tagExhibitionist & VoyeurOverly Shy Wife Opens Up Ch. 02

Overly Shy Wife Opens Up Ch. 02


Since the world did not come to an end like my wife worried might happen since our first story appeared, Melinda thought it might be a good idea to write about some of our other adventures, especially while camping.

We have been avid campers since the early 80's. We always camped in a pop-up camper during those times and anyone familiar with this type of camper knows that space and privacy is very limited. In order to keep our sex life active while we were on a camping trip, it was necessary to come up with alternative locations to have our sexual encounters. Its not that we couldn't do it in the pop-up, we just couldn't do it as verbally as would normally occur as Melinda does get quite loud during climax.

Anyone that has ever been camping knows that some campgrounds as well as some sites with-in campgrounds can be isolated. While walking around a campground one day, I began thinking of a way and a place where Melinda and I could each release our inner cravings and not wake the kids. I realized that if certain campsites were empty at night, they could make excellent places to use for our lovemaking.

The first time I suggested this, Melinda wasn't sure she could go through with it because she was afraid of being caught in the act. I just kept on talking about it and how exciting it would be to do it outdoors under the stars. Another evening passed and after a few drinks, I had her convinced to at least try it.

I had Melinda wear just a short robe and nothing else. This didn't bother her as much anymore because she liked to do this more often than not anyway. I wore a pair of slip on shorts and no underwear. I was into going Commando now as well. It was after 11 PM when we started our walk and we found an empty, isolated campsite. We entered and as we approached the picnic table, I opened Melinda's robe and turned her towards me. We kissed, I sucked on her stiffening nipples and she began rubbing my hardening penis. My fingers made their way down to her clitoris and as soon as I touched it, she became putty in my hands.

I removed Melinda's robe and placed it on the picnic table for her to lay on. She climbed on the table top and lay down facing me. I then kissed from her neck all the way down to her ever moistening pleasure pit. When my tongue found her clitoris, she began making those pleasure moans. I licked, flicked and sucked until her body stiffened and her juices flowed out like a river.

She then begged me to fuck her and fuck her hard. I climbed up, knelt on the table, entered her waiting valley of pleasure and slid my rock hard penis in as fast and as far as I could. Melinda gasped in pleasure as I kept pounding her. We came in unison.

We lay there there on the table for a short time enjoying the starry skies and then Melinda asked if anyone could have seen or heard us. I told her I didn't think so but also said so what if they did? She got excited at that thought and began fondling my penis as I was rubbing her clit. We fucked again that night and discovered the return trip to the camper was more difficult because Melinda hadn't quite regained 100% use of her legs.

On another camping trip in the mountains of North Carolina, we found a long, winding trail up the side of a mountain in the campground. It would take about 45 minutes of sometimes strenuous climbing, but we eventually reached a flat, somewhat secluded scenic overlook. We rested for awhile and enjoyed the sounds of the birds and the cool breeze gently blowing the leaves. I suggested that next time we should bring along something to lay on, and some wine and cheese to enjoy. I also said this would make a perfect place for all out naked, daytime sex. Melinda just looked at me like I was crazy, but didn't say no, which was a good thing.

Well, the next time couldn't come fast enough for me. I was ready the next day but it still took more convincing to get Melinda to go along with the plan. Shortly before the end of our trip for that year I convinced her the time was right for this. On the way up the mountain though, we passed 3 hikers coming down. I thought for sure this would nix any chance I had of getting layed on top of the mountain, but persistence, and the wine paid off. Melinda was relaxed and we were both enjoying the cool breeze, the shade with the only sounds being that of the birds. I was caressing Melinda's neck and kept inching ever lower until I reached the top of her breasts. I didn't meet with too much resistance either as I took off her top, then her bra and then I slid off her shorts. Of course I was already out of mine.

I laid her back unto the blanket and began kissing and caressing, going ever lower until I reached the sweet spot. As I was eating her out and tonguing her clit, I inserted my fingers into her pussy. Melinda has an elusive G-spot, but when I find it, she gushes forth a river of fluids. When she came, there was nothing quiet at the top of the mountain that day. I fucked her hard and good and we layed there for a time to recuperate. Every once and awhile, some branches would blow in the wind and some twigs would hit the ground and Melinda would get all concerned that someone was coming, but when the breeze stopped, all was quiet again. After a time, we donned our clothes and made our way down the mountain. That steep, winding path made it difficult, but it sure was worth it. Don't let anyone tell you it is easier going down a mountain then it is going up, especially after a vigorous sexual workout.

We made it back to our camper and met some fellow campers who asked where we had been and what we had been doing. We simply smiled and said we hiked up to the top of the mountain and enjoyed the peace and quiet up there.

Over the years, we made that little trip up the mountain several more times, but only once per trip to that campground was all I could get out of her. However, that didn't stop us from using other campsites in the campground, after dark of course.

I sense another night out and a ride coming up!

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