocksucker,' he sighed as he wiped his cock over her lips.

Trinity was still quivering from her amazing orgasm. Jess snickered and moved toward her as the other boys moved away.

Jess wasted no time. He grabbed her hips and flipped her over making her knees bend so her beautiful ass was high up and her back arched while her face and chest were on the cum covered blanket. Jess was on her in a minute, his prick quivering violently as he press his cock head into her hot wet cunt. He pried apart her ass cheeks and deftly poked his middle finder into her puckered hole, watching with satisfaction as her sphincter stretched around his finger.

Trinity moaned. Jess withdrew his finger and she felt the huge head of his cock nudge against her tight asshole. 'I'm going to fuck your ass, baby,' he muttered as he slowly lurched his hips forward and jammed his cock up into the forbidden heat of the young sex slave's ass.

'Aw yeah!' Jess groaned. His prick was being milked and squeezed as Trinity's ass muscles undulating along its length. Finally he grunted and thrust the rest of his prick inside.

'Oh fuck,' she cried, arching her neck and shimmering her ass. She began gyrating her hips, loving the sharp sensations that shot through her ass. 'Your cock is so big,' she whimpered, 'you fuck me so hard and deep. Oh. Oh – Oh!'

Grabbing her waste even tighter, Jess braced himself so he could fuck in and out with quick, deep strokes.

Trinity groaned in pleasure, her ass feeling that fast, steady pumping. She bit her bottom lip and humped back against him as his prick slid back and forth in the tight sheath.

'You have one tight little ass,' he gasped and moaned in pleasure. He slapped and squeezed her ass cheeks as he rode her tail to a powerful orgasmic release.

'You fuck me so hard,' she moaned. 'Fuck my tight little ass. Fuck it deep. Oh! Fuck me hard with your big dick and cum in my ass! Uhn! Ah! Ah! Uhn!'

She knew his was about to cum when he arched his back, and squeezed her hips with steel hard fingers. His cock spewed out a load of hot semen, shooting deep into her little butt, sending it bubbling and steaming into her asshole.

He slowly pulled out of the slut's moist tight ass. She moaned as she felt his cock leave her body. Trinity fell to her side completely spent. She was a view to behold though.

Hank panned the camera along her body, as she lay on the fuck blanket was jism all over her hair, face, on her tits and cleavage and leaking from her cunt and ass. Cum seemed to be smeared everywhere and leaking from between her legs.

Frank gave the keys to the Cadillac to Chuck and told him and the other two boys to take off. They got dressed, thanked Frank profusely and got in the car.

Frank sat down by his well-fucked sex slave. 'How do you feel, slave?' he asked as he massaged her butt cheek.

Trinity moaned and looked up at him. 'I feel – ready to serve you Master,' she said in wonder of her expanding sexual appetites as her hand touched his thigh. 'Master, I love the feeling of a nice hard prick anchored in my body.' She sighed as she confessed her passions and addictions. 'I love the leather bonds holding my wrists behind my back while I'm fucked. I want to submit my body to all you command of it. I love fucking and sucking cock. I can't get enough of it. Anytime you demand. Anywhere you demand. Anyone you demand.'

The boys were astonished, as they slowly drove away. Looking back, they watched Frank pull her up to a kneeling position and click the handcuffs together behind her. She visibly sighed with pleasure. They drove away watching Frank and Hank standing in front of her forcing her to suck their cocks. Smeared in sweat and cum, handcuffed so tightly that her tits were pointing up and hard, the men shoved their cocks deep in her throat, one at a time. The three boys had fucked her numerous times that afternoon. She would have to satisfy the older men now. They drove away watching the older men dominate that sweet sex slave in the park.

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