This story is a lot different from most of my others. It was written as a challenge story for another site and I decided to share it here as well. Please let me know if you enjoy it. Votes and feedback are very important to us who write. Thanks :)


At forty one years young my curves along with dark hair and green eyes still manage to draw attention. Almost three years ago my husband's fondness for other women awarded me with a divorce and a home on five acres in the country. I hear cars driving past often but few travel down my road. The privacy allows for sunning or swimming naked and I enjoy that.

Yesterday, I was caught in an odd situation. I was mowing in my customary bikini and heard a thumping noise over the mower. I looked up and noticed a helicopter flying just above the trees. I didn't think anything of it until I noticed he circled around again and came in lower. Curiosity took hold of me and I turned off the mower to watch. Covering my ears and turning my head as he prepared to land.

When it quieted some I turned to look, the helicopter now sat in my back yard and the pilot was stepping out. He waved at me and yelled "Hope you don't mind me landing here but every other place has too many trees."

I got off the mower and questioned, "Need me to call for help?" as I began walking toward him.

"No thanks, I called in from the air. It's overheating for some reason. I needed a place to let it cool down a bit and then it should be fine to get me back."

"Well feel free to stay here as long as you need." I said. I closed the distance between us and noted that he was handsome. He was tall, muscular, dark eyes with salt and pepper hair. "How long will you be down?" I asked, wondering how long he would be available for me to look at.

"An hour or so. The temperature climbed slowly and isn't that hot, I just wanted to land and let it cool. Then I'll go to the nearest airport with a mechanic."

"Okay. Care for a drink?" I asked.


"Okay, be right back.", and walked toward the house.

I considered changing clothes while in the house pouring our drinks but decided that it was too hot for more clothing. Laughing to myself I also considered how he most likely had too much on his mind to ravish me.

Walking back to where he stood, I began to notice my bikini top felt looser. I blushed knowing that most likely it was coming untied and that now if I went back inside he would think I was crazy since I was already half way to him. I just hoped it would hold up and he wouldn't notice or take it as an invitation.

My bouncing breasts continued to work against the loosened tie and I blushed a little more, feeling too exposed. I hoped that if I gave him his drink and sat mine down, I would be able to tighten it without drawing attention. I focused it as he said, "Thanks. By the way, I'm Jake."

"I'm Sandy," I answered losing the battle with my strings. I was about to excuse myself when he asked, "Need some help?"

I blushed furiously then but said quietly, "Uh, sure. It's coming loose." I said, hoping he wouldn't think I had planned this.

"Turn." He commanded.

I wished I had realized my top was loose in the house as I turned my back to him. I felt his fingers brush against my back taking the strings from me and I dropped my hands. I didn't notice he wasn't tying my strings until I felt a tug on my hips a second before the front of my bikini bottoms fell away exposing my most private area.

As he spun me around and pulled me against him all I managed to say was "What the hell..." before his mouth on mine stopped any further words. And I was trying to figure out what happened and I resisted his kiss closing my mouth firmly when his tongue demanded entrance.

His hands slid lower and his hold on me loosened but before I could push away his hands settled onto my bottom. He pulled me closer and I felt his hardening shaft through his jeans rubbing against my bald pussy. He pulled me close and then relaxed his grip only to pull me against him again in an insinuating motion. I am not sure what changed or when. I noticed only that I had allowed his tongue to enter my mouth and my hands were now resting on his hips.

As his mouth broke from mine, I considered how I should stop this, but when his lips began the journey over my cheek and down my neck I admitted that I didn't want it to stop. Most men I had been with, including my ex, had failed to make me feel the things this stranger was. It was pure and simple lust that he coaxed out of me and I wanted it. I wanted to him to fill the need now growing inside me.

Having realized I wanted this, I took notice of my excitement. I felt my hardened nipples pressing against his chest through my top and the growing ache between my legs. Jake seemed to realize my new willingness and he pulled back, smiled, and we walked the short distance to his helicopter, leaving my bottoms where they fell.

I both wanted to savor the feelings and hurry up and join our bodies; I decided to let him set the pace. He pinned me between his body and the helicopter and my pussy contracted in response to his urgency.

I heard a car's motor a road over and even though the helicopter hid us slightly it excited me to know that someone could come along and see us. I think he heard it too because he looked around quickly and then turned back to quickly capture my mouth with his.

His hands cupped my breasts and pulled my top out of the way. His mouth broke away from mine to repeat the journey down my neck, only this time he continued down to my breasts. I gasped in pleasure as the heat from his mouth covered my nipple, my back arching to allow him better access.

Hearing another car, I knew that soon Jake would finish what was started, before someone did decide to ride past. He pulled the other nipple into his mouth as if not wanting to miss out on tasting it also and urged me to turn around.

He pushed me slightly bending me over so my upper body rested just inside the helicopter's door and I could feel his cock pressing against my bottom. I wondered when he had removed his pants and my body prepared for his invasion. I spread my legs further to allow him to fill me and Jake quickly found my moist center.

His penetration was slow and I enjoyed every bit of it. I marveled over his control. When his cock was inside of me, he reached around and took my breasts in his hands. He pulled out and then pushed himself back in. With each thrust he tugged on my nipples and I responded by pushing myself back on his cock and moaning so loudly that I felt certain the neighbors would hear.

His speed increased and so did his moans. I knew he was close to his peak but he slowed, waiting on me to cum with him. The position didn't give me enough contact on my clit and I was about to reach between my legs to help myself along, until he let go of one of my breasts to do the job for me. His thrusting stopped as he circled my clit gently with his fingers. My pussy tightened around his cock preparing for the much wanted release he offered.

At the first contractions of my pussy around his cock, he began thrusting again, still holding his fingers over my clit and I cried out for him to continue. He let me ride out my pleasure on his cock and fingers then placed his hands on my hips in order to gain his own release.

I reached back with my hands to take hold of his, and using the added leverage to pull myself back onto his cock harder. It forced him deeper and made us both cry out louder. Soon he was squeezing my hands and I felt his orgasm releasing itself deeply inside my pussy.

Afterward, he walked to where my bottoms had dropped and brought them to me. We put them on and he fixed my bikini top. We talked a little and he eventually said that he should get his helicopter to the airport before night time. I waved as he lifted off the ground. As I watched him fly away over the trees, I felt his gift begin to seep out of me and smiled and knew we would meet again.

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