tagNonConsent/ReluctanceOvercome Ch. 09

Overcome Ch. 09


A/N: Thanks to all of you that have sent such kind words and encouragement. I hope you enjoy the last installment of my fantasy. This took a long time to write, and I'll be writing more. Thanks again for your overwhelming positive response.


She was beautiful when fucking; she naturally performed and was insatiable for cock. The cum shots she endured were stuff of legend.

The next situation was different, though Trinity wasn't privy to it right away. She was only told that she had to 'go blonde'. Frank made sure her hair was a light golden color and both her head and the strip of hair between her legs matched. He wouldn't allow her to go outside. He wanted her as pale as possible for her next sexual endeavor.

Frank set up the action in a large suite in a very fancy hotel in Atlantic City. The video sales gave them a higher lifestyle and a better situation.

The blonde Trinity was holding her uncle's hand as they passed through the hotel lobby and casino. She was stunning. Every man's head turned to admire her petite tight body, her long naked legs, her short black dress and shiny black stiletto heels she could barely walk in. The men in the casino admired everything about her: from her bouncing blonde curls pinned loosely up and had tendrils that cascaded from her head; to her luscious, fuckable lips, painted a deep shade of red; to her tits, spilling over the top of her too small black dress; to the breezy yet extremely short skirt that flew up and away from her bulbous ass, playing peek-a-boo with her already wet and naked cunt and firm ass cheeks. She was never allowed to wear panties with any short skirts anymore. The men that were lucky got close enough to actually smell her clean, flowery scent, with a hint of female musk.

Frank knew he had to flaunt her around the casino again, some other day. He walked slowly, with a possessive hand in hers. She could only take small steps in the stiletto heels and they wound their way to the penthouse elevator. He told her to walk slow and sway her hips. She couldn't help it, with the height of the stilettos.

The submissive sex slave was secretly thrilled to have the attention she was getting from the leering men they passed by. If only the she touch each of their cocks! The thought made the little sex addict's clitoris tingle.

Her Master got in the elevator and forced his submissive slave in the corner as the doors closed. Facing her in the corner of the elevator, he lifted her leg and fingered her cunt until she moaned. 'You've been a good little slave, my sweet,' Frank whispered in her ear.

Her neck tingled and she squirmed on his finger, 'Uhn, thank you, Master.' This was the first time her pussy had been caressed in weeks.

'You are so wet, you little slut,' Frank flicked her clit.

'Yes, Master,' she whimpered. 'I haven't been touched in so long! And the -- ahn -- men in the casino were watching me -- uhn!'

'You like flaunting your ass out there?'

'Oh yes, Master,' her eyes closed. 'All that cock wanting my hot, tight pussy and my fuckable mouth.'

'We'll have to go down there and display your sweet treasures a few more times,' Frank smiled as she squirmed on his finger.

'Uhn -- thank you, Master.'

The elevator door opened into the room and Frank released her before she could really get off on his wandering finger. She was frustrated. She hadn't been able to fuck, touch herself or cum for over five weeks. She even longed for the boys at school or the teachers they forced her to fuck. But they were no longer in her life since graduation.

Hank was already there setting up. The penthouse suite was huge, with twenty-foot ceilings and a window on one whole wall overlooking the city night lights. On one side of the large main room, there was a small stage or platform with an elaborate grid above it with a few cameras set up along with lights and chains and pulleys. The cameras were aimed at a chaise lounge with golden silk sheets on and around it. All the pillows and drapes behind the chaise were in gold hues and textures.

Frank guided her to sit on the chaise and started to explain the situation she was to obey. But he always did it in a way that made her hot for fucking. That was his special talent that she adored.

'You want to cum, don't you?' he said as he removed her dress; leaving her naked on chaise, save for her stilettos.

'Yes, Master,' she said, and then blurted, 'I want to be fucked by cock more than anything!'

'Tonight, some men will be here to fuck you,' he said as he gathered some leather straps. 'They only know that you are a sex slave they have paid for.'

Frank took the sleek leather straps and buckled her ankles together as she sat. 'You will submit, but with a hint of fear.' He took two other straps and locked her wrists together in front of her. These bonds were solid. The bonds were supple yet her wrists were tied tightly. He made her lay on her side on the chaise, bending her legs and resting her head on the pillows (that were laced with an opiate). 'You will submit to all they direct you to do, with only slight resistance.'

'Yes, Master,' was the last thing she said, as he wrapped gold silk around her mouth.

Her eyes were filled with some trepidation, until Frank said, 'You are at their mercy, my sweet slave. They will dominate you and force fuck you.' He put another gold silk wrap around her eyes. Blindfolded, she drifted asleep from the drug-laden pillow.

When she woke up, she was still bound, horny as hell and a little paranoid (from the opiate on the pillow). The lights where shining brightly on her pale, naked, bound body. She was surrounded by gold and her blonde hair complimented the view. She moaned and tried her restraints. With her hands bound in front of her, she could have easily unmasked the blindfold and removed the gag. But she recoiled at the thought. Her Master tied her thusly; she must remain bound as he commands. She heard some rustling throughout the room, but remained still.

'So this is the bound, exposed sex slave we bought,' a deep voice said close to her. She felt a hand caress the back of her thigh and a finger teased up her cunt and butt from behind, making her quiver and moan.

'A very good specimen,' another masculine voice said. 'She has a beautiful, petite, fuckable body, a sweet smelling cunt, smooth ass and enormous tits.'

'We will have to see how this little slave performs to see if we got our money's worth,' a third low voice deduced.

'Sit up, slave,' the first voice commanded.

Trinity slowly got up and sat with her ankles bound with the stilettos on the floor, her wrists bound, resting demurely on her knees. Her back straight and her tits exposed to the three strangers. She was a lovely, submissive sight.

'Rote, remove her gag and blindfold,' the first voice directed. 'Let the little sex slave see her new Masters.'

Rote was behind her and gently removed the blindfold and then the gag. The lights were bright and she only saw silhouettes of the two men before her. As her eyes adjusted to lighting, she got a clearer picture of her new Masters. They were very tall, and muscular and black.

She turned and looked at Rote who was kissing her neck and caressing her back. He was black, too.

Her eyes adjusted to the bright lights and realized that there was an audience of about 50 people beyond the stage. The audience was sitting beyond the cameras, watching this little session of submission take place. The men flanking her were in silk robes, ready to shed their clothes and start using their new sex slave. She started to show some fear.

'What is going on?' she asked meekly. Three very large black men were going to force her to fuck them. In front of an audience.

Rote gripped her shoulders from behind and ignored her query. 'Van, undo her ankle ties so A.G. can spread her out and suck on her.'

The men went to work. Rote leaned her back on the chaise but made sure her feet were still on the floor, while Van unlocked the ankle binding. A.G. took her wrists, still bound and grabbed a chain from the grid above them and hooked her wrist bonds to the chain, making her arms strain above her head while she half sat, half lounged on the golden chase, surrounded by her new big black Masters.

Van was the first voice, 'We have paid for your treasures. What do you have to say, sweet new slave?'

Trinity panted as Rote sat next to her, playing with her tits. 'I-I a-am yours, my new Masters,' she said automatically (she would submit to any male voice -- especially when they forced her -- it was what she secretly craved). 'God, you are so big, my Masters. I'm not sure if I can take you all. I am defenseless and at your mercy. I am here to relieve you of your desires.' She grimaced as Rote pinched her nipple hard. 'I am just a dirty little sex slave and I must submit to your demands. D-do with me as you will.'

'Oh, you must submit,' Van purred.

A.G. had kneeled on the floor in front of her and started to spread her thighs. 'Let's see what treasures you have,' he murmured, as his thick lips traced kisses on her inner thighs.

'Yes, Master,' She quivered and her legs involuntarily jerked as he started to kiss her pussy.

'Damn, your pussy tastes sweet.'

With one hand on the back of her head, Rote forced her face to his and gave her his tongue and lips to suck on and kiss. His big black hands covered a tit and massaged it as A.G.'s lips played havoc with her clitoris and feasted on her pussy juices.

'OH!' she yelled. 'Suck me! Your tongue is so thick and UHN! It's gonna make me cum! Ahmmm!'

Rote grabbed her face again and fucked her mouth with his tongue. Her beautiful pale body was stretched between the bonds holding her wrists above her head and A.G. pulling her pelvis toward his lips. Her gleaming white torso stretched and defined her muscles as her large tits swayed as she panted. A.G.'s long black fingers squeezed her hips closer to him. She practically glowed a golden white surrounded by three dark men with three very hard, very large black cocks.

As A.G. gorged on her juicy cunt, his hands wandered to her ass crack. Fingers found their way into her puckered ass opening.

His ministrations turned her on and she let them know it. 'Oh! Ah! His fingers are in my ass!' She tried to move away from Rote's lips and A.G.'s fingers. 'Oh fuck! That feels so -- Ahnnn!'

Rote grabbed her throat and pulled her excited body back toward him. She was powerless under the big male hands and lips. Being held so forcefully by the throat made her moan orgasmically, as A.G. fit a large finger in her ass chute and licked her clit.

'Uhn! I am your submissive captive!' she wailed.

Rote enjoyed her sex talk. 'What are you going to do about it, slut?'

She squirmed as best she could as he continued to hold her throat and A.G. fingered her ass. 'Uhn! Ahn! Nothing! I'm enslaved so that I may take your cum,' she said breathlessly. 'I am to be used, finger fucked in the ass for your dominant pleasure -- ahn!'

She twitched as A.G. sucked and bit her engorged clit.

'That's right, you little nympho,' Rote squeezed her throat. That turned her on even more.

'Yes!' she moaned, 'I'm your defenseless sex slave, Master! Violate me!'

She moaned as he stuck his tongue down her throat. 'I am bound for your pleasure -- Ah! Ah! Ah!' She started to feel the affects of A.G.'s tongue-lashing.

He also had two fingers caressing her asshole.

Her tits swayed and looked bigger in contrast to the large black hand holding her throat. 'Oh! I'm gonna cum! This dirty girl is gonna cum all over your sweet fucking lips!' she exclaimed as she squirmed within her bonds.

Van, who stood near the cumming girl, reached out and pinched a hard nipple until she squealed. All three men had hard cocks ready to fuck her, as A.G. swallowed her cum like custard.

Her torso twisted as her leg hung over A.G.'s muscular dark shoulder. Her eyes closed, her arms bound together above her, her golden white torso stretching and twisting in rapture, while a large chocolate man sucked her dewy pussy, spreading her legs wide, she exclaimed, 'Suck my nasty cunt! Ah fuck!'

A.G. came up for air, disengaging his lips from her wet pussy and standing up. 'Damn,' he growled, 'she is sweet.'

Trinity lay on the chaise breathing hard and rotating her pelvis, her legs spread and her pussy glistening, exposed to the audience. There was a soft round of applause that made her freeze, open her eyes and look beyond the lights. The whole suite was filled with men watching these large black men dominate her. She felt self-conscience...and then a bit hornier then before. She moaned as her pussy filled with more girl juice.

Rote caressed her arm, down to her tit, teasing it with a finger. 'Besides being submissive, I think we have a little exhibitionist on our hands,' he smiled. His big dark hand grabbed her throat as Van fingered her cunt and asshole. 'Do you want to put on a show for our audience?'

Trinity moaned and squirmed. 'I am weak, Master,' she flirted in a little girl voice, knowing her submissive talk, made them hot and turned the audience on. 'I am surrounded by your enormous cocks and tightly bound for your enjoyment.'

The audience murmured in satisfaction to her dirty submissive talk in the sweet little voice. It spurred her on. Frank taught her well. 'I am imprisoned to satisfy you.'

The three men moved her to a different bound position. The clipped her ankles together and made her kneel on the floor, sitting her bum on her bound stiletto covered feet. Her heart shape ass and long curly blond locks faced the audience. The men then grabbed her arms and hooked them up over her head like a 'V'. Chained thusly, she could not move and watched the big cocks wave in front of her and listen to the audience behind her.

Their cocks got closer to her face. She could smell them, almost taste them. 'My mouth is watering. Invade my mouth with your fuck wands! Cum all over me! I am bound awaiting to fulfill your sexual cravings.'

The three big, black, powerful men drew near her face. A.G. and Rote had their giant hard pricks near her face.

'They are so big!' she said in submissive fear. 'I am caught! I can't get away! Your cocks are huge! How am I going to satisfy your big hammering cocks! Ammmmph.'

That was the last dirty submissive thing she would say for a while. Rote filled her smut-talking mouth with his hot ebony pole. Van fingered her cunt and entered it with the head of his own hot cock. All she could do was squeal little girl squeals that goaded the men to dominate her.

A.G. and Rote smothered her face with their long hard cocks, both trying to fill her mouth with their cocks. A.G. and Rote did not want to cum in her mouth right away, so they backed off and watched Van go to town on her pretty little pussy. When her mouth wasn't full of cock, she continued her smut talk.

'Do you want to fuck me?' she panted playing to the audience. 'Stick that big black cock in my juicy pussy. I'm bound for your pleasure. I can't move except to open my legs and let you punish me with your huge cock.' She gasped. 'You are so big! I can -- ahn! Hardly take it! Ahn!

Van thrashed and came in her hot tight pussy. He barely pulled out before Rote was guiding his rock hard penis into her open cunt. 'Oh! So much cock! Another hard one! I'm so horny -- give me all you got! Oh! It is too much! I am bound and helpless! You are splitting me in two! Ah! Ah! Oh flood my tight pussy with your rich creamy cum! Ammmmph!'

Van climbed onto the chaise above her chest and filled her smut mouth with his cum-drenched hard cock for her to lick clean. This was their routine: while one of them fucked her pussy, another kneeled over her upturned face and fucked her mouth brutally. They churned their dicks in her glorious bound body, into her open cunt and mouth with ruthless force. Each of them got a chance at her pussy and then roughly pounded her face with their cum-drenched cocks. She licked and sucked their cocks clean.

Since her Masters were doing the brutal thrusting, Trinity only had to open up and take the fuck slams. She let out high-pitched squeals and moans when she was about to cum. That happened about 6 times during this fuck play.

Trinity heard the din of the rap music in the background, and murmur of the audience under her own grunts and moans and the slap slap of skin pounding on her own pale spread out body.

The last guy (she thought is was A.G. -- but couldn't be sure) finished fucking her pussy, Rote climbed off her face and let A.G. give her a mouthful of cum drenched cock. A.G. inserted his thick hard member beyond her swollen red lips and she took his cock deep with a squeal.

Meanwhile, Van and Rote maneuvered themselves to either side of her pelvis. Van put one knee on the chaise near her leg and pulled her right leg over his shoulder so he could have more access to her ass. His fingers dipped into her steaming cum filled cunt and guided the natural lubricant into and around her anus.

Again she twisted and twitched as they held her bound body down. Rote grabbed her other leg and held it down so her stiletto was on the floor keeping her thighs open. He flicked her clit and proceeded to place all four fingers of one hand into her pussy. His thumb flicked and pressed her clit.

A.G. fucked her face, penetrating her mouth and throat with hard, cum-coated cock.

Van stuck two fingers in her tight yet cum-lubricated asshole.

As A.G. ferociously fucked her face, Van & Rote started to finger fuck her cunt and ass. Van got another finger in her ass and started turning his hand in circular motion; slowly, but with constant force.

Rote was about to fist her cunt, but wanted to wait until A.G. was through. He liked her smut talk and wanted to hear more before they used her mouth again. He flicked and pressed that clit making her quiver as his long thick fingers rammed in and out of her cunt.

A.G. came in her mouth and slapped his cock on her lips and cheeks while holding her throat. She moaned at his treatment and slurped up his cum.

Van & Rote slowed their finger fucking down as A.G. climbed off the ravished, bound sex slave. She was a sight. Her arms were still strung up on the hook, bound tightly together at the wrist; her face was smeared with cum, her tits glistened with sweat. Rote kneeled on the floor holding her foot to the floor -- spreading her thigh while four fingers churned in and out of her cum-filled cunt. On the other side of the chaise, Van kneeled and half-stood with her right knee crooked on his shoulder as three of his fingers opened up her asshole.

'Oh fuck! Your fingers!' she cried as her mouth was empty of cock. 'Your fingers are so long and thick! It's to mu --- AHHHH! I can't take it! Ahn! No! No! No!' she thrashed. 'Not your fist!' Ahmmm!' she grunted.

Rote's thumb flick her clit as her fingers bent inside her cunt walls to form a fist.

A.G. pinched her nipple as he watched his friend administer the fisting. 'You are a fucking slave, cunt. You must submit to our whims.'

Trinity yelled out as Van churned four fingers deep into her ass. 'AHHHH! So much! It is so much! I m-must submit to -- AHHHH! I'm at your mercy! Ah!'

She arched her back trying to disengage their punishing hands from her engorged cunt and ass. She twisted and groaned.

The audience marveled at the site: they could only see Rote's wrist. The large black hand was completely in Trinity's pussy. His full fist was in her pale pink cunt.

Her tits bounced as she arched and twisted her pale torso -- it was the only part of her body that wasn't restrained by men or bonds. Rote held is fist still as Van pummeled his fingers in and out of her tight ass.

'Talk dirty, slut,' A.G. commanded.

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