tagFetishOverflowing with Happiness

Overflowing with Happiness


Two days ago and had come out to my husband Vincent about my peeing fetish after he had noticed my habit of holding myself until I was full to bursting. It was a lot harder to explain to him than my request for him to be more vocal in the bedroom. At least the sound of each other moaning and crying out in ecstasy was a pleasure we both enjoyed. Listening to him moan or whisper "Right there baby.." when I touched him was all I needed to get in the mood these days. My peeing fetish he just couldn't understand however.

"Y'know how when you have to pee really bad and you're finally able to let it out.. doesn't that feel good?" I asked timidly not being able to look him in the eye as I was explaining my secret fetish to him. He nodded in acknowledgment and shrugged lightly.

"Yeah I guess so, but.. you like other stuff too, I don't get it.." I nodded happy to continue explaining at least he wasn't calling me disgusting and leaving the house. "Well.. you like pussy don't you...?" I asked timidly. "I like cock. I don't like tits or pussy and sometimes I don't get why you do. I hate my big tits but you love them." He chuckled softly unzipping my sweatshirt and cupped them. His large hands barely being able to contain them as he massaged them "That I do, love, thank you for not getting the reduction by the way." I pouted softly and kissed his lips gently. "Only because you asked, so sweetly." I smiled.

"And, like you like massaging my tits, I like the sound of peeing and watching people do it. It's not too much different then when you used to watch girls cum on your porno movies. It's a sweet release of a pressure that builds up. Would.. you be willing to try once...?"

Vincent looked at me for awhile. He seemed worried, but not disgusted. Finally he nodded and kissed my slowly. "You're not into scat too or other bodily functions are you sweetie? Cause I dunno if I could handle that." My expression soured and I shook my head quickly. Honestly anything else like that was a turn off.

It's been two days since that day and Vincent and I had both agreed to hold our bladders for as long as we could. We both enjoyed two large cups of earl gray that morning before our shower together. We also filled up quart sized water bottles before work and promised each other to drink it all and a refill before we came home. When he hobbled in after work and I had managed to painfully squirm out of my work clothes and suffer through fixing dinner and have his help washing dishes we were both nearly full to bursting but the feeling had made us both aroused.

We sat down and tried to sit through some old horror film that was playing while we both enjoyed glasses of apple juice. Suddenly I felt his hand snake into my lap. With a practiced two fingers he stroked me in just the right places to get me to moan softly.

"Ah.. V-Vinny.. That feels so good.." He smiled wickedly and kissed my cheek.

"How much longer baby?" he whispered in my ear nibbling at my neck. "I'm bursting."

Carefully I unzipped his pants and slipped my hand inside stroking his cock slowly. He moaned gently in my ear and begged. "Please baby.. I can't hold it in anymore I gotta go.. please let me pee, honey. I can't take this." His moaning turned me on and I had spent the last half hour crossing my legs and rocking in my seat. I pulled my hand out slowly and nodded to the stairs. "Let's go." I smiled.

Half hopping half tripping up the stairs the two of us burst into our bedroom and helped each other out of our clothes. He was completely nude I still had my panties on. He shoved his way into the bathroom and lifted the seat.

"Wait!" I cried desperately. "Not all of it, save some." He nodded and I stoked his member gently holding it feeling his muscles relax as a huge golden stream shot from it and filled the awaiting bowl. He tilted his head backward and groaned loudly. "Ah! Yes.. finally!" he moaned peeing for nearly two minutes straight before stopping.

"You saved me some?" I asked squirming in my mad desperation and arousal. He smiled watching me rock back and forth. "Mhm, your turn now?" he asked. I shook my head and nodded to our bed. "Climb in." I smiled. Curiously he did as I asked and I carefully straddled him and allowed some of the begging flood to come forth through my panties. The bit of release was wonderful. Hot as it came out and warmed my panties. He blinked realizing what I was doing and smiled as I soaked my panties. The two of us moaned as he rubbed his growing hard on against the wet material. I pushed the crotch of my panties aside and stroked his member.

"Pee on my clit hunny.." I begged. Moaning he released his last bit of pee spraying my clit and soaking my already drenched pussy his rich strong stream coating it and trickling down onto our bed. I moaned and masturbated some before pulling my panties completely off and peeing my hot golden stream all over the head of his cock and watching it pour down his shaft and tummy and drench our eagerly awaiting sheets. I moaned loudly, absorbed in the sweet relief of finally letting go and he groaned at my hot golden flood all over his cock.

Unable to contain himself anymore he grabbed my hips and thrust himself inside me pounding me until we both came moaning loudly in pleasure

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